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Found 25 results

  1. Item: 15V power supply Location: Adelaide Price: $50 Item Condition: Good, some minor scratches on the top.. Reason for selling: I bought 2 then realised it had 2 outputs 🤦‍♂️ Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: I had noise issues with my Pro-ject turntable and tried all sorts of things. Found running 15v from battery worked fine and then a friend suggested these. Worked a treat in cleaning up my hummmmmmmmm. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: SOtM sPS-1000 Linear Power Supply Location: Brisbane Price: $550 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Cash Extra Info: This Linear Power Supply will suit low power devices that will benefit from a clean DC power supply. This is the standard version that can be matched with DAC's, computer music servers etc. Please see below for power specs. Can be collected in Brisbane or shipped in original packaging at buyers cost. Photos:
  3. Has any one tried different power supplies with the Qutest dac?
  4. Item: SOtM sPS 500 Location: Sydney Price: $550 + Postage (RRP AU $750) Item Condition: Excellent (9/10) Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used with my SMS 200 Ultra. An excerpt from the manufacturers page: The sPS-500 is an audio power supply designed specifically for high performance audio. It is built to eliminate noise generated by powered devices as well as to simply remove noise coming from an AC power source. Using SOtM’s unique technologies for noise cancellation and sound enhancement, and high quality audio components that are already proven in sound quality, you will hear superior sound improvement with the well-designed sPS-500. The sPS-500 can easily cope with a wide range of AC power input – the output voltage can change to 7Vdc, 9Vdc, 12Vdc or 19Vdc depending on the power specification of your audio equipment – and the 50W output is flexible enough to be applied to various audio systems. It is also designed to provide more stable power through the input, output, overcurrent and overheat protection circuits. A few reviews from the web: https://audiobacon.net/2017/11/18/sotm-sms-200ultra-network-audio-player-sps-500-power-supply-review/ https://www.audiostream.com/content/sotm-sms-200ultra-mini-network-player-and-sps-500-power-supply Pictures:
  5. Item: iFi Power supply, 5V version Location: Kingston 7051 Price: $85 + Postage Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: iFi power supply. 100 - 240VAC 5V, 2.5A Various adapters for both AC and DC. "Active Noise Cancellation" "1uV noise floor" Suits Raspberry Pi with included adapter. Pictures: Actual Item with packaging
  6. Item: M2Tech Youngdac with Palmer PSU Location: Albany WA Price: $1500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased about a year ago as an ex demo from a European Audio outlet. RRP $3500 with blue led on dac. Minimal usage, superb sound and detail. Will be sent in original boxes with spare battery, USB and umbilical cord. Many reviews on net like these. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/hi-fi-accessories/m2tech-young-dac-963645/review http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/m2tech-young-dac-and-palmer-power-supply-tas-223/ SPECS & PRICING Sampling frequencies (kHz): 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384 (frequencies above 96kHz not available on TosLink; 352.8kHz and 384kHz on USB only) Resolution: 16- up to 24-bit (S/PDIF, AES /EBU, optical), 16- to 32-bit (USB) Inputs: Two S/PDIF (RCA and 75-ohms BNC), one AES /EBU (XLR), one optical (TosLink),one USB (USB female Type) Output: Unbalanced on RCA jacks Output voltage: 2.65V RMS Dimensions: 5" x 2" x 5" Weight: 2 lbs. Price: $1499 with red LEDs, $1599 with blue LEDs; Palmer Power Station, $1100 USD Pictures:
  7. Item: Transformers Location:Newcastle Price: $150 for the three Item Condition:Used Reason for selling:No time for project Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Look at the pictures, a very nice mains transformer with values clearly marked. Two output transformers for a 120W push-pull designed power amp. Pictures:
  8. Item: Naim Hicap DR Location: Artarmon Price: $1,700 + postage if required. I prefer cash on pickup or bank transfer but will accept paypal as friend. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Gone integrated Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info:This is my hicap that I purchased new from Audio Genesis a Sydney dealer in December 2012. This makes a huge improvement on any Naim preamp that takes a hicap (obviously it can be bettered with a supercap but at a substantial cost). I do have the original double box and it comes with a standard Naim power cord and the black snaic cable. Postage is possible but local pickup at Artarmon will get preference. Pictures:
  9. Item: Little Pinkie AC supply. Location: Paradise SA Price: $125 plus postage, Prefer local buyer but can post. $100 Item Condition:9/10 Reason for selling: Upgrading phono stage. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD or bank transfer Extra Info: Discounted price if bought with the MF X-Can v3 also in the classifieds. Supply is 12-0-12. Pictures:
  10. Item: naim napsc power supply Location: Melbourne Price: $160 with Free registered post Australia wide. (+3% paypal) Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, direct deposit. Extra Info: The napsc upgrades nac 82, 102 and 202 pre-amplifiers and can also power naim's headline headphone amp. This unit is in very good condition. A small surface mark on the top is the only negative regarding it's appearance. Works perfectly. Currently fitted with a UK plug, so you may have to change it. I don't have the original box but it will be safely packed and shipping is included in the price. Pictures:
  11. Item: iFi iPower 5V 2.5amp power supply Location: Melbourne Price: $95 with free postage Australia wide. $80 pickup in Melbourne Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required - recently sold my speakers, amp and other Hi-Fi gear here on StereoNet Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - See here: http://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/accessory-ipower/ - See photos below Pictures:
  12. Item: Naim SNAPS Power Supply Location: Canberra Price: $500 ONO Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought from the UK, used with my Naim Nap 140 & Nac 72 Pictures:
  13. Item: microRendu - UltraCap LPS-1 - Sonore DC-4 cable - 12Vdc Gieseler Linear PSU Location: Melbourne Price: $1600 pickup for the lot. Currently this costs $2000 including the shipping from the US. See below post for interstate postage. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Trying something different as a source. I will probably seriously regret this in 3 months. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - Prefer pickup but can look at postage costs interstate if someone is interested. - Check out my seller feedback here and buy with confidence: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/profile/147696-em84/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback Pictures:
  14. I did not want to hijack the "Idealish Server" thread so here is another which offers some first hand experience with some of the creations from the WA team. On my recent visit to Oz had a very enjoyable day hearing the Power Supply/Server creation from the WA crew on Tasso's impressive Accuphase/Magico system.I had already committed to the build of the modified JS2/Hashi on the advice of Tasso and Chanh but was looking forward to see if the money was well spent. We had on hand a Antipodes DX, WA crew Created Sever,Auralic sever various power supplies creation.I was also hoping to have an Aurender W20 on hand as well but a local agent let me down.I will have to purchase/try this one overseas....a real shame. We listened to the WA Crew server with my newly created modified JS2/Hashi and the DC37. This was the bench mark to which all others would be compared to and even though Tasso's system has changed considerably since my last visit it delivered in spades detail and dynamics. We listened at a loudness I am not used to but the system held up quite well.The Antipodes DX was then inserted for comparisons. As the owner of the DX I have been relatively happy with its performance but was quite surprised in Tasso system preferring the JS2/Hashi and WA Server by a reasonable margin of preference. Tasso's system with the DX inserted lost sound stage and dynamics.The DX rounded and compressed things which definitely may be suited to some but not for my tastes. We then removed the DC37 and inserted Kalliope paired with the WA Server .(I won't comment on this comparison as I am an owner of Kalliope).....other participants feel free to comment I know my tastes differ from others.... Next we connected the DX and Kalliope via the unpowered usb input. This is how I use my DX in my all Gryphon electronic system and while I thought it improved things slightly it still seemed to lack the dynamics the WA Crew Server and JS2/Hashi power supply displayed. We then powered the DX with the JS2/Hashi power supply and the improvement of dynamics and soundstage was immediately noticeable. Still quite confronting that a power supply can have such an impact but count me in as impressed. Comparison of the DX and WA Crew Server with JS2/Hashi was not done...but for me they offer very similar performance once connected to the JS2/Hashi power supply in my brief listen.....which says a lot as one has a very large price tag. A quick listen to the Aurilic server and JS2/Hashi power supply gave some quite good sound but lacked the polish,dynamics and soundstage that was on offer from the WA Server and DX. The WA crew of Tasso, Chanh, TJ, Don, JD (apologies if I missed anyone) have found the magic sauce for computer audio. For me the WA server and JS2/Hashi power supply is the first time a DIY creation has matched/equaled maybe even eclipsed the big boys creations, hell I even prefer the case to the DX....I cannot recommend highly enough their creations.If I had to start again I would copy their WA Server and go for the JS2/Hashi supply and be content that you would be getting some of the best CA that is available today. I now have to find an Aurender W20 which has a clock input and compare it to the King from WA ......I think this machine is the only one which may surpass it ...but I would not be surprised if it was eclipsed.....maybe a JS2/Hashi power supply , W20 and master clock may eclipse the best CD spinners....I know I am curious..... Once again great work lads and thanks for the impressive power supply I cannot thank you enough ...running the best Gryphon electronics can offer the JS2/Hashi power supply holds its own on sonic performance and striking looks ..I am looking forward to hearing this on my new system and seeing if the WA crew can improve their creations.... great work Cheers Jones
