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Found 11 results

  1. Can I preface this by saying I've never owned a television in my life...so please excuse my ignorance :) I'm building my own home as an owner builder in Brisbane. I have allowed for a dedicated home theatre / listening room. The steel frames are about to go up so I figured now was a good time to start planning. It will be approx 6m x 4.3m. I'm hoping for a row of 5 seats at the back on a raised platform and then two x two seats as per the attached image. I'm hoping for a 140" projector screen that I will make. I got a bit excited, and have been buying speakers and an AV receiver over the xmas break. So far, I've bought Denon AVC-X8500H receiver 2 x PMC twenty.25 floorstanders 2 x PMC twenty.23 floorstanders 2 x ELAC BS244 bookshelf speakers 1 x SVS PB3000 subwoofer I'm hoping for both a high quality music listening experience as well as full Dolby Atmos. I've been offered a good price on a pair of PMC twenty5.21 bookshelf speakers as well as a PMC Twenty5.C centre speaker. The floor of the cinema is 200mm thick concrete suspended about 2m in the air. The wall frames will be bluescope steel frames. I'm hoping for great accoustics in the room as well as great soundproofing so that very little noise escapes the room. I have a few general questions 1. Soundproofing - Once the steel frames go in, I was going to green glue a layer of plasterboard onto them. I was then going to construct a new set of timber frames internally and green glue two layers of plasterboard onto this. This will give separation between the two walls. There is a floor to ceiling window, but it is triple glazed and thermally broken. I will then make some heavy curtains to hang floor to ceiling around the room. I will then have a drop ceiling with stary night lighting. Does this sound like it will be sufficient to keep the noise from escaping ? Any suggested improvements. 2. Room size and shape - As I am building internal walls, I have great flexibilty over the shape and size of the room. It there a suggested size that I should make the room to minimise standing waves and improve the accoustics ? 3. Speaker placement and dolby atmos choice - I've looked into the Dolby Atmos setup guides. I suspect the room is too small for 6 ceilings, so was going to go with Atmos 7.2.4. Is this the best choice for the room size ? I'm guessing the twenty.25 should be front left and right and the twenty.23 should be back left and right ? If I get a second subwoofer, will the PB1000 or 2000 suffice or should I get another 3000? Will mixing the ELAC speakers with the PMC be ok or should I buy the PMC bookshelves ? How important is it to get high quality ceiling speakers ? I'm assuming that the dont have to be PMC as they are really only used for limited sections of the movie sound ? 4. Accoustic treatment - I have a company that produces stretched canvas prints for artists and photographers. I was thinking of printing movie style posters and then stretching them over 50mm deep frames and filling the back with accoustic foam. Is this likely to work ? The canvas is cotton. My post is long and there are a lots of questions. I would appreciate any input about anything that you have to offer. Thank you in advance.
  2. Item: 4 x CMF R3-B Acoustic Panels (600mm x 1200mm x 50mm) Location: East Lindfield, Sydney, 2070 Price: $200 ONO Item Condition: Good-to-fair Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash COD Only Extra Info: Purchased from stereonet a few years ago and are in good-fair condition: - One panel is discoloured in a few places around the sides from being to close to somekind of bleach-based spray - One panel doesnt have the hanging string (which can be fixed easily enough) Collection only due to their size. Pictures:
  3. Very interesting article and review here: http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/acoustic-geometry-pro-room-pack-10-acoustic-treatment-package/
  4. I pinched this info from my 'system' thread in the hope that it might encourage others with moderate systems and tricky rooms to try some room treatments. I recently moved into our new house with dedicated audio room. The room is 3.5m x 5.4m x 2.6m and during construction we added some 'upgraded' Bradford SoundCheck wall insulation. The room is carpeted but has no lounges or soft furnishings, and minimal hard furnishings. I recently upgraded to some PMC GB1i small floorstanders and an audio-gd ES9018 DAC (NFB3(2014)). Whilst I was happy-ish with the PMCs, I felt that the imaging and bass wasn't as good as I had expected. I realised from day dot that this room was pretty average acoustically given the lack of soft furnishings for absorption and hard furnishings for diffraction. There's a bit of slap echo, and I feel there is just a but too much reverb and smearing of the sound stage. The bass was a tad woolly at times. The PMCs were clearly being let down by the room. Coupled with my new audio-gd DAC, I wasn't 100% satisfied with the sound. SOOOOO... with a tight budget in mind, I decided to tackle the room in a simple