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Found 15 results

  1. Item: NAD 375BEE Integrated amplifier Location: Melbourne , South East Suburbs Price: $775 Item Condition: Very good, sparingly used over last six years but i dont have the packaging. However the amp is in great condition as is the remote. Reason for selling: NLR, thinking of changing to tube integrated amp to have a change! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, i think shipping will be cost prohibitive. Extra Info: This is a great integrated amplifier just below the NAD Master Series, very solidly built , with seven inputs, bass and treble settings, and with a clean sound. Works like a treat with with Bluesound Node 2i and Synology NAS (for those that stream or have digitised music) in my setup. It is still sold in the USA for USD 1750 which is about AUD2600 ex GST. You can read its reviews here. The NAD C 375BEE features a sophisticated design and beefy construction to bring out the best in all your music — from the lowest, wall-shaking pedal notes of a pipe organ to the delicate reverberation of a solo acoustic guitar. This integrated amp delivers 150 full-bandwidth-rated watts to each of your stereo speakers for powerful, undistorted sound, even during your music's most demanding passages. Specs 150 watts x 2 channels into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.009% THD 150 watts x 2 channels into 4 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.009% THD 4-ohm capability allows use with a wide range of speakers signal-to-noise ratio: 102 dB PowerDrive™ circuit with automatic speaker impedance sensing delivers maximum dynamic power output regardless of speaker load switchable Soft Clipping™ circuit gently limits amplifier power output to reduce risk of speaker damage due to prolonged high volume operation distortion-canceling circuit for high-accuracy sound toroidal power transformer all-discrete circuitry with four pairs of high-wattage output transistors per channel rotary bass and treble controls with defeat switch for tone control bypass 7 RCA audio inputs including 2 tape in/outs optional NAD PP375 phono preamp module allows upgrading for turntable connection front-panel minijack input for connecting a portable music player main-amp input and 2 preamp outputs for connecting a powered subwoofer or separate amplifier for bi-amping full-size headphone jack front-panel switching for 2 pairs of speakers two pairs of custom gold-plated speaker binding posts bridged mode for mono operation (330 watts x 1) RS-232 port for operation with third-party controllers 12-volt trigger output IR input/output detachable AC power cord <1W Standby Power Consumption free of lead and other environmentally dangerous substances remote control weight: 33.7 lbs. 17-1/8"W x 5-15/16"H x 17-1/2"D Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. tem: AYRE KX5 PRE AMP & AYRE VX5 POWER AMP Location: SYDNEY Price: 9000.00 Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Cash or EFT Extra Info: Up for sale is my wonderful Ayre KX5/VX5 pre power setup. Rarely seen up for sale in Australia with an original RRP of $30,000.00. Selling due to upgrade to MX-R mono blocks and prefer to not separate the pair. They can be upgraded to TWENTY series spec locally by Audio Connections for something like 5K. Current Audio Connections price for a KX5/VX5 Twenty setup is $30,000.00 AUD. get the latest and greatest 5 series for a fraction of the local price! Units will come with original factory packaging, manuals and remote. The remote is built like a tank and too date is the only decent quality remote I have had in hand from ANY high end vendor. Kept in a dedicated room in a child free home. Here is a chance to enjoy something from one of the very best names in solid state design. Lots of reviews online and if you have any questions drop me a PM. Shipping by courier only ( they are very heavy) or by pick up in North Sydney. Shipping at buyers cost and if you want to use PayPal thats also OK as long as you cover the extra fees. Pictures:
  3. Item: (Now sold) Simaudio Moon P5 Preamp (with remote) Location: NE Victoria Price: $1800 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Funds for repairs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: Free delivery to Melbourne next week. I have owned this preamp for the past 11 years (purchased S/H from A1 Audio) and it has run faultlessly. A couple of years back I purchased a used Aesthetix Janus as I wanted to see how a valve preamp went in my system. I enjoyed the Janus and also it's flexibility of having all inputs both SE and balanced. Unfortunately, it became faulty (previously meddled with) and was sent back to the US for repair and upgrade which cost a bomb! So as much as I would like to keep the P5 as a backup (and second system preamp) I have to move it on to help pay for the upgrade of the Janus. Strongly prefer not to ship the amp, as I don't have the original packing. I have noticed the a small amount to the txt from the front of the premap is missing and there a a few fine marks on the top panel. The scratches on the top of the power supply as from the spikes on the premap. Also the LED on the power supply doesn't work (which seems to be a common problem with the P-5) Link to P5 Manual https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=5&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjXvdrh_eDXAhWBpZQKHUvwDZMQFgg_MAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.simaudio.com%2FDATA%2FPRODUIT%2F75_en_guide~v~p-5-preamplifier.pdf&usg=AOvVaw0Tw20XK6C81df0jumn3LK2 Pictures: Of the actual P-5 for sale.
