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  1. Item: Vintage Siemens e83cc (12ax7, ecc83) triple mica tubes x 4 Location: Perth WA Price: $390 for all four tubes. Free post within Aus (only for purchase of all four). Item Condition: test NOS, low noise Reason for selling: too many tubes Payment Method: EFT, PayPal Extra Info: These are the much sought after ‘triple mica’ Siemens 12ax7 Tubes made in the Siemens & Halske Munich plant in September 1963 according to the acid etched codes on the glass. The e83cc was designed to be a very quiet, long lived and and anti-microphonic tube. These four are indeed extremely quite, transparent and crystal clear in my phono stage and preamp. They tested NOS when I bought them about 6 months ago. I’ve put a couple of hours on them at most. The test results provided by the seller I bought them off are as follows (and marked on the boxes - see photos). Tested on an Amplitrex AT1000 Sr.No.261106 T1=Ia=2.0ma Gm=1500 T2=Ia=2.0ma Gm=1500 Sr.No.206028 T1=Ia=2.0ma Gm=1500 T2=Ia=2.1ma Gm=1500 Sr.No.768632 T1=Ia=2.2ma Gm=1500 T2=Ia=2.3ma Gm=1500 Sr.No.769203 T1=Ia=2.1ma Gm=1500 T2=Ia=2.2ma Gm=1500 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Western Electric 420a >> 12AX7 or 12AT7 Tubes with Adaptors NOS - 3 pairs Location: Sydney East Price: $135 per pair plus postage. Without adaptors $110 Item Condition: NOS perfect Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank TT For sale are these great sounding Western Electric 420a /JW 5755 NOS tubes which when coupled with an adaptor (included) function as a superior 12AX7 or a 12AT7. They are much better in many ways than other 12AX7s I have tried, including: Mullard, Telefunken, Amperex and any Chinese tubes (Psvane etc). The most obvious improvements came in bass drive and resolution. Greater timbral information and texture is evident throughout the mids and bass. Glorious textural information not experienced with any of the tubes mentioned above. Dynamics are scary. Clarity is excellent. Designed for very low microphonics… The WE 420a "features special cathode springs which reduce microphonic response. This characteristic is controlled by a "microphonic stability" test for balance in which the tube is tapped at shock levels of 400 - 600G." Very fine wires (springs) just above the top mica can be seen in pics. The specs are a little different from a 12AX7 which has an amplification factor of 100, 12AT7 is 60, and the Western Electric 420a is 70. I have tried the Raytheon 5755 equivalent and as expected the Western Electric sounds better and is reliable (the Raytheon is not). WE is the real deal! I guarantee these will be keepers irrespective of the tubes you are using. Happy to demo against Mullard and Psvane or your own tubes to serious buyers.
  3. I stumbled across this today. A warehouse in America, I think, full of vintage tubes. Don't know anything about it other than it looks impressive. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2565884606817994&id=258976134175531
  4. Item: Woo Audio WA22 Balanced Headphone Amplifier & Tubes (see below for details) Location: South Yarra, Melbourne Price: $2500 (including upgrade tubes) Item Condition: Very Good/Excellent Reason for selling: Not Enough Usage and need funds Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer, PayPal Extra Info: The Woo Audio WA22 is a fully balanced, Class-A triode driven headphone amplifier. This is a black unit with a stepped potentiometer which was manufactured in 2014 and remains in excellent condition. The current unit retails for $3799. For the last 2 years I have been deciding between this amp and my Violectric V281, however since I have shorter listening sessions these days (not letting the tubes warm up much) and my system is now permanently based around my PC (which introduces ground loop noise which tube amps are more sensitive to) I have leaned towards using the V281 more often. And as I'm not giving the WA22 proper usage it deserves, I have decided to put it up for sale. The images show how the amp is in great condition (save some dusting) and I am including my favourite bunch of tubes and adapters which cost me more than $700. The included tubes are a Cossor 5U4G rectifier, 2 x 2 RCA 6BL7 (matched quad) power tubes via adapter, and Tung Sol 6118/6SU7WGT driver tubes. I did a whole bunch of tube rolling to arrive at this configuration! I actually have a whole bunch of tubes I collected for this amp (5U4G compatible, and 6SN7/6SL7 compatible, 6BL7/6BX7 types) that I'm able to sell, so I could knock off $400 from the asking price by including a Brimar 5Z4GY rectifier and GE 6SL7 drivers, or I could stock you up with extra Cossor 5U4G rectifiers, or even give you a choice of drivers including Ken Rad 6SN7's, RCA grey glass 6SL7's, and Brimar 6SL7GT's. Best to PM me for details about those. Pickup is available in South Yarra, Melbourne and I am able to post Australia wide at your expense. This would also be a great match with the Gieseler Groß DAC that I am also selling! Photos:
