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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys, I have been given a second wireless PS3 headphone set as a gift. The giver did not know I already have these. They are great as both wireless headset and wireless headphones and work on both PS3 and PC ... Although 7.1 via PS3 only, stereo for PC The microphone is particularly good and I have used these a couple of time to record podcasts as it sounds better than the $300 Yeti Microphone I used to use. As headphones they a also very good for wireless ones and the ear cups are bigger than on many, so it really is an over hear solution ... Many others I have tried squash part of my ears ... These are comfy. The are currently at JB for $150 http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/game/ps3/ps3-sony-wireless-simulated-7-1-surround-sound-gaming-headset/658293 I'm happy to pass these on for $90 including postage. PM any questions.
  2. Item: Sony PS3 CECHC02 60 GB model with 3.55 version firmware Location:Adelaide, Price: $355 (it suits the firmware version 3.55) Item Condition: Excellent - no issues using it Reason for selling: No longer required. I have an OPPO for SCAD and Blu-Ray duties Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, Direct debit Extra Info: Can post RARE Sony Playstation 3 - 60 GB Model (Backwards Compatible) with controller and running rare 3.55 version firmware needed for SACD ISO rip. This is a well sort after model due to it's ability to play PS1,PS2 & PS3 games and play/read SACDs. Model Number: CECHC02 (which includes native SACD support) Hard drive is included (60GB), Console is in good cosmetic condition (few minor scratches on lid) The console has been extensively tested and working fine and repaired from YLOD by expert service centre where it was purchased by another SNA'er just over 5 years ago. I acquired it a few months later and have had no operating issues with it. Not used for gaming, just spinning SACDs. Benje Pictures: to come
  3. Item: Sony Playstation 3 Console, Games & Accessories Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $350 250 + pp Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (family and friends, or add surcharge) Extra Info: Available for sale is the following: - Sony Playstation 3 (CECHA00) 60GB Console from Japan (but this runs straight from 240v without requiring a transformer). - Firmware is 3.41 so it is compatible with the SACD ripping software (see https://beathau5com.wordpress.com/2015/07/28/sacd-ps3-ripping-guide/). Great to save and backup your existing or coming SACD collection direct to DSD to play through your awesome DAC. - Interface is in English - Can play SACD natively / DVD-A / regular CD's and backward compatible with PS1/PS2 games (NTSC) - 2 DualShock 3 Controllers with USB charging cable - Sony component and composite cables (HDMI cable not included can be used) - Power cable. PS3 Games: - Street Fighter IV - Final Fantasy XIII - Winning Eleven Soccer 2008 - Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - Winning Eleven Soccer 2010 - Virtua Fighter 5 - LittleBigPlanet - Ridge Racer 7 - Enchanted Arms - Valkyria Chronicles - MotorStorm - Resistance Available for pickup in Melbourne CBD (preferable) or post at your cost. Pictures:
  4. So iv been reading through some of the threads in this section, and almost didn't bother posting after seeing some of the amazing gear out there. but i thought i should at least post after searching for KEF in here without getting a single hit.... i might have something to add after all. so with apologies.... here it is.... I have: KEF XQ Five mains in graphite.
  5. Item: Sony PS3 (CECHA00) with old Firmware for SACD ripping Location: Forestville Price: Donation to SNA Item Condition: Not working Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: I bought this to perform SACD ripping. It has the right model and the software version to perform the rips. However, it is NOT WORKING. The disc drive slot loader fails to accept a disc. Comes with one controller. Have been asking for other friends to rip for me, and now there is a solution for Oppo players that I have been using. So if you want it, come get it. Otherwise I'll put on Gumtree in a week to have it go. Pictures:
  6. Item: Logitech Harmony 1100i Universal Remote Control with Playstation 3 Adapter Location: Sprinvale 3171 or Melbourne CBD Price: $200 Item Condition: 9/10 pet free and smoke free household. Reason for selling: Non use. g/f and I were too lazy to program this beast. Payment Method: Cash on pickup, bank deposit for interstate mailing postage at buyer's expense - registered post is compulsory. Extra Info: Find out more information about this product here: http://www.logitech.com/en-au/product/6378 Package Contents Harmony® 1100i remote control Charging station USB cable AC adapter Lithium-ion battery Installation CD Quick-start guide Features guide Pictures:
  7. Does anyone know if any of the recent PS3 models are region free for DVD? There is a PS3 Slim and new look PS3 'super slim'. Appreciate any info!
