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Found 14 results

  1. Item: Q Acoustics 2050i Floorstanding Speakers Location: Balwyn, Vic Price: $575 $525 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, No boxes so local pickup only. The towers are heavy at 25kg each. Happy to do a bundle deal with the matching 2000ci centre speaker incl as shown in last pic.
  2. Item: Q Acoustics 2050i Floorstanding Speakers Location: Balwyn, Vic Price: $575 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: These speakers come with grilles, port bungs, plinth spikes and plinth rubber feet. Local pickup only as no boxes.
  3. Item: Q Acoustics 2020i and 2000ci LCR Bookshelf and Center Speaker Location: Kew, Vic Price: $180 for 2020i/$130 for 2000ci OR $300 for all 3 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Prefer local pickup but can ship at buyers expense.
  4. Item: Q Acoustics Concept 20 + Cyrus One + QED XT40 Speaker Cable Package Deal - Speakers Available Gloss Black and Gloss White Location: Sydney, Will Post Price: $2300 - $2250- (Current Individual Selling Price $2846) Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: Package Deal Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, ZipMoney Interest-Free Extra Info: Q Acoustics Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers - Gloss Black or Gloss White https://www.customht.com.au/q-acoustics-c-20-concept-20-book-shelf-speakers-pair-gloss-black.html Q Acoustics Concept 20 Stands - Gloss Black or Gloss White https://www.customht.com.au/q-acoustic-concept-20-speaker-stands-pair-black.html Cyrus One Integrated Amplifier https://www.customht.com.au/cyrus-one-stereo-integrated-amplifier.html 3m QED XT40 Pre-Terminated Speaker Cable Pair https://www.customht.com.au/3m-qed-xt40-pre-terminated-speaker-cable-pair-qe1452.html This is a fantastic sounding package with the looks to match. We can customize this package to suit your needs or also provide a turntable, cd player or Bluesound Node2i Streaming Unit for next level Tidal MQA playback. Pictures:
  5. Item: Q Acoustics 3000 Series Speaker Range Location: Sydney - Ship Australia Wide Price: 3010 = $260 3020 = $350 3050 = $850 3070 = $400 3090 = $290 Including Delivery Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: Concentrate on new 3000i range Payment Method: Paypal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, ZipMoney Extra Info: We're looking to clear out remaining Q Acoustics 3000 Series Stock to concentrate on the new 3000i Series. Most Finishes Available: 3010 Bookshelf - Gloss Black, Gloss White, Graphite, Walnut 3020 Bookshelf - Gloss White, Graphite, Walnut 3050 Floor Standers - Gloss Black, Gloss White, Graphite, Walnut 3070 Subwoofer - Black Leather 3090 Center - Gloss Black, Gloss White, Graphite, Walnut Pictures:
  6. Item: Q Acoustics 3010 Location: Canberra, ACT Price: 160 with stands, 130 without (can post in the original box) + post Item Condition: 7/10 Reason for selling: No longer being used Payment Method: Pickup or post - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fee or as friend and family) Extra Info: Well used and these do have a few light scratches and some marks from cleaning or moving them over time unless you look at them in the right light, it isn’t noticeable. I removed the rubber grommets on the bottom to mount the speakers to the stands but it looks like I’ve lost them. Drivers are in perfect condition. Grills are included and are also in great condition. Stands have a few scratches and some marks but it’s only on the bases. They look fine otherwise. I have two systems with speakers and don’t have any more living spaces so these need to go. Pictures:
  7. Item: Q Acoustics C20 Concept Bookshelf Speakers - White and Black Location: Alexandria NSW, Can deliver. Price: $500 - Down from RRP $699 Item Condition: Brand New Reason for selling: We are currently overstocked in this model and to make room for some new products. Payment Method: Paypal, Credit Card, Pickup - Cash Extra Info: What Hifi Awarding winning and 5 star rated bookshelf speakers. https://www.whathifi.com/q-acoustics/concept-20/review Can be viewed online (PM us for stereo.net pricing) Black - http://www.customht.com.au/q-acoustics-c-20-concept-20- book-shelf-speakers-pair-gloss-black.html White - http://www.customht.com.au/q-acoustics-c-20-concept-20-book-shelf-speakers-pair-gloss-white.html We also have the matching speaker stands and centre speaker, if your looking for a package deal send us a PM and we'll see what you can work out for you. Specifications Enclosure type: 2-way reflex Bass Unit: 125mm Treble Unit: 25mm Frequency Response: 64Hz - 22kHz Nominal Impedance: 6ohm Minimum Impedance: 4ohm Sensitivity: 86dB Recommended Power: 25 - 75w Crossover Frequency: 2.9kHz Dimensions H/D/W mm: 265 x 282 x 170 Weight: 12kg Sold in: Pairs Finishes available: Lacquered Black Gloss / Lacquered White Gloss Warranty: 5 Years Pictures:
  8. Item: Q Acoustics Concept 500 Location: Perth, WA Price: $4400 firm Item Condition: New - Purchased January 2018 Reason for selling: Caved in to a set of Sonus Faber Amati Homage Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am listing these for a family member who has just upgraded speakers. The Q Acoustics were only delivered new in January 2018 and obviously present as brand new. All packaging included so courier is possible. Fantastic loud speaker than has won a ton of awards and praise since hitting the market last year. Inspection and demo available. Reviews https://www.whathifi.com/q-acoustics/concept-500/review http://www.hifichoice.co.uk/news/article/q-acoustics-concept-500-floorstanding-speakers/25543 Specification Frequency Response 41 Hz - 30 kHz Average Impedance 6 Ω Minimum Impedance 3.7 Ω Recommended Power 25 - 200 W Distortion (120 Hz - 20 kHz) 0.2 % Crossover Frequency 2.5 kHz Pictures:
