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Found 17 results

  1. Item: One Redgum CD5-ENR cd player Location: Sunny Nanango 4615 Price: $350 Item Condition: excellent. Reason for selling: Has been sitting on a shelf for a long time, and I'm getting shorter and shorter on shelf space. Also, I've bought a Consonance droplet. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: It is a 2005 model and it contains a mitsubishi cd rom. Redgum players do not have remote controls or LCD screens and it is for this reason that I used the CD5 mostly as a stand alone DAC. It has a coax digital input. It has a very fast and detailed sound. Pictures:
  2. Item: Redgum CD5ENR 2005 model. Location: Nanango, Qld, 4615 Price: $450 firm Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: I have 5 cd players and need to cull a few. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Made with custom silver wiring for the first owner. This model does not have a remote control so I was only using it as a DAC. Very detailed, very energetic and very fast sound. No original box, will wrap securely before packing. Will also test play before sending. Pictures: Here is a pic of it sitting on top of the pre and mono-block amps I used to have.
  3. Item: Redgum Son of a gun sg 5500 Location: Perth Price: 450 now $400 come on this is a good thing, Item Condition: Perfect, i would say less than 5-10 hours use bought for mother in law and never used - however, cannot locate remote yet but will find no doubt as have just found picture to refer to. Reason for selling: See above - she has moved onto a jbl handheld blue tooth speaker Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: As new but at least 8 years old and has aged screws slightly but no scratches i can see and no use at all, selling without remote but will find in her house somewhere and send on now I know what it looks like. No original box but have loads of others it will fit in for safe postage, great entry level amp and looking it up becoming quite the collector's item. It really is a great intro into this mad hobby we call hifi. I listened to it with a 10k cd player and 10k speakers and it rocked for a few cds on Sunday. Grab this and the Dynaudio dm 2,7 i have for sale and a cd player or digital option and you have a great starter system http://adventureshifi.blogspot.com/2010/09/tale-of-two-amps-part-2-sonafagum-sg.html Pictures:
  4. Redgum Audio the Black Series 8pm Wednesday 18th April, visitors welcome. Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading Melway Map 48 Ref G9 Contact: 9437 1249 This month we welcome back Ian Robinson and Lindy Gerber from Redgum Audio. The last time we had them present at the club, they had just celebrated an audio milestone - 21 years in the Hi Fi Industry. Since then a number of new components has been developed, thus the product theme for the night: All things black and (mostly) small. The Redgum Black Series of components will comprise of the RGMP8 Media Player - $990, the RGDAC8 DAC - $990 and the RGi35ENR amplifier - $2000. All designed in Melbourne and assembled in China. To complete the system a pair of Axis VoiceBox S Mini-Monitors - $2500 - in a glossy black finish. The Media Player and DAC are designed to be hidden or stacked together on a hi-fi rack; they share the same size chassis and footprint. The RGMP8 Media Player is perfect for those who just want to play their files. This stand-alone media player automatically creates its own wi-fi hotspot, no internet connection or network required. It is designed to be used by someone who has little computer knowledge. Long before the term "Asynchronous" became widely used, Redgum CD players and DACs have been asynchronous from the first model. The RGDAC8 has been ear-tuned to be at least the match of the sonic quality of their top-line DAC. This 3rd generation model has become a Multi-format Hi-res Asynchronous USB DAC. The Black Series RGi35ENR is the 65wpc Integrated amplifier, purpose designed to power ultra-low speaker impedances, 95 WRMS into 2ohms with short term transients of 560watts. The Axis VoiceBox S Mini-Monitor with its 50mm Metal Ribbon tweeter has the sonic virtues to bring out the quality of the electronic components. This system has been presented in the U.S. at the Newport Show and AXPONA, receiving an Audio Oasis Award. Sounds like we will get to hear an all Australian quality system that won't put you in the black. Nick Karayanis Program Co-ordinator Ken Tripp Wise and Wonderful Webmaster Melbourne Audio Club, Inc. http://www.melbourneaudioclub.org.au
  5. Location: Brisbane : West End Price: 750 or realistic offer. Item Condition: Fantastic. One tiny little scratch on top cover Reason for selling: Bought another Amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: I've had this a couple years now and recently upgraded. Sitting in box in cupboard as of last week. I can courier as in original box but weighs in at 14kg and will only courier with insurance. I have absolutely loved owning this amp, but have just moved on and it needs a new home. Pictures: These are some older images. It has a bit more dust now. Item:
