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Found 19 results

  1. Item: Apple iPad 6th Gen. 32GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular (Unlocked), 9.7in - Silver (AU Stock) Location: Chatswood (Sydney) Price: $480.00 inc postage (price is firm) Item Condition: Brand New In Box, Sealed Never opened Reason for selling: I'm helping out my work to move these iPads. We have multiple units on hand and are ready to be shipped. Someone in the office ordered too many and they need to be sold before Christmas. Payment Method: Direct Deposit, will be dispatched once payment has cleared. Extra Info: Its an iPad. Great to use with an Auralic Streamer or to control your Roon network. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Looks like Roon has had a makeover with some nice improvements. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-1-7-is-live/84126
  3. Item: Intel i7 NUC - NUC7I7BNH Location: Canberra Price: $785.00 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - Full tech specs here: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/boards-kits/nuc/kits/nuc7i7bnh.html - 8gb DDR4 RAM, 120 gig SATA M.2 SSD & 1 TB 2.5" hard drive already installed - BIOS is currently configured for Roon OS (Roon Optimized Core Kit) - Roon OS (ROCK) is installed already. You can of course install your own OS and configure BIOS as you like. - This is ideal to run Roon ROCK. The 120 gig SSD is the boot drive for the operating system & the 1 terabyte hard drive can be used for storage. Roon supports more than one location for storage, so a NAS and/or an external hard drive can be used in conjunction with the internal storage. See full tech specs link above. The unit also comes with a Windows 10 Pro license - Original power supply included - Note: this sale does NOT include a Roon license subscription. This sale is the hardware to run Roon Core. - Any questions, please feel free to send me a private message (PM). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: SOTM - SMS200 Music Streamer / Network Player Location: Richmond, Victoria Price: $450 + postage or collect Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Upgraded to PS Audio Directstream with Bridge ii Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: SOTM - SMS200 Music Streamer This will replace your computer and turn your USB DAC into a Roon ready music streamer. Sound is amazing, so much better than a computer. Better sound staging, more detail, darker background. Will play Roon, Spotify, Airplay, Tidal, HQ Player. Reviews are brilliant. Purchased less than 10months ago for $650. Also still included is 6months of Roon for free. A few links from the web: https://cruxaudio.com.au/products/sotm-sms-200-mini-network-player-1?variant=2245664833566 https://www.computeraudiophile.com/ca/reviews/sotm-sms-200-review-r648/ Pictures:
  5. Like everybody in Australia if I want to have Internet and land line access I have to transfer to the supposedly better NBN? I contacted Telstra to connect and I was sent a new Router/Modem that is compatible with the NBN. It is dual band. As far as I know my old Router is single band. I am not yet on the NBN but decided to try the new box. I plugged the new box in and changed the password on my Android tablet. I use Roon on an Antipodes DX. Surprisingly to me at least the connection to Roon was immediate compared to the previous wait of a minute to sometimes hours to establish a connection. Wonderful. There was another surprise. When I started to play a track that happened to be something that I was very familiar with there was an immediate small but noticeable change. It sounded better. I wasn't even hoping for or expecting a change. The noise floor which in my system is minimal became better still. I didn’t believe what I was hearing and thought that it was just imaginitis. That I was mad. I spoke to a couple of people who confirmed my madness diagnosis. I contacted rmpfyf who interestingly said that there probably would be a benefit. This surprised me. The explanation was that with the new router there would be less interrupts with the DX on the network and it could just