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Found 16 results

  1. Further information: Dark Walnut, prefer local sale but can ship at buyer's risk and expense, not D7.2's. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Further information: Original boxes are available so shipping is possible at buyer's risk and expense. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: Pair of Spendor A9 speakers Location: Melbourne Price: $3000 - New price from memory was $8900, they are now discontinued with no direct replacement Item Condition: Used but in very good condition - see photos Reason for selling: Have moved up in the Spendor food chain and purchased D9.2's ($13,000 under the previous distributor and then initially $16,000 under the new distributor and now apparently $17,750 just over the course of this year - not happy Jan.....) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I would describe the sound of these as being more on the tighter, quicker and more detailed side I don't have packing but if someone who can't pick them up is keen I can give you dimensions for you to organise Pack & Send. I can deliver them to a PAck & Send depot near me Here is a review from What Hi Fi Spendor A9 review | What Hi-Fi? WWW.WHATHIFI.COM Best stereo speakers £3000+, Awards 2010. The A9 is another excellent Spendor speaker that couples unassuming looks with masterful performance Photos:
  4. Item: Spendor D7 Speakers in dark walnut Location: Brisbane Price: $4300 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Cash, PayPal, or bank transfer Extra Info: A very reluctant sale due to my plans for dedicated listening room being blocked. In mint condition & only two years old they are currently driven by a Luxman L-507UXII with aplomb. Current RRP is $9200. Will ship interstate @ buyers expense. Speaker grills, original boxing & owners manual are included. Spendor D7 specifications Spendor D7 reviews: Wall of Sound, Stereophile & The Absolute Sound Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Spendor A1 bookshelf Speakers are my new weapon. I thought my Naim 5si 60W amp can push it on fantastic point. I am wrong. Focal is far more matching the Naim. Spendor A1 is 84dB, so after i tried Rotel RB1552 120W Power amp + RC1550 pre amp, i believe the at least 100w will be needed on this 84dB A1. The problem is tone of Rotel is terrible on Spendor. The next amp i tried is Marantz PM7005 60W which is better tone, but back to the power issue. Still not happy with that. So Naim 5si, Rotel RB1552 and Marantz PM7005 won't match Spendor A1. What is my next step? Happy to hear any advice and discussion. Thanks.
  6. Hi guys I was talking to Andrew up at Audiofix last week and he mentioned he had a pair of Spendor D9’s that have a RR of almost 17k going for $9800 brand new These speakers took a very long time from time of order ( when Andrew had the Spendor agency) til time of delivery, and the customer went in a different direction These are the newest versions are and in Cherry. These are still In their cartons Astonishing price $9800 contach Andrew at Audiofix if you interested
  7. I heard the Spendor SP2/3R2 for the first time today, wow! This speaker is by far the best Spendor I've heard so far. It's on par with the D7 in both bass and mid range, but is more relaxed in both. The treble however is miles better than the D7. It's more refined and super smooth, and beats it with driver integration too. Before hearing it I thought the SA1 had the best treble and integration, the A5 and D7 the most bass weight, the D7 the biggest sound with the best dynamics, and the SP3/1R2 the best mid range tone. Each of those had weaknesses as well: the SA1 had no audible bass; the A5 was bloated in the bass and had a gap between the upper mid and treble causing a treble spike; the SP3/1R2 had the same issue, but much worse; and the D7 although having it as well, was better, but unfortunately was way too bright in the treble. The SP2/3R2 takes all those best qualities and adds its own character, it is superb. To me the bass sounds just as deep as the D7; has the same impact as the A5 but is less bloated and more even. It was the same integration and treble as the SA1, but even slightly softer. It has the same mid tone as the SP3/1R2, but even more relaxed, yet also much more dynamic. It has the same treble detail as the D7, but does it without being bright, but rather has a very smooth and refined character. What's more is that generous bass doesn't seem to affect the mid range at all, similar to how a 3 way sounds. The D7's bass sounds a bit faster, but the SP2/3R2's bass sounds more natural.
  8. Hi guys I am getting new speakers the spendor A9s and wondering if my sansui au-5900 will be enough or will they really need more power to get the most out of them. I potentially have a budget of around $1500.