and cost-effective way. I managed to grab two charcoal/black 2400mm x 1200mm x 50mm sheets of Polymax XHD direct from Martini Industries at Ingleburn, south-western Sydney (15 minutes from where I live). http://www.polymaxinsulation.com.au/downloads/Polymax_MDS_Absorb_Data_Sheet.pdf Martini had two sheets left over from a recent job, and were kind enough to cut each big panel into 3 x 1200mm x 800mm panels on their industrial cutter for ease of transport. All six of the smaller sheets fitted into the back of my Mazda 6 with the seats folded down, meaning I didn't need to stuff around with a trailer or van. The pricing was dirt-cheap too - it worked out at $20 per 1200mm x 800mm panel! At this price, there's no excuse for NOT grabbing some and seeing what it does to your room. If anyone needs contact details, Ben Mentiplay is the bloke I dealt with at the Ingleburn office. I chose the 50mm as the thickness suited my intended use as side and rear wall absorbers, as well as allowing them to be doubled-up to become XHD 100mm if I wanted to experiment with absorbers that performed better at very low frequencies. A big benefit of the Polymax XHD is its stiffness. It will stand perfectly upright against a wall with no sagging. I could quite easily get away without framing these panels, such is the quality of manufacture and cutting. I will, however, do something regarding framing and/or covering some day so that they blend in better with the decor. Interestingly, the Absorb XHD is manufactured using the 'card and cross-lap' method which Tontine used to use for their Acoustisorb many years ago, before switching to the 'air lay' process which is faster but less consistent and results in varied density throughout the product. One SNAer has encountered issues with the Tontine in a professional environment and only uses the Absorb as a result. Apparently, the published stats for the Tontine product are also based upon the old product from a few years ago (cheeky!) rather than the newer 'air lay' product which doesn't perform quite as well. It's amazing how much background and technical info there is on pro audio forums out there. I had a bit of a listen with some familiar tracks, and then embarked on some non-scientific panel placement. I basically replaced some of the temporary panels and foam squares which I had placed at the first reflection points on the side wall, and on the rear wall elevated behind the listening chair. These were thin panels and your typical acoustic pyramid foam which did help a bit with slap echo, but little more. I also plonked a panel behind each speaker (this space was previously bare) Cue the music... and whoaaaa, what do we have here? The improvement in reverb and echo was clear from the get-go. Imaging snapped into place, and subtleties which were previously masked are now clear and distinct. The sound is more coherent. From what I can tell, these panels have struck a pretty good balance between taming the ills of the room, yet allowing it to sound natural and still a tiny bit 'live'. Measurements may tell a different story, of course, but I'm very happy! This is as good as I KNEW my system could sound. Gone are my concerns about the PMCs not quite living up to expectations, and likewise, that lingering doubt in the back of my mind that the audio-gd ES9018 DAC was too bright and not synergising with my rig. It's not the gear... IT'S YOUR ROOM, STUPID!! Colour me impressed! For minimal expense, the performance of this room has been drastically improved. One day I might arrange for it to be measured properly, but in the interim, I am absolutely stoked with the outcome. Now... let's see what wifey says when confronted with these black monoliths!
  5. Hi folks, I'm happy with my stereo set-up but think it's time to focus more on what I can do to improve the room acoustics. A diagram showing my room layout is below. I realise the speakers are too close to the wall and my sitting position is too close to the back wall, but it's a fairly compact place and it is a "family room". The speakers are standmounts on a very solid entertainment unit. We have wooden floorboards, hard walls/ceiling etc. I would describe the sound as precise and the bass is punchy, but I suspect the room is making the upper-mids a bit harder than they should be ... the overall sound could be a bit more cohesive and "well rounded", with a better soundstage. Things I would be able to do: * Add tasteful(!) wall (and maybe roof) treatments * Add mini stands under the speakers * *Maybe* put the speakers on separate stands and move them further apart. Things I can't do: * Re-arrange the room layout significantly (if I can move anything, it might be by a centremetres) * Move the speakers further away from the wall (this has been attempted a couple of times but they mysteriously move back) * Turn the room into a shrine for black foam. Based on the diagram, could anyone suggest room treatments and where I might position them (understanding I'll need to experiment a bit). Any suggestions that keep this enterprise to a three-figure budget also greatly appreciated.