  4. Due to financial constraints I have been unable to continue my 'run' of integrated amps over in the addicts guide thread so I thought I might take a little time to consider what to aim at when (please let it be when, and not if!) my financial self becomes liquid once again. I'll number them for the sake of keeping track but the number doesn't necessarily directly represent my interest level (well... it does, sort of, but only for the top 10 or so), the amps are likely to show up on an "as discovered when finances are available" basis anyway, so, numbers just for the sake of ID (except for the top 10!). One of the good things about this audio hobby is that, even if you can't afford to buy gear, you can still have some fun talking about it. 1. Redgum RGi120 ENR. Discussions have already been entered into between myself and Redgum on this subject so unless I win the lotto or an amp falls off the back of a truck in front of me or something this will be the next amp to show up in my listening room. 2. An Exposure 3010S2, I've been wanting to know just how similar this puppy is to its 2010S2 brother for quite a while now. I'm hoping it's a step up, but even a step sideways would be worth hearing. 3. An Eloquence series integrated from Perreaux, I'm not likely to ever be able to find or buy one of these but I would like to be able to hear one, even if only briefly. 4. I asked Burson if they had any plans to produce an integrated amp in their Musicians series a while back, over 12 months ago, and while they didn't exactly say no I did get the impression that it wasn't in their future plans. I guess if they are targeting the desktop crowd then an integrated amp wouldn't make much sense unless they made a stand alone DAC to go with it. Anyway, if they ever change their mind then that integrated amp will slot in here. I'm a big fan of Burson, but I'd be a bigger fan if they made an integrated amp again. 5. An NAD C375 BEE (or equivalent model). I've heard a modded (had its caps ripped out and replaced and one or two other mods) version of an NAD on my old Osborns and it was extremely good, so I'd love to hear a standard model on the Lenehans. 6. An Accuphase model, not too fussy on which one since they are pretty pricey and it's about as likely to happen as the Perreaux amps at number 3 but there's no point in giving up just because it's difficult. 7. Plinius, a 9200 or Hautonga, I've only heard an older Plinius power amp so no real idea what these puppies sound like. 8. Consonance Calaf, I've been lusting after one of these for a while now, one of the Chinese brands that can actually mix it with the rest of the world. I'm pretty much over most of the other chinese brands. Or a Jungson JA88 D, almost forgot that one. 9. Heed Obelisk, I keep putting this one off. I've had the chance to get one on a loner program and all but at the time I was just too interested in other things. The easy opportunity has passed but the amp is not forgotten. 10. An Arcam amp, I've passed over Arcam amps at least twice in the past because something else caught my eye at the same time, well, no more, they have made the top ten. Are there any models out there that anyone else feels should be on my list? Remember I'm a solid state only kind of guy, no tubes (not that I'm completely against them as such, some of my friends have tube amps, I'm just not that fussed on them, that's all) and it has to be an "integrated" amp (so a volume control of some form is a must). Other than that it's open slather. Oh, some companies are just a given, Dartzeel, Leben and Gryphon for example I'd love to hear but they are so rare and so expensive that it isn't likely I'll ever be able to afford one, even second hand, so I'll put them, and others like them, on a 'targets of opportunity' list and group them in at number 11. They can't be forgotten, but they can't really be expected to show up either. So, now it's open slather. Edit: Updates include. 11. The big exotics, Dartzeel, Leben, Gryphon, Yammy AS3000, Rega Osiris, Musical Fidelity XA-1, Karan KA I 180, Vitus, Devialet, etc… 12. Modwright, KWI200 13. Roksan Kandy or Caspian 14. BMC C1 15. NAD D3020 16. Electrocompaniet ECI-3 17. Rega Elicit R 18. Musical Fidelity A5 19. Hegel H300 20. NAKSA 80 21. Conrad Johnson CA200 22. Audio GD Master 10 23. Densen integrated. 24. Harman Kardon HK990 25. Quasimodo
