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  1. Hi all, If you are the type to like "vintage" or just "discontinued" gear, then maybe you can relate to this. I can't be alone in this situation? Grab yourself a cuppa, make yourself comfortable, and let me know what you think after you've read my tale. Ready? Let's begin: I bought myself a Paradigm Studio (v.5) system when they were being discontinued in 2015 (and thus far more affordable than their typical prices beforehand). I really enjoy the sound, and while yes there are better speakers out there, I just know the sound the Studios make and it's what I've become used to. As you might imagine, the Studios are getting pretty hard to come by in 2019, and weren't easy even when I started this journey. However, I write this, partly to warn people of buying discontinued series, and encourage the consideration of an important question: "Is this an opportunity, or is this discount going to be a false economy?". The answer might be better determined with another question. "Can I afford to get everything I need while it's available?". I started my Monitor-to-Studio series upgrade with a pair of 100s for fronts, a pair of 20s for surrounds, and a CC-590 centre. Even then, the colours didn't match. I had "Rosewood" 20s, and "Black Ash" fronts and centre. Never did I think I'd be buying more speakers to run more channels, and so quite some time passed in blissful 5.1 experiences. After my early 2000s era receiver died of old age, I upgraded from 5.1 to a 7.2 model. In order to use those channels, my system became a bit of a hybrid between the Paradigm Monitor (v.7) system that I started with, and whatever Studio gear I can scrounge up. For the most part, the Monitor series (V.7) is a surprisingly decent family of speakers for the money, and even contains "trickle down" technology from the Studio series. However, it's just that Monitor Series speakers do suffer from an enthusiastic tweeter which makes them a bit "bright". Not a problem for most, but when listening in a mixed environment with Studios, the change in tone between channels is noticeable. So, "completing the Studio set" became a "slow and steady" goal that has honestly.... been quite an undertaking. I managed to upgrade the CC-590 to the CC-690 in 2015 when one was sold in the local auction house. Yes, it wasn't strictly speaking necessary, but it was more acoustically matched to the 100 fronts (particularly with the bass end), but the sheer size of the massive centre meant that I had to modify my TV unit to accommodate it, and I was honestly surprised that it ended up being the glossy "Piano Black" instead of the matte "Black Ash"model mentioned (so I guess I screwed up my colour scheme even more). I sold the 590 years later in 2018, because no one seemed all that interested in it... other than low-ballers which I rejected on principle. So it sat in storage for quite a while. Later, I bought a discounted Studio Sub 15 from the local Hi-Fi shop. Within a few months, it started suffering of a high-pitched whine. You can read the nearly year-long saga of that in my other posts, but ultimately the entire cabinet was replaced because the repair guy damaged the veneer. Other repairs were made including the replacement of some capacitors in the amplifier. Unfortunately, the problem returned a few months after that. So the sub made another junket to Melbourne, but the problem apparently did not repeat itself while in the care of the warranty guys. When it returned, I combined it with my two Monitor Sub 12's, and after using the "Perfect Bass it" (or PBK), I've tamed those beasts to integrate quite nicely into the system, but it definitely took some "trial and error". The whine is still there, but less often, and more subtle. When serendipity stuck in early 2017, I was given another pair of 20's (shockingly, they matched my existing "Rosewood" 20s) by a colleague who decided to upgrade. I had not-so-subtly suggested that "If you were to upgrade, keep me in mind for these", and since I happened to un-delete some of his major project work a week earlier which had not been backed up.... I learned (yet again) that goodwill truly has a value. But my acquisitions weren't always that easy. Later, my partner decided that in light of our upgrade of the aged TV and gremlin-ridden bluray player to shiny 4K models in late 2017, it would be nice if the receiver could actually push the 4K signal through. Long story short, the receiver was upgraded again, and now we had the capacity for even more channels which I wired back up to my "spare" Monitor speakers with a little too much enthusiasm. In September 2018, I leapt at the chance when another Canberra based IT guy like myself was selling a pair of 20s. I wasn't at all interested in the 490 centre