  5. Hi SNA'ers, Would love to get some advice and feedback in replacing the tubes on my mono blocks. I would like to achieve something that is more warmer, and most likely a little lay back as I listen to Jazz namely Bebop. The tubes that I am looking to replace are EL84 which I have learned are smaller pins, with more usage for guitar amps as opposed to audiophile HIFI; although, the amps are great listening regardless. Goals are to replace these blocks with something else in future.For today, I little learnings alone the way. I have been reading up on this, but sadly it comes off as a completely different language for me. I figure that if I'm to swap the EL84 to another one such as Mullard that I'd just need to get matched quads and redo the bias. Is this right? I am looking to achieve a British sound. I am also looking for some recommendations and experiences with this type of changes. In addition if someone has some that I can loan or cheap matched sets (quads x 2) that I can buy to start my journey into tubes. Current set up is Rega P7 | Rega Ania | Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2 | Manley Mahi Mahi | Dynaudio Contour S 3.4 | Spendor S8 I have taken photos of the current tubes which have never been changed. As a side note: Am I running into issues using the Mahi's to drive the Dynaudio (4ohms)? Taken from the Manley website: Input Tube: 1 x 12AT7EH large plate Eletcro-Harmonix Russian Driver Tube: 1 x 6414 JAN NOS GE or Raytheon branded Output Tubes: 8 x EL84 Ships with Russian NOS EL84M (aka 6Pi14Pi-EB)
  6. Item: Yamamoto HA-02 Tube Amp/AT ATH-W1000Z Headphone Location: Melbourne Price: $1050 (Selling as a combo) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only, EFT Extra Info: A nice synergistic combinations. It is believe Yamamoto San voiced his HA-02 using audio Technica woodies. The resin-blended Japanese Cherry top and ebony wooden feet are in excellent conditions. Likewise the pure teak housing on the AT ATH - W1000Z. Overall they are both in excellent shape. Local sale preferred, will do a free delivery for the metro Melbourne area. Please PM if you have any questions. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/yamamoto4/ha02.html Pictures:
  7. Item: Yaqin SD-CD3 Valve Tube preamp. Location: Melbourne Price: $100 + postage Item Condition: Excellent, unit works perfectly, I had it placed between my CD player and AV Receiver and it sounded lovely. Just take note of the slight colorization at the base of the right valve. Reason for selling: Downsizing system. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: Has 2 6N8P valves fitted, can also be fitted with 6SN7 or 6H8C type valves. Creates a warmer harmonic sound adding tube audio quality to digital audio. Pictures:
  8. Item: 300B Tubes Matched Pair TRONAL Location: Perth WA , but can ship. Price: $250- / Pair Item Condition: Approx 100-150 hours , I am probably overstating the use as these where initially used when purchased and then swapped out when I got another pair soon after. Reason for selling: Have been part of my back up stash, but how many pairs of back ups does one need? Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal if shipping Extra Info: A friend came across this brand when in the HiFi precinct in Japan and picked up a pair for me. We were quite blown away by how good they sounded for the money and I was able to get a few more pairs out of a distributor in Belgium, alas he has now closed down. I am not absolutely certain who manufactures these tubes as there is no marking (we suspect they are rebranded Genalex Gold Lion PX300B as construction is very similar) but they sound great. Would prefer local pick up (so you can demo the tubes) but would be happy to ship interstate at the asking price. Some local SNAer's have heard this tube in my set up and may chime in as to sound quality. Here is a cheap way to roll some 300B's. Thanks for looking folks.......
  9. Calling all audio research pro's!!! Hi guys i have the ls27 arc pre and now looking into replacing the best tubes i can find My question is what tubes are the best? Reflector 6h30p maybe? Also if anyone has tried different ones what advantages do you gain I'm a big believer in power cables and upgraded xlrs etc. So surely a better tube would be advantageous. I'm running stock ones. I'm only new to arc so any advise would really be appreciated I'm also very aware that the ref 3 and 5 se are alot better than the 27. But I'm sticking with what i have. Cheers in advance.
