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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I've been looking at adding a headphone setup to my bedroom system, and was just curious about which of these setup configurations people think is best, or if there's an alternative that's better, and if so why. Current system Amp: Marantz PM8006 (has a headphone jack, but not a dedicated headphone stage, if that's the right term) Sources: Marantz CD6003, SL1210mk2, Chromecast Dac: Topping D50s Headphones: currently Audio-Technica ATH-A700X, although they're really only the headphones that I bought (ages ago) to have headphones. I'm looking for a headphone setup that will help me drive a wide range of headphones, not just these. The Chromecast and Bluetooth are run through the D50s - everything else is RCAs to the PM8006. Headphone Setup Option 1 Just plug the headphones into the headphone jack on the Pm8006 (this is how it is currently, and the A700Xs sound a bit hot and spitty vs how I've heard them sound with other amps). Headphone Setup Option 2 Buy a dedicated headphone amp and run line level audio out to it from the PM8006's Rec Out (i.e. the PM8006 becomes a very large input switcher when not using speakers). Headphone Setup Option 3 Buy a dedicated headphone amp to run off the D50s DAC (like the Topping A50) and just listen to digital - i.e. run the CD player into the coax in on the D50s and forget about vinyl on headphones (not my first preference). Headphone Setup Option 4 Replace the PM8006 with an integrated that has a dedicated headphone amp - i.e. any of the the higher Marantz models ($$$$). Thoughts?
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations fora pair of headphones and a headphone DAC and AMP (or combo DAC/AMP) for around $1,000? (Can be more or less) Bonus if that price includes a decent mic too. Thanks! Usage is generally PC gaming/YouTube basically, with occasional music. Have a HTS in a different room with good equipment for movies and music etc, plus console gaming.
  3. A search of the Head-Fi subforum gave no results for "commuter". So there might be room for a thread on tips and fails relevant to daily travel, whether by bus, train, tram, or executive jet. Not hot: Beats headphones. $20 of parts for a product that costs 10 times as much. Not value for money, nor is the reproduction accurate. Also they break. A lot. Tip - find something else. Anything else. Spend more than 3 minutes on your audition. White earbud headphones. A personal dislike is white earbud headphones because they leak sound really really badly. Today on the train I listened to the radio news through an iphone. The owner of the iphone was sitting in the seat one over from me, a complete stranger with an empty seat between us, and he had his white earbuds in. I heard the broadcast due to leakage. Hot: I didn't expect noise-cancelling headphones to work. They do, at reducing or, for some sound, eliminating noise below 1000 Hz. Such as the sound of air conditioner vents. I'm happy with my Sennheisers. Koss earbuds at the $150 mark. Excellent reproduction.
  4. Heyhey. Been a while since i've considered upgrading anything in the HT, but I think it's time for some slight adjustments. Current gear: Panasonic TH-P58V10A Yamaha RX-V1900 Jamo E660 (Fronts) Jamo E6CEN.5 (Centre) Jamo E600 (Surrounds) Jamo Sub-250 Sony PS3 Foxtel IQHD I think it's time to give all three front speakers a rest & replace them with some of noticeably higher quality, whilst re-utilising the Front (L/R) as the new Surrounds. I'd also like to recycle the current Surrounds (& stands) & use them as channels 6 & 7 when required (though, they'd be stored away in the rear corner of the room when not in use - ie. most of the time). Layout: The open layout of the house means I have a total open plan area (including the lounge, meals & entrance) of 8.5m x 5m, but the lounge is about 3.5m deep x 4m wide. http://i.imgur.com/REDh0mM.jpg (Side on, long) http://i.imgur.com/yVS8q7D.jpg (Front) http://i.imgur.com/FbbySST.jpg (Side on, short) http://i.imgur.com/wgW9g6d.jpg (Rear) Initial issue will be the Front Centre speaker upgrade, as the replacement will be much deeper than the current speaker. Being deeper means I won't be able to use the swivel base currently under the screen - which is essential for watching from the meals/kitchen. This may force a wall mount of the plasma, which I haven't looked into - i'd want a mount which is fairly future proof - that'll be able to hold the weight of larger screens when that upgrade approaches. Added benefit of wall mounting will take care of a current annoyance where the lower left of the screen is blocked by the Front Left speaker when watching from the meals/kitchen, as seen below: http://i.imgur.com/AfYjU3m.jpg (Swivel) Front Mains i'm currently considering are Aaron ATS-5, though, I haven't demo'd anything yet. I'd need a list of potential candidates to take into a local (N-W Melbourne) HT specialist store. Nearest to me are the 'Big Picture People' - Any opinions on this mob?? Any glaring problems with what i'm considering? Maybe something i've forgotten? & any speaker/wall bracket/HT retailer recommendations would be excellent. Thanks.
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