he was packaging, and honestly informed him as such, but we agreed on a fair price, so I bought the lot. This might have been just three or so months after I sold the 590... so it was as if someone was saying "out with the old, and in with... wait... the smaller brother of what just left? Huh?". Realizing that I'd literally owned all three models of centre speakers... I later found that the only speakers in the Studio v.5 line I hadn't owned at that point were the 10s, the 60s, and the Sub 12. So I thought that I might be able to offer some advice on most of the series. Ultimately, I wrote a rather detailed (or long-winded if you prefer) review of each known speaker on ProductReview, stating the pros and cons of each model, but it was later "archived" due to a lack of interest. Fast forward to Easter, 2019. I found a guy on Gumtree selling "A set of barely used cherry coloured Studio speakers, including a pair of 60s, a CC-590 + a pair 20s + Studio Sub 12". After driving all the way to Sydney for this sale, and testing with my own receiver, I found that the 20s, were in fact 10s, the CC-590, was in fact a CC-490, the Sub 12 was faulty, but the 60s were good. The Studio 10s, also had grills where the holding pins had been snapped off and poorly re-glued. Naturally, I renegotiated the price. So now what have I ended up with: 2x Studio 100s Black Ash (working, as fronts) 2x Studio 60s Cherry coloured (working as the surrounds) 6x Studio 20s 4x Rosewood, 2x Cherry, (working as the surround backs, front heights, and rear heights) 2x Studio 10s Cherry coloured (working but grill needs repair, currently unused) 1x Studio CC-690, Piano Black (working as the centre) 2x Studio CC-490, Cherry (working, one is unused, the other used in another setup) 1x Studio Sub 15, Rosewood (working as main "deep bass" sub, but with an occasional whine) 1x Studio Sub 12, Cherry (currently toast, but looking into getting repaired) I'm also using TWO Monitor Sub 12 V.7s with the 15" Sub to even out room-based anomalies, and fill out the "hearing-not-feeling bass". So my system is still... strictly speaking... a hybrid setup... but one that isn't nearly as noticeably problematic. Eventually, I'm planning to get rid of my Monitor series of speakers, including: Monitor 11s, "Mini Monitors" and "Surround 3s". The Monitor Sub 12s will probably be retired/sold if I can get the Studio Sub 12 running. Many of you might be wondering "Why not just upgrade to a newer/better system?". The answer comes in multiple parts, aside from the reasons mentioned above. Firstly, my partner likes the look of the Studio series. Secondly, the cost of a newer speaker series of this quality is often significantly higher. Thirdly combining careful speaker placement with both PBK and Anthem's room correction has (to me at least) nigh-on eliminated many of the complaints that others seem to dislike about this series. Yes, I'm not having much luck with the subs, yes a lot of my gear is getting to be 5, 7 or even 10 years old, the parts and replacements can be very expensive/difficult to get, yes there are better speakers, but to build an 7.3.4 Atmos system using gear that I've effectively gotten for a fraction of the going rate, has been a journey where I've met some interesting people that I've learned a lot from (even if there were challenging bits like travel and faulty components). At the end of the day, our home theatre is a place we all come home to in order to relax and recuperate. I'd honestly consider the performance of my colour-muddled system to be a match to some much more expensive systems, despite the age. I just have to remember that I have to consider my neighbours occasionally... despite the fact that these speakers sound even better when you power them appropriately and raise their voices. 🙂 I consider my tale a conditional success. But I've driven many miles, had buyers travel even more, I've missed many deals, carried heavy subs on multiple trips, combed through many classifieds, friends, colleagues, and search engines to get here, and although I now have enough to "complete my set", there's still some repairs and trading to be done. This road isn't for everyone, but the journey I've had has kept me... somewhat.. out of mischief. Knowing what you want now is helpful, especially if there are good deals, but having a "road map" of where you are likely to head with your hi-fi purchases, even if you can't buy everything at once is probably going to be an advantage, and help you to avoid some of the struggles I've been going through. I just hope this helps people (or even a person) to make the right decisions for themselves. Anyone else have similar tale? Nuggets of wisdom to impart? Marriages threatened by the cluttering of speakers perhaps? Have fun, and happy listening! Hamish.
