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Found 23 results

  1. (This discussion, has been migrated from @Sir Triode's Affordable Ultrasonic RCM from Poland thread.) This project was inspired by @EV Cali's DIY machine & advice from biochemist guest110 on Audiokarma. Based on the same 6L China-made Ultrasonic cleaner tank (avail on ebay.au), with a bit of engineering input, we rigged up a simple & affordable-to-manufacture prototype, using sheet stainless steel, a locally avail inexpensive rotisserie motor (same as @EV Cali's), a rod, spacers & a couple of record clamp nuts. here's the prototype running..... Cheers, Owen http://darklanternforowen.wordpress.com/
  2. folks, considering an ultrasonic record cleaner... of the more affordable variety... I am not planning to spend on one costing the same as a turntable. And with more than my own share of home projects going on and plenty on the to do list no interest to be dong anything DIY in this regard. So what are folks experience with Affordable ultrasonic record cleaning machines of the non DIY variety ... theres this nobsound one on amazon - any thoughts or experience ? nobsound on amazon dont want to get one and find a waste of cash ? last thing world needs is more land fill any good experiences with anything out there (non DIY - please and affordable)
  3. Item: Okki Nokki MKI MKII RCM (White) Location: Blue Mountains, Sydney Price: $520 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: EDIT: This is a MKII and not a MK1, as I first thought. This means it is manufactured in China (not Germany) and has a plastic instead of metal wand. Apologies for any confusion caused ! For sale is a MK II Okki Nokki record cleaner, purchased in 2014 from Krispy Audio. Included in the sale are wands for 12” and 7” records, a clamp, and dust cover. The cover and 7” wand are additional purchases and retail for $115 and $75 respectively, and the 7" wand is unused. The dust cover is a must IMO, as keeping dust from a RCM is pretty important ! The unit has seen mild to moderate use, and there are months where it’s barely used. For anyone not familiar with the Okki Nokki, it is a wet - vacuum cleaning system, and works by first agitating debris from the record as it rotates via a brush placed along the grooves. After a few rotations (the unit has forward and reverse) the wand vacuums the liquid away, leaving you with a clean and hopefully crackle and pop - free record. It can’t perform miracles and fix a record retrieved from a dumpster, but for gunk, mould, fingerprints etc... it does a good job. And with the debris and detritus new records come with, it’s a good idea to clean everything, not just 2nd hand purchases. Your needle will thank you. A few months after I received the unit, it had an issue with the vacuum cleaner which was easily fixed by a fuse replacement and was a common problem with this model. It has been trouble - free ever since. The original brush is long gone, so you’ll need to grab something suitable. There are plenty of options, and of course you’ll need to arm yourself with a record cleaning concoction. I’ll also throw in a back - up set of spare velvet strips, which attach to the 12” wand and should be changed about every 50 records. Shipping is possible as I have the box for the unit, however I don’t have one for the dust cover and so preference is given to local pick-up. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: RCM Sensor 2 Phono stage + Kuzma Stabi-S Turntable (with PS2 speed controller) + Stogi-S Tonearm + Lyra Delos Cart Location: Mount Martha VIC, 3934 Price: RCM SENSOR 2 = $3800 - SOLD (TT still available) KUZMA STABI-S TT + STOGI-S tonearm + PS2 Upgraded Power supply + LYRA DELOS MC Cartridge = $6750 (comes with free perspex dust cover, as per photos) Package Deal: $10K (RRP for this setup is approx 15K. Please note I prefer to sell this whole package COMPLETE) Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: Have purchased a new car and need funds for that. Payment Method: Cash on Pickup or Bank Deposit. Paypal is my last preference and you will need to pay an extra 3%. Preference given to local pickup VIC buyers. I can send interstate at buyers expense, but very much prefer not to because of risk of damage. Extra Info: I bought these last year from Sonic Purity in May 2018, so this gear is approx 1 year old. The sale is somewhat regrettable, however I have other priorities now. The RCM Sensor 2 phono stage is magic and extracts every detail from the Cartridge while giving strong bass. (Has Furutech Connections, and external latest power supply) There are many reviews online about the phono stage and many who have heard it will confirm its high reputation. It has a multitude of loading and gain options. https://sonicpurity.com.au/store/phono-stages/rcm-sensor-2 The Kuzma Turntable is equally amazing in sound and build quality. Latest 2018 30mm thick platter! https://sonicpurity.com.au/store/turntables/kuzma-stabi-s It has the upgraded power supply which means you don't need to change pulleys etc to change the speed. The speed controller has a digital display. It comes with Stogi-S tonearm, and LYRA DELOS cartridge. (has had little use, but is run in. I honestly don't know the hours) Those who know this cartridge can tell you that its super detailed in the high frequencies and still has gorgeous midrange and strong bass. Cartridge azimuth has been painstakingly set up by Rom at Sonic purity, using computer software. I look after my equipment with a lot of care and live in a smoke free / pet free home. Auditions are welcome at my home only for SERIOUS BUYERS. Upon sale I always make donations to SNA. Thanks for watching. Cheers, Paul. Happy Easter to all. Pictures:
  5. I bought this machine while my Audio Deske RCM was still operational. What interested me was that it looked like it had been built by people who really understand vinyl and the record cleaning process. It is built by the Chinese company Amari which turns out to be a company with substantial engineering capabilities. They make a range of turntables ( sold under the brands Hanss Acoustics and Amari) , a number of different record cleaning machines ( including an Audiodeske clone ) and they also do OEM production and engineering work for other audio companies. The RW-800 is not fully automatic but it is the fastest record cleaning system I have come across. Along with other machines that can dial in ultrasonic power and cleaning duration, it is capable of producing some of the best results that can be achieved from ultrasonic cleaning. My Audiodeske takes around 7 minutes to complete a basic cycle which includes 1 minute ultrasonic cleaning time, the rest is drying. I usually extended this to 2 minutes cleaning so the cycle was typically 8 minutes overall. With the RW-800, I use a standard 2 minute cleaning and adjust the power depending on the degree of cleaning required. Drying time is just one revolution of the record because it is vacuumed from both sides simultaneously . Of course with a fully automatic RCM. you can leave it and walk away and it will dry the record automatically. Except that with the Audiodeske if i left the record too long in the machine after the cycle had ended, there would be moisture condensing on the record which had emanated from the close-by wet rollers. Ultrasonic cleaning in progress. The record is turned by a direct drive motor in the support column and operated by a switch. Vacuum drying from both sides simultaneously - Just one revolution will do it. The machine weighs around 35 kg and is big. It has an industrial quality feel about it and you can quickly clean a few records in a row in no time. The tank is designed to be emptied in situ and Amari provide a tube system to direct the waste into a container. The cleaning and vacuum waste water is released via valves operated by switches on the front. Every component in the RW-800 is easily serviceable which is a welcome change, but there is little that can go wrong with it and the vacuum system has been proven through thousands of units already sold in the company's range of RCM's. I bought this at the same time as another Perth SNA member and we paid around $1500 each for the machine delivered to our doors. $280 of which was air freight from the Singapore dealer where we bought it from - this is a big , heavy unit. The dealer has visited the factory and was very helpful - useful in view of the very basic English manual provided with the machine.
  6. Item: RCM Sensor Prelude IC Phono stage with Furutech upgrades Location: Melbourne. Abbotsford or Camberwell Price: $1590 Item Condition: 9/10 used but petty much mint Reason for selling: Upgrade! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is an amazing phono stage. I have enjoyed it very much. Am only selling as I have upgraded. Will drive pretty much all cartridges. Has plenty of gain. Many loading options, see pictures. Bang for buck this is the best thing you could give your analogue system! Boxed up and ready to post if required. Pictures:
  7. Item: RCM Sensor Prelude IC Phono Stage with Furutech upgrades. Location: Canberra Price: $1900 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Simplifying setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: Highly regarded phono stage capable of retrieving the finest detail out of moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. Many positive reviews online. Very adjustable. RCA and XLR outputs. http://www.10audio.com/rcm_sensor_prelude_ic.htm Pictures:
  8. Item: RCM Sensor in Black (1st owner purchased new from PMG), includes the furutech upgrades which were an option Location: Richmond Price: SOLD (current RRP $4995) Item Condition: Excellent, purchased Oct 2016 Reason for selling: Currently reassessing priorities in 2018 and need cash 1) Baby expected early May 2) Moved to smaller apartment (reason for advertising my CH2 - large speakers) 3) will be working overseas in China for a chunk of time this year Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%) or DD Extra Info: Anyone who knows this phono stage will know it is flexible, adjustable for many MC and MM configs, and is simply a great sounding solid state phono amp. Retail link : https://sonicpurity.com.au/store/rcm/products/rcm-sensor-2 Pictures: Photos to come tonight
