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  1. I am selling this RP78 turntable. We purchased this October last year by mistake and never used. Opened the box a couple of times just to take pics for this listing. It comes with all the original accessories. Price negotiable. More pics available on request. Thanks
  2. Further information: Several SNA forum members have kindly informed me that this is one of the early "flush strobe" 401's, with a stronger die-cast chassis (as opposed to the later, pressed ones). Thanks to all of the guys that have unconditionally offered me some great advice, gained through a shared passion and many years of experience. I've put as many photos as I could into a folder on Google Drive (link is below). Condition as per photos. Some marks to the plinth Comes with its' original Garrard instruction manual Video shows playi
  3. Further information: Several SNA forum members have kindly informed me that this is one of the early "flush strobe" 401's, with a stronger die-cast chassis (as opposed to the later, pressed ones). Thanks to all of the guys that have unconditionally offered me some great advice, gained through a shared passion and many years of experience. I've put as many photos as I could into a folder on Google Drive (link is below). Condition as per photos. Some marks to the plinth Comes with its' original Garrard instruction manual Video shows playi
  4. Item: Thorens TD145 or 160 Turntable Price Range: Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Located in Brisbane, happy to pay for safe packaging and courier from interstate
  5. Further information: Project Debut Recordmaster "walnut". Very good condition, minimal use. Slight scuff mark on the right edge but nothing major. Please see link for details, it has a built in phono so great to just plug & play plus can connect to computer. All original accessories, manual plus packaging available. https://www.projectaudio.com.au/products/debut-recordmaster?variant=32624682139710 Donation to SNA on successful sale Photos:
  6. Further information: MoFi UltraDeck. Really enjoyed my time with this deck. Very musical, huge soundstage. Solid deck, much better engineered than the other familiar brands. I'm the original owner, bought about 2 years ago. Pet and smoke free house, very well looked after--Is in immaculate condition. Cartridge not included. The RRP of these decks without cartridge is $3799. Has original box, Allen keys for adjustments, RCA cables. etc. PICK UP ONLY at this stage. Photos:
  7. Further information: this fantastic phono can compete with many in the $2000 mark. Lots of flexibility and great sound. Photos:
  8. Further information: I bought this from west Coast Hi-Fi I think it was the 2nd last one ever in Australia. All packed and ready for someone to enjoy. Will throw in a few Ortofon Headshells. It’s heavy! Photos:
  9. Further information: Find yourself a decent tonearm and you will have a very nice turntable. Everything here except a tonearm. Was a great sounding turntable before tonearm issues and then put aside as a future project that never happened. Decent weight plinth and platter runs beautifully and motor good. Includes belt (should still be OK but has been sitting for a while so no guarantees on that). Photos:
  10. Further information: A superb example of this rare model, with classic looks but serviced and upgraded to current audiophile standards by turntable maestro Rick Powell. Adjusted for optimum performance with correct VTA, azimuth, overhang, offset angle, tracking force and bias correction under test conditions. Refurbishment of all electrical contacts and cabling, horizontal and vertical relocation of the arm via the locking collar and realigning the bearing has resulted in the best performing example of this combination you will find. It will certainly surpass more expensive units that are
  11. Further information: This is a classic Luxman turntable fitted with a Grace 707 tone arm and an Audio Technica AT-VM95E cartridge. Legendary rumour has it that this was the end result of the then head of the Australian importer of Luxman products, Alex Encel of International Dynamics, pushing Luxman to answer the challenge of Rega products, i.e. the Rega Planar, into the market place. Who knows the real, full story! If you do, please contribute to the story! Anyhoo, I am offering a beautiful example of this lovely piece of turntable history for sale complete with its Grace 707
  12. Further information: A fabulous vintage turntable from Pioneer Electronics from the mid '70s. Pioneer PL-A45D Hi-Fi Automatic Stereo Turntable Manual | Vinyl Engine Really well built and engineered. I have serviced and cleaned it. It has a new belt, headshell and cartridge (Audio Technica VM95E/H - see pics), and the original mat has hardened so I have replaced it with a better mat (old mat will be included if wanted). The auto mechanism is tested and adjusted to work perfectly for both auto start and return. The lid has been cleaned and polished and is about a
  13. Further information: Classic Technics turntable. This one is not as cosmetically wonderful as the other one I have previously sold. However - the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good - it has a new belt it has been cleaned and serviced with all trim pots, speed controls, and power switches checked, cleaned, and adjusted as needed. it has a new Audio Technica AT91 cartridge fitted to a Sansui headshell with new, gold-plated headshell leads fitted as well. it has a replacement anti-static mat it sounds fabulous as an example of its heritage -
  14. Further information: It’s time to let this baby go to a new home. I really love this turntable but now that I have my (way more expensive) LP12 properly set up and upgraded, it just can’t quite compete. But that’s not a shortcoming, it’s just a fact of hifi life.... At it’s price point I don’t believe that the RP6 had many (if any) real challengers. This unit has been upgraded with the Groovetracer bearing and sub platter, and has an Edwards Audio Little (Blue) Belter drive belt installed – both mods made a significant improvement to the original sound (that was alre
