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Found 10 results

  1. Item: 2 Beyonwiz HD PVR's (DP-H1 & DP-Lite) Location: Ascot Vale, 3032 Price: Free to good home - donation to SNA, I will leave it to your conscience Item Condition: OK Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup only Extra Info: I have had these for a while with them sitting in sotrage for the last few years. I have no use for them so thought they might be of use to somoene else. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. This unit is in excellent condition, performs flawlessly. Always kept clean, in pet-free and smoke-free environment. Comes with original remote which is also in excellent condition, and copy of Owners Manual. Original RRP $599 TECHNICAL DATA Twin Tuner HD Digital Video Recorder 500 GB Hard Disk Drive 60 Hours HD or 250 Hours SD Recording Capacity Simultaneous Recording and Playback Record 2 channels while watching a 3rd channel 1080i / 720p / 576p / 576i Video Resolution 16:9 Full Screen, 4:3 Letterbox & 4:3 Full Screen Auto & Manual Channel Search Multi Picture Display and Zoom Easy One-Touch Recording Time Shift and Time Recording 8-Day Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with Timer Tag Recording Closed Captions & Teletext Auto & Manual Channel Search Dolby Digital Optical Output Channel Sorting by Alphabet 16 Favorite Channel Groups Selection of 12 languages HDMI/YUV/S-Video/CVBS Outputs Ethernet Port for Internet Connectivity USB 2.0 Interface for MP3 Playback, JPEG Viewing and Firmware Updates Multi-Speed Fast Forward / Rewind DVB-T, MPEG-2/MPEG-4 Compliant Teletext/Subtitle Auto Voltage (AC 100 - 250V) SMPS Support MEPS (Minimum efficiency performance standard) Compatible with Icetv Electronic Program Guide Pick up is preferred from St Kilda 3182 with cash payment. Will post interstate. Please send me your post code and I will reply with exact postage cost to your destination. Please also check out my other items for sale here!
  3. Curious if anyone knows/has this experience. Two callers today on my radio show noted issues with fast forwarding on recordings on their PVR on the new 9HD Mpeg-4 channel. Curious if anyone knows if this is DRM related, is fast forwarding something that MPEG-4 broadcasting can prevent? Or is this more likely a case of PVRs getting confused by the recorded content and failing to FF when requested? I have NFI! TL
  4. Guys, I have the above for sale in good condition, some light marks on the case. The unit has seen little use while the remote and wifi adapter are unused as I used a Harmony remote and wired LAN. Included: Magic MTV3700TD PVR running non Freeview firmware (great for AFL as it has 30 second skips enabled) Power supply and cable Wireless dongle Remote control Original Box This has been a great PVR for the time we have had it, twin tuner, 1TB hard drive and fantastic picture quality. It is now surplus to our needs. You can flash the PVR with Freeview firmware if you prefer that. Great thread on the PVR here: http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php/t...arrived-today/ Pick up from 3163 (Carnegie) is preferred but can post at your expense. Looking for around $200, but feel free to make an offer. Thank you
  5. Hi All, I'm selling my personal Humax 4Tune PVR. It's in perfect condition and only 6 weeks old. Have box, manuals etc... Reason for selling: Building a new PC Media centre. RRP is $699. Selling for $390 firm. Melbourne pickup preferred. http://www.humaxdigital.com/au/products/product.php?gid=494
  6. Hi everyone Selling my Topfield TF7100HDPVRt 320 GB Twin Tuner PVR. Excellent quality, no issues in use at all. Retailed for $899. Unit is in good condition, with some superficial wear on the buttons and minor scratching but otherwise completely functional. Very responsive compared with many current PVRs I've tried, good signal quality, good upscaling and also the option to pass through the native signal which few current PVRs have. Will also throw in a 10m antenna cable. Looking for $150 ono. Features include: - Composite, component and HDMI output including upscaling to 1080i - SPDIF coaxial and optical and stereo audio output - Ethernet connection for FTP server - RS-232 serial port - USB port - MP3 playback For more details, see the manual here: www.topfield.co.kr/data/download/TF7100HDPVRt-Aus-8215e.pdf See reviews here: http://www.cnet.com/au/products/topfield-tf7100hdpvrt/, http://www.avhub.com.au/index.php/Product-Reviews/Sound+Image/topfield-tf7100hdpvrt-personal-video-recorder.html Pickup from Highgate Hill, 4101 or Mansfield, 4122. Happy to ship at the buyer's cost but pickup preferred. Have the original box, remote etc but no receipt. Let me know if you have any questions!
