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  1. Item: Technics EPA-100 Location: Sydney Price: 1500 over night shipment Item Condition: good Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: bank transfer Extra Info: Tonearm EPA-100 with original headshell SH-100S and original cable. I have been using it with Technics SP10 MKii for over a year and want to try another arm. Tonearm, headahell and cable only are included in this sell. note: The arm rest clamp is not original. It was a modified form other technics tonearm. review it from a video clip that I posted on YouTube. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Anyone know anything about this TT? It belongs to my neighbour. He's had it for 40 years and doesn't use it. It works but hums and he's wondering whether to fix it or pass on to someone who might use it. Seems like a well made TT. Is it worth anything? Cart is in good nick i think and looks like an Audio-Technica AT 91 @djb
  3. Item: Technics SL-P333 Compact Disc Player Location: Geelong Price: $100 Item Condition: Fully functioning. Good condition for age - some minor scratches on top of unit. Reason for selling: Going wireless Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Programmable Compact Disc Player SL-P333 Features: Optical digital output built-in. Preserves signal purity by sending digital signals directly to a DAC equipped amp. High Speed Access System Shuttle search dial. Easy, precise search operation at up to 76 times normal speed. Cueing search. From pause mode, search gives 0,2 second repeat at the point where the dial is released. Allows pin-point access while checking music at current lacation. Random Play Auto cue 20-selection random access programming 31-key full remote control. Including; volume, disc drawer open/close. More info here: http://stereonomono.blogspot.com/2016/08/technics-sl-p333.html and here: http://audio-database.com/TechnicsPanasonic/player/sl-p333-e.html Pictures:
  4. Item: Technics SL-1200 MK2 Location: Sydney 2065 Price: $600 Item Condition: Good condition, some minor scratches, works perfectly Reason for selling: Moving overseas Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am moving back to the United States and am selling all of my stereo equipment (see other ads). This Technics SL-1200 MK2 is in good condition with some minor scratches consistent with age. I recently purchased a new Technics cover for the turntable and this is in perfect condition. Works perfectly and comes with a Technics headshell and an Ortofon Scratch cartridge as well as the Sure M44-7 that was included with the turntable when I bought it used a few years ago. RCA cables are original and also has the original ground wire. Cork platter mat included in sale. Local pick up is preferred but will also consider sending these to an Australian purchaser via Pack N Send at buyer's expense. I am also selling my MA5200 as well as my Bluesound Vault and my B&W 805 D2s Pictures:
  5. Gday all, I just received a Technics epc 205c mkiii. This is a well regarded vintage cart that comes with integrated headshell. The headshell is azimuth and overhang adjustable. The overhang in the manual is recommended as being correct at 52mm on the integrated headshell gauge markings. However if I leave it as this the cartridge is a fair way off aligning on the Stevenson protractor (what I typically use on my Marantz s-arm). It is also off the recommended effective length crosshair that comes with my Marantz TT 6350. My question is, which one should I use? I’m used to being able to manipulate both the effective length and the cartridge angle in the headshell to suit Stevenson to good effect but am a little confused with the integrated hs setup of this line of Technics!?