  6. Evening all, I am about to find myself the owner of a Redgum RGDAC8 and have a whole lot of questions to put to you knowledgeable bunch! I don't listen to much music on my main system (5.1 HT setup) but listen to a bit on my second system, sometimes just radio, sometimes streaming from a phone (iPhone) or laptop (MacBook Pro), or sometimes cd. My main question is whether it will make a difference to either system. The RGDAC8 uses Burr-Brown DAC's which are supposed to be very good, but so does my Yamaha DSP-A1 and Yamaha RX-V2300. My HT system has the analogue outs from my Panasonic Blu Ray connected to analogue inputs on the amp, which I believe bypasses the DAC and the lounge system is connected in the same way. So then listening to cd's via blu ray player I don't think it will be useful? I also have an AppleTV in the HT system connected via optical/toslink to the amp, so would using the external DAC improve things? I also have music (cd's put onto iTunes) on an iMac and MacBook Pro and my iPhone which can be streamed via the AppleTV, or I have an optical cable I can connect the MacBook Pro to either system and play music via computer if this will sound better than direct from cd. I can also connect my iPhone to either system and I suspect the RGDAC8 would improve listening, but given I have other methods of playing the same music why would I bother (i.e. will it be better than other methods)? Sorry if this is all basic stuff but I haven't used either system much for music and don't understand entirely how I can use a DAC to improve either system.
  7. Redgum, proudly Australian and a popular global audio brand knows how to put an ear-to-ear grin on audiophile faces. It’s giving away its new RGDAC8 DAC as a prize at this year's Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show. For details visit: http://hifishow.com.au/news/win-a-redgum-dac-at-this-years-melbourne-international-hifi-show
  8. Just came into possession of these.... I hear this is quite good. 6channel power and pre..
  9. Hi all, I am looking for any thoughts, experiences and information about an older Redgum RGi60 amplifier, it has the dual volume pots for the dual mono thing. I have found one for sale just around the corner and it is possible to possibly conduct an in-home audition with my current gear, but I am unsure about the brand and the capability of driving difficult speakers with only 60w per channel? The speakers are Paradigm S2 and I am thinking about replacing the new NAD C388 with something better matched to the speakers, rather than replacing the speakers at this stage. Any thoughts as to price for a used one or things to look out for would be appreciated. Also is it possible to use the red gum as a faux power amp given the dual mono layout and passive pre-amp stage? like could I just set the vol to max and then use a DAC/Pre to deal with the music? Thanks Dan
  10. I know sometimes it sounds like a bit of a cliché when people say "the picture does not do it justice" but in this case it is true. The system looks pretty good in the picture but the gloss and colour of the timber just does not come across. The Redgum stack looks 5 times better IRL. I wanted to start this review with a little background info since there isn't that much info out there regarding Redgum components (and I did a lot of googling!). For instance, I am willing to bet that while you can get a fair amount of info from the Redgum website about their choice of volume control (individual channel knobs or single knob) but did you know that you can adjust balance from the remote, and then reset the balance to 50/50 at the touch of a button? What about the fact that there is an info sheet stuck to the base of each piece of Redgum gear that includes not only the model number and year but also the name of the buyer and the details of any personal modifications they requested? So if you're buying second hand each piece of gear tells a story. My RGCD5ENR for instance was initially purchased by Tony Wright of Sydney and there is a note that he planned to remove the front panel prior to use. Now I don't know Tony, and I guess I'm not likely to, but having a name to assign to the player makes things a bit more personal. (I can deduce one or two things about Tony though, the first is that he obviously likes his music and doesn't mind paying for good gear, the second is that he is no fool, he has vibration dampened the case with two rows of blutak stuck to the underside of the top panel, cheap and effective, very nice!) I have said in the past that the design of the Redgum cd players is a little odd, using a cd rom as a spinner is pretty interesting cosmetically, philosophically and practically. I have to admit cosmetically it does make the player look a bit commonplace, it is a definite let down after that gorgeous timber faceplate. Philosophically it makes me wonder just how seriously I should take all the talk of other manufacturers regarding mechanism stability, cd clamps and custom error correction techniques when this player sounds damn good without any of the above. Practically I love the idea of a cheap and easily replaced mechanism, but the lack of a screen telling you what is happening is a bit of a bugger which is why I use my Consonance cd120 as a transport and the RGCD5ENR as a DAC. Another thing I wanted to mention, the RG175 mono-blocks have their AC power socket very close to their external heat sink so there is not enough room to use certain types of power cords. If your power cord has a thick, round plastic end just behind the three pin plug (as many expensive power cords do) then the heat sink renders it unusable. It isn't a big thing but it was certainly something I noticed as I couldn't use my custom power cords. I believe the newer model (since mine are 2007 vintage) has the heat sink mounted underneath so this is unlikely to be a concern. And last but not least, Redgum uses Philips remote codes, (as do Consonance and Myryad and many others) so I only need one remote even if I switch cd players. Yeah, I know it means nothing to most people out there but for me it leaves more room on the armrest for cd cases and chocolate wrappers and I really appreciate that. I'll get into the Pre and monoblock functionality next, and I'll put up a pic of that info sheet I mentioned. Edit: And here it is.
