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  1. Item: B&W 804 S Rosenut Location:Melbourne Price: $3500 Item Condition: Pristine condition. Reason for selling: Bought this yesterday thru HIFIman on here in a rush decision Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Here is the original add. These speakers is as he said spotless. They sound excellent however I still like the PMC and dynaudio or Harbeth sound. I am open to trading as well so if you have something Pm me. I am in no rush too sell as they do sound amazing. I copied in the original add from this weekend. I don't have the boxes so pick up only Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Longish post, however I want to write about a few simple tricks that many hi-fi heads will already be well familiar with, but took me years to learn about, or learn the value of, which profoundly improved the way my music sounded through a system I thought was incapable of that level of performance. And I did it for next to nothing. I recall after buying my first set of real speakers, walking back into the hi-fi shop and asking if it was possible to get another set of fronts to run together with the ones I’d just bought. This because I just wasn’t hearing what I wanted to hear from my new purchase. “Why would you want to do that?” the store owner asked me. “Yours are fine.” I thought she was saying that just to justify the fact that she’d let me buy an inferior pair of speakers (which my Cerwin Vega VE-15s sort of are, but in some ways they aren’t at all). Instead of a new pair of speakers though, she led me to purchasing a QUAD 99 power amp that I could run from the pre outs of my Yamaha AVR. Which did go some way to sweetening the sound I was hearing from those Cerwin Vegas. Though after a few years of use, and the entry of a nice turntable into my life, I started to think that I really should just leave those massive VEs as home theatre speakers, where they perform incredibly well, and set up a second system to do hi-fi duties. It was in this mood that I met Allan MacDonald, of Vinylhead Records in Coffs Harbour. My initial question to him was around possible speaker recommendations. “What are you running now?" he asks - and I tell him. “Oh, right. Well, they are a very efficient pair of speakers, those Cerwin Vegas,” he tells me. “They should be sounding ok. How have you got them set up? Are they on spikes?” “No.” “What sort of floors are they on?” “Wood.” You really need to have them on spikes or some kind of rubber pads to isolate them properly from the floor, he tells me. “You don’t have to spend a lot,” he says, and points to a pair of speakers nearby that are sitting on rubber pads he’d picked up at a hardware store. So, first chance I get, I go to Bunnings and find these inch and a half square rubber anti-vibration pads. After a bit of internet research, I also decide to put down some stone tiles, which went under the pads/speakers. The change in sound was immediate and satisfying. There was greater detail and air, and a general increase in focus and that undefinable element i'll call juice. It didn’t end there though. While it sounded great with jazz, after playing one of my CDs of more modern music with more consistent bass frequencies, I noticed that the bass was sounding really boomy. The Cerwin’s have always been established in the bass department, but never so much that I felt annoyed. Now, there seemed to be the overwhelming, droning bass response. With them already well away from the wall, I thought it was the tiles at fault, or maybe the fact that the speakers were off the ground now. I emailed Allan, with a couple of pictures of my room. “You speakers are fine,” he says. “But I notice that you have your components sitting on wooden shelves in your entertainment unit. You should try isolating the components as well, as this will help with tighter bass.” So back to Bunnings I went. And once again, once installed, the improvement was little short of amazing. The boomyness was gone. They gave my bass a new control, sharpness and punch, and the new clarity in the bottom end seemed to open up the mid-range to a new level of detail. The isolation also gave my CD player a heightened expansion and finesse I wasn’t expecting, and though I really should be using a platform for my turntable, jamming some larger rubber squares under its feet also made a noticeable and enjoyable difference to its sound, just in composure and presentation, and warmth. In short, I learnt the value of a hi-fi rack without actually using one. I emailed Allan to thank him for his advice, and let him know of the results. “I am right into isolation,” he replied. “Most audio shops don't sell or mention it, or don't know?” His comment got me thinking. Maybe the hi-fi shop owner was legitimately confused at my desire to find new speakers. Maybe she wasn’t avoiding the fact that they were not that good. Maybe that was because she had tested them and thought that they were. And now that I’ve got all of the components in my system isolated, including the speakers, the difference in music presentation is night and day. They are lovely, particularly with jazz. So why had nobody suggested I do this before? When I started complaining about my speakers initially, why was isolation not mentioned? Ok, so the store owner used it as an opportunity to sell me a new piece of equipment, in the power amp, and maybe that is the reason. I might have been satisfied with my AVR’s sound had I just isolated everything in the first place and went from there. And though I’m happy I have that power amp, I think I’d have been happier setting things right up in the first place.