  7. We have recently purchased a SONIQ E40W13A. We have it linked to a Topfield 2460 (for the children). We are having a hideous time trying to locate any codes for the SONIQ so they can use the Topfield remote with the TV. Any suggestions/solutions would be appreciated.
  8. This may seem old hat to most of you, but christmas saw santa bring us our very first digital flat screen TV. (40" special from Dick smith), and all because I wanted (needed) an Apple TV. The rest of the HT system is : (new) Apple TV with HDMI out AV - Cambridge Audio Azur 540 (lovely sound but only 1 HDMI input which is set to a single HDMI output ) PVR - Humax PVR Smart (SD only) DVD - Marantz 4200 The AV powers a Klipsch centre speaker, B&W DM330 fronts and Interaudio surround speakers Previously the AV put all the video output through s-video cable into a Philips CRT. All was easily controlled through the CA with a single remote. All was wonderful. Now we are waging war with an army of remotes, multiple independent sources, odd image sizing on the TV and a page long list of what to switch where, to watch what we want. The DVD and Humax come through the AV channel, (no s-video available) and apple TV through HDMI. The image is significantly framed through the AV input. After some research I think these are my options forward: 1 Replace the Humax and Marantz with a single BDP / PVR (with twin HD tuners). This unit should also have HDMI in so the apple tv can be incorporated into the mix. The unit then feeds into the CA AV's HDMI and through to the TV (HDMI input). Source selection is controlled via this unit not at the AV level. 2 replace the AV with an HDMI based AV unit which can then switch between any input - Humax, DVD, Apple TV and output it through HDMI (or whatever ) to the TV. Either option also needs to incorporate upscaling (ie. to make the picture fill most of the screen). I'm leaning towards # 1 - it will give us pause TV on all stations / access to Bluray discs / record HD TV. But it does seem a waste of otherwise good working components Gentlemen, et al. Are there any other options ? / thoughts ? / considerations ? Ralph :confused:
  9. Hi guys, I have an older model Topfield which does not have HDMI and which has just stopped working through the suppied connections. It does work with the 3 usual video / audio cables however. I am looking at updating this for a unit that has the following features if possible. Blue Ray Player (Region free updatable if possible) Twin HDD recorder with at least 500Gig capacity plus the ability to add / change HDD later if required. Wifi or ethernet built in so I can copy content across from my HD in the study. This needs to work without any proprietary software supplied by Samsung / LG / Panasonic etc as I wish to merely copy content (Videos / music / photos / Youtube etc) rather than get locked into pay for service add-ons. USB connectivity for other content. HDMI connectivity to an Onkyo Receiver or Sony TV. I don't have a 3D TV so this is not an issue right now but may prevent future obsolescence if included. I'm on a budget so about $400-$500 is my top price but would prefer to snag a once off bargain for about $300 if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to buy? Thanks in advance. Prog.
  10. G'day. Apologies if this is the wrong spot, can't seem to find anything similar so I'm just gonna plonk it and hope someone either has an answer or can move it to where it'll get an answer. I recently got hooked up to VAST. The set top box is an Altech UEC DSD4121. Frankly it's brilliant, compared to the disaster that was our previous tv reception. My question is this:- I see there is available a PVR consisting of a new remote and decode whatsit. It seems it is incapable of recording a program whilst watching another channel. This doesn't seem entirely helpful, so I'm wondering if anyone has any clues on how to set up mythtv or something similar so I can record one channel whilst watching another? Also, is there a more simple way to send the signal to another tv, so the kids can watch what they wish (instead of old fart news), without having to install another set top box? Cheers, appreciate your time.
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