  11. I've mentioned the circumstances surrounding the appearance of the RGi35ENR at my place of residence over in the addicts guide thread (post #95 for those who are curious). I've re-posted the pics pics above from there, they are the only ones I've got and we can't have a review thread without a few pics. You know, sometimes I forget what it is that I’m looking for in an integrated amp. Am I looking for perfection? Well… sure… why not, but I’m enough of a realist that I’m not actually expecting to find it. Am I looking for extended highs (because I do like them!), sweet mids, natural mids, sexy vocals, deep bass… I could go on and on. But I think what I’m looking for is an enjoyable presentation, one that entertains. And I’m not really that fussy on the details (not until I put on my critical hat and reach for my clipboard anyway) I’m just after an amp that I will enjoy listening to, everything else is secondary. Most of the amps I’ve managed to get my hands on over the past few years have sounded pretty good, there were only really 3 that I had serious “lack of appreciation†issues with and it wasn't so much that they did things badly it was more that they did things in a way that I really didn’t like. Listening to them was still a worthwhile learning experience (even if I didn’t choose to do it for very long). I am happy to say that the ‘35ENR has provided me with another learning experience, and quite a pleasant one to boot. Now I’ve been sent this REDGUM RGi35ENR Black Series (by accident, or possibly due to the wish I made when I saw that shooting star last week) to add to my amp experiences and I am happy to say that I quite like it. It’s got the kahunas of a paratrooper, more bass than a guitar shop and enough honesty that it could never hope to get itself elected to parliament. All of these are good things, but I’ve come unstuck in the past a few times now where I’ve discovered that even though I thought an amp performed great in initial listening they turned out to have a serious flaw or two once I put on my chosen test disc and put pen to paper so, let us get down to brass tacks shall we? The cables in use for this test were Aurealis ICs from source to amp and REDGUM speaker cables. The source was my usual Consonance cd120 and the speakers were my Lenehan/ETI S2R stand mounts. The ‘35ENR is rated at 65wpc and sports some pretty decent power claims down into 2 Ohms, if you want all the details I suggest you check out the indiegogo link here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/redgum-black-signature-series-amplifier-project Or one of the SNA links, news here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/redgum-black-signature-series-amplifier-project And discussion thread here: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/66328-21-years-of-redgum-so-something-special-had-to-happen/ Highs: Triangle is bigger and bolder than ever with a longer ring out (or hang) time, trumpet seems to be ever so slightly smoothed/sweetened (so not quite as raspy as usual) but it retains its identity well (ie it’s still very distinctly a trumpet), Piano is similar, just ever so slightly less crisp and more sweet than I’m used to, not enough of a change to annoy just enough to indicate a distinct personality. This is the first time I’ve heard ‘slightly sweetened’ upper treble that I actually enjoyed. 7.5 Mids: I had a bit of a hard time coming up with words here, eventually I coined the phrase ‘naturally, neutrally, pleasant, and just a little bit mellow’ to describe the mid range presentation of the ‘35ENR. 7.5 Bass: Provides extra large helpings of Strong, Deep, Fast, Hard and Solid Bass. At lower volume levels the bass sits happily and unobtrusively in line with the top end and the mids but when you up the volume it really kicks in. At these higher volume levels it can intrude on the higher frequencies and hide some of the detail of them, however if you are listening at these volumes then it is unlikely that you would be seeking those details and more likely that you would be trying to drive your friends from the room (or possibly your neighbours from the street). There is a massive amount of bass on tap for an amp of this wattage rating. Very impressive. 7.75 (was to be an 8.0 but I marked it down 0.25 due to the occasional bass intrusion) Vocals: Very much the same as the mid range, the vocals seem to a bit understated but end up being very captivating all the same. The REDGUM doesn’t seem to exerting an influence over them in any way, they certainly aren’t sweetened, softened or smoothed, they seem untouched. An example of less is more maybe? It certainly makes the vocals very hard to score, I’m going to go with a 7.5 as I did with the mid range, but keep in mind that if ‘un-interfered with vocals’ is what you are after then this should be an 8.0 or 8.5. 