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Found 14 results

  1. Item: SOtM sPS-1000 Linear Power Supply Location: Brisbane Price: $550 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Cash Extra Info: This Linear Power Supply will suit low power devices that will benefit from a clean DC power supply. This is the standard version that can be matched with DAC's, computer music servers etc. Please see below for power specs. Can be collected in Brisbane or shipped in original packaging at buyers cost. Photos:
  2. Item: SOtM-200 streamer and Gieseler kraftwerk power supply Location: Beautiful Brissy Price: $600 inc postage ( RR for both $950 ) Item Condition: as New ( inc original box and accessories) Reason for selling: Change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This little beauty streams anything from nas drives to Roon and tidal. And with the Geiseler power supply takes it to the next level Pictures:
  3. Item: SOtM sMS-200ultra with switch mod, sPS-500 with SoTM silver DC cable Location: Melbourne Price: Sold Item Condition: used Reason for selling: change direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: for sale are : 1. SOtM sMS-200ultra with 12v power input, master clock connector and switch mod 2. sPS-500 with SoTM stranded 7n UPOCC 30cm silver DC cable (original 30cm copper cable also included) Pictures:
  4. Item: LH Labs Linear Power Supply (LPS4) Location: SE Melbourne Price: $450.00 ...$350.00 OBO + postage Item Condition: 9/10 Very Good Reason for selling: NLR. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: For sale is my LH Labs Linear Power Supply. I imported the unit from the US of A earlier this year and is quite rare in Australia The unit is in very good condition, with no marks/damage on the body. The unit has two 12v DC 1.2a outputs and two 12v DC 0.5a outputs. I used it to power a SOtM SMS-200 network player, a DAC and a wireless bridge with lovely clean power. The unit has a USB input and out put connection that allows you to clean the USB signal between two devices, such as network player and a DAC. Pickup can be arranged from Chelsea, SE Melb, or CBD, or postage at the buyers cost (I have the original packaging). Pictures: To follow, once my camera is charged up.
  5. Item: SOtM SMS-200 Location: SE Melbourne Price: $410.00 + postage Item Condition: 9/10 Very Good Reason for selling: NLR. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: For sale is my SoTM-SMS 200 Network Player. This is the original model and should not mistaken for the Neo, or the Ultra. I am the second owner, having purchased it from a fellow forum member earlier this year. The unit is in very good condition, with the latest firmware installed. Pickup can be arranged from Chelsea, SE Melb, or CBD, or postage at the buyers cost (I have the original packaging). I also have the following for sale in other threads Beyerdynamic T1 Gen 1, Headphones LH Labs Linear Power Supply (LPS 1) 12v DC, 1.2a output LH Labs Linear Power Supply (LPS 4) 12v DC, 1.2a x 2 and 12v DC .5A X2 output LH Labs lightspeed 1Gb USB A/B Audio cable Pioneer SACD/DVD/DVD-A player Pictures: To follow, once my camera is charged up.
  6. Bought a Sotm SMS 200 unit from a SNA member last week to replace my Sonos Connect. I can see why the Sonos is so successful as it is so easy to use, just plug, simple 1-2-3 setups and play. I cant say the same for SMS 200, I got nowhere further than seeing power up and ethernet light up. Tried to connect my PC to SMS 200, but all I got was error messages. Sotm instructions, Google and Youtube were my reference for help. Now, here I like to ask for help, possibly some pictures of your connection. Equipment : - Laptop (PC) - Sotm SMS 200 - Lan Cables CAT 5 - Modem router - TP-LINK Power Adapter Connection attempt 1 - connected pc to sotm with lan cable - tried the ip thing and //euhasu and eunhasu.local Connection attempt 2 - connected sotm to modem router with lan cable - pc connected to the same modem router with lan cable - tried the ip thing or 1 and //euhasu and eunhasu.local ##Goal is to use squeezelite to play tidal.## Thank you for reading !!