  2. Item: Precision 6P Passive Monitor speaker Location: Reservoir, VIC 3073 Price: $500 O.N.O Item Condition: Used. Excellent. Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Delivery - Paypal Extra Info: For sale 2 Tannoy Precision 6P speakers in excellent condition. Designed in the UK. 6" dual concentric driver, super tweeter, backfacing bass port. 120w max power handling. The sound is amazing, with plenty of realistic detailing. Small screw holes at the base from previous owner, but overall in beautiful physical and working condition. No issues with any of the drivers. Well looked after. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: Behringer NEKKST K10S Location: Adelaide Price: $350 Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Very solid subwoofer used sparingly with Yamaha HS8. Only selling due to a sidegrade. Perfect condition in every way. Never taken past 12 o'clock on the gain. Box and all accessories included. I still have the outer Behringer shipping box too. Pickup only as it's very heavy. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: Paradigm Studio 100 V.5 (Negotiable on colour) Price Range: Up to $2200, depending on condition. Item Condition: New or Used (must be working) Extra Info: I bought my existing pair Paradigm Studio 100s (version 5) as they were being discontinued for $3200 (brand new) from Eastwood Hi-Fi back in 2015. I know people paid more for them when they were released back in 2009, and they're a great speaker (that's why I want another set). However, many sets of this design are getting toward a decade old (with unknown use/abuse/neglect), and yet I often see second-hand listing prices above my original purchase price. I'm sorry if this offends, but I can't rationalize that. It is not my intent to insult or devalue one's possessions, I am just happy to pay what I view is a fair price, based on what an Australian shop priced it at years ago. I live in Canberra, (not a public servant, so don't blame me for anything, hehe) but can travel to Sydney and other areas of NSW for inspection. I am no-nonsense, I turn up on time, I pay without fuss, and love a good chat about audio... which all of my purchases have ended up in doing... quite extensively. Ultimately, I'm just trying to complete my existing home theatre set up with matching speakers. I'm currently using a set of Paradigm Monitor 11s (v7) for my surrounds, but the transitions between the Studios and Monitors... highlight the differences in sound quite noticeably. I've also really gotten into pure audio disks which utilize the multi-channel setup. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Happy to accept/provide contact details through personal message to maintain privacy. Thanks for reading this, and have fun listening! Hamish.
  5. Item - Paradigm Studio 60's v4 floor standing speakers (Rosenut finish) Pictures & Specs - http://www.xfaudio.it/pdf/Studio_v4_PDS.pdf Location - Canberra, ACT, Will consider delivery interstate at buyers expense. Price - $1700 Condition - Very good condition. Thin 3cm scratch on veneer of one and scuff on leg of other. Reason for selling - why else but need to money for other investments. Payment Method - Cash on Pickup, paypal. Extra Info - Purchased new and absolutely adore these speakers. They are a very efficient speaker and are easy to drive. V4 studio 60's are similar dimensions to the v4 studio 100's unlike the studio 60 v5s which are smaller. Have great bass depth and are very musical. I can't say enough about how much I love these things. Still have all orginal boxes and packaging for shipping.