7.5 2D Soundstaging: I have to make mention of this, the ‘35ENR has a massive level of channel separation, so much so that many vocals and instruments that I am used to hearing ‘smack bang in the middle of the speakers’ migrated to the left or right by up to a meter (for a few songs there I must have looked like I was watching a tennis match, my head was turning left and right so often). This is a pretty damn cool effect (IMO, obviously), you could almost call it ‘enhanced stereo’. Now I stopped giving scores for soundstaging a while back, and this is a pity because here the little REDGUM excels. If I was awarding scores this one would have to be a 9.0. 3D Soundstaging: Pretty much as expected, it would score somewhere between 6 and 7, maybe 7.5, which was a bit of a let down after the 2D result above. Overall Performance Integration: Loves its transients, puts out a very dynamic and solid performance that it is generally happy to let the bass take the lead in (at higher volumes anyway), the highs and mids can be surprisingly delicate and detailed at times but the amp does like to remind the listener that it really likes to emphasise its bass performance. This is one of those amps that loves everything to change, while it doesn’t mind nice mellow flowing music it absolutely loves big dips and crashes. In some ways it puts me in mind of a 20 year old with a new sports car, he’s always smiling but he’s smiling wider when he’s accelerating, braking or changing direction. 7.0 Ability to Emote: I’m going to split this in two here and award one score for the mids and highs and one for the bass. 7.0 (mids and highs) a nice light allure that slowly and gently drags you in, that naturalness speaks to you but it does it a bit slowly since it takes a little time to work out exactly what it is you are hearing. 8.5 (bass) Grabs you by the scruff of the neck, drags you to the end of the pier, wraps a chain around your left foot and then throws you (and the two bricks attached to the other end of the chain) off the end. Even if you are not a fan of it, you are definitely going to react to that bass! Electric Guitar Test: 7.5, very good but that natural mid range doesn’t quite let me hear the ‘feedback edge’ that I like. Luckily this score increases to 8.0 if you crank the volume over 85db. 80’s Rock Test: 7.0 Perfectly adequate but just not outstanding. I may try some other 80’s rock just to confirm. Comments: Another amp that is just that little bit different to most. It’s been a long time between drinks in my chosen hobby lately but at least I can say that those drinks have been ‘strong and interesting’ ones. Since REDGUM use a passive volume control I was expecting to hear some of that softening of the leading edge of notes that I heard with the ME240 (particularly when I ran it without a low impedance source) and/or the mellow liquid sound/effect of the Exposure 2010S2. I could hear it (to a lesser extent) with the REDGUM RGM175 system I had previously too, so it was pretty surprising to discover that it just didn’t happen with the ‘35ENR. Good stuff! In fact, there is very little about the sonic signature of this amp that reminds me about the RGM175 system that I had recently. Admittedly it was 5 years old and this amp is about 5 minutes old so that may well explain it. I will say that I like the ‘35ENR more than the RGM175 though, and I’m not sure that all of that difference can be said to be due to my ‘soft spot’ for integrated amps. I’m thinking those three initials make quite a difference. Another thing I discovered was that the amp is sensitive enough to easily display the difference between 2 DACs, I had the REDGUM CD5ENR hooked up and was doing some swapping back and forth between it and my Consonance cd120 and found that the character of the amp changed significantly when I switched between the two, the bass increased by at least 10% with the CD5 ENR, and was pushed out by 2 or 3 feet which separated it (in the soundstage) from the top end and the mids which seemed to stay where they already were, in between the speakers. Now I know the two players have quite different sounding character but it is rare to find an integrated amp that can display that change in character so vividly (if only they all did then there would be far fewer people walking around claiming that DACs don’t make a difference). That is a definite feather in the little REDGUM’s cap. All of this is about in line with what I would expect to get in an integrated amp in the two to two-point-five thousand dollar range (I’m talking Aussie dollars here). It certainly fits in with many other amps I’ve heard that sit in that price range. But… it isn’t in that price range… is it? OK, so now that I’ve typed somewhere around 1700 words about the integrated amp in question, how about I try it out as a power amp? If I wind the volume pots fully open then I can, and, to my way of thinking, if I can then I really should. And quickly, before anyone asks for it back.