  9. Hi all, This will be my first semi-dedicated theatre room! Room dimensions are 3.8m wide by ~6m long (approx due to bay window) with 2.7m ceilings. In the picture attached blue = sofa, yellow = projector, red = screen and green = speakers. Screen My main question is on the screen size and drop required, it will be a motorised screen so how do I know how much drop I will need to get the screen at the right eye level? The projector is about 4m from the screen (BenQ W1070) and I would like the screen to be around 3m in width which should result in a 120" image, I am going with 16:9 as I mainly stream movies. Does anyone have any recommendations on a value motorised screen with sufficient drop? This will initially be a fairly budget setup so budget for screen is up to $400. Speakers I currently only have the fronts, Q Acoustics 2050i in gloss white, due to this my thinking for surrounds and centres were Q acoustics 2010 and 2000 respectively though it is getting harder to find these anymore in gloss white (anyone have any second hand one they way to get rid of???) From reviews this would be a fairly solid speakers setup, can anyone think of any other decent surrounds and centres that would match the 2050 in sound and visual appearance? I was also considering just getting the Q Acoustics 7000i setup for the area and leaving the 2050's for stereo music duties (record, spotify) in the living area, not sure if they will be good enough to really wow me though. Amp Not looking for anything amazing, 5.1 is fine but with a bit of future proofing on board (7.2/HDR,4K pass-through etc.) would be nice and enough power to drive the speakers. Any recommendations for a decent low end amp, I will use Chromecast to get the signal to the amp/projector. Budget up to $500. Thanks for any help or advice you can provide me, I will put a post in the wanted section as well though being based in South West WA its hard to get any gear second hand.
  10. Item: Q ACOUSTICS 7000I 5.1 HOME THEATRE SYSTEM BLACK Location: PRESTON Price: $930 WAS $1799 Item Condition: EX-DEMO GREAT CONDITION Payment Method: CASH / EFT Extra Info: COMES WITH FULL MANUFACTURES WARRANTY Pictures:
  11. Item: Q ACOUSTICS Q M4 HIFI SOUNDBAR 50% OFF Location: PRESTON Price: $400 WAS $799 Item Condition: EX-DEMO IN EXCELLENT CONDITION Payment Method: CASH / EFT Extra Info: WHAT HIFI PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2014 / 2015 / 2016 Pictures:
  12. Item: Q Acoustics Q-TV2. Attaches to the back of a flat screen TV for improved sound.Location: Annandale, Sydney.Price: $200 + post. Originally had an RRP of $800. Can now be bought for $400. I am selling for half that.Item Condition: Very good. No Issues.Reason for selling: NLRPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info: Great unit that attaches to the wall mount holes on the back of a flat screen tv (may not be suitable for newer LED models). This model is suitable for 32-42inch TVs. Once attached all you see from the front are 2 discreet speakers at either side of the tv. Excellent for small confined spaces or you are unable to connect tv to a hifi system. Sound quality is very good. As good as a decent 2 channel audio system. But obviously not intended to provide 5.1 surround sound. Many positive reviews. See here. or here Features: 100w 2.1 Stereo system Ultra-slim, vibration-free subwoofer 'BMR' drivers for wide sound dispersion One size fits all Adjusts to fit any 30" to 42" screen Plug and Play Simple to connect No speaker cables required 3 x EQ setups to suit environment Easy to use Uses existing TV remote Auto standby when not in use (with low power consumption) Auxiliary Input Connect an iPod or other personal audio player Digital 'Lip-Sync' adjustment Satellites Speaker type: Sealed box with wide dispersion Drivers: 2 x 15w 3cm x 12cm Balance Mode Radiator Frequency Response: (+/- 3dB) 180Hz - 20kHz Power: 25Wrms per satellite Subwoofer Speaker type: Force cancelled bass reflex with dynamic EQ Drivers: 4 x 15w 3cm x 12cm bass driver Frequency Response: (+/- 3dB) 50Hz - 180Hz Power: 50Wrms Pictures:
  13. Just like to get some input with regards to the speaker set up which will be mostly used for movies in a lounge room (3.7m x. 3.2m with no wall on one side) I’m planning to buy Denon 2200W + 5.1 Speaker. Budget for the speaker is around $1K. Based from my online searching seem Q-Acoustics is a value for money in terms of overall performance, I manage to come up with the following speaker setup 1. QA 2000i 5.1 speaker package - $823 (including shipping) 2. QA 2000c ($99 x 5) + 2070s sub $329 =$862 (including shipping) 3. QA 2000c ($99 x 5) + svs PB1000 ($900) = $1.4K Between 1 and 2 which one is better performance wise? Will there be any bad affects using a center speaker as LRS for set up 2 and 3? Will 3 be overall better? I might consider bringing up my budget if this the case.
  14. Hello, So I am in the final stages of setting up my new home theater room. Thus far my product choices have been a set of Q acoustics Concept 20s to allow for hifi listening. For their price they could be beaten. I am matching these with both the Q acoustics 2010i and 2000c for rears and centre to match them sonically as was recommended in the forums and by the guys at the hifi store, all of which are powered by a Denon ARV-3312 which is more then enough to power the drivers. Now the final piece is the sub woofer. Is it best to go with the Q acoustics 2070 so that it all matches or shop around for something else? My budget is $700 however there is some room to move. Cheers
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