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Found 1 result

  1. Item: HiVi Swans Diva 6.2HT - A high end, CES award-winning 5.1 Home Theatre System that would still set you back about 6k new. Consists of Swans Diva 6.2F Floorstanders, Swans Diva 5.2R Centre Channel, Swans Diva 5.2R Bi-Polar Rears and a Swans Diva Sub60 Subwoofer. Now throwing in the Energy sub too. Location: Sydney -- they're in Maroubra right now, but may be moved to storage in the lower north shore area if not bought soon. Price: $1800 for the set. I'll include an Energy e:XL S-12 subwoofer for FREE an additional $150 (so $1950 total with both the Swans and the Energy subwoofers). The Energy alone would easily sell for $350-400 on its own, and the Floorstanders are worth 1000 easy. Grab yourself a bargain, this is a fraction of RRP. Item Condition (pictures attached): Sounds fantastic, drivers are immaculate. Good condition and presents very well overall: I do believe 90%+ of buyers on here would not hesitate to give this pride of place in a primary (or secondary if you're full-on speaker mad) home theatre system. The offer of the Energy Subwoofer more than compensates for the shortcomings of the Swans subwoofer (as described below). There are some signs of wear if you look closely, and I have tried to document them as best I can within the pictures. I've included a fairly comprehensive and rather nit-picky list of signs of wear below: Swans Diva 6.2F Floorstanders: These have a few light scratches on the sides, which would likely be easily sorted with a polish application. A few small holes in the grilles. I'll upload some videos if I can to better show the condition (secondary camera in use at the moment due to mini phone meltdown, so bear with me regarding video quality). Swans Diva 5.2R Centre Channel: One midrange driver surround has some fading to it, but is intact. You can choose to refoam or not, up to you. Needless to say, you're not missing out and they still look great. I'm even happy to do a refoam for you if you really want! Swans Diva 5.2R Bi-Polar Rears:One of them has a chip on the black part of the paintwork. The other has one speaker peg hole with a bit of plastic caught in it: that being said, the corresponding grille has all of its pegs intact. Swans Diva Sub60 Subwoofer: The downward-firing driver has been removed, while the front-firing one is still present. This is the weak link in the system: hence my offer to include an additional top of the line Energy Subwoofer for a small amount extra ($150 is well under half its fair used market value). The Energy e:XL S12 Subwoofer is in great condition, and is superior in terms of frequency response: it will do 20Hz at -3db. Reason for selling: I'd rather have someone use them than have them sit in storage. Bought too much gear for my own good in the last 3 months: you'll see a small selection in the background of the pics here. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash after thorough testing and inspection. I want you to be happy with them, so we'll go through it all. It's beautiful gear that speaks for itself, just have a listen! Extra Info: Swans Diva 6.2F Floorstanders Series : Home Theater System Model : Swans Diva 6.2F System Type : 3-way 4th order vented box system Drivers Configuration Woofer : YT8N×2 Midrange : YT5N Tweeter : TN28 Frequency Range : 33Hz ~ 20kHz Harmonic Distortion : 47Hz ~ 20kHz =1%(2.83V/1m) Sensitivity(2.83V/m) : 90dB Nominal Impedance : 6? Power Handling : 10 ~ 200W Finish : Rosen wood/ high gloss piano lacquer Dimensions (W×D×H mm) : 313×410×1248 Net Weight : 35kg Swans Diva 5.2C Centre Series : Home Theater System Model : Swans Diva5.2C System Type : 2-way 4th order vented box system Drivers Configuration Woofer : YT6N×2 Tweeter : T28 Frequency Range : 58Hz ~ 20kHz Harmonic Distortion : 63Hz ~ 20kHz =1%(2.83V/1m) Sensitivity(2.83V/m) : 87dB Nominal Impedance : 6? Power Handling : 10 ~ 100W Finish : Pailsander with black piano lacquer Dimensions (W×D×H mm) : 570×300×225 Net Weight (Kg/unit) : 14.5kg Swans Diva 5.2R Rears Series : Home Theater System Model : Swans Diva5.2R System Type : Bipole Drivers Configuration Woofer : YT6N×2 Tweeter : T28 Frequency Range : 64Hz ~ 20kHz Harmonic Distortion : 63Hz ~ 20kHz =1%(2.83V/1m) Sensitivity(2.83V/m) : 87dB Nominal Impedance : 6? Power Handling : 10 ~ 100W Finish : Pailsander with black piano lacquer Dimensions (W×D×H mm) : 411×186×266 Net Weight (Kg/unit) : 9.5kg
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