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Found 8 results

  1. Hi,I recently discovered that the stylus on my Rega Exact cartridge is bent. So rather than replace the cartridge with another Rega Exact (even though I receive a 20% discount off the price of a new cartridge), I have decided to upgrade my cartridge and would appreciate any suggestions. There are not a large number of hi-fi stores in my area, so demos are out of the question.I am running a Rega RP6 with an RB303 tonearm (stock standard with the RP6), Rega Elicit R amp and Monitor Audio Silver speakers. With the Elicit R, I am limited to MM cartridges; however, I believe that I can run a high output MC cartridge through the MM input. My music tastes are varied, with vinyls ranging from Otis Redding, to Simon and Garfunkel, Cold Chisel, Fireigber, Van Morrison, Eagles, Bee Gees, Steve Nicks, Fleetwood Mac etc.Cartridges I have been considering are:- Ortofon 2M Black (although some people state these are overrated)- Nagaoka MP-500 (apparently selling for more than they are worth)- Goldring 2500- Dynavector 20X2H (high level output MC, which I believe will work on the MM input of the amp)- Grado Refefence Platinum 2I am not tied to any of the above cartridges, so any feedback or recommendations are most welcome. If you could also include your reasoning for certain recommendations that would be appreciated.Thanks,Gareth
  2. Item: REGA RP6 Turntable with Exact 2 Cartridge and PSU Location: Brisbane Price: $1800.00 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit preffered. PayPal ok if postage requited. Postage will be at cost so will refund any overpayment. Extra Info: Only 18 months old with light use. Comes with original box so postage no problem. I also have a 'Groovetracer' Sub-platter available if interested. Pictures:
  3. Item: Rega RP6/ RB303 Turntable Location: Canberra ACT Price: $1300 + Shipping Item Condition: 8.5/10 - There are 2 marks on the Dust cover (Pics) Reason for selling: Gone Vintage [emoji3] Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, Bank Transfer Extra Info: I bought this 18 months ago. Well I can agree with whoever made the comment - "The RP6 is a gateway drug, it shows you everything you need to get started into the world of high end audio". This table has been a great introduction to analogue and has showed me flaws in the other componants of the system, and has rewarded me when the upgrades were good, so I am a very happy Rega owner. This example has the Tango Spinner sub platter, Michael Lim Dual Pulley and dual white belts, the Rega VTA ring and an upgraded TTPSU, courtesy of the Bill Crampton (Read about the upgrade in detail here). The TTPSU is now powered by a better, lower noise transformer AND has all the power regulation and control offered by some of the external options out there. I also replaced the Tonearm lifter, as the original died. Shipping is possible as it is all nicely packaged in the original carton. The Sale Includes the original sub-platter assembly, the original screw kit (VTA) and the black felt mat. The sale doesn't include a cartridge or the Tungsten counterweight. Pictures:
  4. Item: Rega RP6 with Exact 2 cartridge, includes a Groove Tracer subplatter and white belt Location: Port Macquarie NSW Price: $1200, postage included Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Debit Extra Info: Original packaging included. I purchased the RP6 new from Audio Trends. I don’t know the hours of use on the Exact 2, about 2 years of medium usage, as I listen to digital more than vinyl, the last 3 years I have been using another cartridge. The dust cover lid has minor scratches from cleaning, difficult to capture in a photo. The platter has a small chip in the glass, a few millimeters deep only, refer to photo, I doubt it effects the performance, chip occurred when I was removing the platter for cleaning, the Groove Tracer subplatter has tighter tolerances than the original subplatter so it must be lifted level and carefully. The original subplatter is included (if wanted). Pictures:
  5. Item: ACRYLIC PLATTER UPGRADE for Rega RP6 Location: Brisbane QLD Price: $250 Item Condition: Used, presents as new Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%) Extra Info: TIZO ACRYL - S27 ACRYLIC PLATTER UPGRADE for Rega RP6 Replacement for the stock Rega RP6 glass platter. It's fat and heavy, and I used it without a mat on my Rp6 From the manufacturer's website: ACRYLIC PLATTER UPGRADE for Rega RP6 turntableoriginal....DELTA DEVICE Upgrade S27 black This tuning device not only looks nice, it also sounds nice! ... The sound will be of higher resolution ... The treble response is more precise ... The midrange gets fuller and silkier ... The bass is tighter and more controlled This enables you to install a cartridge of a higher quality. This tuning device was developed with over 20 years of experience in processing and handling of PLEXIGLAS®materials and turntable fabrication. You will get a Certificate of Authenticity for this item. Notice: The original platter just has to be exchanged with the acrylic one. Take off the old one – put on the new one. No tonearm adjustment is necessary The record will be directly placed on the acrylic platter. You don´t need any other mats. Pictures:
  6. Hi All, I thought I would post a story about my Rega TTPSU, the wall pack noise and the solution I am embarking on... So after a couple of weeks living with my RP6 at the start of the year, I noticed an audible 'buzz' coming from behind/within the side board I call a stereo cabinet. I did a big search on the web to see what could be causing my issue? The first item of help I located was a way to fix the buzz that a TTPSU causes through the speakers, due to no/poor earthing on the case thing.... Great, a little earthing cable test did reduce the noise floor through the speakers, but this fixed a problem I didnt know I had, and the other buzz continued. Boo! I did some further isolation testing etc.. and determined it is actually the wall wart or plug pack supplied with the TTPSU that was the culprit. Even when removed from the power conditioner and plugged directly into another power point, the buzz was there, it didn't even need to have a load to make it noisy. Oh well, looks like I needed a new wall pack from the local Rega supplier, $55 and a few days later problem solved.............. Nope! The Gotcha moment: plugged the new pack into the wall, had a listen, and boom (or more to the point, Buzzzzzzz) The noise was less, but still there, in a brand new Rega wall pack. It went back to Rega for a refund, and I continued to live with the buzzy cabinet (which of course the cabinet amplifies the