  3. A thread dedicated to speakers having a rated efficiency of 96db\watt\meter or more. Over the years I have built a number of speakers, mostly single driver, which have been high efficiency. We are all aware that low power valve and SS amps can struggle to produce good volume levels with speakers of efficiency lower then 90db. But team-up you flea power valve amp with a speaker featuring the Fostex FE206En and magic happens. Even SS amps in the 25W range can not always produce the dynamics which more powerful amps will produce into speakers with a more normal 87db rating. I have built four pairs of speakers three using the Fostex FE206En, the driver having a rating of 96db. From simple ported types to the super complex back loaded horn. See images. These have worked extremely well with 2 to 5W SE valve amps but some complain there is no weight behind the music. I think the counter argument to this is that these ultra light weight coned speakers produce better micro-dynamics, general dynamics and detail than there less efficient partners. Weight in notes can be enhanced with the use of active sub-woofers or assisted bass speakers and yet still retain the detail and dynamics of these special drivers. Over the last three or four months I have been using only my DIY 98db efficient 12" Beyma concentric speakers (retro-thermionic - VoXConcentriC). My 5.8W DIY SE 300B plays to ear-bleeding levels when hook-up to the Beymas. They are Tannoy style and with a 2" Titanium tweeter produce reasonable bass to 50hz and bright treble response to 20K+. To pickup a little more weight in the lower register I team them up with 12" active stereo sub-woofers. This way I get bas down to 31hz, crisp micro-dynamics, detail and what appears to be unlimited head room. I have really fallen in love with these speakers. Even my 3W DIY 6V6 SE amp plays to excessive levels with these speakers. Voice, brass, and acoustic instruments sound excellent and alive through these inexpensive speakers. I like these Beymas so much I have ordered the 15" version. Please post your experience, good or bad, with either commercially built or DIY high efficiency speakers. Any projects you may have in the future and would like to discuss here. Images are always good to. Even experiences at shows, demos etc.
  4. Item: Axis LS38 Loudspeakers Location: Perth Price: $375 Item Condition: Perfect condition and working order aside from one small corner dent show in picture. Always been taken care since I bought them new (~$1100) from Clifford at Audio Synergy Reason for selling: upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: Australian made by John Reilly at Axis voicebox - exceptional speakers for the price. Includes a full sets of spikes and floor protectors. PICKUP only. Thanks for looking Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Item: Aurum Cantus 620 Speakers in Rosewood Location: Brisbane Price: $850 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: I have gone DIY which is ironically the same reason the previous owner sold them. See here: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Purchased from a fellow SNAer in 2017, who bought from another member in 2014. He bought them in 2011. These are to date the best sounding factory made speakers I've ever heard in my system. I have the grilles, speaker spikes Svs metal pucks to prevent them damaging the floor and original packaging. I have replaced the poor sounding back plates with little jumpers of 16awg Dueland oil impregnated cotton covered tinned copper which is nicer than the original plates though I likely have those somewhere too. Audition is welcomed and local pickup preferred. I can drop them to a Pack n Send or some such if the buyer has an account with them and pays in advance. Specs are Design 2.5-way vented-box Frequency Response 35Hz-30kHz Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 89dB Impedance 4 ohms (minimum 3.2 ohms) Power Requirement 50-200W recommended Tweeter Model: APR2.2. Sandwich aluminum ribbon tweeter, the size of aluminum ribbon(LWT):60mm×8.5mm×0.015mm. High power handling, shielded design, easily field-replaceable for the ribbon. Midwoofer: Model: AC165/DC35F1, 1×165mm (6.5?). Aluminum frame, the compositecone(PP, carbon and mica), 35mm (1.38?) copper clad aluminum voice coil with flat wire, the special magnet system, 120mm×20mm Y30 Ferrite magnet. Woofer: Model: AC165/DC35F1, 1×165mm (6.5?). Aluminum frame, the compositecone(PP, carbon and mica), 35mm (1.38?) copper clad aluminum voice coil with flat wire, the special magnet system, 120mm×20mm Y30 Ferrite magnet. Crossover Frequency 1200Hz and 3200Hz Crossover’s Attenuation Slope Woofer -12dB, Midwoofer -12dB, Tweeter -18dB Crossover Components High quality MKP capacitors and non-polarized electrolyticcapacitors. Also, high purified OFC inductors and the metal oxide film resistors with military industrial standard. Connective Cable OFC cable Damping Material The polyester fiber and the PU foam Connections 4 pcs gold-plated copper connectors, Bi-wiring Cabinet Material High quality MDF Finish:The Rosewood PU matt paint. Dimensions (HWD) 1070mm×254mm×317mm (42.1?×10?×12.48?). Net Weight 24.5kgs/pc (54lb/pc) Pictures:
  6. Item: Pioneer TV SPEAKERS PDP-S60 Location: Mount Colah Sydney NSW 2079 Price: $40.00 Item Condition: Brand New in box - never used Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Item: Epos Epic 1 Bookshelf Speakers Location: North Sydney Price: $300 Item Condition: Good 9/10 (I live in apartment so haven't driven these hard) Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I'm pretty sure I have the original Packaging with the baffles and wand in storage (so can dig them out if you're keen) Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Item: Precision 6P Passive Monitor speaker Location: Reservoir, VIC 3073 Price: $500 O.N.O Item Condition: Used. Excellent. Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Delivery - Paypal Extra Info: For sale 2 Tannoy Precision 6P speakers in excellent condition. Designed in the UK. 6" dual concentric driver, super tweeter, backfacing bass port. 120w max power handling. The sound is amazing, with plenty of realistic detailing. Small screw holes at the base from previous owner, but overall in beautiful physical and working condition. No issues with any of the drivers. Well looked after. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Hi all, If you are the type to like "vintage" or just "discontinued" gear, then maybe you can relate to this. I can't be alone in this situation? Grab yourself a cuppa, make yourself comfortable, and let me know what you think after you've read my tale. Ready? Let's begin: I bought myself a Paradigm Studio (v.5) system when they were being discontinued in 2015 (and thus far more affordable than their typical prices beforehand). I really enjoy the sound, and while yes there are better speakers out there, I just know the sound the Studios make and it's what I've become used to. As you might imagine, the Studios are getting pretty hard to come by in 2019, and weren't easy even when I started this journey. However, I write this, partly to warn people of buying discontinued series, and encourage the consideration of an important question: "Is this an opportunity, or is this discount going to be a false economy?". The answer might be better determined with another question. "Can I afford to get everything I need while it's available?". I started my Monitor-to-Studio series upgrade with a pair of 100s for fronts, a pair of 20s for surrounds, and a CC-590 centre. Even then, the colours didn't match. I had "Rosewood" 20s, and "Black Ash" fronts and centre. Never did I think I'd be buying more speakers to run more channels, and so quite some time passed in blissful 5.1 experiences. After my early 2000s era receiver died of old age, I upgraded from 5.1 to a 7.2 model. In order to use those channels, my system became a bit of a hybrid between the Paradigm Monitor (v.7) system that I started with, and whatever Studio gear I can scrounge up. For the most part, the Monitor series (V.7) is a surprisingly decent family of speakers for the money, and even contains "trickle down" technology from the Studio series. However, it's just that Monitor Series speakers do suffer from an enthusiastic tweeter which makes them a bit "bright". Not a problem for most, but when listening in a mixed environment with Studios, the change in tone between channels is noticeable. So, "completing the Studio set" became a "slow and steady" goal that has honestly.... been quite an undertaking. I managed to upgrade the CC-590 to the CC-690 in 2015 when one was sold in the local auction house. Yes, it wasn't strictly speaking necessary, but it was more acoustically matched to the 100 fronts (particularly with the bass end), but the sheer size of the massive centre meant that I had to modify my TV unit to accommodate it, and I was honestly surprised that it ended up being the glossy "Piano Black" instead of the matte "Black Ash"model mentioned (so I guess I screwed up my colour scheme even more). I sold the 590 years later in 2018, because