  5. Item: CAWSEY Pure Class A single-ended solid state amplifier Location: South Yarra Price: $1500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: recently bought less efficient speakers Payment Method: Pickup - COD or bank transfer Only Extra Info: This is a high-spec version of Garry Cawsey's superb sounding (8 ohm) class A amp with Bocchino RCA and speaker terminals, integral power cord and several other tweaks which only Garry knows the secrets of! It has a built-in gain stage/volume pot, so in effect it behaves like an integrated amp with a single input if desired, or alternatively just pair it with a pre-amp for use as a dedicated power amp. Conservatively rated at 12W per channel, it does a fantastic job of driving speakers rated upwards of 88 dB Price new was $4000. (Garry's base model is $3000 but this is one with the 'extras'.) Although purchased a year ago, it has only been in use about half that time due to overseas trips and more recently the fact that my new speakers, being rated at 86dB into 4 ohm ideally need a beefier amp. Even though this amp drives them to decent volume levels without undue stress it is better paired with more sensitive speakers from a synergy point of view. I have compared it with a Job power amp among others and this digs out way more of the music and presents it in that 'seductive' way characteristic of class A amps. This is genuine high-end sound at a fraction of the price. Pictures:
  6. Item: Rotel RA-1570 Integrated AmplifierLocation: Melbourne, inner WestPrice: $1kItem Condition: Used, Mint condition ( factory placed tapes on both sides peel off to reveal the gloss finish of the rounded corners) Reason for selling: Moved in analog territoryPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, PaypalExtra Info: Comes with Remote, Manual and box Pictures:
  7. Item: Luxman A-353 Integrated Amp Location: Mascot, Sydney Price: $450 Item Condition: Excellent - Restored Reason for selling: Upgrade/Next Project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The amp has been fully serviced, caps checked, pots cleaned and in 9/10 appearance. If taken as a set I with my Bose speakers listed, I will knock off $100 and include Van Den Hul silver speaker cables. The system is currently setup as my vinyl system and can be demonstrated for serious buyers in Sydney.
  8. Item: retro-thermionic - DIY 40W pc Chip power amp (LM3876T) Location: Langwarrin Price: - PRICE DROP - $390 (was$420) serious offers considered. Will offer a $10 donation to SNA on sale of the amp. Item Condition: New, only a few hours of play 10/10 Reason for selling: about to build another Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%), bank transfer - I will post. Extra Info: Two chip amp Jaycar kits are the amp modules. The heat sink and PS are very robust to ensure this amp will deliver full power and maintain low distortion. The amp will deliver 40W RMS into 8ohms with the normal chip amp protection all built in. There is a power filter and 160VAC tranni. 10A rec. bridge (snubbed) and 2X8,000uf filter caps. The enclosure is earthed and fused. Sounds clean, linear and uncluttered and bloody great bass - OMG! Nice WAF too. ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use. Pictures:
  9. Item: Rotel RA-1570 Integrated AmplifierLocation: Melbourne, inner WestPrice: $1600 (pm for neg)Item Condition: Used, Mint condition ( factory placed tapes on both sides peel off to reveal the gloss finish of the rounded corners) Reason for selling: Moved in analog territoryPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, PaypalExtra Info: Comes with Remote, Manual and box Pictures:
  10. Item: 2TB Samsung EVO 850 SSD's Solid State Discs SSD storage Location: Melbourne Price: $700 for a single SSD (1 x 2TB) with free shipping Australia wide (covers insurance, tracking number and signature on delivery) Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - This listing is for 1 x 2 TB SSD - Save over $200 for a single SSD (retails for over $900 each). - Purchased locally - The SSD's are in use in my QNAP 251+ right now. - Removing them for photos would format my data but if someone is keen on this sale, I'm happy to post photos up here of the actual disks before the winning buyer makes payment - There's not much to see though. They were taken out of their boxes and put straight into my QNAP :-) - I've also listed this for sale on other classifieds - Check out my feedback - buy with confidence Pictures: photos of original boxes attached. Photos of the actual SSD's can be uploaded if someone is interested, prior to sale Disk 1 SMART data: Disk 2 SMART data:
  11. I've been reading about the various DIY plans and kits that implement this kind of amplifier (PASS, Hiraga, JLH 1969, which I have made) i.e. 8 - 20W range - but which commercially sold amplifiers fit into this class, or would be comparable? Just curious - and my usual googling hasn't shown up a great deal. Except this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/251547958309 which doesn’t count