  10. Hi Guys (first post so be gentle!) Looking for some advice on a Kt88 power tube problem. I've recently purchased a second hand Yaqin Mc-100b and thought I'd check bias with a multimeter as previous owner seemed to have even less knowledge about tube amps than I do (he was running left channel in triode mode and right channel in linear). Amp is a year old. Anyway I'm no expert although I've owned plenty of tube guitar amps over the years but alas, these were all maintained by amplifier techs. On checking bias test points, V2 power tube showed no reading on the multimeter. I at first assumed the test point might be faulty as the tube visually looked fine and sound wise the whole unit played perfectly. Biased all the other 3 Psvane KT88s at 0.55v at around the 1 hour mark of the amp being switched on. Again, V2 showing no multimeter reading, I left the bias unadjusted. I played music for about 15 to 20 min and saw V4 light up much brighter than the others so powered down. I was dead sure I biased correctly at .55v as recommended in Yaqin (terrible) manual. Who knows....... 20 min later I dropped V4 bias all the way down and rebiased down to .47v on all tubes a little colder to be on safe side and listened to music via turntable and cd for next 5 hours zero issues. Wanting to assess whether V2 test point was the issue or the tube, I today swapped V2 tube to V4 and vice versa. Checked multimeter and V4 position now has no reading (same tube that had no reading in V2 position originally). Clearly that particular tube is at fault. My question then is, why might a tube not show any current when visually it looked like exactly the same glow as the other 3 KT88s and sound seem normal. In my guitar playing days I could easily pick if something was off, so I'm pretty confident I'd notice if this integrated amp was off, maybe not! I noted this evening that the problematic tube was warm to touch, where the other 3 were the usual very hot I'm used to. Glow was about same accross all 4 tubes. So I guess I'm looking for advice on whether I could still play the amp in this situation while I order in a matched pair? Could I get away with replacing the one tube only?? Is it likely just a crap tube or something within the amp? Why would V4 have overheated after biasing at .55v and could that somehow relate to the faulty tube in V2? Would forum members recommend that a tech inspect it or just buy a matched pair of Psvane KT88s and see how it goes? Appreciate any input on the subject Cheers Brad
  11. Item: RCA Red Base 5692/6SN7 Near NOS x 2 Location: Sydney Price: PRICE REDUCTION were $150 each Now $120 each plus postage Item Condition: Perfect used only this year since NOS purchase Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank TT Great sound and long lasting. Both tubes are highly desirable RCA Red Base. One is labelled GE but made by RCA. The 5692 was developed by RCA and they made the very best ones with the rare and best of breed Red Base.
  12. Item: YAQIN SD-CD3 + upgraded RCA NOS Tubes Location: PERTH Price: $150 Item Condition: VG Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Time to move on my YAQIN SD-CD3 tube buffer. This is a great little piece of kit to try out some tubes in a system without spending a fortune. Also included are a pair of NOS RCA 6SN7GTB tubes that have had very low hours + a pair of Sylvania 6SN7GTB (+100 hours) + the original Chinese tubes that came with the unit. I ran this as a line buffer in my solid state system between preamp & power amp to give the sound some tuby goodness. I have upgraded to a Schiit headphone tube amp & a PSAudio DAC which gives a really warm smooth sound so no longer need the buffer to warm things up. The SD-CD3 is an electron tube cathode output processor, which adopts excellent 6N8P double triode parallel cathode output. With high input impedance, low output impedance, wide frequency response and low distortion. Features: High-quality tube buffer processor for audiophiles to experience Hifi music. Durable aluminum alloy housing with logo window and steel heavy duty chassis. Adopts two excellent 6N8P tubes, wide frequency response and low distortion. Designed for improving audio system and adding tube audio quality to digital audio. Can be installed between an audio source and a receive to reduce work load of the receiver. Suitable for using with CD, VCD, DVD, MP3 players, computer, etc. Pictures:
  13. Item: psvane kt88 (pair) Location: ocean grove victoria Price: $65 plus postage Item Condition: near new, 100hrs Reason for selling: never used them Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: i bought this pair on here in may last year, link attached. (Inc puns) Moving house and toddlers meant never setting the tube amp up. Now running SS for the time being so these have no use. i had been looking forward to comparing them to the gold lions i normally run, but cant see it happening for a while, so $65 for a pair seems like a good bargin for someone and i can buy more records. one tube i unboxed just to take updated pics of, the other still wrapped as from a year ago. ill post anywhere in aus or pick up ocean grove vic. Pictures:
  14. Item: Line Magnetic 6L6/6P3P Driver Tubes Near NOS x 2 Location: Sydney Price: $70 pair pp Item Condition: Mint used no more than 10 hours Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer These tubes came with the Line Magnetic 518ia amp. I had other 6L6 tubes that took their place. They are near NOS 1972 and 1973 as supplied by Line Magnetic.