no one seemed all that interested in it... other than low-ballers which I rejected on principle. So it sat in storage for quite a while. Later, I bought a discounted Studio Sub 15 from the local Hi-Fi shop. Within a few months, it started suffering of a high-pitched whine. You can read the nearly year-long saga of that in my other posts, but ultimately the entire cabinet was replaced because the repair guy damaged the veneer. Other repairs were made including the replacement of some capacitors in the amplifier. Unfortunately, the problem returned a few months after that. So the sub made another junket to Melbourne, but the problem apparently did not repeat itself while in the care of the warranty guys. When it returned, I combined it with my two Monitor Sub 12's, and after using the "Perfect Bass it" (or PBK), I've tamed those beasts to integrate quite nicely into the system, but it definitely took some "trial and error". The whine is still there, but less often, and more subtle. When serendipity stuck in early 2017, I was given another pair of 20's (shockingly, they matched my existing "Rosewood" 20s) by a colleague who decided to upgrade. I had not-so-subtly suggested that "If you were to upgrade, keep me in mind for these", and since I happened to un-delete some of his major project work a week earlier which had not been backed up.... I learned (yet again) that goodwill truly has a value. But my acquisitions weren't always that easy. Later, my partner decided that in light of our upgrade of the aged TV and gremlin-ridden bluray player to shiny 4K models in late 2017, it would be nice if the receiver could actually push the 4K signal through. Long story short, the receiver was upgraded again, and now we had the capacity for even more channels which I wired back up to my "spare" Monitor speakers with a little too much enthusiasm. In September 2018, I leapt at the chance when another Canberra based IT guy like myself was selling a pair of 20s. I wasn't at all interested in the 490 centre he was packaging, and honestly informed him as such, but we agreed on a fair price, so I bought the lot. This might have been just three or so months after I sold the 590... so it was as if someone was saying "out with the old, and in with... wait... the smaller brother of what just left? Huh?". Realizing that I'd literally owned all three models of centre speakers... I later found that the only speakers in the Studio v.5 line I hadn't owned at that point were the 10s, the 60s, and the Sub 12. So I thought that I might be able to offer some advice on most of the series. Ultimately, I wrote a rather detailed (or long-winded if you prefer) review of each known speaker on ProductReview, stating the pros and cons of each model, but it was later "archived" due to a lack of interest. Fast forward to Easter, 2019. I found a guy on Gumtree selling "A set of barely used cherry coloured Studio speakers, including a pair of 60s, a CC-590 + a pair 20s + Studio Sub 12". After driving all the way to Sydney for this sale, and testing with my own receiver, I found that the 20s, were in fact 10s, the CC-590, was in fact a CC-490, the Sub 12 was faulty, but the 60s were good. The Studio 10s, also had grills where the holding pins had been snapped off and poorly re-glued. Naturally, I renegotiated the price. So now what have I ended up with: 2x Studio 100s Black Ash (working, as fronts) 2x Studio 60s Cherry coloured (working as the surrounds) 6x Studio 20s 4x Rosewood, 2x Cherry, (working as the surround backs, front heights, and rear heights) 2x Studio 10s Cherry coloured (working but grill needs repair, currently unused) 1x Studio CC-690, Piano Black (working as the centre) 2x Studio CC-490, Cherry (working, one is unused, the other used in another setup) 1x Studio Sub 15, Rosewood (working as main "deep bass" sub, but with an occasional whine) 1x Studio Sub 12, Cherry (currently toast, but looking into getting repaired) I'm also using TWO Monitor Sub 12 V.7s with the 15" Sub to even out room-based anomalies, and fill out the "hearing-not-feeling bass". So my system is still... strictly speaking... a hybrid setup... but one that isn't nearly as noticeably problematic. Eventually, I'm planning to get rid of my Monitor series of speakers, including: Monitor 11s, "Mini Monitors" and "Surround 3s". The Monitor Sub 12s will probably be retired/sold if I can get the Studio Sub 12 running. Many of you might be wondering "Why not just upgrade to a newer/better system?". The answer comes in multiple parts, aside from the reasons mentioned