  12. Item: SANSUI AU-101 Amplifier Location: Brisbane Price: $300 SOLD Item Condition: excellent!! Reason for selling: need to pay of the cost of buying a tube amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Direct transfer. Will post at buyers expense (estimate/approx $35 Oz post) Extra Info: I am the second owner of this supurb sounding Sansui amp. The amp was looked after impeccably by the first buyer (circa 1970's!) and there are no scratches or marks on the body, likewise the side wooden panels are in perfect condition (with original stickers). The amp was entirely restored and fully tested by a qualified technician 6 months ago - replacing the diodes and transistors (notably the output ones). The performance of the amp is well suited to vinyl. The phono stage is excellent - I have been using my old NAD 5120 TT and the sound is very detailed and rich. I have also been playing my digital files (itunes+Audirvana+SchiitDAC) through it and the sound is fantastic. Comes with the original laminated information & Data sheet. http://www.vintageaudiobliss.com/2013/12/sansui-au-101.html http://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/sansui/au-101.shtml Description The Sansui AU-101 incorporates many of the state of the art features of the more powerful AU-555A, including an all silicon solid state design, professional arrangement of controls and a satin black control panel. Like all other AU series amplifiers, the AU-101's tonal quality has been perfected and proved not only by precision electronic measuring instruments, but also by repeated listening tests in a wide variety of environments. Specifications Power output: 15 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 60kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.8% Input sensitivity: 4mV (mic), 3mV (MM), 200mV (DIN), 200mV (line) Signal to noise ratio: 65dB (MM), 75dB (line) Channel separation: 45dB (MM), 45dB (line) Output: 200mV (line), 30mV (DIN) Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω Semiconductors: 18 x transistors, 4 x diodes Dimensions: 407 x 115 x 278mm Weight: 5.9kg Please feel free to contact me for any further info or an audition. Am in Woolloongabba, Brisbane. Pictures:
  13. Item: Sansui AU-4900 Amplifier Location: Monbulk, Vic Price: SOLD Item Condition: Used, requires repairs Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: Cleaned it up to use after pulling it out of the cupboard, but it has static on both channels, otherwise everything else seems to work. Repairing circuit boards isn't my forte, so hopefully someone else can find a better use for it. I may be persuaded to post it, but freight will be around $30 via Direct Freight. Pictures:
  14. Item: Pathos Classic One Integrated Location: Canberra ACT Price: $900 Item Condition: Used, in near mint condition Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I cannot find the remote control at the moment but will continue the search, price is reflected to that assumption of it being lost. If I find it, consider it a bonus. Stock photos below, due to camera failure. Happy to demo at home for local buyers. Courier and Australia Post with insurance please for interstate buyers. Reviews here: http://www.tnt-audio.com/ampli/pathos-classic1_e.html http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/pathos_classic_one.htm Pictures:
  15. Item: ModWright KWA150 Class A-A/B Power Amp Location: Queensland Discovery Coast Price: $3750 negotiable Item Condition: Excellent (small scratch on front fascia – see pics) Reason for selling: Gone Active! (SGR CX4F speakers) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Only Extra Info: Bought from fellow SNAer (Eagle). Came paired with MW LS100 tube pre-amp. I’m keeping the LS100 to run the SGRs. The KWA is a wonderful amp, and with the right pre-amp will blow your socks off, and thrill your ears. Seriously! I could rightly be classified as ‘loony’, as was Eagle, for selling this! My loss is going to be the gain of a very happy audio-loving soul. Here’s the link to Eagle’s original SNA For Sale ad: http://www.stereo.ne...__hl__modwright Pictures: See below Specifications: http://www.modwright...cts/kwa-150.php Reviews: http://www.6moons.co...right5/amp.html http://www.theabsolu...tas-199/?page=1 Comes with original packaging so can courier (at buyer’s expense) anywhere in Australia. Reckon on $100-200 courier charge, especially if you are in WA. It weighs in around 38kg so make sure you’ve had your Wheaties before trying to lift it!
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