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Found 6 results

  1. As the main Star Wars saga concludes, I came across this blast from the past (see photo which for some reason has rotated 90deg). This was very much in keeping with the cheeky Linn & Naim marketing at the time but timeless in its message nonetheless. The main difference for mine is that the Source these days starts at the mastering/file quality, pre the turntable / CD player.
  2. Item: Intel NUC5CPYH & Alloy Fanless case Location:Brisbane 4053 Price: $280 pp Item Condition:NUC is like new,Case is NIB Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD ,Post Extra Info:WIn 10 Pro CPU-1.6ghz RAM-DDR3 8gb Kingston SSD-60gb Patriot on board WiFi 4 x USB HDMI/OPTICAL/VGA ETHERNET I purchased this from Scumbag and I used JRiver & Kodi to play music,movies etc.It didn't miss a beat.Its in very good condition & still has the original plastic protection on the NUC itself.Ive since upgraded. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856102140 Also comes with a brand new in box Black alloy fanless thermal case with all the chassis fittings,screws,cables etc to retro fit the motherboard and all internals into it. .(I never ever heard the fan even come on in the NUC) http://www.akasa.com.tw/search.php?seed=A-NUC21-A1B Also included is a Vbus2 Isolator in like new condition. https://www.sbooster.com/sbooster-tweaks/sbooster-vbus-isolator It all looks and works like new. Cheers craka. Pictures:
  3. What is impedance matching and how sensitive is it? Doing some research there, seems to be some formulas, and some simple rules that follows low output and high input impedance is good, which most manufacturers implement. Beeing a good consumer I would think that all is well. But is it?
  4. So after reading through a number of threads on music servers, dacs, digital amps etc. I've been thinking that my Cambridge Audio amplifier (A300) is probably going to be replaced in the not too distant future with something like a QLS QA100 digital amplifier. That being the case, I also wanted a simple, quiet music player to stream FLAC files to the amp. Not being afraid of Linux (I've had Linux PC's in the past) and reading about the Raspberry Pi with the Raspbyfi distro, I thought what the hell, it's a nice cheap (and pleasantly geeky) idea with lots of potential. So I bit the bullet and ordered one, and a Behringer DAC as well (given this is a temporary solution, couldn't justify even $120 on a good DAC only to make it obsolete with the next amp purchase). Got the Raspberry Pi, hooked it up to the TV (it has an HDMI port), popped the SD card in, fired it up and...... Nothing. So a little googling later, found that the HDMI output is pretty low powered, you may need to force the handshake. Also, it turns out that the latest batch of Raspberry's have a different RAM which some distros don't get along well with. Interestingly, Raspbyfi has now evolved into a multi platform app/distro called "Volumio". But it looks like they still haven't dealt with the new RAM issues, so looking into that, we decided to stick with Raspbyfi. My wife cut and pasted some code from other distros to get the RAM talking, and soon had the HDMI sorted as well. I can post links if anyone's interested. So after mowing the lawn, I came into the house to find a happily lit up Raspberry Pi. Fabulous! Ethernet's plugged in, so type in the URL and away I go.... Or not... Okay, fine, check the ip address from the modem/router thingy, type in the numbers on my smartphone browser and BINGO! up it comes, finds the USB stick with music on it, and there's Louis inviting me over to Duke's Place in luverly stereo! And the Pi doesn't need any other interface. Such a neat digital solution, for $50! I'm not particularly wrapt with the interface, but fortunately, MPDroid is a great ap that seamlessly connected with the little Pi - no troubles there at all - and now I've got a silent little box sitting there providing music to my system. It's quieter than my DVD player! Actually, it's quieter, literally than the DVD player - I have found I need to up the volume on my amp a little more. I guess the Behringer doesn't put out much voltage on its RCA's... Nontheless, sound quality is actually quite good - I've only really spent one night listening to it, and not really critically at that, but given the DAC is the weak point in this current setup, I'm really, really pleased with the solution. It's very neat, very easy, and I'm quite chuffed with the whole thing. Photos to follow...
  5. Just putting an idea out here to see if it generates any interest. I'm currently very light on disposable income but I seem to have a few components that are additional to my immediate needs so I was wondering if anyone else was in the same boat and willing to swap (either on a temporary or permanent basis) something with me to keep the hobby interesting. Obviously discussions should take place and pictures of the pieces of gear involved should be taken and exchanged prior to any actual deals being entered into, etc, etc... but just for now does anyone have any interest to express in any of the following components, and, hopefully, anything interesting (and by interesting I don't just mean integrated amps ) to swap for them. One Burson PRE-160 One Burson PP-160 One Thule Spirit 100 cd player One Exposure Classic 21 preamp (line level only) One Exposure Classic 28 power amp (dual mono) Two Perreaux Silhouette SX60 monoblocks (tiny little 60wpc monoblocks) One Cambridge Audio Azure 550T AM/FM tuner One Consonance C1 Integrated amp One Myryad MI120 integrated amp And last but not least One QLS QA-100 Power DAC/Integrated amp (on loan) I'm open to selling any of the above in the old fashioned way as well (ie for cash) but since I've already tried that on most of them I thought I'd give this idea a go. Cheers, and a happy new year to all and sundry!
  6. Hi, I'm current running a PC as my source, which feeds a John Kenny modded hiface, then onto the DAC etc. I'm running Windows, which I've (conservatively) stripped back so that not too many system processes are interrupting music playback (this made a significant difference btw). My playback software is Winamp at the moment, for convenience and user-friendliness, and also because it's free, but for obvious SQ reasons I'm looking to upgrade... It seems that the obvious choice for PC audio is J-River + J-Play, which will cost c. $170 to purchase. I'm happy to pay that amount for better SQ, but before I make the purchases I thought I'd canvass the other possibilities, and in particular the Apple option. I know a lot of SNA members are using Mac Minis running programs like Audirvana. So my question is, in terms of raw SQ, has anyone got opinions (preferably from personal experience) on what will give me better performance out of: - PC running stripped-back Windows, J-River and J-Play - Mac Mini running audio playback software of equivalent quality - Any other hardware/software combo I may have overlooked One qualifier is that the playback software needs to be able to organise the music in a reasonably usable library. A digital upsampling volume control would also be a nice feature. Thanks for your input!
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