  6. Item: Acoustic Bass Traps x 4 Location: Victoria (Dandenong Ranges) Price: $800 Item Condition: Great condition(some scruff marks on the wood) Reason for selling: not in use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD, bank transfer Extra Info: Canvas wrapped, wood frame and filled with Acoustisorb 3. There is a small difference in the thickness/shape of the bass traps, but you don't notice this when stacked in the corners. These were much more expensive when I purchased them second hand, so they are heavily discounted. Excellent built quality and they look great. Happy to deliver anywhere in Melbourne metro area but can't ship these interstate. Pictures:
  7. Hi, Can anyone recommend where I can get a Professional Room Treatment Service in Melbourne? Thanks, Kai
  8. Hello all, Following Cafads review of my Naksa 80 I've decided i really need to do something about my room. I am not getting a hint of the 2 or 3D soundstaging he found and enjoued so much. Being immersed in the sound and having the speakers disappear was something i fell in love with when i took the speakers to my local store to audition some CD players and amps but unfortunately, is also the one thing i cannot recreate in my room. To this point i have experimented with enough different components feeding the speakers to know what benefit they can give and none have made significant impact on the soundstage. The system as it stands at the the moment is Cambridge audio 651 cd player into Naksa 80 via Aurealis interconnects and onto DIY RG213U speaker cable feeding VAF DCX-35's. The room is laid out as below and depending on the season the lounge positions will move to the side of the room: Facing the front: Facing left (Right is a mirror image) Rear My problem is outlined in the rough sketch below. The centre image does not, under any circumstances, move from the base of the TV - centre of the speakers, 60cm off the floor. I can get very good separation between instruments and their placement left to right is easily identifiable but the voice is consistently located in the one position. The region that music appears to come from is outlined by the crescent. As you can see it is quite flat and does not usually extend laterally past the speakers either. So, my questions are: Where would you start in terms of treatment or otherwise to give some depth/height to my music? Is there anything i've missed in the signal chain causing me problems? There has been mumblings from my wife of swinging the room contents 180 degrees and having all components and seating position reversed. Should this be pursued? Would i be better off separating music from this room altogether and leave it for TV and Movies - try my luck in a different room? I have tried: opening the doors to reduce reflections covering the TV Removing the coffee table Mattresses placed either behind the speakers or in front of TV - not both at the same time At this stage I'm happy to try anything but ideas that have low WAF will need to be handled delicately.
  9. We are over stocked on a few models of Vicoustic panels and to reduce numbers we are offering some special pricing for SNA members. Vicoustic CInema Square $380 per box 6 panels in a box each panel 600mm X 600mm X 40mm acoustic adsorption panel for walls or ceiling white, grey, beige & black available Vicoustic Flexi glue required for installation $20 per box Product Information Link Vicoustic Vixagon $438 per box 8 panels in a box each panel 700mm X 600mm X 40mm acoustic adsorption panel for walls or ceiling white, burgundy, grey, beige & black available self adhesive Product Information Link Please contact Michael on 02 9899 9079 or email castlehill@sydneyhifi.com.au to secure any of the products offered or for more information! Interstate delivery can be arranged at an extra cost.
  10. Hi All, My journey, as I am sure everyone’s in this obsessive hobby of ours, has had its share of disappointments so I thought it was time to share something very positive that I would endorse all audiophiles consider. I was not happy with my room instinctively - clapping my hands in the listening chair I could hear a nasty reflection slapping me in the back of the head. This was improved by some simple foam panels in the first reflection point but I was still not content. Along came Paul Spencer - he analysed my room and said the good news is No Bass Traps Required but.... the but was that I could benefit from taming the reflections more and I thought hear we go - major investment time. To my relief he only suggested 10 panels - which I subsequently ordered from The LoudSpeaker Kit website. They arrived last week and yesterday my better half and I spent around 5 hours installing them (I could not have done it without her - feeling blessed - we are both anal about things being square etc). I have attached some pics so you get the idea but I cannot describe how spectacular the results are - the sound stage is broader and deeper and the whole stage is more intimate, immediate - fully present. Do yourselves a favour before letting the upgraditis bug get you consider whether room treatment may help - IMHO this less than a $K investment improved the sound more than if I had spent twice as much on my speakers....
  11. Item: 6 homemade acoustic panels Location: Hobart Price: free Item Condition: OK Reason for selling: made new nicer ones with acoustisorb 3 Payment Method: N/A Extra Info: pick-up only Pictures: none 6 panels: 1350 x 600 approx. Bradford soundscreen batts on pine/calico frames covered in black material. They look fair to OK but not great. They certainly will tame a small room. Also have some additional bats and 1 empty frame. Big CAVEAT: I recently set them up in a small 3.5x3.8 room with a second system. Whilst they worked really well in taming slap echo, I found that they affected the air in the room i.e. stifled any freshness such that when I packed them away, I noticed the 'air' was nice again. Therefore I recommend that whoever takes them uses them to experiment any need for room treatment and then eventually moves them on. It could well be that fibres remain exposed through the material such that they impact on the room.
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