  12. This RGM175 system was bought second hand from Redgum and is one model old so it does not have the big wavey underbelly heat sinks (a bit of a pity really because the current model with those heat sinks looks really cool!). Item: Redgum RGM175 System Location: Bowen Price: $3200 (including postage to anywhere in Australia, overseas postage is likely to be extra) Item Condition: Very good, refurbished by Redgum in May 2013 and sold to me with a 3 year warranty. I have confirmed with Ian from Redgum that the remainder of this warranty is transferrable so there you go, one 2 and a half year warranty. Reason for selling: Several reasons really, I have too many amps (OK, not really a good enough reason on its own, but it's true), I have a broken cd player that I need some cash to fix and I could use some $$ as Christmas is coming up. Sonically I think the Redgums are a little too similar in personality to my S2R speakers, for want of a better term the S2Rs sound a little 'woody' as do the Redgums and when you put them together it is a little too much of the same thing. I could see the Redgums working very well with speakers that are a bit on the bright side. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: See http://redgumaudio.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_75&product_id=71 for more info. Pictures: Note: The pics show the RGM175 with the Redgum cd5 on top, the cd5 is not included in the price and is not for sale! The RGM175 comes with 12 volt trigger leads, power cords, two remote controls, manuals and original boxes and packaging but the asking price does not include any interconnects or speaker cables.
  13. The original idea here was to perform a two way shootout between the Redgum and Burson systems but while I was waiting for the Burson gear to show up I managed to get my hands on the Exposure Classic 28 and Classic 21 components so why not make it a 3 way comparison? After all the more the merrier, right? I have resolved that, for the sake of this trio of tests, I will take every step possible to make the systems sound their best. The only parts of the system that will stay unchanged throughout is the speakers and the speaker cables, I will swap and change ICs and cd spinners as I deem necessary. Due to a bizarre condition that I can only assume is my own personal curse I have had 'issues' with each and every system here. In the case of the Exposure gear this curse manifested in two ways. The first was the fact that the classic 21 was shipped from the UK packed on its back (this is assuming that the 'this way up' stickers were obeyed by the posties) with no packing. Well, OK, there was actually plenty of packing but all of it was on top of the upside down preamp and so of little use. I mentioned this to the seller and he told me that it was packed by the idiot son of his brothers first marriage (or something of the sort) and offered to have the boy neutered just to make me feel better. I doubt that actually happened but at least he offered! Thankfully it has performed flawlessly so it obviously survived its crossing of half the globe in good condition. The classic 28 caused me all sorts of anguish, it gave me a "bass note of death" experience, it's hard to forget one of those! And when I got it back from the tech (who could find no fault) one of the channels failed within a minute. The details are available in a separate thread; http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/54890-when-a-power-amp-goes-bad-goes-dc/ for anyone who wants the details. The solution was to use low capacitance speaker cables, which means the expensive Lenehans and not so expensive but much loved LBP Taranuis are out of contention. So I am forced to use something different, I chose the massively thick (7 gauge!) Redgum cables and the 28 hasn't missed a beat since. 1. Exposure Classic 21 Pre and Classic 28 Power amps. These puppies RRP'ed at close to $5K each when new so I was hoping for big things. The Classic 21 has a TT that looks to be the same size as the ones in the 28, I am guessing 350VA. Not bad for a pre that will use about 25 watts at most, you just have to love that level of over-engineering! The 28 is a dual mono design so the two channels share a power cord and on switch and that is all, it's all separate after that, a TT feeds each channel. Almost monoblocks but not quite. I tried the Exposures with my now standard consonance cd120 and I have to say they sounded pretty crappy. There was too much of everything, too much mid range, too much bass and I had trouble hearing what was happening in the highs because there was too much of the mid range muscling in on it. Not really knowing what was going on I tried the Myryad Z114 and everything fell into place. The darker nature of the Z114 was obviously what the doctor ordered (is this a case of English gear being happier to work with other English gear I wonder?). It was all good after that! I tried Aurealis ICs from cd to pre and pre to pwr but it was a bit too much for the highs, I tried Lenehan Ribbonflex for both runs and it came out to be a bit too much in the mids, in the end I used the Ribbonflex for the cd to pre run and Aurealis from pre to pwr. That did the trick. And now the details. Highs: Emerge delicately from a background of black, plush velvet, the detail on display is very impressive. Softly played piano is the best I have heard. Trumpets are just the right mix of rasp and prap, triangle is maybe a little crystalline in that is has more tinkle than twinkle. 