  9. Item: Okki Nokki RCM MK2 with Dustcover Location: Toowong, Brisbane, Queensland, 4066 Price: $550 $490 + Shipping if required. Item Condition: Perfect condition, hardly used. First owner. Reason for selling: Unused. Payment Method: Paypal, EFT, COD, etc. Extra Info: A fantastic machine. I spend a lot of time on the road at the moment and I've been focussing on my digital gear, so it's simply not getting used. I think someone else would get much better use from it than I do. Purchased from Europe new around 2 years ago. It has only cleaned 100 - 200 records in its life. Includes plenty of pre-mixed solution and the best squeeze bottle for applying solution to records. I also have plenty of triple-distled water if you want to pick it up. Happy to ship at buyers expense. Pictures:
  10. Item: VPI 17 Record Cleaning Machine Location: Mornington Peninsula Price: $1000 OBO (will deliver free to Melb Metro) Item Condition: Very Good (but lid does have small cracks where it was cut) Reason for selling: Selling record collection and will not be needed moving forward Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: VPI Model 17 RCM VG condition cleans records beautifully. Has a 2 direction rotation so very dirty records can get a good scrub, auto pump and brush works perfectly. Spare brush included, will supply Cleaning fluid F.O.C as well if bought and delivered locally. Interstate sale/ delivery may be a challenge as the unit is heavy and I would need to look at the logistics involved. Please note I will not send cleaning fluid via Post or Courierr etc Pictures:
  11. I'm on the lookout for a secondhand record cleaning machine but they seem to be both rare and pretty expensive in Australia (I'm from the UK). I can get my hands on a Moth MkI in the UK for less than AUS$500 but the postage is likely to be very prohibitive. Does anyone have any tips on where to look in Australia (apart from eBay which has very little) for a similar quality machine (Moth, VPI, Okinawa Nokki etc)? Cheers
  12. It seems that the Chinese company trading as "Amari Acoustics" has been busy. Here is an ultrasonic RCM available in China at the moment. They also do an Audiodesk clone but I think it is only a matter of time before this particular one is "badge engineered" and sold more broadly around the world. Price is around $1600 USD in China. Amari make a range of decent turntables sold as "Hannss Acoustics" in the West. They also make this RCM - which seems to be an improvement on the VPI /Nitty Gritty style of product and is sold under a number of brands.
  13. Hi, I've been getting loads of old records from op shops and salvos, and many of these require a good basic clean. I know the sky is the limit when it comes to record cleaning machines, and I'm not about to spend big bucks on a super duper vacuum washer. My question here is specifically regarding those vertical trough based sets like the Spin Clean and the Knosti Disco-antistatic cleaner, both of which have been on the market for some time, the Knosti, especially was said to have been around since the 1970s. These are selling at about A$140, and the running costs of both are very low. I'm seeking first hand experienced users' comments on these machines. Can you let me know if you think: 1) yes, they really work, ie, they do clean the records, but albeit not as well as those super expensive vacuum based ones 2) no they don't work at all. The audible dirt is still there after washing 3) worse, they actually contaminate good records by adding more dirt from the collection in the solution Thanks in advance for your responses.
  14. I think its time to replace the brush I got with my KAB EV-1 RCM, which is a velvet pad type. So from experiences, what are the better types of brushes to use with RCM? The velvet/microfiber type brushes like Disc Doctor, or the bristle type brushes like Osage or VPI?
  15. Sweeeett! And another great one.
  16. Item: DIY record cleaning machine project Location:Marrickville / Enmore, Sydney Price: $70 OnO! Item Condition: well it's a project, either buy the parts or take the whole thing, (just moved it to the shed as the Mrs hit the roof at me buying yet another RCM) Reason for selling: bought a Kiwi Record cleaning machine at last, lazy, this one has no motor, purely manual, could attach one but never did.. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: just want it gone, too many RCM's, buy it before I rip the VPi parts out (hardly used, no noticeable wear) and dump the stand, unsure whether to keep platter, motor housing (just using as a manual spindle, not strong enough to keep spinning while vacuum is running) included is just the table itself, not the cool Damned picture disc, not the weight/clamp, (you will need something to help spin the table, hockey puck's are popular with these manual machines, or make something..similar) or the vacuum cleaner, can tell you my secret recipe for fluid but it's the same that others use.. (sorry for the delay in posting the pictures) Pictures:
  17. Preferably with Furutech update. Thanks.
  18. Item: The Disc Doctor MIRACLE RECORD CLEANER w/brushes and spare pads KIT Location: Perth WA Price: $75 firm pickup, (+ at cost postage for the rest of Australia). Item Condition: Opened and made up near 1 litre of solution, brushes slightly used, spare pads un-used. Reason for Selling: I have a homemade solution now, and an RCM. Payment: Paypal, Bank Deposit, Or Cash on Pickup Extra Info: Boxed, instructions, price list all included.. everything you see. I know many on the forum are fans of this fluid, and the brushes. But as they are not available locally, you have to pay to import them. Thought you would appreciate the chance to buy some ready-to-go-fluid from Oz. The near 1 litre bottle (946ml to be exact) has been made up with demineralized water, and about a 100ml poured off into the smaller bottle to test cleaning with it. I guess I did about 10 records with it. The remainder of the small bottle was then emptied back into the larger 1 litre bottle. from Primyl Vinyl Exchange Newsletter: "We'll get to the cleaning fluid momentarily- I've got to say up front that the Disc Doctor's Brush is simply the best designed device for cleaning records I've ever seen or used." ........ "This simple procedure cleaned the records marvelously." "Manual cleaning is effective and economical, especially for the occasional new acquisition. .... If you want to clean your whole collection (and you will, when you hear the improvement), you'll still want a machine. The manual procedure is easily adapted [to machine use]....." "I've cleaned several dozen records with the Disc Doctor system, and I'd find it hard to settle for less, let alone a CD version of a vintage performance. Even records previously cleaned by other means were improved.... We're talking increases in clarity and definition not unlike a cartridge, cable, or pre-amp upgrade in many instances. And the stylus stayed clean. A "Miracle Record Cleaner"? Perhaps not, but then I haven't located a reliable source for distilled Holy Water yet, either. What does seem miraculous, in this day of overpriced tweaks and magic dots, is discovering a state-of-the-art product, affordably priced, thoroughly engineered, and invaluable to both the impecunious collector of obscure recordings and the affluent audiophile with a reference quality system." - PVXam Grades- Performance: A. $ Value: A Bruce Kinch, Editor, Primyl Vinyl Exchange Newsletter Vol. 1, #5, 1996 (617) 739-3856 pvx@ultranet.com P.O. Box 67109, Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 reprinted in Positive Feedback, Vol 6, # 5
  19. Finally picked up a new Audio Desk RCM today after much research and deliberation between various systems. I do not want to debate the merits between this and vacuum based systems as the primary criteria that I had was ease of use and automation to allow me to clean several thousand records. Whilst the unit was only fired up this afternoon, I have managed to clean several records, some new, some old, some relatively clean and some that are unplayable. First impressions are simply amazing. The AudioDesk has resurrected several records that where in the 'throw out' pile because I thought they cannot be saved. Even 'newer' records benefit from a spin through this machine. Needless to say, it is money well spent on improving 'the source' of my music more noticeably than any other upgrade I have made. Thank you to everyone who has posted to my queries that assisted me in making this decision! Cheers, Abe
  20. Would also consider Okki Nokki depending on asking price
  21. Hi All, Don't want to start another record cleaning thread, spent the last hour wading through all the different opinions on here. Just want to know has anyone had any experience with the PHK RCM http://www.maquinaphk.xpg.com.br/models.html Seems to be the cheapest on the market, anything else out there in this price range? I am considering the DIY route. Website is abit dodgy, based in Brazil, have to order through a hotmail address etc. Thanks
  22. Item: Spin Clean Record Washer Mark 2 Location: North Ryde or Castle Hill Price: $100.00 Item Condition: As new in box - Used once to clean a couple of records Reason for selling: Upgrading to automatic RCM - Over 1000 records to clean! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal Extra Info: In box as new. Happy to drop off if north side or hills district Pictures:
  23. Hi all Figured I'd share with stereo.net.au folks the cleaning deck I've thrown together. The legs were from an old office drawer thing, cut a piece of chipboard (not ideal) and fixed to the top. Mounted/salvaged a platter/bearing from an old all-in-one turntable thing which was beyond repair. Bought a pair of the VPI 16 to 16.5 upgrade kits. I know, could have saved myself about $10 here but it's all they had in stock where I was buying. Why a pair? Same reason I have a pair of brushes, one brush/pickup for alcohol and one brush/pickup for the distilled water rinse. My cleaning solution is a homemade mix of roughly 10%-20% isopropyl to distilled water. I say roughly, because it varies - I know I'm staying in a safe range but I'm really mixing to a roughly marked line drawn on the side of the bottle I keep it in. Brushes are a pair of paintbrushes - they're a little harsh but do a great job. I do notice ultra-light fuzzy lines in the dead wax after cleaning if I'm too rough - but it's a battle between actually dislodging embedded chunks of whatever or being ultra careful and not actually doing much. I'll probably replace the brushes, but as long as I'm careful with them they seem to work good without leaving any noticeable damage. What I am noticing is a static buildup after cleaning. Thicker, nicer pressings seem to be much in this regard - those really thin RCA Dynaflex pressings come out perfect. I've noticed that keeping a wet brush on the record for about 80% of each vacuum cycle seems to help but not eradicate this problem. Anyone have any suggestions? I've been thinking about getting some sort of anti-static gun for a while now but have heard mixed reports ranging from "essential, must own" to "useless, does nothing". Or should I even try grounding the platter? I'm getting excellent cleaning results - too bad they're immediately going the opposite way after cleaning.
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