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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I recently bought a LG 4K B8 Oled TV and already had a Sonos play base. The remote for the LG TV does not seem to interact with the Sonos so I am left having to adjust sound through my phone which is not ideal. Is there a way around this. I believe I might need an infrared remote. Can anyone recommend. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone I've got a RTI Remote fully programmed ad a oppo 105 connected via rs232, had it 2.5yrs and find I constantly looses connection between the two. So frustrating. Spent big dollars, and dissaponted. I don't have ash issues with my pre amp, projector, humax player, Apple tv, etc... it's only the oppo105... anyone had similar experience? Only solution is switch all of, wait a while and try again. Eventually works done times. That'll good for mobile phone oppo app. Sure wish I could edit the remote control myself, out really sucks that you spend so much money and you don't get given a mini version of the software to edit.. this point alone, in ready to jump to another system. Also anyone have really slow hdmi sync with a marantz av8001 and oppo 105. Gets slow switching between inputs. Thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk T
  3. Item: Luxman L590ax intergrated amp Location:Truganina 3029 Price: 3700 Item Condition:9.8/10 Reason for selling:overseas trip in august Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD bank deposit Extra Info: These are a very well regarded amp 30 watt class A and around 100 watt class AB.Inbuilt phono for mm/ mc.VU meters back light can be turned off.Bought of sna member Jan 2017 for $4600.Amp is in same condition as when I got it,no box or manual came with it.I would recommend pick up as amp is rather heavy however shipping is possible via pack and send or the like at buyers cost. Pictures:
  4. Item: NEW ** Definitive Technology Supercube4000 / active sub-woofer Location: Adelaide (for a friend). Price: AUD 900.00 (RRP in Australia is $1795). Item Condition: Brand New, never been used - box opened and re-packed. Reason for selling: Mistake - wrong voltage - will need transformer ($100). Cannot fit transformer in to custom AV cabinet. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, or EFT Extra Info: Prefer local pickup but can be shipped in original packaging - Shipping will be charged at cost (I anticipate no more than AUD 100.00) or buyer can organise. Key Features • 8" (203mm) High Excursion Active Subwoofer Driver • 2 x 8" (203mm) Planar Low Bass Radiators • 1200 Watts Class HD digital tracking Amplifier • Integrated 56 bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) preamp stage • Rock Solid Cabinets Ensure Pure Low Distortion Response Pictures: Using Stock pictures as product re-packed Definitive_technology_sc4000_subwoofer_review.pdfDefinitive_technology_sc4000_subwoofer_review.pdf Definitive_technology_sc4000_subwoofer_specs.pdf
  5. Hi Team Klein, Earlier today, @Suopermanni and I did a temporary trade to try out some of each others gear. We swapped my NAD amp for Manni's Klein DAC II. Silly me however, left the remote control for the DAC behind and now I'm at home with no remote and effectively no DAC . It's a little bit of a drive, but not the end of the world if I do have to zoom back over. But I was wondering if the remote control codes were available or similar to another device. I have a mobile phone that can learn codes, and a Logitech Harmony remote too. Please help me Team Klein
  6. Wanted to buy, Mitsubishi remote control handset in good working condition to work on a HC4000 DLP projector. I believe it's the same for several other models too. The projector is fully usable but a genuine remote would be nice rather than a clone from eBay, so if you have one then please message me with a price or I can do an exchange for an Optoma HD65 remote control in mint as new condition.
  7. I purchased a Global Cache iTach Flex WiFi to control my home theatre, lights and air-conditioner. Unfortunately these devices are all spread around the room like so: https://i.imgur.com/NxLWASJ.jpg and the wimpy little Flex IR "blaster" could only control one of them at a time when pointed directly at it. So I designed my own IR "hyper-blaster". This works exceptionally well. I can point it anywhere in the room and control any of the devices. I can now mount it out of the way on top of my projector. The IR LEDs are being driven at over five times their rated DC current but because this is only for a short pulse they can handle it .They're rated to much more than this (1.2A) for very short pulses (1us on, 10us off). I'm sure I can feel it heating up the room when in use It's still a bit of a prototype mess at the moment but I'll take some in-situ photos when I receive the final part - a USB power splitter cable to enable me to run it and the iTach Flex from the same 5V 1A plug pack. Construction details below if anyone else ever needs such a device: Note: I wanted some 0.33uF caps for the 37kHz bypass but they are huge so I ended up using three groups of three 0.1uF caps. Three on the front of the PCB and six on the back.
  8. Item: StereoKnight Silverstone B&R passive preamp Location: StKilda, Melbourne Price: $1200 firm Item Condition: almost excellent. Bought Jan 2011 Reason for selling: already upgraded to a valve active preamp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Transfer, PayPal + 3% Extra Info: see below Pictures: see my thread here This is a great preamp, to my ears as good as a Music First Mk II and at a great price. It's extremely detailed, has good sound staging and 6dB of gain. Like all passives it doesn't quite have the dynamics of an active, but that is the trade off in return for the detail unless you want to pay x5 more in order to get both from an active preamp (I just have!) It's complete dual mono with independent volume adjustment (both channels controlled simultaneously from the remote). It's fully balanced and transformer coupled so contains 4 transformers. The transformer coupling allows it to be used with low impedance loads like active speakers without bandwidth constraints, or with long interconnects, unlike many passives. It has 3x RCA inputs and 3x Balanced XLR inputs, so a total of 6 sources can be accommodated, it's rare to get that many input options these days. You can use RCA inputs and XLR outputs so this is a very versatile preamp. It has 2x balanced XLR outputs so that you can run a powered sub with your 2 channel setup. There are 2x RCA outputs although these have never functioned from the day the amp arrived new. This may be simple problem to fix, I don't know, however I'll supply 2x XLR->RCA adaptors in case your cables are RCA only. I've only used the XLR outputs anyway so never bothered to get it fixed. The reviews claim that the XLR balanced outputs sound better than the RCA outputs. New price from Osbourne (the Aussie distributor) is $2700. The amp comes with a full function remote control that adjusts volume, mute, input and output selection and adjusts channel balance. The amp is quite heavy and very solidly constructed, it's made from solid aluminium plate and weighs more than my new valve preamp! Some reviews: 6moons review the non-remote control version - identical sound. Dagogo reviews the B&R
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