  9. Hi gents Sad news in one way, but great news for us. Andrew from AudioFix has a new range of speakers ( Falcon Acoustics) which has been announced in the news section here just yesterday Bad news is that after many years he is no longer the Australian agent for Spendor Speakers ( another agent has been appointed apparently ). The good news part is that he has Spendor speakers ( new and Demo ) that he will be letting go at bargin basement prices. Andrew is a gentleman to deal with. So if your in the market, now is your chance to snap up a bargin
  10. Item: Spendor D7 Floor Standing Speakers - Cherry. Still under warranty. Excellent condition. One owner. Includes original packaging and covers. Many 5 stars reviews online. https://www.stereophile.com/content/spendor-d7-loudspeaker https://www.whathifi.com/spendor/d7/review Easy to drive and plays loud when needed. Please check out Luxman 590AX II, Chord Hugo TT DAC & AVI Int Amp for sale as well. Cheers and thanks for looking. Location: Brisbane/Gold Coast Price: $4250.00 Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: Moving to Thailand - apartment sold! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Happy to send more photos. Listen test is always available. Postage Australia wide at buyers expense (must include Insurance). Pictures:
  11. Item: Spendor SP2/3 (E,R,R2) or Harbeth equivalent Location: AU Price Range: In line with SNA Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I think the SP1's would be too big for a bedroom setup. Also my amp might not be that powerful. Non-black preferred. No new ones due to limited budget Best if they come with stands. Cheers.
  12. Item: Harbeth C7es3 loudspeakers (eucalyptus) Location: Perth Price: $3250 ono Item Condition: mint Reason for selling: Need cash for non audio life events Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have original packing cartons so shipping is doable "Editors' Choice Award 2016" ? The Absolute Sound "Best Sound of the Show" ? KL International AV Show 2016 "Recommended Component 2013" ? Stereophile "Product of the Year 2013" ? Hi-Fi Voice "Best Buy" ? Stereo Sound, Japan "Highly Commended" ? Hi-Fi News "5*" ? What Hi-Fi? Whatever you ask of the Compact 7ES-3, it always delivers: perfectly. The clarity is spellbinding and brings the magic carpet ride experience to the listening room in a medium-sized enclosure.The legendary multi-award winning medium-sized Harbeth HL Compact 7ES-3 takes the ultra-clean Harbeth cone technology to another performance level, combining natural sound with a flair for reproducing any and every type of music.The Harbeth secret for natural sound is the result of the meticulous attention to detail. Critically important, but hidden, is the crossover, which carefully integrates the drive units across a wider horizontal and vertical arc. Consequently, the Compact 7ES-3 is far less critical of stand height than many speakers of this size. Pictures:
  13. Item: Dynaudio C1 or similar Price Range: $4k ish Item Condition: Used Extra Info: currently using floorstanders but would like something more appropriate to the room. I'm interested in dynaudio c1, B&w 805 - something around that level. I'm in Richmond, Vic. Prefer local seller. What have you got?
  14. Item: Spendor SP1/2 Loudspeakers - Rosewood Location: Melbourne Price: $1700 $1500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Keeping the Harbeth SHL5s Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: The woofers have been upgraded to the latest versions and were made to order by Spendor. The latest version has a phase plug instead of a dust cap and a larger magnet and is a factory approved upgrade. They were replaced because the original woofer surrounds stiffened considerably, reducing the bass output and skewing the tonal balance. The cost of this upgrade was over $800 through the Australian distributor Audiofix. The new woofers have less than 50 hours on them - not even broken in. The condition of the Rosewood finish is remarkably good given that the speakers are over 20 years old. There are no scratches, only a few edge dings (pictured) and a couple of shiny spots on the finish that don't show up on the photos. I see that I missed photographing one side of one cabinet. I can pull it out and photograph that if desired. The grilles are in good shape with no holes that I have noticed. The speakers are all original other than the woofers. No mods. There is no reason the speakers should not last another 20 years as the woofers are new. The primary failure mode is a dragging woofer voice coil due to sagging of the cone suspension. The Spendor SP1/2s don't give a lot away to the Harbeth SHL5, some bass fullness and extension (the Spendors will work better in smaller rooms), and a bit of precision and harmonic richness. On the other hand the SP1/2s have a more seductive quality in the upper mids, where the SHL5s can sound somewhat recessed. Read the reviews. Here is a good one: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0302/spendor12.htm I can include the original woofers (pictured sitting in the replacement boxes) if desired. The surrounds can be rejuvenated using a treatment of brake fluid, apparently. I was never game to try. Details can be found on the Spendor Yahoo Group. Also included, if desired, are serviceable steel stands. They are a bit on the short side, but I used them for years. Shipping will be difficult as they are surprisingly heavy and I don't have boxes. Pick up is best, but PM me to discuss options. Happy to answer questions. Please send me a PM. Edit: I have the original biwire jumpers and the owners manual somewhere. Remind me to find them if you are a prospective buyer. Pictures:
  15. Hey guys, Very sad to do so but i have to let go of my collection. Prices are fairly firm but negotiable when purchased in a bundle. A donation of $100 will be made when all items listed are sold. Cash on local pickup only. Cheers Min Item: SOLD Rega Brio-R (Black) Location: Kirribilli, Sydney Price: $750 Item Condition: As new with original manuals and packaging Reason for selling: Need the cash Payment Method: Cash on pickup only Extra Info: The Rega Brio-R needs no introduction. Great little integrated amplifier Official: http://www.rega.co.uk/html/Brio-R.htm Review: http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2011/12/rega-brio-r-integrated-amplifier/ Item: SOLD Rega DAC (Black) Location: Kirribilli, Sydney Price: $650 Item Condition: As new with original packaging Reason for selling: Need the cash Payment Method: Cash on pickup only Extra Info: Official: http://www.rega.co.uk/html/DAC.htm Review: http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2011/08/rega-24192-dac-2-x-wolfson-wm8742/ Item: Rega RP1 with Performance Pack (Titanium Grey) Location: Kirribilli, Sydney Price: $600 Item Condition: As new with original manuals and packaging Reason for selling: need the cash Payment Method: Cash on pickup only Extra Info: Originally purchased from Carlton Audio Visual. Less than 50 hours of use. Official: http://www.rega.co.uk/html/RP1%20performance%20pack.htm Review: http://www.stereophile.com/content/rega-rp-1-record-player Item: SOLD Magnepan MMG (Black) Location: Kirribilli, Sydney Price: $750 Item Condition: Near new with original packaging (purchased from JD) Reason for selling: need the cash Payment Method: Cash on pickup only Extra Info: Official: http://www.magnepan.com/model_MMG Review: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/magneplanar-super-mmg-system/ Item: SOLD Spendor SA1 Zebrano Finish Location: Kirribilli, Sydney Price: $1,900 Item Condition: Near new with original manuals and packaging (purchased from danter) Reason for selling: need the cash Payment Method: Cash on pickup only Extra Info: Official: http://www.spendoraudio.com/HTML/SA1_specification.html Review: http://www.stereophile.com/standloudspeakers/spendor_sa1_loudspeaker
  16. Item: Harbeth Super HL5 30th Anniversary Edition (Rosewood premium finish) PLUS Matching Skylan 18†Speaker stands Price: $old as a package (OR $old for the speakers and $old for the stands) Item Condition: As New. In Pristine/Perfect condition with all original packaging and documentation Location: Sydney (Inner West) Reason for selling: Moved to Active Setup with EQ to address significant room issues + plans to build dedicated music room have now been shelved Payment Method: Local Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer. Extra Info: I purchased these new in June 2011 after hearing them at another member’s place and falling in love with the sound. The Skylans were purchased new in August 2011, assembled and then filled with about 20kg of rice (medium grain). The rice will be included, but no claims as their current edibility. The SHL5’s are magic and to my ears the absolute bees knees within Harbeth’s current range, with an effortless and majestic sense of scale that most smaller monitors cannot quite achieve, no matter how sorted. The proviso is that they need space in order to breathe (Caveat: have heard all bar the 40.1’s). They unfortunately did not work as well in my small room. They have been carefully boxed up and stored in the guest bedroom since January this year. (Original plan was to renovate and build a dedicated music room but those plans have now been canned.) I have just taken them out of the box to take these photos here and as you can see, they are in perfect condition, probably hardly run-in. The Harbeths and Skylans partner perfectly and are the recommended solution by Harbeth's Alan Shaw. I highly recommend this pairing and would much prefer to sell them together as a package. Review Link: http://app.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-harbeth-shl5-best-harbeth-for-classical-and-rock-2012-10-30-speakers-80109 Note: Pick up preferred. I can however help arrange couriers for Interstate buyers at cost. Pictures:
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