  15. Further information: The turntable features an S-shaped tonearm with adjustable tracking force and an AT-HS6 universal ½”-mount headshell with an Ortofon 2M Black MM Cartridge. Key Features: - High-fidelity audio with Bluetooth wireless technology - 33, 45 & 78 RPM Fully manual, direct-drive operation - Built-in switchable phono pre-amp - Adjustable dynamic anti-skate control - Professional-grade anti-resonance, die-cast aluminium platter with felt mat - Stroboscopic platter with speed indicator - Variable pitch control with quartz speed lock - Removable
  16. Further information: Marantz TT-15s1 turntable, designed and built by Clearaudio, badged Marantz. This much loved TT comes fully boxed and protected in the OEM packaging, and is in near perfect condition. I upgraded the original Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood MM cart to a Clearaudio Maestro MM cart. This significantly improved tracking ability and detail retrieval over the original, and elevates the sound of the original turntable (already pretty darn good) to something quite special. Plenty of PRaT, detail (but not fatiguing), and toe tapping enjoyment. Probably one of the simplest tur
  17. In may I bought a MOFI Ultradeck with Mastertracker. In the intervieeening months it started developing issues. Firstly the dust cover didn't have rubber stoppers as it should. The finish on the outside of the desk was inconsistent and started flaking off. I had motor noise. It was setup properly either. The corner of the front was bent. So I sent it back after a few weeks they sent me a brand new deck. Here is where it gets interesting. This ultra deck is night and day better than the first. Everything is tighter, tolerances are perfect. Everything fits better. The tonearm is more
  18. Hi All Are there any Project Primary E or Project Elemental users out there in Melbourne ? I have ressurected my original Pioneer A400X and Epos 11 speakers to start a second system during the ‘lockdown’. Using a Vincent Pho-8 phono stage The new turntable sits on an Ikea lack table, a Mission isoplat and addition 3mm EVA foam pads... the turntable is immune to foot traffic, i have a timber floor. The sound is very coherent and dynamic, and exceeded my expectation for a budget and well built tt. Derek
  19. Hi all. Hoping some of you gurus may want to weigh in with some advice / direction please; I have an RP6 with Exact cart, upgraded with Groovetracer sub platter and Little Belter blue belt. I love it - rhythmic, engaging, detailed - so much so that my LP12 has been relegated to the soon to be sold shelf in my storeroom (controversial, I agree). So, now considering upgrade paths for the RP6 I'm considering one / some of the the following; Groovetracer Delrin plater (approx $700), RB 330 tonearm (also approx $700), NEO PSU $449 Fono MC preamp $449
  20. Further information: I've had this turntable for 30 years. I haven't played vinyl for many years and so time has come allow someone else the joy of owning this. Specs are: CJ Walker brand (1980s) Grace G707 tonearm Goldring G1020 cartridge and stylus Original cover (repaired - see photo) Original hinges with covers Original platter Original (bronze) bearing is lubricated and in good condition New belt It has just had a full service and set up. The timber veneer is pretty good. It has a few little marks. I didn't attemp
  21. Further information: With the Essential III Phono you can simply switch between line and phono output, should you decide afterwards to invest in a higher quality phono preamplifier. With its line level output, Essential III Phono can be easily integrated into any HiFi setup. This was my first proper turntable (had a couple of low-quality ones before, so I didn't start on this one) and my first high quality Hi-Fi component, so it has been treated with near-reverence. I also bought it in a walnut colour, which can no longer be bought new in Australia due to them no long
  22. Further information: Thorens TD 190-2 Turntable as new still in box. Purchased back in 2015 (see photos). Item sold as is. It’s still disassembled if you are interested in buying you are welcome to assemble it on site to make sure its functioning as it should. Pickup Leichhardt Photos:
  23. Further information: Regrettably, I have decided to sell my vinyl setup and pursue development of my digital system. I bought the turntable and Rega Exact cartridge in 2018 from Duratone in Canberra and have gradually added a number of Rega upgrades including: - Rega white belt - Rega Fono MM phono stage - Rega power supply unit (TTPSU) I actually struggled to find the phono stage and TTPSU units with the original squared casework, but opted for them instead of the neo and mk2 versions as they matched my Rega Elex R amplifier beautifully . The tur
  24. Further information: Does 1972 make it vintage in the hi-fi world? It must at least come close. 🙃 It is sounding great and looking fantastic for its age. I found it a little hard to come up with a fair price as it is not often listed and I would guess that there are not many around these days. However, I am prepared to entertain reasonable offers. Parcel Post with insurance to most of Australia will be around $50-$60 but I can confirm that before purchase with a destination postcode. This turntable is made in France. Some info suggests it was made by Era but other
  25. Further information: A classic vintage belt-drive turntable from Chuo Denki Corporation of Japan, home of CEC and CDC products. This is a fully automatic player with size and speed select as well as repeat function. The automatic play and stop works perfectly. It has the original headshell and is fitted with an Ortofon FF15XE MkII which is working fine and tracking OK but is on the older side of life so an upgrade to a new cartridge at some stage is worth considering. I have included a very nicely machined large hole 45rpm adapter. The belt has been recently replace
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