  6. Item: Technics SL1200 MK11 Location: ACT Price: $1100 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is my old faithful Technics SL1200 MK11 it's in perfect working order speed is correct all lights and switches work as they should cosmetically it has a few scuff marks on the paint they aren't bad but such is the nature of a painted surface, the lid has no cracks stays up and is in very nice condition in fact the whole turntable is in very good condition for it's age it sounds lovely full bodied and rich the upgrades below would be helping that. It was never used as a DJ table it's been a very reliable machine. Upgrades are a Rega RB300 Origin Live tonearm assembly and the wiring has been upgraded by the guru DUC with Cardas Clear the best stuff he offers unless he's introduced a new level he also rewired the RCA's and earth cable all are in excellent condition and to be honest I am a cable skeptic however this Cardas Clear really did change the sound on this Turntable for the better much better it was a surprise for me so take what you want from that but it's the truth and I'm still a cable skeptic (some cables). There is no cartridge included however I have a Denon DL-110 with about 30 hrs use it was on the TT and sounds lovely I thought to keep it as a spare but if someone wants it we can work out a deal I also have a Shure M97xE available. Postage not happy with that idea however I am doing a trip to Melbourne on Friday staying overnight if that was helpful to someone also doing a trip to Sydney in a few weeks. The music it produces is quite excellent took a really good Denon to just edge it out of my system. Edit: I've added some daylight photo's they are a bit clearer Offers will be considered. Pictures:
  7. Hi There, It's been a while since I've been on this forum, but was wondering what's a fair price to pay for a Technics RS1500 Reel to Reel (15ips) machine in perfect working order. Any assistance would be much appreciated
  8. Hey Guys I'm looking for some help finding someone to repair my Technics SP10 turntable. We seem to have limited options in Perth. I have tried a few people, i seem to either get - Yes thats an open cheque book please - Yes i can do it, then excuses, price hikes and no action, Or yes I can but i don't want to (my interpretation, no thats too hard for me but I don't want to say that). Either way I have had no luck. I would post over east if I thought I could get it repaired. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hey guys, i would like some advise on choosing between an marantz pm54 amp with a ST-64 tuner and a Technics Su-z65 and a st-z55 tuner. i have a friend who acquired both sets and wants to use one in a garage and i can have the other, he is not fussed. From what i can read the sets are very similar in specs with the marantz producing 10 more rms watts Im wanting to use this set to listen to radio and digital audio via a fiio x5 or computer and CD. I already have a marantz 2230b and a kenwood ka 5002 which i swap between using for vinyl. So i would be interested to know which one would be better suited for my purpose. they will be driving a set of 3 way kenwood floor speakers. I really don't have much experience with audio gear post 1980 so any help would be much appreciated
  10. Item: Technics SL-120 turntable / SME3009 Improved II tonearm / Shure V15 Type III stylus Location: Perth Price: $1400 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Prefer the ease of CDs / Can't seem to find new pressings of favourite vinyls to build up a library. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Fantastic Technics SL120 with an SME 3009 Improved II tonearm and a Shure V15 Type III cartridge/stylus - see pictures.Turntable runs smooth and tonearm has been calibrated. Both speeds 33-1/3 and 45rpm speeds tested. Also included is a platter puck, anti-static brush and calibration protractor.The turntable comes with two mats - a newly purchased thick Technics rubber mat and a felt mat.The turntable was setup with the well known "Hi-Fi News Test Record". See https://www.vinylengine.com/hfn-002-test-lp.shtmlI will include the test record as part of the purchase so that you can do the calibration/setup if you want to. Call 0404797312. Pictures:
  11. Item: My SL 120 Mk1 DD Turntable is up for sale. This is the same as the SL1200 Mk1 but without the factory arm. Comes complete with mounting plate for REGA arms. Location: VIC 3931 (Mornington) Price: $470 Item Condition: This 1970s classic is virtually unmarked and in full working order. Condition can be seen in the photographs, but note that 2 are from my 2014 archive. The remainder are very recent. Holds speeds 33/45 accurately. Complete with original feet, oil tube and 45rpm adaptor. Reason for selling: Too many turntables! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I've had this about 10 years and used it with an SL1200 Mk2 arm (In one of the pics but not part of the sale) and a Grace G727 Gyromaster. Included is a mounting plate for REGA arms (single hole mounting) which may be suitable for other arms with 222mm mounting distance. Other mounting plates (including blanks) are readily available on that auction site. Also has recent lid with hinges, though the lid has a couple of blemishes which would polish out. It comes with an IEC mains connector which will allow the use of a cable of choice. Full spec is available here: https://www.vinylengine.com/library/technics/sl-120.shtml and user manuals are readily available for download. I would prefer pickup but I could pack for a courier at the buyers risk, though I don't have the original carton. Pictures:
  12. Item: Technics SL 120 Direct Drive Turntable with SME 3009 tone arm and AT15ss CartridgeLocation: Fitzroy, MelbournePrice: $800Item Condition: excellent - See description belowReason for selling: SurplusPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyPictures: See below Extra Info: PLEASE NOTE - I am selling this for a friend in Fitzroy, Melbourne. I have heard this deck - sounds wonderful. As per below, pick up only. Technics SL 120 Direct Drive Turntable with SME 3009 tone arm and AT15ss Cartridge in beautiful condition. - History The SL 120 was the turntable that came out the same time as the SL 1200. However the SL 120 was sold without a tone arm, allowing the home audiophile their choice of preferred tone arm. - Description Tone arm: SME 3009 Series II - classic english tonearm. Cartridge: Audio Technica AT15S Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge & Stylus - I believe this has the Shibata tip, but I cannot verify this. A bit more specs from our friends at Vinyl Engine: http://www.vinylengine.com/library/technics/sl-120.shtml - Condition Turntable is in amazingly pristine condition for its age. All original parts. During the time I've had the turntable it has not skipped a beat. Like all vintage audio equipment it may benefit from a service at some stage. These Technics TTs are built like tanks and would explain how later models managed to withstand such heavy DJ usage. RCA cables are original and look very weary, however they still run OK. You may wish to upgrade these cables. Whether they will have any impact on the sound is moot, however, if it makes you feel better then do it. Lid is in great condition without any cracks or any scratches. The Audio Technica Cartridge sounds good, but is older so the stylus will have some wear. Note the slightly skewed cantilever. Replacement stylii are available from Jico. - Provenance I am the second owner. The original owner kept the turntable in storage during the brief period in which CDs were in ascendancy and it seemed that vinyl was doomed. Later he sold it to me and I've been giving the turntable relatively light use over the past few years. Winner of this auction can also pick over some crates of vinyl I am also selling if that is of any interest. I will list these eventually but as anyone who has sold anything on eBay or elsewhere knows, photographing and listing items can be rather time consuming. - Pick up Pick up only on this. Located in Fitzroy. Sorry interstate buyers.
  13. I have an old 1978 Technics SU-7300. Was bought with a recent full service including all caps replaced, solder joints checked and full de-oxit treatment. Problem is it now crackles a bit (not violently or popping) in both channels and volume drops off once its warmed up. I'll usually get an hour or so before it happens and is somewhat intermittent - really frustrating! Ill take it back to the tech but wondered if anyone here had any easy fixes to try first?? Will be a while before i can get it to the tech hence why thought id ask the clever clogs here. Im convinced its not the speakers as its in both channels/speakers equally and cant hear or see any obvious issues with them (pushed woofers in carefully and gently listening for scratching noises). Any help much appreciated as im frustrated at being limited in my listening options right now!! Cheers Hifiscot