  6. Item: Yamaha HS80M powered monitor speakers Location: Canberra Price: $500 for the pair, plus postage if required Item Condition: Used for approx 20 hours, excellent condition Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only (PayPal preferred) Extra Info: I've had these beautiful studio monitor speakers in my home studio in the exact same position since they were first placed on the desk, I'd say they've seen about 20 hours of use. If you're looking for some stunningly clear, and powerful studio monitors then these will impress you. It will be a shame to see them go but I'm packing up the home studio to fund another passion. You can grab yourself some genuinely good gear here, you won't be disappointed. They're fantastic speakers for mixing, and also make terrific speakers for a stereo sound system. These speakers are generally sold individually but this listing is for a pair, so you'll receive two units to make a stereo set. Pick up in Canberra or I can arrange for courier delivery at the buyers expense. I also have some foam isolation pads (pictured) that I've managed to pack into the boxes with them. See pics for detailed specs. Any questions feel free to ask Pictures:
  7. Item: platinum audio solo Location:Perth Price: 1800 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling:room conditions Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Looking for interest in the solo’s . Ok I would prefer to trade or swap on monitors. The reason I’m selling these is that they are not good for my terrible square room , the bass levels go as low to not having to need a sub ! They need a SS amp , valves or A class amps won’t power these . They come with original stands which are needed for this pair , each speaker and stand weight together about 30kg .. The Platinums do need serious power , if you have that these are equally as good as $3000 + monitors . Again these will not provide ultra loud music , but do deliver natural real levels of listening. Lighting in my room wasn’t great , which I why I placed these outside. Sensitivty -84db nominal impendence 6ohm 5” metal cone woofer 1” metal dome tweeter two way reflex loaded . Genuine box Pictures:
  8. Item: Pair of Adam A7x Studio Monitors Location:Canberra Australia Price: $1550 Item Condition: 1 x Brand New In Box (incl Warranty) 1 x AS New Reason for selling: Already have a set, picked a third one up cheap which needed the board replaced which was done by Pro Audio in Canberra, then bought a brand new one to pair with it to sell. Payment Method: Pickup -Paypal / Direct Debit Extra Info: Amazing set of speakers, wouldn't be selling if they weren't a pair i didn't need. Won't be dissapointed. Pictures:
  9. Item: alesis studio monitor Location:perth Price: 55 Item Condition:excellent Reason for selling:not needed , not making music . Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: alesis m1 mk2 Never had any issues with this monitor, I have used these for years as well as two more . Pictures:
  10. Item: Antelope Zen Tour USB/Thunderbolt audio interface DAC/ADC with on-board FX Location: LNS Sydney Price: $2000 Item Condition: almost BNIB! - been trying it out last 3 days Reason for selling: Total overkill for what I need Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is an almost brand new unit, I only got it this week, but after playing with it for a few days I realise it's WAY too much for what I need. Therefore I am going to get an Audient id22 instead which now (in hindsight) looks more simpler and suitable for my needs! This unit get universally excellent reviews, if I thought I would use all the extra features I would keep it but I know I won't. The price offered here is way under Aussie retail. http://en.antelopeaudio.com/products/zen-tour/ Antelope Audio Zen Tour Features: Pro Guitar Interface A clean front end with zero-latency monitoring and Overloud amp modeling give guitar and bass players access to great recorded tones without the amp and the mic. Most Mic/Line Channels Multiple mic preamps and line/DI inputs equip Antelope Audio consoles for real-world recording applications: drums, full bands/orchestras, etc. Lowest Latency Thunderbolt's unmatched round-trip speed reduces latency to imperceptible amounts. The result is a near-analog recording experience for both the producer and the artist. Advanced Remote Apps Apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android control Antelope Audio interfaces remotely from any device on your network. World-class Clocking Any product worthy of the Antelope Audio name must have exceptional clocking. Extremely low jitter gives this unit Antelope's vivid depth and three-dimensionality. Realistic Vintage Effects Hardware-based Pultec-style EQ and AuraVerb reverb are just some of the effects that come standard in Antelope's included FPGA suite. FPGA latency-free engine powers modeled vintage guitar gear, EQs, compressors, and reverb Cutting-edge mastering-quality output DACs with 129dB dynamic range 4 hi-Z/line inputs 4 mic preamps/line inputs 2 stereo monitor outputs with A/B switching 1 talkback mic 2 ADAT ins/outs 1 S/PDIF I/O 2 headphone outputs 2 Reamp outputs Thunderbolt/USB connectivity Remote apps for Mac/PC and iOS/Android Pictures:
  11. Item: Paradigm Studio Sub 12 - Black Oak Location: Baulkham Hills, NSW, 2153 Price: $1500 Item Condition: Used but in brand new condition. Reason for selling: I'm selling to fund a home theatre upgrade. Payment Method: Cash, Bank transfer, paypal. Extra Info: This subwoofer blew me away the first time I listened to it. The clarity and explosiveness of the bass is insane. It adds extension to the bottom end whilst listening to music and total immersion when you watch a movie. This was the first sub I owned that made you feel the sound whilst watching a movie. Incredible. You won't be disappointed by the incredibly clean and immersive sound this thing creates. Even though this sub has a 12 inch driver, the 3400 watts peak / 1700 watts RMS power paired with the high excursion diver makes it play very loud down to 16 hz (DIN).A link to the manufacture specifications page can be found here.https://www.paradigm.com/products-archived/model=sub-12/page=specs It comes in the original box and internal packaging so it is very easily transported if needed.Demonstrations are welcome and encouraged if you're genuinely interested in picking this up.Thanks,Angus. Pictures:
  12. Hi folks. I'm looking for any ex-broadcast or recording related of equipment, such as microphone amps, mic's, mixing modules, or consoles, limiting amplifiers etc microphone stands.. to pursue an interest in restoring such items, and using for music recording projects. Brands such as AWA, Philips, Trimax, Centre Industries, Pye, GE, RCA, Transmission Products, Collins, Optronics, Presto, and others Cheers! Evan
  13. Item: Paradigm Signature C5 (Gloss Black) Paradigm Signature ADP3 (Gloss Black) Paradigm Studio 20 v5 (Cherry Brown, NOT Rosewood) Paradigm Studio 10 v5 (Gloss Black) Location: South Melbourne, 3004 VIC Price: C5 = $3,000 ADP3 = $2,750 Studio20 = $1,300 Studio10 = $950 Prices are slightly negotiable. Multiple purchase will yield further discount. Item Condition: Excellent working condition, no marks. Reason for selling: Ordered new Prestige 85F – much smaller footprint for my appartment Payment Method: Pickup/Shipping - Cash/Bank Deposit **I tried to edit my original post, but it would not allow me to** Hi there, I have recently picked up the following Paradigm Signature speakers from a gentleman out in ACT that was retiring. I bought the speakers on an impulse (I even hired a car to drive from Melbourne to Canberra to pick them up). These speakers are overkill for our humble apartment in South Melbourne. The C5 is an amazing piece of art, but it is simply too big for our living room. The ADPs are simply on another level. I am selling: -A Pair of Mint Paradigm Reference Signature ADP3 v.2 Speakers in High-Gloss Piano Black. The speakers are in mint condition. There are no blemishes on the cabinet, woofer(s), or tweeter(s). Only one of the speaker grille has a small nick - it looks as if a mouse took a small bite out of it. I am hoping to get $2,750 out of them for the pair. Reasonable offers considered. RRP is in excess of $7,000. I am testing the waters with: -One mint Paradigm Reference Signature C5 v.2 Centre Speaker in High-Gloss Piano Black The speaker is in absolutely mint condition. There is a small blemish on the rear of the cabinet, but you would not be able to see if if placed on top of an entertainment unit. The woofer(s), tweeter(s), and the grille looks as if its brand new. I am hoping to get $3,000 out of it. Again, reasonable offers considered. RRP is also in excess of $7,000. The centres are powered by a stand-alone Anthem MCA20. I haven't actually used the ADP3, only tested them. -One Pair of Studio 20s v5 in Cherry Brown – I am the original owner, and brought these with me from Canada. (Asking $1,300) -One Pair of Studio 10s vs5 in Piano Black – I am also the original owner, and brought these with me from Canada (Asking $950) The previous owner powered his Signature series with a NAD M15 + M25 combo. I am based in South Melbourne, VIC (3004) and do prefer a local sale. I dont know how to ship the C5 - it is almost 50kg on its own. I may consider trades for an receiver/pre-amp with HCDP2.2 support, or speakers from the Paradigm Prestige series in Walnut finish that will match my walnut 85F that will arrive in March. Thank you for viewing my ad. *Picture was taken on the 17th of January* Additional pictures can be viewed via my Google Drive https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B79Lzh_p6HA6cG1qRWdFTG5ZM1k&usp=sharing Cheers, Johnathan