buzz) A few months on and many nights researching the options, again and again.... I have determined there are very few replacement 24VAC plug packs available in the market, and none of them appear to be 'low noise' 'Audio friendly' options. Only a couple of places seem to make an audiophile power supply for the humble Rega TTPSU, so I had to work out which one would be the best value for money as I could only do this once. The options I found were all foreign production options, usually made to order and with no real way to test them or review their performance without pulling the purchase trigger. The most comfortable option I could find was a custom PSU from Graham Slee Products, though the price was outside of my resources at the time. Swagman Labs (eBay seller) produces an option, but then recommends the upgraded version for audiophiles, again the price was creeping up there and still no comfort as to the result...... what was the boy to do? the buzz it is loud enough to creep into the Sennheiser HD 650 listening sessions these days. Well the solution. Contact a local Audio Electronics specialist and get him to test the power supply and the TTPSU to see what could be done as a local manufacture, thats what! So I had a chat with William from The Factory Audio, here in Canberra, and after testing he has recommended an upgrade to the internals of the TTPSU and make some electrical modifications to allow a lower voltage, higher precision , lower noise plug pack to serve up the requisite AC to the turn table. He indicated the TTPSU had only just enough capacitance to do the job, it was taking about 32V from the plug pack and reducing it to closer to 20V for the turntable so was wasting heaps of life on heat etc.. So upgrading the TTPSU and using a better plug pack was a better option than producing a separate PSU with all the requisite conditioning and control, only to use the TTPSU to do the last little bit. The best part: The price was within my tolerance, and is produced by a Canberra local!............... So hopefully by the end of the week, I will be able to further report back as to the performance of the upgraded/adjusted TTPSU. I am hoping to be able to report back that the unicorns and fairies have now been released from the RP6 in equal measure and the air and space around instruments and singers is life changing............ but if not, that the Buzz has gone and I am listening to vinyl with reduced noise. Thanks for reading this long post, enjoy the rest of your night Dan
  7. Item: Rega RP6 TT - Red with Groovetracer Subplatter Location: Brisbane QLD Price: $1150 - firm Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%), bank deposit Extra Info: Purchased new from Living Sound and Vision in Brisbane April 2015 Comes with upgraded sub-platter: Groovetracer RP6 Reference Subplatter (essential upgrade for RP6 TTs), these cost $300 US$ + plus postage from the USA. http://www.groovetracer.com/RP6Subplatter.htm I will also include Funk Firm Achromat II (3mm thickness) http://www.analogueseduction.net/turntable-mats/funk-firm-achromat-ii.html, as seen in the pictures I have replaced the original Funk Firm label with a good quality custom made Rega center label (had a bunch of these specially printed up in both green and red). Still have the original Achromat label if you want it, (I thought the original looked tacky). Comes with fitted Ortofon 2M Red cart, as pictured (yet deserves a bronze or black). As standard comes with orignal Rega Speed-changer 33/45 and power supply and black belt. Have original box and invoice. Only negative about this TT package is that the lid has a notable circular scratch on the inside of the lid where I regrettably closed the lid after playing a record with a high record puck/weight in place. The up-side is that it's dead-center with the spindle and kinda looks like it's meant to be there (so I keep telling myself). I have yet to try to buff it out with some polish or plastic revitalizer (car light polish etc). Replacement Rega lids are about $90-$100 from local dealers here in Australia NOTE: I'm away at present, but will be back on the 10th June so can't arrange pick-up before then PS: Also selling my Rega RS5 Speakers, see here:
  8. Hey people, I have just received my new (pre-loved) RP6 + Exact and started the setup process to make sure it was all working. To my surprise the combination didn't perform particularly well, and I have some terrible right channel distortion. The HiFi News test LP showed it up pretty quickly, and no amount of anti-skate could make it better? Thinking it might just be one of those problems that the Test LP highlights but may not exist in real conditions, I played Sam Smith to see how it sounded.... Again not great, there seemed to be some additional detail, but the imaging seems off, and his voice was 'odd'. Then on the first track of side B, the distortion problem surfaced in normal listening..... BAD. Thinking it may have been the Cartridge at this stage, I spent the next night installing and aligning an MP-110, expecting the distortion issue to disapear....... Nope, first track of side B still crap in all the same places. Now I am a newb at this setup thing, and I was of the opinion the RB303 is a pretty good arm with little that can go wrong ??? But I find it difficult to accept a new virgin copy of the test LP and a <10hr listening of Sam Smith would both show up the same issue that a change in cartridge didnt fix or even really adjust? Also the LP didnt have an issue when playing through a Project/Elys2 combo a month ago..... So I am looking for any advice on what to try next, and also looking to find some experienced face to face help in Canberra to try and resolve the issue. Some of the other things I am thinking might be relevant: I have a new NAD class D amp with a T9 Sub connected with the Speakon cable (earthed via the amp chassis) The Rega arm is earthed through one of the channel return wires, Not sure if this may be causing an issue through the class D, that acts like a balanced Amp? Azimuth or Arm fixings may have been knocked in transit? Bias mechanism is not working properly? Things I tried: Swapped the speaker cables to check it wasnt a damaged tweeter or speaker on the right (Nope distortion now on the left) Swapped and aligned carts with two different protractors Added VTW, Bias etc... Tried different mats, no mat etc... Things to do next: I will find someone who can play my Sam Smith copy to see if that's an issue. Maybe also have them play the test LP to see how theirs performs? Any takers in Canberra for this? Wait for the advice to flow from the SNA members
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