  14. Technics SL1200 mkii "If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants." from Newton. I am relatively new to audio stuff, and would like to gain some precious knowledge and experience from our kind audiophile gentlemen from SNL. Here are my questions about the turntable: 1. I have a Yamaha AS2000, and there is a build in phono mm/ms stage, would that be sufficient to drive this baby? 2. If Ans for Q1 is negative, what phono pre-amp would you recommend? Budget within $2k 3. What cartridge mm/mc would you recommend? Budget within $1k 4. I heard lot of people talking about this turntable, mainly DJs, how would this compare to modern turntable, etc, Rega RP6 and above or Pro-ject 6 and above? Mainly looking at possible upgrading down the track. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi All, after missing out on a Snayo TP-825 for $50 on gumtree yesterday morning... I found the SL-1300 for $50 last night... so not willing to miss out on a possible gem, I picked it up late last night... So the total easter egg hunt resulted in a few Elvis LPs, a cheap Rega P1 with a newish Ortofon Red cart and the Technics SL-1300; much healthier than looking for Chocolate Eggs. I was told by the seller her late father bought the 1300 from Hong Kong a long time ago, and it has been in storage for a long time. Cosmetically, it look sort of ok'ish... with the dust cover dusty, but still in good condition... arm still looks good, platter is slightly tarnished, and the plinth looks mostly ok, excep for the corner where it looks like it has corroded (rusted, but white) Got home, hooked up... shock horror... turntable is not turning properly... lifted up the platter and found a mini brush stuck in there... flip the play function, auto start seems to work...push to end, auto stop and return seems to work. Could not get the speed to hold 33rpm... watched a few youtube videos, and realise there is another speed control adjustment under the platter. Turn it to mid point, and now the strobe is showing a constant 33rpm. noted stylus is broken, so replaced with an Ortofon OM5E i had laying around... Hooked it up, and immediately there was a loud buzz... held the earth connection to my AVR screw and the buzz disappeared. Great Surprisingly, I played Saturday Night Fever album, and staying alive was playing at the right beat (to my ears) and clear... Now, the questions: - What maintenance work should I do first? I see people use the electrical cleaner to clean the speed control nobs, the speed selector switch and the adjuster under the platter. Anything else? - I noted the stock head shell is pretty corroded too... Any suggestion to what head would be a good choice for it? Im planning to use my Ortofon Blue or the spare Red. - When I pulled the stock head shell out, I have also noted white particles due to the some corrosion... what should I use to clean it out? reinstalled after with new cart, and seems to work well, so I guess the corrosion did not affect the connection. - on the photo, you can see the tarnish bit on the bottom left corner. Is there a way of fixing this? or replace with a new cover? - Any upgrades should i be considering for this I know the arm is limited due to the auto feature. thanks for the help
  16. Hi all, Here is my Technics hi fi system on a home made flexy rank I built. 1. technics hi fi by rockypro1, on Flickr 2. Technics hi fi by rockypro1, on Flickr 3. TECHNICS MONSTER HI-FI by rockypro1, on Flickr
  17. I have a Technics EPA100 Tone arm - all good condition except the anti-skate needs a major fix. The adjustment knob is missing - so the mechanism is dissengaged - anyone suggest someone who could fix this? Probably need custom parts. Cheers
  18. Hi All, I've just upgraded my turntable from an older Pioneer PL-12AC belt-drive turntable to a Technics SL-1200MK2 direct-drive turntable, and I thought a cartridge upgrade would also be in order (since I can put the old one on to the PL-12AC to keep using it out in the back room). I've currently got an Audio-Technica AT95E, which was attached to the PL-12AC. It sounds quite good on the SL-1200MK2, although since I've just spent a fair bit upgrading the turntable a cartridge upgrade is probably the next most logical choice. Has anyone got any cartridge suggestions for the SL-1200MK2? I've been looking at the bigger Audio-Technica models (120 and 440), as well as the Ortofon models (Red and Blue). Budget is around $150-$250 depending on how big the upgrade is I guess. Other suggestions are also welcome. Thanks!