get on with doing what it was supposed to do without interference. That is just play the file. Ric confirmed the benefit. He explained that he tunes his network in respect of packet size, subnet mask and other PC tweaks etc to achieve output benefits. He said that there is whole range of things that can be done to tune the network IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. I assume that some SNA members know how to tune their networks. I don’t unfortunately. Obviously, there are benefits with network tuning. NBN connection happens Friday afternoon. That will be interesting but I am happy with what has happened serendipitously and totally unexpectedly so far. John
  6. Item: ROON Server (SonicTransporter i5) and ROON End Point (Auralic Aries LE, music streamer) with Gieseler LPS Location: Inner West Sydney Price: $2000 ONO (RRP totals $2500: SonicTransporter i5 new $850, Aries LE new $1300, Gieseler LPS new $350) Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Raising funds Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Aries has original packaging, and high voltage Giesler LPS supply (instead of stock Aries power cable). Giesler and ST will come safely packaged, but no original boxing. *** Will sell to first reasonable offer for the lot - so reach out if you're interested, especially if you can pick up! *** This is one of the most cost effective combinations out there for a dedicated ROON set up. Sound quality via the Auralic Aries LE streamer is exceptional, and punches far above its weight relative to higher priced competitors. The SonicTransporter i5 has ROON server already installed and takes less than 10 mins to get started. It is fanless, and ultra quiet, so you can have a dedicated ROON server running around the clock, without interruptions. I received this combo as part of a trade recently and got it all up and running in less than 30mins from scratch - and I'm terrible with technology. I set it up as follows: 1. Connected the ST i5 to the router 2. Set up ROON on ST, so it could access my NAS and TIDAL 3. Set up Auralic Aries onto home wifi 4. Set Aries as ROON Output 5. Output from Aries to Chord DAVE DAC via USB I'd prefer to sell to a single buyer - and ideally pick up. But happy to field offers for individual bits and can ship/sell once I have a buyer for each piece. PM with any questions, thanks. Pictures:
  7. Item: roon ROCK NUC7i7BNH, 250gb SSD, 8gb DDR4 ram. Location: Melbourne Price: $600. Item Condition: Excellent with original packaging, original owner. Reason for selling: no longer required. Payment Method: cash on pickup - bank transfer. Extra Info: can post at buyer's risk & expense. no roon license included. Pictures:
  8. In December Roon issued an update which inluded support for Iphones and iPads to become Roon endpoints. More info here: http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2017/12/v1-4-seasons-greetings-from-roon/ Previously this was only possible by using iPeng. What is quite exciting is that some people over at Computeraudiophile reckons an iPhone 6 Plus sounds better than a microRendu. (An older iPad and Mini2 were still outperformed by the MRendu). It does require a lightning to usb connector to connect to a dac. Maybe not the most convenient way to play music if you need the device whilst listening, but it does offer lots of possibilities. Now I am wondering if the same applies to Android phones which had this ability already? Looking forward to more developments/news/feedback.
  9. I have been doing some downsizing/simplifying with audio gear recently and ended up with a nice sounding little system. The Kef's are such a great speaker for a little over 1k. Great detail and nice bass for a very small speaker. I was listening to some pretty intense electronic music on these and the timing was excellent with great layering separation. The Kef's have a nice relaxed sound as well. I'm actually not utilising the streaming feature in the speakers as I have the Auralic Mini, which sounds great and has the Lightning DS app. Next step is to possibly add a USB isolator between the Auralic and the speakers to hear how that sounds.