8.0 Mids: nicely sweet in a bit of a “glam rock†kind of way, very nicely expressed over the top of the bass not quite as much detail available as there is in the highs but that is ok as there just doesn’t need to be. The only solid criticism I can find here is that there is a distinct lack of ‘zing’ in the transients, the Exposures are much more analytical and correct than they are energetic. Even so, very, very good. 7.5 Bass: This is the region where the Exposures shine, strong, full, expansive and enough to fill the room to the point where it leaks out the windows. The bass usually has something of a calming effect on me when it is on display like this, it fills the room with a mellow thunder, so it can manage to be both calming and spine tingling at the same time! It also has something of a liquidity to it and you have to love Evanescence when the gear can fill the room with mellow, calming, tingling, liquid thunder! Oh yeah, can’t help but love it! 8.0 (and I reserve the right to increase that to an 8.5 depending on the results of the next two stages of this exercise) Vocals: Female: Beautifully detailed and expressive but more airy than breathy and not particularly sweet at all. Whereas some amps focus on vocals the Exposures seem to treat them as just another instrument which means great detail but a bit of a ‘loss of sexiness’ in the case of female vocals. Even so, there is something to be said for listening to artists like Amy Lee and Norah Jones with just a little bit of sexiness removed, they still sound brilliant but you appreciate them for being an artist rather than for being sexy or good looking or desirable. Made me not only appreciate the performance more but gave me a different way to look at things and that is not easily done. 8.0 Male: The same treatment that seems to remove a bit of sexiness from the ladies seems to add a bit of it to the guys. You can pick the changes in pitch presented by ‘big range’ singers like Freddie Mercury and Justin Hawkins so much easier than before. It even lets you pick a few small alterations in pitch in the voice of Mark Knopfler, which is not something I thought even occurred. So, in short, it actually does a better job with the boys than the girls. 8.5 2D Soundstaging: Channel separation and stereo effects are crisp and clear. For the purpose of this comparison I am setting the Exposures performance at 7.0 and I’ll compare the Burson and Redgum directly to that score. 3D Soundstaging: well controlled but a bit shallow due to its personality (see below). Setting this at 7.0 as well. Overall Performance Integration: Listening from afar, The Exposures give you a performance that is definitely in front of you, like a show on stage. It doesn’t try to draw you in to the middle of the music but lets you appreciate and judge from a slightly removed position. I must say that I have never heard anything quite like it before, which makes it hard to score, it certainly seems to be very good at what it does so I’ll give it a 7.5. Ability to Emote: A bit strange in the emotion stakes. Since it doesn’t draw you in and make you feel a part of or surrounded by the music but rather lets you watch the performance from a step back I’m going to have to score this one based on how effective I feel it is doing its job rather than how much it makes my spine tingle or my eyes tear up (not that that ever happens!) and since it does its job very well indeed that means it scores quite high. 8.0 Electric Guitar Test: Again very interesting. I started out with an 8.0 but marked it down to 7.5 on the second round due to a lack of ‘edgyness’ but had to bring it back up to an 8.0 again once I noticed an extra level of detail that was available in and behind the guitars sound and while I was trying to work out how much detail was actually there I noticed that it uses a sort of mid-range ‘reverb’ effect to give the guitar the energy that it should usually have from said edginess that I thought was lacking. Once I noticed that I just had to mark it up to 8.5. So it scores as well as the Burson, even though it gets there in a slightly different way. 80’s Rock Test: Excellent, very clear and yet not overly processed or artificially clean. That sort of ‘reverb’ effect is very good but not quite as good as the ‘edgy rawness’ that I expect from some of the big hair rock bands. So it comes in as the third or fourth best I have heard rather than second or first. 8.5 Personality Summary: Crisp sounds are amazingly crisp, excellent snap too but the overall effect is not crisp or snappy, more fresh, open and clear in the mids and highs and that wonderfully fluid, strong and all encompassing bass underneath. Sort of like a world class garden salad served on top of a triple layer mud cake! Right about now I am very happy that I took the punt and decided to add the Exposure gear to this otherwise two way comparison. Very happy indeed. Next up, a revised review of the Burson gear (assuming it needs revising, there's no way to know without having a long, hard listen!) And photos, several photos. Cheers, Cafad.