  14. Item: Paradigm Studio CC690 V4 Black Ash Location: Canberra, ACT Price: $1500 neg Item Condition: New, still in box Reason for selling: Bought it but ended up going a different way with my setup as its a huge centre speaker. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. direct deposit Extra Info:
  15. Hi guys, I am looking to upgrade my cc590 to cc690. dont have a set budget or color. if anyone is looking to upgrade or downgrade pls pm. Also a good paradigm in wall for my back surrounds. Thanks
  16. Item: Paradigm Studio 20 v3, Black Ash colour Location: Canberra Condition: Excellent, would be mint except for a mark on one of the tweeter domes Price: $500 Negotiable
  17. Hi everyone I'm trying to make a decision on a new, sort of multi-purpose, speaker setup for my bedroom. I currently have a pretty average set of Logitech's at the moment. They do ok, but I need to upgrade them. However, I won't be using these speakers purely for listening. I would also be using them for some mixing and mastering of music (I'm getting into recording my own stuff). That said, I want them to perform well as listening speakers also. I know that studio monitors are designed to have a flat response, and should be revealing, which may not be ideal for listening to music (though what I heard of the Adam A5xs in store was pretty damn good). And I know that HiFi/Audiophile speakers, including bookshelves, are designed to have varying degrees of 'colour' to improve the sound as per an individual's taste. It also appears that bookshelves seem more available second hand, compared to studio monitors, and so I suppose I get more bang for my buck there. Do you guys have any thoughts, coming mostly from the listening community? My budget is around $800-$900. I don't particularly like a lot of bass, but some is nice. My options so far are: -Adam A5x at around $800/pair. Out of all the studio monitors I auditioned, these were my favourite. Apparently their new X-ART ribbon tweeter has a lot to do with that. They have enough bass for me, I suppose, but I miss 'feeling' just a teeny bit through the floor. I can't find a lot of studio monitors second hand, so this is brand new. -Adam A3x at around $600/pair, plus work out how to add a hifi sub to this. These have very minimal bass. Midrange is also lacking a little from the A5x, but not a huge amount. I have the opportunity to buy a really really good second hand sub at around $300 as well. Not sure how to wire this in just yet, as studio monitor systems with subs run the input into the sub, and then the sub outs into the speakers. Any suggestions? -Keep my eyes peeled for a pair of second hand bookshelves and maybe a T-Amp to go along with the sub. There is a pair of Leema Xeros in the classifieds right now for $490 (jijiband) The Adams are going to be around 20% off on Sunday in store (which is much cheaper than I can find online) so I'm trying to make a quick decision, which is hard for me, because I am super indecisive. Do you guys have any thoughts, coming mostly from the listening community? Most people in the recording/mixing/mastering community have suggested the monitors. My budget is around $800-$900. I don't particularly like a lot of bass, but some is nice. I like fairly clean sound, and they are going to be on a desk, maybe 1.2m apart, maybe 50cm from my head. Thanks
  18. Item: ProAc Studio 110 speakers Location: Clayton, Melbourne Price: $900 pickup or buyer pays postage Item Condition: Very good - a few marks on the corners (see pics) Reason for selling: Didn't suit my tastes Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I bought these a few weeks ago from another SNA member to try out but it seems they're not quite the sound that I was after. They're beautifully-made speakers; solid, heavy and good-looking. The sound can best be described as pleasant; nothing jumps out at you but they're enjoyable to listen to. They have a nice relaxed sound with a beautifully sweet treble response. This was one of those speakers where I realised that I'd been listening for an extended period without noticing - they just don't draw attention to themselves. These will come packaged in their original boxes (one for each speaker). Pictures:
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