  10. Item: Ropieee Raspberry Pi Roon Audio Endpoint Location: Perth Price: $170.00 Item Condition: New Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale is a completed and ready to go Ropieee Raspberry Pi RoonBridge Endpoint. This unit includes the Pi3B board, Pi3 Case, Official Pi3 power supply and a 16GB micro SD card with the Ropieee image loaded. All that needs to be done is connect the unit to your network via Ethernet (WiFi does not work), connect to a USB DAC, connect the power supply and insert the SD card and power the unit on. The Ropieee software will automatically install and set up the Pi with RoonBridge so it can act as a Roon audio end point in your system. It works really well and outputs a bit perfect stream of DSD or PCM at just about every sample rate you could need. The parts for this unit cost me $120.00, so I am just asking an additional $50.00 for my time. Images below also include screenshots from Roon showing the Ropieee as a Networked device connected to a Meridian Explorer2 DAC. Of course this unit ONLY works with ROON. This unit is not a DAC and it is not an AMP,. These you have to add yourself, but the unit will connect to any USB DAC or you can add your own Raspberry Pi USB or AMP HAT. If you want more information on the Ropieee RoonBridge endpoint visit their web site at: http://www.ropieee.org/ Raspberry Pi 3B Features • Quad Core 1.2GHz Broadcom BCM2837 64bit CPU • 1GB RAM • BCM43438 wireless LAN and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on board • 40-pin extended GPIO • 4 USB 2 ports • 4 Pole stereo output and composite video port • Full size HDMI • CSI camera port • DSI display port • Micro SD port for loading your operating system and storing data • Micro USB Socket for 5V/2A power • Dimensions: 85(L) x 56(W) x 17(H)mm Pictures:
  11. Item: sonicTransporter i7 (i7700 Kaby Lake) for Roon DSP - Roon Server - Roon Core - Music Server Location: Melbourne Price: $1500 with free shipping within Australia Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer doing DSP so don't need so much power Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - This is the exact model and same specs: https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/audio-server/products/sonictransporter-i7-for-roon-1-3-dsp?variant=35324041615 - With shipping this is around AU$2200 total - No internal hard drive - just add an external hard drive to one of the 4 x USB3.0 ports - This does Roon up-sampling to DSD512 with a processing rate of 2.5x (easily) - photo below Pictures:
  12. Item: sonicTransporter Intel i5 - Fanless Headless Music Server Location: Melbourne Price: $620 pickup Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Moved to an apartment where I no longer have a dedicated music listening room, so I'm now moving to a PC to headphones setup. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - This is currently AUD920 shipped to Australia (USD645 plus shipping). Save $300 ! - See here: https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/audio-server/products/sonictransporter-i5 - There is an internal 128GB SSD which runs the Operating System and Roon Database - this 128GB can't store files. You can use the USB port to add an external hard drive. - Has 8gb internal RAM and Intel i5-5200U - You can add an external USB drive (SSD or HDD) via one of the very fast USB 3.0 ports for storage. Note, only one USB port can be used for external storage at a time, even though there are 4 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. - Fanless and headless operation - i.e. no keyboard or mouse or screen required for normal operation. They include video outputs on the back (VGA and HDMI) for troubleshooting only, not that I've ever needed to use them. - No mechanical moving parts inside at all - I've used it as a Roon Server but you can also use it as a DLNA server and other modes too. - When using it with Roon, I turn it on from the power button and by the time I sit down and open the Roon Remote app, my library is fully loaded. To shut down, you just press the power button and it does a safe shutdown. Super easy to use. - 12Vdc power adapter included - Check out my seller feedback here and buy with confidence: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/profile/147696-sean84/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback Pictures:
  13. Item: SoTM sMS-200 Location: Cleveland, QLD Price: $500 (+$15 for shipping) Item Condition: Barely used Reason for selling: trying something different Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (add +3%), Bank Transfer Extra Info: Purchased new on 17 Jan 2017 from Australian distributor, Crux Audio, arguably one of the best bargains in hifi today. 2016 saw the rise of the Sonore microRendu which beat out just about every network streamer, cost no-object. SoTM then licensed the hardware and software from Sonore and released the sMS-100 based off the microRendu. The SMS-200, released late last year, from all reports, outperforms the microRendu (when compared using the same power supplies). Acts as either a Roon Endpoint, AirPlay server (ShairPort-Sync v3.0), SqueezeTouch Lite, HQPlayer NAA or DLNA/MPD player... best performing/sound quality network player you'll ever hear, crushes the microRendu and Auralic Aries femto at a fraction of the price. Comes with the stock SMPS power supply and sounds great, but really comes alive with a good quality linear power supply (personally used with an Uptone LPS-1 to great effect). Review: Pictures:
  14. Hi guys. So who's going to build themselves a Roon-Core-Kit? https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-core-kit-previously-reported-as-roon-os/14175 I should clarify what "Roon OS" is, since everyone is asking questions that seem to be revolving around what they think this thing is. First, it is going to be renamed to "Roon Core Kit", as it will not be a typical operating system. This is is what it offers (and what it doesn't offer): it is completely free ($0) it is an alternative to Windows/MacOS/Ubuntu/Arch/etc.. it runs Roon (The stock Linux RoonServer to be exact), but does not come with a Roon membership. You need to bring that yourself. it is an extremely lightweight Linux-based operating system. Much more on the scale of an embedded machine than a desktop or server operating system. it is a turn-key image with all required pieces to make a Linux based Roon appliance without any prior knowledge of Roon or Linux it should be near silent or completely silent, depending on hardware it runs on a few hardware configurations that are easy to purchase worldwide, reliable, and perform at a level at which we think provides a good Roon experience for libraries of various sizes, taking into account future enhancements (to the best of our abilities). any hardware configurations not sanctioned (owned, built-for, and tested) by the Roon Labs team are unsupported, and although they may work, they may also stop working at any time due to updates. it will auto-update in an experience similar to Roon, integrated fully into the Roon Remotes' Settings->About page. it will provide a web browser based configuration for networking setup, factory reset, power/reboot, etc... it will not be able to run additional software, nor will it support any customizations or modifications to the operating system it has beta level support for some WiFi chipsets, including the one built into the 6th generation NUCs. it has support for multiple USB based ethernet adapters, plus the built-in ethernet. it supports the NUC5 and NUC6 Core i3 and i5 series machines, with 1 internal m.2 SSD (64GB or larger)) and 4GB (or more) of RAM. No additional internal drives are supported. it uses some of the M.2 SSD for the environment and Roon, but the rest is for Roon's databases. You can not store music on this SSD. it can use your existing USB hard drives and NAS for music storage, and you can migrate your Roon databases over to it. Filesystems supported: EXT2/3/4 VFAT/FAT32/FAT16/EXFAT NTFS HFSPLUS HFS and it can mount SMB shares. it exposes your USB drives as an SMB share (micro-NAS!) Roon 1.3 supports a new filebrowser and backup system (for you Roon database, not the actual music content) that works well with truly headless appliances It supports USB and the built-in NUC audio outputs -- in exclusive mode. It will run on the Skull Canyon NUC as well: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/nuc/nuc-kit-nuc6i7kyk-features-configurations.html
  15. Hi all. Please see my other thread; http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php/topic/103650-choosing-a-dacstreamer-for-my-main-2-channel-audio/ but I though perhaps asking this in a separate thread may clean things up a bit. Basically, I'm setting up a wired and wireless home network. I have a Consonance Suzanne DAP on a little dock as my digital player. It's plugged directly into ethernet>router>modem. It's also got a hard drive with lots of music directly plugged into it via USB. My router (ASUS) has 2 USB ports, and I believe I can add have drives here that computers on the network should be able to access. Whilst moving slowly towards a NAS, I'm keen to get the network usable via ipads/iphones. The Suzanne DAP is a bit of a pain to search for music on. Ideally, I want to grab an Ipad, access (wirelessly) my drive (either plugged into the Suzanne or into the router) of music, pick something, and play! I plan to likely use Roon down the track, but will hold off until the various issues I've read about with QNAP and Synergy NAS's have been ironed out, and their prices fall a bit. So what do I do? I believe some sort of UPnP app in needed? There's one XP desktop, 2 apple laptops (one newish, one old), 2 ipads, 2 iphones, 1 ipod touch. Man, I think I've put Job's kids though college..... All the best, Mat