above. Firstly, my partner likes the look of the Studio series. Secondly, the cost of a newer speaker series of this quality is often significantly higher. Thirdly combining careful speaker placement with both PBK and Anthem's room correction has (to me at least) nigh-on eliminated many of the complaints that others seem to dislike about this series. Yes, I'm not having much luck with the subs, yes a lot of my gear is getting to be 5, 7 or even 10 years old, the parts and replacements can be very expensive/difficult to get, yes there are better speakers, but to build an 7.3.4 Atmos system using gear that I've effectively gotten for a fraction of the going rate, has been a journey where I've met some interesting people that I've learned a lot from (even if there were challenging bits like travel and faulty components). At the end of the day, our home theatre is a place we all come home to in order to relax and recuperate. I'd honestly consider the performance of my colour-muddled system to be a match to some much more expensive systems, despite the age. I just have to remember that I have to consider my neighbours occasionally... despite the fact that these speakers sound even better when you power them appropriately and raise their voices. 🙂 I consider my tale a conditional success. But I've driven many miles, had buyers travel even more, I've missed many deals, carried heavy subs on multiple trips, combed through many classifieds, friends, colleagues, and search engines to get here, and although I now have enough to "complete my set", there's still some repairs and trading to be done. This road isn't for everyone, but the journey I've had has kept me... somewhat.. out of mischief. Knowing what you want now is helpful, especially if there are good deals, but having a "road map" of where you are likely to head with your hi-fi purchases, even if you can't buy everything at once is probably going to be an advantage, and help you to avoid some of the struggles I've been going through. I just hope this helps people (or even a person) to make the right decisions for themselves. Anyone else have similar tale? Nuggets of wisdom to impart? Marriages threatened by the cluttering of speakers perhaps? Have fun, and happy listening! Hamish.
  10. Item: PMC Twenty.22 Walnut Speakers Location: Brisbane Price: $1850 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Upgraded to newer model Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: PMC Twenty.22 speakers in walnut finish. I am the second owner, selling as I've purchased a pair of Twenty5.22s in oak. A main reason for changing was aesthetic as neither my wife or I liked the Walnut finish (which doesn't match with anything else we have). Before deciding to purchase Twenty5.22 I auditioned a number of other speakers at home including Monitor Audio Silver 300s and Gold 100s. Both of these were priced above $3000 and in my opinion were not in the same class as the PMC Twenty.22 (which admittedly retailed for approx $4500 when new). You likely won't get a comparable or better speaker new for less than $4000. If it wasn't for the walnut finish, I'd have likely kept these speakers for a long time. They have a high sensitivity and are easy to drive however I've read they improve with high power output amps. I ran them on a Marantz KI Pearl Lite and was very happy with their sound. Full specs available on the PMC website: https://pmc-speakers.com/products/archive/archive/twenty22 The speakers have been very well looked after apart from a small scratch on the underside of one of the speakers as shown in the pictures. For a time they were placed directly on our entertainment cabinet (before I purchased stands) - to stop the cabinet and the speakers vibrating I attached small adhesive pads to the underside of the speakers. These can be removed if necessary, however I've left them on as they may be useful to the next buyer. Supplied in original box and packaging. Can post with Australia Post, happy to provide a quote on request. Photos:
  11. Item: PMC 5.21 speakers in Walnut Location:Melbourne Price: $1700 Item Condition: 10/10 .Only a few months old .Less than 20 hours played on them Reason for selling:Bought as surround sound speakers but due to separation moving to a smaller place and don't have dedicated listening room any more Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These speaker present as in new condition.Will suit buyer after new book shelf speakers. Not even played in. Huge soundstage and plenty of detail. Inspections and demo welcome. Come listen for yourself what the fuss is about. Crossover Frequency: 1.8kHz Dimensions: H 340mm 13.4” x W 162mm 6.4” x D 284mm 11.2” - Incl. binding posts (+9mm grille) Drive Units: LF - PMC twenty5 series 5.5”/140mm long-throw g-weave™ cone with cast alloy chassis HF - PMC/SEAS®, 27mm twenty5 series, SONOLEX™ fabric soft dome, Ferrofluid cooled Effective ATL™ Length: 1.72m 5.6ft Frequency Response: 46Hz - 25kHz Impedance: 8 Ohms Input Connectors: One pair 4mm binding posts sensitivity: 86.5dB 1W 1m Weight: 6kg 13.2 lbs ea. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Item: Cizek Model II Location: Canberra ACT Price: $450 $400 Item Condition: Immaculate and original 9/10 Reason for selling: Taking up space in my back room and need someone to appreciate them. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: A really nice example of the Cizek Model 2. Original drivers including peerless tweeters. All drivers are in nice working order. All foam and surrounds are original to my knowledge and look in good condition with no cracks, holes etc. Badges are original and not the eBay reproduction. Not sure on the price but decided to post them here before gumtree. Local pickup preferred. Auditions very welcome. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Item: Dynaudio X44 Speakers Location: Sydney Price: $3700 (now $3600) Item Condition: Excellent (as new) Reason for selling: Not Needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This pair excellent speakers were purchased from an SNA member (per link below) for testing in my new room setup with my other speakers. The testing has finished and these are now available for the new owner. These speakers are just over 1 year old, still the current model and under warranty from a Sydney Audio dealer. Speakers come with original boxes should shipping required. Any question please let me know. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  14. Item: Klipsch 440c Location: Brisbane Price: $500ono Item Condition: like new Reason for selling: Payment Method: Prefer pickup, but can post if buyer arranges courier. Extra Info: Bought new a little over 12 months ago. Only used lightly. Selling due to moving to smallet house and using a smaller 2 channel system. Can provide more photos if needed. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  15. Item: DYNAUDIO CONTOUR 1.4 LE LIMITED EDITION SPEAKERS Bubinga piano lacquer Location: Adelaide Price: 2900 neg Item Condition: Excellent, As New Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, EFT plus shipping Extra Info: As new, 1st owner purchased new from Denis White (Adelaide), hardly used, balance warranty transferrable, beautiful Bubinga piano Lacquer finish, outstanding sound quality and finish, Last of the series, Limited Edition. Original boxes and packaging. Shipping at your cost. New price was $5499. More info here : https://www.avconcept.com.au/product/dynaudio-contour-s-14-le-bubinga-bookshelf-speaker/ The Contour LE has been technically refined and further upgraded as well. The Dynaudio soft dome tweeter with Precision Coating provides fine, detailed high frequencies; while the internal wiring uses high-quality OFC copper cable. The crossover has been further refined by using special ceramic resistors and high quality capacitors, providing an exceptionally pure and refined music reproduction. The Contour woofers include the best Dynaudio technology such as MSP cones, extremely light aluminium wire voice coils on Kapton formers and rigid, low resonance die-cast aluminium baskets. The extremely stiff cabinet features a unique baffle. It consists of three layers, including a layer of damping material, and a thick metal plate. This construction effectively reduces cabinet resonance and allows excellent sound performance up to the highest volume levels. On this baffle the tweeter is positioned below the woofers to achieve ideal time alignment at the listening position. Technical specifications Sensitivity: 85 dB (2,83 V/1 m) IEC Power Handling: 160 W Impedance: 4 Ohms Frequency Response: 41 Hz – 25 kHz (± 3 dB) Box Principle: Bass Reflex Rear Ported Crossover: 2 way Crossover Frequency: 1900 Hz Crossover Slope: 6 dB/Octave Woofer: 17 cm MSP Tweeter: 28 mm soft dome Weight: 12.6 kg / 28 lbs Dimensions (W x H x D): 188 x 404 x 360 mm7.4 x 15.9 x 14.2″ Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  16. Item: Falcon acoustics RAM Studio 20 Location: Noosa Price: $3000 Item Condition:New- not run in yet Reason for selling: Bigger speaker Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, DD. Extra Info:Practically new with stands and original boxing. Priced to sell. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  17. Item: OR 201Hi hi-end speakers with matching stands (made in Findland) Location: Adelaide Price: 550 aud for speakers plus 200 aud for stands (700 aud for both) Item Condition: In very good condition Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Speaker Model: OR 210 Hi; 103 db, Matching amplifier: 30-160w, 8ohm, Dimension: 30cm W, 30cm D, 50cm H (without stand) Stands: 40cm Height Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  18. Item: Osborn Eclipse Mark V Loudspeakers in Jarrah Location:Berwick, Victoria, 3806 Price: $2200 / price drop $2,000 Item Condition: Immaculate Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, Bank deposit Extra Info: Beautiful Osborn Eclipse Loudspeakers in Jarrah, immaculate condition with Focal drivers. Very well looked after with listening at moderate levels. Local pickup at this stage, no boxes. Audition at Berwick encouraged and preferred to any serious buyers. Thanks for your time. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  19. Hi all, I have some trusty B&W DM310 speakers in my lounge room. The current centre (not B&W) I want to replace. Whilst the are plenty for sale most are the new Kevlar drivers and so I am concerned about matching. So any recommendations? For sale I have seen CC6, LCR6S2 and CC3. Not wedded to these just came up in the searches. Thanks in advance!
  20. Item: Q Acoustics Concept 20 Speakers Location: Point Cook VIC 3030 Price: $280 Item Condition: Immaculate Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased these of another SNA member about a month ago for an office set up. I have since gone a different direction with the set up. These are now no longer required. Passing them on at what I paid for them which I think was a cracking deal anyway. I understand that these come with a five year warranty which is transferable? Best check this with the manufacturer. They were purchased by the original owner Dec 2018 and I purchased about 1 month ago. I have used them for approx. 20 hours. Grills are immaculate. Can send via post as these still have the original packing boxes. Currently packed ready for post of collection. Paypal F&F or cash on pick up.
  21. Item: Wharfedale Crystal 2 - 5.1 Surround Speakers & PowerCube 12+ Subwoofer Location: Perth Price: $400 Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: Great condition Center - WH-1.1; 10-120W; 4-8 Ohms Left/Right - Crystal 2-40; 150W; 6 Ohms Surround - WH-1.1; 10-80W; 4-8 Ohms Subwoofer - Powercube 12+ ; 150W; 25-170Hz Freq Response Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  22. I've been searching the net for info on Sansui speakers (real ones, not fake badged ones) to go with my Sansui amplifiers. I have heard (many times now) that while Sansui amps are widely acknowledged as being very well engineered and built their speakers are widely regarded as not particularly special. I figured that there must be a few models that were worth searching for though so I did. It looks to me like there was a push from Sansui in between 1987 and 1990 to design and sell some bookshelf speakers that were a bit more interestingly designed than most. Info in links below. http://audio-heritage.jp/SANSUI/speaker/sp-100i.html http://audio-heritage.jp/SANSUI/speaker/sp-300s.html http://audio-heritage.jp/SANSUI/speaker/sp-1010.html http://audio-heritage.jp/SANSUI/speaker/sp-alpha2000.html So I set out to find one of these above, or something very close to them. And I did, find one of them that is. Pics (because no one reads these posts for the words) below have been copied from the auction listing. Now I don't really expect these SP300S speakers to beat my Lenehans or anything but I am certainly hoping that I will enjoy listening to them. (and I do love the idea of having an "All Sansui System" 💕 ) I do have one concern however, the auction listing did not mention including the speaker cables so I am currently planning on using them with a separate cable running from the ground back to the negative input on the amp. If anyone has a better idea please let me know. I could always get a custom set of cables made if needed but I'll hold off on that until I know if it's necessary. Beyond that, if you've got some Sansui speakers post a pic or two below, because there just aren't enough pics of Sansui speakers on the net as it is. With a call out to some of the well known Sansui SNA fans, @pete_mac, @skippy124, @BLAH BLAH, @Sansui77 Got any speaker pics guys?
