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Found 7 results

  1. Item: Syrinx LE1 Tone arm - very good on Lynn Sondek and other suspended TT's. Simple straightforward arm comp[atible with lots of head shells and cartridges. Location: Bunbury South West WA Price: 150 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, on-line transfer Extra Info: Sold as is - anti skate chord could do with replacing. No arm holder. Postage approx $15 to $20 https://www.vinylengine.com/library/syrinx/le-1.shtml Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Michell Orbe Se current model Accoustic Signature TA - 2000 tone arm Gold Note Donatello Gold MC Cartridge Location: Melbourne 3124 Price: $6500 firm (rrp $15k) Item Condition: 9/10 as new Reason for selling: Upgradeitis Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have really enjoyed my time with the Orbe. It has been a great indroduction to vinyl. But as with Hi-Fi I am courious what lives further up the tree. I really should be happy with the great sound this makes, but you know! I have all the orginal boxes and packaging. Michell Orbe SE Turntable Michell's flagship turntable and most would say the worlds best looking The Michell Orbe turntable takes the established concept of the GyroDec and adds to it an extra level of isolation, better structural damping, and an improved motor drive system. The motor controller employs the revolutionary Never-Connected mains isolation circuit. Features: Double chassis, suspended pendulum subchassis Damped subchassis 60 mm thick massive acrylic/vinyl platter of high inertia Screw-down record clamp, compatible with standard and 180g audiophile pressings Inverted oil-pumping bearing Custom arm boards available for most tonearms High-quality standalone DC motor with tacho feedback speed control Orbe Controller NC motor power supply with Never-Connected circuit TONE ARM TA-2000 At the TA-2000 we use precision miniature bearings from the manufacturer SKF. The bearings are added with minimal pre pressure for zero backlash to achieve a minimum friction and high stability. When it comes to arm tubes – 2 mutually exclusive conditions need to be combined. Maximum stiffness and low resonance achieved by internal damping. Very stiff materials are hard and therefore very susceptible to resonances. The solution is a custom made dual carbon tube. The two pipes are joined by connecting elements. This creates a very rigid tube with a high internal damping and resonance. When you consider that the signals of a pickup are very small you can well imagine, any decision about cable has great influence. We use a OFC copper cable for internal wiring. To set up a pickup perfect it is required to compensate the possible misalignments of the stylus. The TA-2000 allows you to exactly adjust the Azimut angle. For this you simply open 3 small screws and then the arm tube can be swiveled for ± 5 degrees so the angle can be adjusted perfect for each cartridge. If these screws are again tightened the arm tube sits stiff and perfectly adjusted. DONATELLO GOLD TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Typology: MC low Output Phono Cartridge Output level: 0.5mV Frequency response: 10-40000Hz Impedance: 40Ω Suggested load: 470Ω Compliance: 12×10-6cm/dyne Channel separation: > 25dB Channel balance: < 1db Suggested tracking weight: 1.8 to 2.1g Cantilever: Aluminum Diamond: Micro Elliptical Coil Wire: Copper Magnet: Samarium-Cobalt Mounting hole diamond distance: 9mm Pictures:
  3. I have recently acquired a Denon DL110 high output MC cartridge (after decades with Shure V15-IIIs and a -VMxR in SME3009s). I have two tone arms I can mount it in, a Rega RB 250 and an Ortofon AS212-II. It's currently in the Rega and sounds very nice indeed. Which of the two arms would be the better choice for the DL110? Advice appreciated.
  4. Hi all Thought it would be a good time to post a record of my Garrard 401 referbishment to still be viable in the 22nd Century From the beginning I had my mind set on certain aspects I wanted to be included, and I also wanted a sim pathetic refurb on the turntable itself as not to alter the original look and build wherever possible So the first thing on the list was a beautiful and audio worthy plank of wood to be used as a plinth This search took a while by visiting and investigating local timber merchants available stock In the end I found some Crows Ash, the timber merchant explained to me that it's a soapy wood that needs patience to work with it but will be rewarding in the end A quick point is that when sanding or drilling, this timber smells like tomato sauce Some information I found on Crows Ash Crow’s ash is predominately used for flooring and decking. It is also used for boat building and outdoor furniture. In times gone by it was used as flooring for dance halls due to its highly durable characteristics. While it is visually appealing, this species is not easy to work with, which limits the applications it can be used for. Crow’s ash is quite greasy which means it is hard to glue and nail --------------------- At the time I purchased the Crows Ash and just prior to commencing the project in 2011 I had some health issues that required hospitalisation and although I built a few sets of speakers while mending, the Garrard TT project was shelved and put on hold for some time The time came to get a start again on the build Although the plinth was CNC cut and also routed so the Garrad body casing would sit lower shortly after it was purchased it was patiently waiting for me to give it some attention
  5. Itemm: The Wand 9"+ tonearmLocation: Templestowe Price: $850 ONO + Delivery Cost Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Never Used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: This tonearm arm is a unipivot made in NZ. It has received numerous 5 star ratings around the world from various magazines and has garnered a lot of positive feedback from users. Pictures:
  6. Item: ROKSAN RADIUS 5.2 BLACK WITH NIMA TONE ARM and Goldring 2500 Cartridge Location: Melbourne HiFi 590 Burwood Road Hawthorn Price: WAS $4898 NOW $3998 Stereo.net members SAVE a further $200. Item Condition: Ex Display AS new box and packaging Payment Method: Cash, M/C, Visa, EFT Extra Info: Free shipping to any Australian Capital City. LAST ONE DISPLAY UNIT The new RADIUS5 MkII builds on the strengths of the award-winning RADIUS5 enhancing performance, compatibility and even the aesthetic. From its new Motor mount to the new polished stainless steel feet the New MKII manages to combine beauty, elegance and true high-end performance all in one package. Pictures:
  7. I have a Technics EPA100 Tone arm - all good condition except the anti-skate needs a major fix. The adjustment knob is missing - so the mechanism is dissengaged - anyone suggest someone who could fix this? Probably need custom parts. Cheers
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