  19. Petition launched to reintroduce Technics turntables Thousands demand the return of Panasonic’s legendary Technics SL-1200′s. A petition has been launched online to reintroduce the Technics SL-1200 turntable, which has been out of circulation since manufacturer Panasonic retired the iconic model in October 2010 after almost forty years as the world’s DJ turntable of choice. Launched in January of this year through online petition platform Change.org, the campaign has picked up pace after a slow start, gathering over 5,000 signatures in the last five days, and currently stands at close to 7,000 overall. Tabled by one Moni Daniel, the campaign states: For turntable-fanatics we’ve seen technology advance expeditiously and that’s not to say there are no benefits to the digitalisation of music… However we feel that there’s a place for vinyl and the traditional DJ’ing and turntablism is too – and this is where we feel the Technics SL 1200s are vital. More in hope perhaps than expectation, the petition will be presented to Panasonic Company and its parent company Matsushita Corporate, and simply demands the “re-introduction of legendary Technics Turntablesâ€. Of course, there’s also a Facebook group doing the rounds which has also drummed up over 6,000 likes. You can sign the petition here. That said, with 3.5 million thought to have been sold in the last 35 years, you might be better off nabbing yourself one on the frankly saturated second hand market. In related news, Pioneer recently unveiled a new turntable heavily influenced by the Technics model, which you can see here. You should also check our list of the 8 best budget turntables for home listening, for more alternatives. This is also not the first time disgruntled record collectors have mobilized via social media. Last month close to 30,000 people joined a group to save IKEA’s 12″-friendly storage shelf, the Expedit, which has now been pulled from circulation. Although the writing was already on the wall for Expedit, the outcry did draw an official response from IKEA. In October 2010, leading Japanese electronics company Panasonic announced that the legendary and symbolic Technics 1200 would no longer be sold. As one of the most iconic pieces of DJ equipment ever made the announcement to cease distribution was yet another blow for analogue enthusiasts the world over. For turntable-fanatics we’ve seen technology advance expeditiously and that’s not to say there are no benefits to the digitalisation of music – there are plenty, it’s of course great for music at large. However we feel that there’s a place for vinyl and the traditional DJ’ing and turntablism is too – and this is where we feel the Technics SL 1200s are vital. After all, vinyl sales have been rising year on year for some time now having a recent resurgence, so quality equipment should surely be available to play records with. Since originally launching in 1972, Panasonic have sold around 3.5 million of the Technics SL-1200 model turntables and with the demand for Vinyl steadily rising, I Want to launch a petition to see how many other music enthusiasts feel the same. If you’d like to support the movement, join the petition to bring the Technics SL 1200 back into production ! Petitioning Panasonic Company (Matsushita Corporate) This petition will be delivered to: Matsushita Corporate Panasonic Company (Matsushita Corporate)
  20. I'm looking for a good condition preloved Japanese made turntable, direct drive. Technics, Pioneer or Kenwood. Prefer a pick up in Perth WA but happy to pay postage for a good deck. I will look at any available offers and would prefer black in colour to match my other gear. Cheers
  21. OK! this is hard for me to do, but I'm in a bit of a pickle with finances so need to make some extra money...I'll be selling 90% of my collection, some of it is untested, some of it is currantly being used for my personnal use. I will try my best to provide as much info as I can remember on each unit. Item: Assorted Location: Monbulk, Victoria Price: Assorted Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Need money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, I will provide pics when asked, please note all units will need a clean as most have been stored for a while. Turntables: Thorens TD 145 Un tested, but assumed working, these are like the Sherman tanks of turntables! Stylus included but unsure of condition, no cover, reviews rate this turntable very very high!. SOLD Dual 1210 Tested and works, Stylus needs replacement but will be included, sounds amazing even with right channel distortion, compact design so would suit smaller area if space is an issue. $200 Luxman PD 291 Tested and sort