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Found 3 results

  1. PART 2 (with Link to PART 1) here PART 3 is also here Please see Part 1 , 2 and 3 for all details around donation to SNA, sale conditions, postage costs, payment options etc and all the other titles STILL available. Now, here's the latest quality batch: LIVING COLOUR - TIMES UP promo LP VG+/VG+ Promo copy (sticker on label) in really nice condition $25 SIMPLE MINDS - NEW GOLD DREAM 1981 - 1984 – marbled translucent silver/gold LP – US press VG+/VG+ Before coloured vinyl was really big news again (ie. 2010 onwards), this one was a seminal piece of 80's mastery of the medium. Big, bold and vivdly colourful, just as it should be. Very hard to find outside of the States. Sounds terrific. $60 SOULWAX - ANY MINUTE NOW (PIAS) - 2LP European pressed 2004 original. VG+/VG+. Not ever repressed and an essential record. Having released two great albums in the 90's and then having loads of fun with 2 Many DJs afterwards, the brothers have created a record for the ages here. With high production and great arrangements, this album can played at home or the club. 2 x OIS and just a little damage to one label on Side 2, with two very clean and lovely pieces of wax. $60 AIR – Moon Safari French original 1st pressing VG+/VG Very sought after true 1st French pressing, originally mastered by 'Nilz at the Exchange' (in the deadwax) and with everything sweet. The vinyl has some scratches and has some light noise, but really, not too bad (return it if you are unhappy of course). Great sounding LP and virtually impossible to find and import one in this condition from o/s for less. $70 The SUNDAYS - READING WRITING AND ARITHMETIC LP UK pressing VG+/VG+ Perennial faves of hipster, 90's fans and shoegazers alike. This UK original 1st pressing is everything that was good about RT in the 90's. Got everything. $45 PHIL COLLINS - HELLO I MUST BE GOING – USA press LP - US VG+/VG+ Great sounding US original. $18 ROLLING STONES - DIRTY WORK LP - AUS VG+/VG+ The Stones at their most...colourful? $20 PAUL KELLY - GOSSIP – (2LP) NZ - VG+/VG+ Whenever you find this title in good condition, you should grab it, as more and more of these disappear into private collections never to return. Essential Paul Kelly, still sounding fresh and relevant. Cover, contents and both discs are in immaculate condition. $50 MIDNIGHT OIL - 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 NZ LP VG+/VG+ Lots of these original Townhouse mastered pressings about, but so very few in pristine condition. This one is. $20 WALL OF VOODOO - SEVEN DAYS IN SAMMYSTOWN LP US VG+/VG+ Another 80's album that was pressed in low numbers and is very tough to find in this condition. Original US press too. Andy Prieboy on vocals. $25 END..
  2. Hi SNA Members, We have decided that we will offer our new trade ins, consignment stock and clearance items to SNA members first for a 14 day period before putting the items on our website etc. Magico V3 loudspeakers Make a Reasonable Offer (consignment stock owner must approve any offers made) Bowers & Wilkins 802 Diamond $21,000rrp. Call for price (taken out of box for a show and then repacked, full manufacturer warranty) SOLD! Bowers & Wilkins CM10 series 1 wenge $5,500rrp. $4,125 (ex demo) SOLD! Bowers & Wilkins CM9 series 1 wenge $4,000rrp. $3,000 (ex demo) Sold! Bowers & Wilkins 684 series 1 black $1,700rrp. $1,275 (ex demo) SOLD! Opera Quinta cherry $6,899rrp. $3,999 (new in box) Opera Mezza $2,299rrp. $1,399 (new in box) Castle Winchester cherry $1,075 (trade in) EAT Eflat turntable $7,895rrp. $3,000 (ex demo) no cartridge Funk Firm Little Super Deck turntable $2995rrp. $2,200 (ex-demo) no cartridge Rega Planar 2 black $200 (trade in) SOLD! EAT E-FLAT turntable $3,700 (ex Demo) no cartridge SOLD! Funk Firm Saffire III turntable $10,800rrp. $5,800 (ex Demo) no cartridge Burmester Rondo integrated amplifier 70 watt per channel polished finish $3,300 (consignment) Lyngdorf TDAI-2200 integrated