  14. Hi All! Rather than be on the outside looking in, it was suggested that (at the very least) I improve the male/female ratio of your great forum! At least you know my bias whatever I say. My systems of choice for the last 18 years have been (surprise, surprise!) complete REDGUM Stereo and then Home Theatre systems. My first exposure to Audio was with Heathkit and ONE Wharfdale (Times were hard back then .... cardboard box ... middle of the road! ...) I will admit to starting out with B&O, but then I was firmly guided into the realms of Hifi. No turning these ears back, especially when they had been immersed in the real thing (instrumental, orchestral and choral). Could explain why I got waylaid in Vienna for 6+ years, "living" in the Standing Room Only section of the Opera House. Am a touch blonde with forums hence my delay in cracking even this entry performance gate. Due to work pressures, I probably will only dip in from time to time. Happy to help in any way I can. At the least, I do know all about the WAF !! ) Cheers, Lindy-at-REDGUM
  15. I thought I might warm up a bit prior to starting my "power amps" mission. Since I have failed to convince the boys at Burson to produce a cd player (I tried to talk them into it via email but I don't seem to have been sucessful) there is only one company (to my knowledge) in Oz that makes a cd player and that is Redgum. Or at least, they sort of make a cd player in that they make a DAC and plug in a CDROM into the same case, I have wondered how well that could work for a couple of years now, but, I need wonder no more. I spotted a 2nd hand RGcd5ENR over the new year and completely failed to restrain myself. It arrived today and after a brief panic over it acting all DOA I managed to open it up and change the fuse. Things improved greatly from that point. Before I get into the serious sound stuff I have to say that this RGcd5 looks just awesome, that high gloss redgum facia looks and feels like it is made of ceramic it is so smooth and cool to the touch. The steel body is powder coated in gloss black and looks almost as good as the front facia board. The insides don't appear to be anything fancy, 2 separate power supplies, one for the DAC and one for the CDROM, and then the DAC and the CDROM. There is certainly no room to hide any fancy circuitry. No remote, no screen, and only line outs, a digital out and a digital in (it is billed as a DAC with cd capabilities after all) complete the features. For the last week or so I have been listening to my good old cd120, through the Burson pre into the Halcro power amp and then through Little Blue Penguins Taranui speaker cables to the ML1s (also using LBPs Papakaio ICs, in this particular configuration I have found I prefer them to the Redgums) and thoroughly enjoying the result. So the $3k Redgum cd player is up against a $1.2k Chinese player, so if you go by budget the Redgum should walk all over the Consonance. If you go by chips it's Redgums Burr-Brown PCM1702 20 bit chips (one per chanel) vs the Consonances Crystal Devices 24/192, the 1702 is an old favourite but there is a bit of an emphasis on the "old" in this age of fast moving audio and the CS is a much more modern chip. The Consonance also has quite a reputation as sounding much better than its price point while the Redgum doesn't seem to have much of a reputation at all, it seems to be seen more as a curiosity than an actualy player (due to its odd CDROM based design almost certainly). So how do they sound? Well I have to say that I really had no idea what to expect prior to this afternoon, I knew I had a good player already and I knew that I was loving the sound I currently had, so, keeping all that in mind I can say without hesitation that the Redgum murders the Consonance several times over! The Redgum has several times the depth of body and level of harmony that the Consonance offers, the highs are much more full and clear and the bass is noticably deeper and tighter. More impact, vocals that just tickle the ear drums tantalizingly and a faster, more fluid mid range. There was so much more in the instrumentals that was pushed to the fore by the Redgum and without compromising the vocals in any way. This is one hell of a player! I lost count of the number of times shivers ran down my spine, this Redgum really produces the goods. Just for