  23. Item: Audio Note Kits (ANK) Legend Monoblocks and AN-E Speakers 03 Location: Newcastle, NSW Price: : $3690 combo price Item Condition: Very good with only few light scratch marks from normal use, only visible close up Reason for selling: need to downsize living space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This beautiful amplifier/speaker combination provides a perfect rendition of the famous Audio Note sound: shimmering highs, rich midrange and effortless bass; with fine instrumental textures and natural imaging. This set up provides fine Class A sound at an amazing value! The amps and speakers are offered at a discounted package price of $3690 as they are well matched for efficiency and sound quality. They are also available for sale as separates: $1950 for the monoblocks and $1950 for the speakers. Note that the original cost of these items direct from ANK Canada in 2014 was US$3500 for the monoblocks and US$4000 for the speakers. Shipment to other Australian locations can be arranged at buyer’s cost. Interested persons are welcome to arrange a no-obligation audition of these items in a high-resolution system at the house here in Newcastle. Legend Monoblocks 300B http://www.ankaudiokits.com/Legend-300B-Power-Tube-Amplifier.html Class A 300B triode output valves Parallel single-ended configuration 18W per channel 6HS7 valve input driver Assembled in 2014 AN-E Speaker Kit 03 http://www.ankaudiokits.com/newSpkr.html 98dB efficiency Two way system, rear-ported bass-reflex configuration Russian birch cabinet built by ANK in Canada Hemp cone woofer Assembled in 2014 Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  24. Item: Audio Physic Scorpio 25 Plus + floorstanding speakers in excellent condition Location: Leichhardt Price: $4,500. Item Condition: Pre owned Reason for selling: Clearance Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Credit card on pick up, Direct deposit Extra Info: Can post at extra cost Here is one from Audio Physic, very elegant looking speakers that has a striking design of the cabinet. The built quality is superb and solid. The woofer chamber a high-strength, open-cell Ceramic foam with a pore proportion of more than 85% replaces the previous damping material which has more control, more precision and more deep bass, with optimised frequency dependent damping in the midrange driver chamber with higher resolution, better spatial imaging and increased homogeneity - Revised crossovers with selective measures against micro-vibrations and much higher resolution, better spatial imaging. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  25. Item: Audiovector QR3 floor standing speakers in excellent condition Location: Leichhardt Price: $2,500. Item Condition: Pre owned Reason for selling: Clearance Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Credit card on pick up, Direct deposit Extra Info: Can freight at extra cost QR 3 THE NEW FLOORSTANDER The design goal of the QR series has been to offer today’s most advanced technology in a perfectly finished compact package. The sound is big and bold, pleasant and detailed – excellent for all types of music. THE GOLD LEAF AIR MOTION TWEETER The fascia plate is machined from a single piece of Aerospace Grade Aluminum. It has been precision machined, glass blasted, brushed and then anodized in a beautiful Tungsten Titanium Grey color. It features a rose gold plated dispersion mesh, which works as an S-Stop filter. PURE PISTON DUAL MAGNET BASS DRIVER This new Audiovector drive unit has the ability to work like a perfect piston over several octaves of the frequency band without the distortion normally found in aluminum/diamond drive units. This means music sounds warm, precise and detailed, yet dynamic and musical. Comes with boxes Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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