of worked, it was a while ago and I can't remember what was wrong with it, but I kept it to fix up, so couldn't of been too bad, this is a truly beautiful turntable! comes with Ortofon OMB-5 cart, unsure of stylus condition. cover needs a polish, but would be well worth it as it is a master piece of design! $100 Micro Seiki MB-18 Tested and working, needs a new stylus or cart, cart delivered flat lifeless sound, I was going to replace the cart and use this in my personnel system, is a very dark mahogany look, and dark tinted cover, a very nice looking unit! Sold Sansui SR-212 Un tested, clean condition, unsure if working, found it not long ago and have not had a chance to look at it yet. $80 Pioneer Rondo 3000 I have a soft spot for Pioneer, I've had this one for a few years in storage, I'm sure it works, but I will list it as un tested as I've not touched it for a while, can check for perspective buyer if I find some time and have interest in it. $80 Amplifiers: JVC A-X1 Great little amp, very underrated, I used this for months as a stereo cinema set up, and it never disappointed! I upgraded years ago and have no use for it, but it's taken me until now to let it go! very clean condition, and I believe I cleaned all the pots and switches when I got it. $50 JVC VN-300 Nice unit, beautiful design, very under rated little unit, I was using this for a while until one of the channels popped, I have been meaning to fix it but never got around to it $60 Technics SU-7300 I actually don't want to sell this, but I have no use for it I was using it up until a few day ago in my sunroom system, but have now acquired a Rotel system that better suits my needs for the room, these are a great little amp, and sound way more powerful than specs would lead to believe. it's a great looking little unit as well. $150 Sansui AU-101 x 2 I have 2 of these, one with crackling channels, the other only one channel working, but these are pure sound at its best! would suit someone willing to repair and service. $60 each or $100 for both Sansui AU-2900 Un tested, good unit from reviews I’ve seen around, take a chance! it could very well work, I've never even plugged it in! $50 Sansui 331 Un tested, I don't even remember acquiring this one! I didn't even know I had it! I had a 221 years ago, and it was a great sounding unit, can only assume this is as well, but it is sold completely un tested never plugged in. $50 Akai AA-5000 Un tested, I purchased this from a very mature man selling up to travel Australia, he loved it and assured me it worked, but I’ve never checked it, needs a clean, assumed working, I also have the Akai speakers to go with it $40 the lot (what I paid) Tape Decks: Hitachi D-720 Un tested, rack mount handles, black in colour, top quality unit! $20 Onkyo TA-2022 Un tested, this was a quality unit back in its day, Onkyo used to make great tape decks! $20 Technics M225 I think I remember testing this and it worked, but the display on the front is wonky, would need to be opened up and fixed. $20 CD player: Pioneer PD-5010 Works, sounds great, black not silver, Pioneer quality! $50 Stereo System: Pioneer Amp - VSX-454 Amp was brought to me by a friend who thought they would "service" it and failed, it didn't need anything! it worked perfect, sounded fine, volume had a mind of its own at times but nothing un-controllable, they pulled the facia off and broke a ribbon wire, it's a good unit, lots of power! so I was going to fix it, but never had the time. CD player - PD-104 Works, not as pretty as the other one on offer but still has the Pioneer quality! Tape Deck - CT-W103 Works fine, double deck, nothing more to say really Tuner - F204 This is a great tuner! easy to use, lots of pre-sets! doesn't even look as ugly as all its family component’s! $40 the lot! Speakers: A.M.I Jorgan SE-50 These are a rare Dutch brand (I think) 20w, 8ohm, nothing spectacular really, vintage look, sound fine. $20 Wharfedale Veldus 300 100w, 4-8ohm, need to be re-coned, but otherwise very nice speakers. $40 Thorn 508SS I love these speakers, they look like terrible vintage low quality speakers, but they are anything but! they supply amazing sound paired with the right solid state amp, I had them set up with the Technics SU-7300, and they never ever failed to impress! they don't look the part, but are comparable to much more highly sort after speakers. As they are very durable little things might be great put to use in a garage or deck system, if you ever find a pair grab them! you won’t be disappointed! not rare, they do pop up from time to time in op-shops. $30 Well that about does it! I hope for all these units to go to a loving home, and to be appreciated for what they are!