  16. The latest software upgrade on the Bryston BDP-1 & BDP-2 which arrived in the last few days, now gives access to the Roon software, with a 60 day free trial. All the discussion on Roon focuses on the interface. I don't think the interface is anything special. In fact I don't like it because if forces you to set up your music library the way Roon wants, not the way you want. The Manic Moose software which comes with the Bryston BDP-1 allows you to organize your library the way you have it in your computer. The primary reason for trying Roon is not the interface but the SOUND QUALITY. People seem to have overlooked this part. NO ONE I have asked about Roon has ever told me what the sound quality is like compared to other commercial music playing programs. I also use JRiver but JRiver is not compatible with Bryston BDP-1 and has to be used directly linked to the DAC. Right off the bat Roon is a sonic revelation. It is way better than JRiver connected directly via Audioquest Vodka ethernet cable. Roon has similar sound character as JRiver but the noise floor is lower via the Bryston BDP-1. This allows much more bloom and a spectacular soundstage. It is by far the best digital sound I have heard on my system and competes with my vinyl set up (cartridge needs to be rebuilt). The default Bryston software (Manic Moose) sounds like flat digital sound when compared to Roon. JRiver has some latency problems and so does Roon. But the latency problems with Roon are not as frequent or severe. I may get a small skip in an album. (I listen to albums, not tracks). With more familiarity the Roon interface may grow on me. I have little interest in metadata information. I will buy Roon for the sound quality and hope I can fix the latency problem.
  17. Hi all, I'm turning to the collective wisdom of those here for hardware and operating system recommendations for a PC server hosting Roon. Requirements are: Maximum audio quality given the other constraints below Self contained. O/S and audio file storage in the one box. I'm thinking an SSD for the O/S and a TB or so HDD for audio files. As this server will sit in the listening room with the rest of my audio gear I would like it to be quiet (fanless?), compact & with an aesthetically appealing case. Much like the Sooloos MC200 I use now. I'm unsure of how much computing power I require. I want to avoid on-the-fly transcoding and will send FLAC files natively to a DirectStream DAC. I may dabble with DSD files in the future. I think it is generally considered a good thing to keep the CPU grunt to the minimum required but am unsure of how much Roon needs to give a snappy user experience. Roon will be used as a server only. I will control via their iPad app. This is a headless build. I will use RDP from another PC if it is necessary to work on the Roon server. Don't know about power supply. I don't want to go OTT but I gather a linear PSU would be a better option? Happy to go external - size and casework permitting I've built all my PCs for many years so am happy to build from parts. Happy to look at any off-the-shelf solutions as well. As far as O/S goes - Windows Server 2012 optimized for audio seems to get a good rap over at Computeraudiophile.com though all that optimization might be primarily for the benefit of USB? USB is not applicable for this network server. I will use a GISO isolator for galvanic isolation of the network connection between switch and DAC. But unsure how much impact the O/S will have on sound in this scenario? Many thanks in advance! Mark
  18. Get your 14 day free trial here https://roonlabs.com/ but it does ask for CC be sure to cancel it on day 13 otherwise you get charged (if you don't like it) I thought the SBT with Tidal was a great solution but I've loaded this up on my old NUC display into the tv from hdmi running the devialet sound driver connected via ethernet....it's early stages but it sounds pretty good. Is it as good as the USB out from the touch.....not sure but I love the Tidal integration and metadata from my nas stored music.
  19. Interesting new prospect for music server software. Meridian has parted ways with the software team that developed the Sooloos system - one of the first and arguably still the best music server software. As a long time Sooloos user I can say these guys know what they are doing wrt music server software. Sadly after Meridian absorbed them very little seemed to happen wrt further software development and the rest of the market caught up and even went past. Interestingly Meridian and the Sooloos team have now parted ways (Divorce?). http://www.cepro.com/article/sooloos_parts_ways_with_meridian_to_form_roon_labs/ Although the software is yet to appear the new software company Roonlabs does seem to have some very interesting ideas. As I said these guys know what they are doing so watch this space. https://community.roonlabs.com http://roonlabs.com
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