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Found 7 results

  1. What a beautiful piece of design this is https://www.trademe.co.nz/1591238473
  2. Item: 3 x radios, vintage retro, Telefunken, Philips, AWA Location: Sydney Price: $45 Item Condition: used and varied functionally, see below Reason for selling: rationalising collection, going cheap to interested party. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit. Extra Info: Clearing some surplus items from the vintage audio collection. These are in various states of functionality as per the following descriptions. The AWA Radiola is a classic Australian AM radio with the various state's station IDs, and is working. I've replaced the original battery connections which used a single 9v battery no longer available, It now runs happily on a 6 x AA battery holder, which fits into the body, no problem. The photo suggests an uneven gap on top which is not the case. It also has a handle, hiddden behind in this photo. The Telefunken is multi-band and mains powered, but the FM isn't working. Was originally when I got it. It needs a new handle, which would be easy enough to make. The inbuilt telescopic antenna has lost half its length, still works, and there are external antenna inputs. It's a very nice old radio, in fact a classic that's hard to find in Australia and expensive to buy and ship from Europe. The Philips is a lovely looking multi-band radio that wasn't working until I opened it up, jiggled the volume control potentiometer, added a little squirt of WD40. It worked like a charm for about a year then stopped again. May need a new volume potentiometer or some more cleaning etc. Uses Mains or Battery power. Postage: Sydney Metro $10.40, elsewhere ask for quote. Pickup Baulkham Hills 2153. Pictures:
  3. Item: Marantz CD-65 Location: Sydney (Hills District) Price: $120 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Too much stuff Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This sort of thing doesn't come up every day. Made in Belgium, 1980-something, and oozing with retro charm from the golden age of Compact Disc. Rare TDA1541S1 double crown DAC chip. This part alone is worth hundreds of dollars on eBay, with known counterfeits being sold by unscrupulous sellers. Recently had the lens cleaned, tested and working perfectly. See reviews: http://lampizator.eu/LAMPIZATOR/TDA1541 corner/TDA1541.html http://www.dutchaudioclassics.nl/review/Marantz-CD56-CD65-CDplayer/ This was my first "nice" CD player which was rescued from e-waste. Definitely not in perfect condition - some chips on the top, and the previous owner's details are engraved in the side (not shown here). Item can be couriered at your own risk - no returns if damaged during transit. Pictures:
  4. Item: Audile Solo Pre amplifier Location: Brunswick, Victoria Price: $600 ono Item Condition: good Reason for selling: Moving interstate. Wife puts her foot down. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi all, I am forced to sell this Pre as SWMBO has declared that I cannot take it with me (alongside a bunch of other stuff) in our upcoming move to the apple isle. I tried to sell this about 5 years ago. I'm not very good at selling things and so it didn't sell. It made it from one suburb to the next. I think she is serious this time. It has only been used 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years. I kept hoping to put together a second system. As you will see from my original ad below, 6 years ago this preamp sold for $3800. I couldn't sell it for $1100 which I thought was a bargain and so I'm trying to sell it for $600, or approximately 15% of its retail price. Not bad after 7 years. Still sounds great for what it is but doesn't mesh with my "big boy" system. Happy to answer any questions. I can also upload downloadable images that are exactly the same as the ones seen here. Pictures: Item: Audile Solo Pre amplifier Price: $1100 ono Item Condition: good Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I don't know a whole lot about this preamplifier but here is what I do know. The Audile Solo Preamplifier is a hand built Australian made, valve pre. They used to be sold through Secher Audio until early 2011 at a rrp of $3800. I bought mine from Secher Audio used (I am the second owner) but had it serviced by the maker (who I believe is retired and now resides in rural Victoria). I can't give you the specs, nor can I tell you what valves etc are used. I'm not one to pull things apart. I know it works and what it did to the sound in my system and that was enough for me. It compared very favourably to a couple of recent lower-end Audio research pre's. Made by Barry/Bill Taylor. This pre was responsible for my switch to tube amps. I loved what it did to the sound of my solid state amps. I haven't used it for 12 months+ now as I found that it was too much of a good thing when partnered with some of my valve amps. It is perfect for those with solid state amps (even integrated amps with a pre out- which is how I got started) and speakers of low sensitivity, who have a slightly lean sound and want to flesh it out a little. I have heard it used to great effect with a Roksan K2. The Audile was my first upgrade from a very good first system and I haven't looked back. If you want more of a description as to my experience of the sound, send me a p.m. There a numerous inputs, even a 'monitor' switch which disables all the inputs for a more 'pure' approach. I only used the one input. It does not have a remote- that annoyed me when I was considering buying it, but in reality I didn't even notice. No it doesn't have an inbuilt phono. It won't: make your system sound like a 200k system, make you coffee, win you the title of 'world's sexiest man' (though I think it is pretty cool looking in a retro kind of way). It will: be perfect for those whose systems are a little lean and would like to try adding some 'valve' flavour, give you a class sound that is WAY beyond my price of $1100 require an audition to make sure that it is the right pre for you. If you are in Victoria, I am more than happy to try and arrange for interested parties the opportunity to trial it in their own systems, given that it is a relatively unknown brand. It is the sound that will sell, not the prestige of owning an 'Audile'. I am open to offers, particularly from those who may not have the luxury of being able to audition it in their system. I will do my best to answer any questions people might have. Pictures:
  5. Item: Grundig Onmi 700 speakers & HiFi-Box 306 Speakers Location:Inverloch, Victoria Price: $400 ONO Item Condition: Good, few scratches and dents but good for age. Reason for selling: Too much gear Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Grundig retro speaker set Omni 700's and Hi-Fi Box 306. These are a lovely set of retro speakers from the 70's. I believe a set featured in the background of one of the Alvin Purple movies! They have a few dings and scratches but are in good condition considering age (see photos). One of the connectors into the back of the hifi box 306 sometimes has to be on a slight angle to work in conjunction with the Omni 700, I assume this is just from an old connector and could easily be fixed. Cool retro speakers that sound really great. Pickup only from Inverloch Victoria. Pictures:
  6. Marantz SD5010 cassette deck This is one of the coolest cassette decks they made, it has a retracting tray like a CD player! Unfortunately it doesn't play, it does power up and all lights seem to function fine. Cosmetically 7/10, to top has a couple of wear marks as seen in pic. $35 Pick up Monbulk, Vic
  7. Item: Pioneer SA6500 MKII amplifier Location: Adelaide Price: $100 ONO Item Condition: Full working order Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Am happy to post, delivery should be around $20-25. We've enjoyed this amp, but have had to upgrade and downsize so it needs an enjoyable new home where it can be turned up loud. Here are some notes I've found online: 'The Pioneer SA-6500 is a low distortion, high power, stereo integrated amplifier with wide dynamic range equalizer. Combining advanced circuits with a new design concept provides no-nonsense musical performance at a pleasing price. Precision CR tone circuit, a high performance equalizer amplifier for wide dynamic range, and simple to use basic features make the popularly priced SA-6500 even more appealing as a worthwhile investment in advanced Hi-Fi electronics.' Power output: 30 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 10Hz to 40kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.1% Damping factor: 30 Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line) Signal to noise ratio: 72dB (MM), 93dB (line) Output: 150mV (line) Semiconductors: 2 x IC, 25 x transistors, 16 x diodes Dimensions: 380 x 139 x 308mm Weight: 7.6kg Pictures:
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