  22. Having a vinyl collection laying dormant for many years and with the forced upgrade of a pre amp last year, I took the plunge and decided to get back into vinyl. I now have a Sound Reference turntable which to my ears plays very well, is easy to use and seems to do everything right. I have upgraded the cartridge to a Benz Micro Glider and I am blown away by the dynamics. A much more immediate and involving presentation than my CD player and I couldn't be happier. But I have this itch. The upgrade itch. I am considering buying another turntable. I will probably hang on to the SR turntable, but that could change depending on what I end up with. I will obviously keep the cartridge to use in the new turntable. I never knew there was such a passion for "old" turntables until I joined this forum. The workmanship in restoring and upgrading some of these beauties is incredible. And then I see the technical advances of the "newies" like the Kuzma, the Avid and the Pro-Ject RPM10 , I wonder will these "newies" outplay the oldies? Or are the oldies still doing the basics right and they also have the added attraction of being a piece of the past and still stand up and play with the best of them today. I do have a leaning towards bespoke products and could really see myself with a couple of turntables set up in the lounge room and just spinning away and thinking life is good....glass of red ....sorry about that, back on topic. So if I am looking towards an upgrade and considering what I am using now, what would be the next best step forward in my turntable evolution? As I am prepared to consider new and pre-loved, my budget is flexible and is between$1000 and $3000 for turntable and arm. I have trawled the classifieds here and there are some that catch my eye and some that I think are probably sold but still listed as FS. But again, I am looking for an upgrade so I am not really sure which ones would fall into that category. I really have a lot to learn about turntables in general and hope that I could get a range of opinions from the learned vinyl lovers and turntable "experts" in this forum. Maybe "upgrade" is the wrong angle and I should be looking towards a different flavour, a different sound, a different look. Thanks in advance for any advice. Cheers, Steve
  23. Item: Technics SL-23 with Shure M97xe Stylus Location: Tullamarine, Melbourne Price: $200 ONO Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Not being used anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great set but I haven't been using it for a while now as I have sold my speakers. I was suppose to restore the cover but haven't got the time to do it. I sanded it with very fine grit that's why the cover looks frosted. Hopefully someone can finish the cover to clear again. Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/j6rdnu1bhlev0p1/bbCDInSol6 Item: Monarch Amplifier (Made in Japan) Location: Tullamarine, Melbourne Price: $50 ONO Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Not being used anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used this in amp for the turntable above and it did a great job. Pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/cxaatrpm5jld9ff/gaBBdCU1X3
  24. Hey all, Just recently have been getting back into vinyl. At the moment i am using my dad's old Challenge BFU-121 (Really its an Apan TT) I also have the opportunity to get hold of a Technics SL-3300 TT in mint nick, for $190. Would this be some sort of an upgrade? The Challenge is nice, but seems to be a bit worn out, even with a new cartridge/stylus. I mainly listen to 60's/70's heavy rock ie led zep, deep purple, pink floyd. Thanks
  25. Hi all, I am new here and looking for some advice in regards to setting up a new HiFi system and whether its worth getting new gear. The story goes like this: I have an old system as a hand-me down from the inlaws. It consists of a technics SA 5150 receiver and a pair of wharfedale dovedale 3 speakers circa 1975-77 (I have posted links to the gear below). It was sounding really bad but after a bit of low level maintenance it's back up sounding good again. It's a pretty low powered system ( amp 20w per channel at 4 ohms and the 3 way speakers power handling is 50w) but the room isn't large and it puts out about 75dB of nice clean sound at 1/4 volume which is more than enough. It seems to handle all the music I can throw at it from pop, electro, to metal, my father in law is a rock and jazz man, and although it distorts at louder volumes and when I ramp up the bass on the amp, I would never routinely listen to music at this level. The system is just in the lounge room but the house is open plan dining and kitchen but we rent so no plans to setup a multi-room wireless or doing anything too fancy. Most of the music is in the from of digital downloads and CDs. We do play the sound from DVDs through the system as well, but are not planning on going down the home theater root as not massive home movie buffs. The plan was to drop 2.5-3k on a new or newer second hand system, but now that its sounding pretty nice I'm wondering if its worth it. My main questions are 1) Does anyone have any experience with this gear. What was it like back in the day and how it holds up in the digital era, and 2) have an idea on what I'd have to spend today to get something better. If I can get new or near new stuff in my price range that is an upgrade in terms if quality then I may consider it, if not then (against my wife's wishes as she really wants some new gear!) we may just hang onto the old stuff (plus the old technics receiver looks sweet all lit up!) Thanks for all your help, Sam http://www.thevintag...Dovedale_3.html There are a few conflicting specs out there for the receiver http://www.vintagete...ivers/index.htm and http://audio-databas.../sa-5150-e.html
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