  15. Item: Sale Pending : Tubes - Electro-Harmonix 6H30Pi - gold pins x 2 Location: Sydney Price: $45 posted Item Condition: Used - v.good Reason for selling: Excess Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Credit Extra Info: 2 x Electro-Harmonix 6H30Pi - gold pins - used for less than 10 hours - $45 posted(RRP $45 each). Bought from Evacto in Brisbane. Going to lowpoke : Shuguang 5Z3P Rectifier Tube - replacement for 5U4G, 5AR4 - less than 100 hours - Free if pickup- if posted, pay for postage - RRP12UK pounds Pictures:
  16. Item: Matched pair of TJ Full Music 45/n mesh-plate SET tubes - Near New! Location: Sydney Price: $200.00 Item Condition: Near new, perfect. Reason for selling: Not used, downsizing valve collection. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These TJ Full Music 45/n mesh-plate SET tubes came stock with my tube pre-amp. They are great sounding tubes, and look super great too with their large balloon shaped glass envelopes and the way the filaments light up the plates. I have since amassed a large collection of other 45 (and other) tubes and am now wanting to downsize the collection. These TJs have at most 150 hours on them (light use a couple of times a week for first ~6 months of owning the pre-amp). So these tubes are pretty much still brand new. They've been stored safely in their original boxes for the last few years, unused. I just plugged them in now to make sure they still work , which they do perfectly ! (see pics attached). Come with their original boxes and paperwork (again, see pics attached) I will post to anywhere in Australia using Express Post with tracking and extra cover. Buyer to pay shipping costs. Pictures:
  17. Item: Peachtree Music Box Location:Hobart Price:$ 300 Item Condition:8/10 Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only can post. Extra Info: A great little unit that has worked well with no troubles. A few small marks at rear which may polish out, haven't tried. Comes with remote, manual and original box so shipping is possible. Still available at Len Wallis for more than double my asking price. Sorry for average pics, unit now packed up. Happy to send more if required. More info and specs: https://www.peachtreeaudio.com/musicbox-amplifier-with-dac.html Pictures:
  18. Item: Amperex ECC88 = 6922/6DJ8 tubes x 3 Location: Sydney Price: $25 each plus postage Item Condition: Used but working well. Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer One tube has Amperex legible in orange. The other two the print is gone but have some faint white writing.
  19. Item: Audio Valve Eklipse Preamp Location: Albany WA Price: $3200 Reduced to $3000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason For selling: Too many preamps Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Audio Valve Eklipse Preamp in excellent condition. RRP 7k. Valves have been upgraded from stock. First with RCA Clear Tops, then with matched NOS Raytheon 1960 long black plates with elevated Halo getter. Then replaced two of those with NOS Cifte approx 1960 also. This unit sounds absolutely incredible, clear, detailed with massive soundstage. Totally non fatiguing. Have original wooden crate so can ship. Has remote. Some tarnish on gold knobs and a couple of very minor skuffs. Always covered when not in use. Heaps of reviews on net. Here is one of them from Audiogon...Review: Audio Valve Eklipse Tube preampCategory: PreampsI started a lengthy home auditioning process of highly regarded tube based active preamps, after spending three years of having two great sounding passive linestages in my system, Placette buffered & Bent Audio Tap TVC, that lead to a clear winner in the context of my system and personnal taste the Antique Sound Labs Flora EX DT. However, the Audio Valve Eklipse was on my list of preamps I really wanted to listen to, but I could not find a dealer that could arrange an audition at that time.Well, recently the website Stereo Times had a review on the Eklipse and I saw that the reviewer, Mike Wright, had gotten his audition piece from Mike Kay of Audio Archon located in Libertyville, Illinois. I had never met Mike in person, but had over the last couple of years many delightful conversations with him dealing with all things in highend audio. So, when I called him and asked him why he had never mentioned that he carried the Audio Valve line in his salon, he retorted, "you never asked." I have been very lucky in that the numerous retailers that I have done business with, just a very few have been jackasses, have been stand up gentleman, helpful with their knowledge, and very honest to deal with. I knew that Mike was a good guy who knew highend audio before I auditioned and purchased the Eklipse from him, now he's way up on my list of great guys to do business with, he made everything easy and was a pleasure to work with. Thanks Mike.Before, I get into the body of my review I want to mention that besides Mike Wright's online review of the Eklipse, Stereophile's reviewers Art Dudley and Robert J. Reina had given superlative reviews on this linestage with one gigantic flaw in my opinion, they only reviewed it with the stock 12AU7 Electro-Harmonix tubes! No offense to anybody, but these tubes sound like horsecrap. This would be like taking