giggles, I set it up as a DAC using the Consonance as a transport and then wired in the Consonance to the next input on the pre and did a little A/B listening. The Redgun seemed to be louder than the Consonance so I pulled out the SPL meter, set it to max hold, and played a little music. The overal maximum level of the music was only 1.2db higher through the Redgum but there was a much higher average sound level through the Redgum, as if it was replacing all the standard musicians with much stronger, faster and more enthusiastic musicians. Some people talk about being able to tell the difference between DACs and how hard or easy it may be, well I can tell you that I think these two "DACs" are massively different and would be pretty easy to pick in a blind test. Now all I need is someone willing to turn the pre selector switch while I listen. I'll post some pics tomorrow, I'll even leave the top off the Redgum and the cage off the CDROM power supply, just for the curious. Cheers! Edit: My mistake, the Consonance cd120 DAC is a Cirrus Logic CS4396, not a Crystal Devices chip at all. Edit again: Pics added. Love that polished wood!!! The CDROM power supply is on top of the CDROM for good reason. After I changed the fuse (and what a bugger of a fuse it was to get to) and flipped the on switch, and it worked, I wasn't game to touch it again. I'll put it back together again, but I have to go fishing first. My feet are attention seeking primadonnas in many ways, they insist on being in at least one shot in every post. And a close up of the DAC board, looks simple doesn't it?
  16. FS: Redgum Integrated Amp RGI 60 ENR (Signature) Item: Redgum Integrated Amp RGI 60 ENR (Signature) year 2008 – serial number 7304 0407 060836 Location: Sydney Price: $1,125 including $25 donation to SNA (Half new price rule of thumb) - negotiable Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: I’m loyal to Redgum and just upgraded to RGI 120 ENR which is basically very similar to 60 ENR but with a little more grunt when it occasionally comes to transient/dynamic and the like, but that’s the diminishing value law. Website info: http://redgumaudio.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_73&product_id=65 60 ENR is almost equal to RGI 120 (Redgum wouldn’t recommend you to upgrade from 60 ENR to RGI 120 anyway as there’s not much improvement). The final test report when new (2008) is continuous RMS 129 watt per channel into 8 ohm and short term RMS is 267 watt per channel into 8 ohm. Test result is included in my Owner’s Manual. The new price was $2,400 in 2008 but is dropped now to $2,250, hence I adopted the half current price rule. Try before you buy for a few days can be arranged (potential buyer to pay for shipping). This is the best way to make sure this very affordable amp really makes your current system sing, or audit at my place is welcome at weekend. This amp drives my ProAc tablette 2000 and Tannoy 638 floor stander easily and beautifully (with Sapphire North Star CD player). Shipping interstate would be around $35-$40 I think. Pictures: Refer also to the website link above.
  17. Item: Redgum Sonofa'GUM 5500 Integrated Amplifier Location: Clayton, Melbourne Item Condition: Very good - 4 months old Reason for selling: Upgraded to a Rega Brio R Price: $500 $450 including postage Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I purchased this unit direct from the Redgum eBay store last November. It has been paired with Monitor Audio BX2's, Usher S520's and Wharfedale Diamond 9.1's. With each of these speakers, the entry-level Redgum lived up to its reputation of delivering incredible slam and weight for the price - it's really energetic. Being only 4 months old, the unit is in very good condition, although there are a few points worth mentioning: The paint-job on the top of the unit is a little splotchy, see last pic below. The unit's casing had a slight bow from the factory, which meant it didn't sit completely flat. I ended up fitting a small washer between the case and one of the feet which has fixed the issue. Apart from that the unit is in great condition. All original packaging and accessories are included, and the unit is still under warranty. Here's a review by our very own Mr Darko: http://www.digitalau...rated-amplifier Pics:
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