  8. Anyone used the new PSN store? I updated it last night and found it horribly slow to load and navigate, and a little confusing to search through the screens Hopefully this improves, and there are some positives like the telling you the DL sizes right away and FINALLY telling you what DLC packs are for what games without having to guess One step forward, but one step back perhaps?
  9. Last night, my long awaited package arrived in the mail - containing Yakuza Dead Souls, Silent Hill HD and Silent Hill Downpour. I have been getting less and less excited about the HD collection after I found out how horrible the port job has been, but was really psyched to pop in Downpour. Cue obligatory 5Gb install... sigh Im about 2 hours into the game, so certainly there are no spoilers to report in this thread yet - but I have found an eerie feeling of returning to something very familiar when the game proper started. The opening scene is brutal - and is that way because there is no context - you have no reason to do what you do. There is some throw away dialogue that doesnt go far enough to explain your action, so I will assume that more about this scene gets explained later on in the game. Hopefully it also goes along way to explain why your character, Murphy, is in prison. Murphy, along with some other inmates, are being moved to another prison (I assume, its very vague) and are involved in a bus accident. Everyone is missing and for some reason your handcuffs are gone. For a while I was thinking "plot hole" but then this detail was acknowledged by another character, and while it wasnt explained, it at least made me feel better that the writers hadnt overlooked it. Your first task - find a way across the tram car and get some new clothes. I've made it as far as getting across the tram car - navigating through a garage and an abandoned motel/diner. I've met a few interesting characters - the mailman who talks in riddles and the amusement ride worker who laments the 'good old days'. The only enemy I've seen so far is "The Screamer" - a banshee style female character who uses a scream to paralyse, then attacks with a windmill-style swinging action. Easy to counter, easy to kill. I admit, the hair on my arm stands up when I see them - they are creepy and they fit into the universe really well. The water motif is something that I really hope is explored. Usually, games use "fire" as their element - something seen to be cleansing and creating a new hope. So far in SH:D, the water is being used to clean, but not to cleanse. A few times the game has used water to indicate that things are being "washed away" - there is nothing here to indicate a new beginning, there is no redemption here. Murphy doesnt seem to want to be free of his past, but he does want to wash it away (we see that when he decides to change his clothes, not to clean ones, but ones covered in blood - and when he takes an interest in a vintage car). The water is a strong element, especially during a scene in the cafe where the water pressure is used to open up a new door. The 'otherworld' is also awesomely realised. The fantastic effect of changing to the otherworld is handled really well - it still has that metal and steam feel to it, that industrial look, but now there is water in places adding to the elements. The chase sequences are also quite good and add to the atmosphere. They are new to the SH franchise, and I think they are welcome. Also, now this might just be the cafe scene, but the otherworld location didnt follow the map of the real world - for example long stair cases and massive rooms that dont make sense if you look at the map. I like what Varta did here. Another new addition, which is very subtle, is the fact that Murphy looks frightened when he is in otherworld. If you move the camera to close up on his face, you can see a look of fear and confusion. Excellent detail there Varta, well done. So far none of the puzzles have been challenging. Grab a key from there for that lock. Use the kettle to steam a window for the combination for safe - that kind of thing. The 'free ticket' mini game is done quite well, however I am not a fan of the balance sections - I'm just thanking god that Varta decided against using six-axis for that bit! There is also a few nice fan service bits in the game - in the cafe section, for example, putting a coin in the jukebox plays the music from the movie/first game. But there are some annoying bits too. Save points are now at certain locations in the game, and the thing is they cause some serious lag as the game is saving while you are still playing. At times the frame rate takes an absolute hit (to 0 in some sections) as the game seems to be 'loading' the section. This pause in the game completely threw my orientation off a few times to the point where I started going back the way I came! And some mild screen tearing too! For a PS3 game this is unforgivable, especially after witnessing things like Uncharted 2 - I'm wondering (not really) if the X360 version is better. This has a very Alan Wake feel to it, which so far is good enough for me. But I think the real game, the guts of the story if you will, will start when I reach Silent Hill. I cant wait to get there, I'll send you guys a postcard. Loving every second of this. Welcome home my friend.
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