amplifier 200 watt per channel black $3,000 (consignment) Conrad-Johnson CT5 composite triode preamplifier $3,000 (consignment) Unison Research S9 30watt per channel pure class A tube integrated amplifier $7,500 with brand new set of valves (consignment) EAT KT88 matched quad diamond valves $1,995rrp. $1,100 (clearance) EAT ECC-81, ECC-82, ECC-803 & ECC-88 values. Call for further information and price (clearance) EAT Cool Dampers for ECC valves $40rrp. $20ea (clearance) Bryston 7BSST 600watt mono amplifier black $12,800rrp a pair. Trade in price $7,995 a pair Bryston BP-26 pre-amplifier black $5,748rrp. Trade in price $2,999 Unison Research DM 160 watt two channel power amplifier $3,999 (ex demo) $6,199rrp. ex demo price $3,999 SOLD! Unison Research Upower power amplifier/booster $3,600rrp. ex demo $2,499 SOLD! Unison Research P70 70watt push pull tube integrated amplifier $9,699rrp. ex demo price $5,799 Unison Research P40 40watt push pull tube integrated amplifier $6,399rrp. ex demo price $3,799 Unison Research Performance 40 watt class A tube integrated amplifier $16,000rrp. ex demo price $10,990 Unison Research Primo 80watt integrated amplifier black $2,799rrp. ex demo price $2,100 Unison Research Secondo 100watt integrated amplifier silver $4,000rrp. ex demo price $2,600 Audio Physic Yarra 2 centre speaker cherry $1,350rrp ex demo price $650 Audio Analogue Paganini silver CD player with box $3,099rrp ex demo price $1,850 Unison CDE CD player black with box $4,999rrp. ex demo price $2,500 Acoustic Energy Pro AE22 Active studio monitors $2,499rrp a pair. Consignment clearance price $999 a pair Please contact Michael on 02 9899 9079 or castlehill@sydneyhifi.com.au to secure any of the products offered or for more information! Interstate delivery can be arranged at an extra cost.
  3. Hi SNA members please find listed below some of our current pre-loved items on offer! The products listed below are available for inspection but not audition. The components were traded in full working order and will be sold with all faults if any. The ME amplifiers were owned by a single customer and have not been advertised elsewhere at this stage! I have provided web links where available for your further information, however feel free to contact us with any enquires. ME-555 3X100watt power amplifier, Great condition with manual no box $1,600 (not high Cap) PRICE DROP! ME-550 series I 2X100watt power amplifier, Great condition this unit has a series II front facia and has the original packaging plus documentation $800 (not high Cap modified to work with any pre-amp)(SOLD) ME-550 series II 2X100watt power amplifier, Great condition and has the original packaging plus documentation $900 (not high cap) (SOLD) Cambridge Audio 650C CD Player black with Box $150 (SOLD) Denson B420 Silver with Gizmo remote black $1,500 for both EX demo Audio Analogue Paganini silver CD player with box $1,850 EX demo Unison CDE CD player black with box $3,000 EX demo with warranty Arcam AVR-400 AV receiver grey with box $2,000 EX demo with warranty Arcam CD-37 CD player silver with box $1,950 EX demo with warranty Toshiba HDEX1 HDDVD player $100 (SOLD) AMC 3025 2X30watt integrated amplifier no remote $100 Yamaha A-S700 2X90watt integrated amplifier black plus Yamaha CD-S700 CD player black combination with boxes $850 for the two items Vienna Bach Grand loudspeakers with boxes $1,500 the pair Vienna Beethoven Baby Grand with boxes $3,000 the pair (SOLD) Martin Logan Motif active centre speaker with box $2053 Brand new with warranty Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Mini iPod dock (30pin) with box $355 EX demo with warranty Chord Signature 1.8 meter full range speaker cable with spades both ends $500 the pair Rega SC42 3 meter full range speaker cable with gold Audioquest bananas each end $200 the pair Please call us on 02 9899 9079 or castlehill@sydneyhifi.com.au with any sales enquires, we are happy to help!
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