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Found 12 results

  1. For Sale, a pair of classic Wharfdale speakers (comes with speaker cables) Wharfdale 435 belong to the performance series from Wharfdale. These are classic British speakers with Wharfedale’s patented MFHP2 cone material for the bass drivers, and 12-mm aluminium metal dome tweeters with high-end response greater than 25-kHz. The Model 435 was a high end design with bass-reflex enclosure for audiophile quality sound. These speakers have served me well and are now looking for a new home. They come with speaker cables and can be just plugged into an amplifier to create a g
  2. Further information: Condition: technically 10/10, cosmetically 9/10 mint (tiny mark on power supply). This Modulus 3A was fully reconditioned by the manufacturer in 2010. Comes with comprehensive manuals, schematics and original AI box. From smoke-free home. Current new production Russian EH 6922 tubes are in very good condition, but I will supply five sonically superior spare tubes - Russian NOS 6N23P made in Voskhod factory. Modulus is well-known for natural sound and outstanding 3D soundstage. Tape output buffer designed by famous John Curl. Audible Illusions is wi
  3. Further information: I've had this amp for almost 2 years, driving bookshelves in my bedroom setup. It's rated at 70wpc into 8ohms, and I think I've honestly used about 5 of those at most. I recently switched speakers (to Special Forties) and found this to not work as well with them as my new Weston Topaz, so, out it goes. It runs quiet and cool, and includes the original box, remote and paperwork. The only thing to note is that these amps don't like being woken from standby with the input selector - if you try it will occasionally flick back to standby rat
  4. Further information: This Modulus 3A was fully reconditioned by the manufacturer in 2011. Comes with comprehensive manuals, schematics and original AI box. Current upgraded tubes Russian NOS 6N23P-EB made in Reflektor factory are in very good condition, but I will supply five sonically superior spare tubes - Russian NOS 6N23P made in Voskhod factory. Expected tubes delivery on 2 December. Modulus is well-known for natural sound and outstanding 3D soundstage. Audible Illusions is widely regarded as a reference tube pre-amplifier. Tape output buffer designed by famous Jo
  5. Item: Pioneer SX-408 Stereo Receiver Location: Monbulk, Vic Price: $50 Item Condition: Cosmetically 9/10 (mint) - it has no distortion when turning knobs, it's as clean inside as it is out, signal meter and lights work, only issue is it only has sound on the right channel, nothing at all from the left channel. Reason for selling: Clearing out my collection in preparation for interstate move later this year. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pick up only, I only have time to post at work, and work don't like me posting items at all, so unless you're offering a f
  6. Further information: A pair of Vaf signature series speakers featuring a 115mm fibreglass cone in a rubber surround with 2 50mm ports in the front baffle. Weighing about 14 kg each and not lite in any department. Current retail $2990.00 Amazing drivers made specially for VAf. These are great sounding stereo speakers, the bass is tight and in no lacking for size of the speaker. The bass has great synergy with the centre tweeter. Can be used for stereo or surround sound even centre speakers. Very versatile bookshelf size speakers. Great imaging and instrument placement. Can be pl
  7. Further information: Excellent condition. Small but powerful. Comes with special banana plug connectors and AC power cable. Tested and in perfect working order. No manual (can be downloaded online). Missing 2 of the rubber feet underneath (see photo). SPECS: 2x50w stereo power amplifier Bi-amping possible Input: RCA Output: Banana plug (4 included) Power supply: 230v, 50/60Hz, 200w Power consumption (2x50w): 185w Dimensions: 21x7x36cm Weight: 4.3kg Photos:
  8. I’m hoping you knowledgeable people can help me out. I originally posted a thread seeking help on selecting a suitable AV receiver and speakers (fronts and centre) for a 3.1 setup. I was originally planning on getting a 7.2 receiver as I may (a very unlikely may) end up getting some surround L/R built into the wall. The other day I went into a local Hi-Fi store and demoed a number of speakers and decided to buy the Wharfedale D320 bookshelf speakers (we were very impressed with the sound from such tiny speakers) and the Wharfedale D300c as I was initially set on a 3.1 s
  9. HI all. I have a stereo Setup (Denon DRA-375RD and Wharfedale Diamond 9.5) which i am relatively happy with for the time being (with the little one running around). It is mainly used for music but is also plugged into the TV for when we watch movies. The room is around 20sqm I was thinking of adding a smallish sub to compliment the system using high level inputs as the amp does not have a sub out. What would people recommend for a sub $500 sub, i dont mind purchasing second hand as i will eventually do proper HT when the little one grows up a bit.
  10. Hi Guys, Monitor Audio shines in High, mid and lows Great balanced speaker. Thanks SMB
  11. Further information: 70W/channel Stereo Amp and DAC. Great for hook-up to a digital source (ie computer, tablet, pod, CD player) and bypass their inbuilt DAC to utilise this far superior one. The USB D/A converter is the 32-bit high-performance SABRE 32 from ESS Technology, and its USB device controller IC is the latest product from XMOS, the semiconductor firm. It is compatible with native playback of the DSD 5.6MHz (DSD128) format or 384kHz/32-bit playback. Supported formats are: MP3, WMA, MPEG4, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, DSD – 192 kHz / 24bit; 96 kHz / 24 bit; 5.6 MHz Few minor s
  12. Further information: Unit is in original and working condition Sound quality is great, however some channels are scratchy and requires additional aerial if under metal ceilings. No refurbishment, has only been cleaned since original purchase No shipping provided due to large shipping cost. Photos:
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