a world class high performance sports car and putting the worst gas possible along with cheapest junky tires and then taking it for a test ride. At least Mike Wright put in NOS RCA clear tops to see what this preamp could really sound like. Remember, even with the crap tubes Dudley and Reina thought the Eklipse was quite good, but they have no idea how good without the right tubes. So, my review is based on listening to the Eklipse with my all time favorite 12AU7 tubes, Ameperex longplate D-getter. These tubes just sound like music to me.The Eklipse is built in Germany by a small family run company. Like my MBL transport and Accustic Arts DAC the German craftmenship and build quality is very apparent. This preamp weights over 41 pounds. I choose the silver face with chrome knobs because it matches my Pass Labs and Accustic Arts pieces. True eye candy. You also can get it with a black face with either brass or chrome knobs. I never get into technical details in my reviews, that you can get off the Audio Valve website or give Mike Kay a call.On to the specifics regarding the sonic performance of the Eklipse:1) The Eklipse produces an expansive soundstage in all directions with great accuracy. If the music was recorded in a large venue you hear it, if recorded in a small intimate club your there. It also creates very precise layering and location in the soundstage.2) Since I mainly listen to acoustic jazz one of the most important factors for me to enjoy the music is natural timbres and harmonic richness. My old reference, the Flora, was wonderful in this area, so I can't say that the Eklipse is significantly better, but it's terrific in this very important sonic area.3) The Eklipse has the lowest noise floor of any active preamp I have ever had in my system. Therefore, the clarity/transparency allows micro details to emerge more intact. I really noticed this on decay trails throughout the frequency spectrum and on cymbals and guitar strings.4) The Eklipse produces the most agile/dynamic bass with great weight and impact that I ever had had in my system. This is one of the areas were the Eklipse really was significantly better then the Flora.5)The other area were the Eklipse left the Flora as a second best was in overall micro and macro dynamics. This preamp offers a crispness and jump factor that is world class.6)The Eklipse also has that quality that I call liquidity or the sense that the music just "floats" into the room with great easyness that allows you to relax and get into the emotions of the music in a very natural way. I experience my Pass Labs XA-100's in a very similar way.Mike Wright stated in his review that with the NOS RCA tubes he and his friends liked the Eklipse better then the highly regarded Conrad-Johnson ACT2 series II preamp in his reference system. Robert J. Reina said in his review that after having another very highly regarded preamp, the Audio Research Ref 3, for a few months he was not disappointed to go back to his Eklipse in his system. Remember, Mr. Reina uses the stock horsecrap sounding tubes in his Eklipse, what would he have experienced with a great pair of NOS tubes!I still think the my old reference, the Flora, is a great preamp, however my new reference is the Eklipse for the reasons I shared in my review. While not inexpensive at the retail price of $5,500.00 USD, it's offers great bang for the buck and I believe will compete sonicly with much more expansive linestages. Pictures:
  20. Item: Electro Harmonix 6H30Pi EB Gold Pin Cryo Certified Matched Pair (for Audio Research preamps) Location: Perth, WA Price: 80.00 Item Condition: Used less than 50 hours Reason for selling: Not needed, sold my AR LS17 preamp with factory tubes. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal, COD Only Extra Info: Cryoset Certified MATCHED PAIR of 6H30Pi (for Audio Research preamp). FREE postage for Australia. Pictures:
  21. I am hoping to be pointed in the direction of someone (preferably in SE Qld - Toowoomba would be great) that is able to test some tubes that I have purchased as high testing but have no way to verify for myself. They are circa 1930 Radiotron UX-245's (4 thereof) and were not inexpensive to purchase so I just want to make sure I have not been taken for a ride. If I am unable to find someone within driving range I certainly would consider plonking the tubes in the mail to a suitable party. Some tube porn... Thank to all in advance. Anthony.
  22. Item: Philips Minwatt GZ34 matched pair Location: Adelaide Price: $425 Item Condition: pristine Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Very rare matched pair. Made in England Pictures:
  23. Item: Tung sol 6SL7GT matched Location: Adelaide Price: $150 Item Condition: new Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  24. Item: electroharmonix 6AC7 matched quad Location: Adelaide Price: $100 Item Condition: new Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  25. Item: Conrad Johnson CT-5 Preamplifier Location: North Sydney Price: 3,400 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Excellent tube preamplifier. Original RRP $13,000. Purchased new in September 2007 from Hi Fi Junction. I have original packaging, manual and remote. Pictures:
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