  7. Item: SOtM SMS-200 network player Location: Auckland, New Zealand Price: $480 AUD including postage to Australia/New Zealand Item Condition: Excellent / As new Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash (for NZ), Paypal (for Aus) Extra Info: With original box and power supply, + an additional power supply for NZ/Aus plugs I loved this SMS-200, but now that my wireless KEF LS50's have become a Roon endpoint, I am no longer using it Many reviews online for potential buyers to read. Pictures:
  8. Item: SOtM sMS-200ultra + modified D-Link network switch. Location: Melbourne Price: $1,200 Item Condition: excellent, with original packaging. Reason for selling: no longer required. Payment Method: cash on pickup, delivery. Bank transfer. Extra Info: can ship at buyer's expense and risk. Pictures: to follow
  9. Item: SOTM SMS 200 Location:Brisbane Price: $440 plus postage Item Condition:VGC as new Reason for selling:Upgrade to SMS Ultra Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (friend or +3%) Bank Transfer Extra Info:I purchased this SMS 200 from Scumbag with battery PSU.Ive just upgraded so its time to help fund that upgrade. This SMS 200 sounds very very nice and its in like new condition. Originally purchased from Crux Audio,it comes in the original box with standard power supply. Ive included the original for sale ad with some more info. Cheers craka Pictures:
  10. Item: SoTM sMS-200 Location: Cleveland, QLD Price: $500 (+$15 for shipping) Item Condition: Barely used Reason for selling: trying something different Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (add +3%), Bank Transfer Extra Info: Purchased new on 17 Jan 2017 from Australian distributor, Crux Audio, arguably one of the best bargains in hifi today. 2016 saw the rise of the Sonore microRendu which beat out just about every network streamer, cost no-object. SoTM then licensed the hardware and software from Sonore and released the sMS-100 based off the microRendu. The SMS-200, released late last year, from all reports, outperforms the microRendu (when compared using the same power supplies). Acts as either a Roon Endpoint, AirPlay server (ShairPort-Sync v3.0), SqueezeTouch Lite, HQPlayer NAA or DLNA/MPD player... best performing/sound quality network player you'll ever hear, crushes the microRendu and Auralic Aries femto at a fraction of the price. Comes with the stock SMPS power supply and sounds great, but really comes alive with a good quality linear power supply (personally used with an Uptone LPS-1 to great effect). Review: Pictures:
  11. Item: SOtM iSO CAT6 Audio LAN Signal Filter Isolator Cat 6 Location: Melbourne Price: $300 total with FREE POSTAGE Australia wide Item Condition: Excellent. Purchased new on 10th Sep 2016. Reason for selling: I used this between a very noisy router and my NAS, when my NAS was my USB audio source and this LAN isolator worked fantastically. I've since gotten a microRendu as my USB audio source, which has inbuilt LAN isolation at it's ethernet input, so this is no longer required, otherwise I would have double isolation which isn't required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - I have the purchase receipt - Includes a short SOtM Cat 6 ethernet cable Pictures:
  12. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the SOtM SMS-100 Network Player? I am looking for a device that will allow my USB DAC (IFI Nano) to connect to Airplay from my Macbook and I phone. I want to play music from iTunes, stream Spotify & ultimately stream from a NAS. Is this device a good thing or am I better off getting a mac mini and setting that up a music server? Are there advantages of one over the other? Cheers Doug
  13. I've recently acquired a Sennheiser HD650 and I'm currently looking for a headphone amp under the $1k mark. The source of my desktop system is an iMac27. Ideally I'd like a DAC+Pre+Head amp to be able to drive my active Audioengine A5+ speakers as well. I'm considering a Schiit Bifrost USB Gen2 & Uber upgrade ($705 at Addicted to Audio), SOtm sHP-100 ($999 at Addicted to Audio), or a 2nd Burson. Any suggestions?
  14. Item: SOtM dx-USB HD USB to SPDIF Converter Location: Canberra Price: $325 + Postage (Reasonable offers considered) Item Condition: 9/10 (only because it's second hand, it's visually and operationally perfect) Reason for selling: Upgrading to Bel Canto REFLink Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info: The SOtM dx-USB HD is a high quality 24/192 capable async USB to SPDIF converter, allowing one to connect a non-usb capable DAC to a computer, or providing an upgrade on the USB input of a USB capable DAC (which is how I used it). I have all the original packaging, software, etc., and the unit is in immaculate condition. I am only selling it because I am upgrading to Bel Canto's top of the line USB to SPIDF converter. The SOtM retails for $425AU, so at my asking price of $325 it is $100 off the retail price for a "as-new" unit. The SOtM can be upgraded with an additional external battery power supply (which retails for about $400), but this is not included. It works well with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Specs can be found here: http://sotm-audio.co...s/dx-usb_hd.php Pictures: SOtM Front by 0lhh0, on Flickr SOtM Back by 0lhh0, on Flickr
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