  15. Howdy. I have a question about power supplies. So, I've been listening to my second hand ODAC (rev A) for about 2 weeks now. Source is a Raspberry Pi 2. ODAC feeds my JAS SS amp and my Wharfdale Dentons. Occasionally, this makes me very happy. Objectively, I'm not entirely sure that I can hear a meaningful difference when I flick between this DAC and the built-in dec on my JAS solid state power amp. I can almost convince myself that I hear something of what people say about this DAC: a bit trebly, a bit 'sterile' but I am unable to A/B in a meaningful way due to differences in volume. The ODAC is quieter. In any case, on the advice of some forumite on some ancient thread SOMEWHERE, I picked up a little 5V 2A (right voltage I believe, amperage includes some headroom to the tune of several orders of magnitude) USB power injector and fed this to the ODAC. I AM able to AB this by just yanking the 3.5mm power input. In the 30s check I did last night before heading to the pub, I couldn't hear a whole lot of difference. So, a question for someone with some electronic knowledge: in the case of the ODAC (or in DACs more generally) should providing this power make a difference? If so, under what circumstances should it be audible or even detectable? Something to do with dynamic range? Cheers
  16. I have a friends Thorens MM 001 phono preamp that does not work. The unit is not marked with the power requirements, and the power pack supplied (by the shop) is marked as 9 Volt DC. Taking the lid off, I noticed that the circuit board power input is marked as 16 volt AC. Can anyone advise me if this correct, or mention the type of power pack supplied with their unit. I would be grateful for some advice, as mistakes can be expensive. Many thanks
  17. Hi There, I have a Scandyna The Amp but am missing a power supply, Scandyna themselves don't have these in spares anymore so can any of you suggest somewhere else that I may be able to source one? Also after a set of legs for the unit as well. Even If I can find somewhere that I can pick up an original power supply I am expecting that it it will be an expensive process so it would be great if any of you could suggest an alternative. The problem that I am finding is that it seems to be a very non generic item, it is 25V and has an unusual input also (image attached). Any ideas? Thanks for the help!
  18. I have been playing with digital volume control with a DAC straight into a power amp for a while now. I cannot flaw the digital volume control but after getting used to it, it's starting to sound a bit lean or meager, and I am starting to feel that I am missing something. If a pre amp function is to just sqeeze the volume to less than 100%, than why do some pre amps have huge power supplies and large capacitors? Am I missing something by bypassing the pre amp, and go from the DAC straight into the ower amp?
  19. Hi, A friend is bringing over an entry-level Stax 2107 setup from Japan for me Am looking forward to seeing if I like headphones after all.(So far I have by far preferred my speaker setup, but have only used $100 or so IEMs) The Stax systemcomes with the SRM-252S amplifier and a Japanese AC-DC converter: 100V 10VA to 12V 500mA, negative centre. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to do in order to be able to use it in Australia and Europe? Do I really need an AC-AC 100V-240V transformer, or would a (240V to 12V 500mA, negative centre) AC-DC supply do the trick? If so, any specific suggestions? Any experience from fellow members? Thanks, Daniel
  20. Hi, I have been growing into computer audio for the past year and I am thinking about building my final build. Looking at my parts list and doing some research I did come across quit a few positive reactions about using linear power supply's. I would prefer to have the possibility to demo some of these computer parts before buying them. I am a bit skeptical since I own a specialized USB card who doesn't seem to make a difference, tested an USB cable that doesn't seem to make a difference compared to a stock one, and had a breve experience with an Audiophilleo2 that didn't seem to make a difference either. If you have some hardware related to computer audio that you are willing to share/demo/borrow with me that would be highly appreciated.
  21. Item: Rega P9 Turntable (Cherry) with power supply (Black Satin) and reference RB1000 Tonearm Location: Southern Sydney - pickup preferred Price: $3800 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: just purchased my dream Michell Orbe from a fellow SNA member, so this is now surplus to my needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I am the only owner, the turntable is approximately 3 yrs old. Comes supplied with upgraded (Grey) Belts and 2 spacers to adjust VTA for most cartridges. Original boxes, manuals, perspex cover (excellent condition) cartridge set-up protractor etc, Classic turntable. Pictures: See attached Reviews: http://www.tonepublications.com/analogaholic/rega-rp9-and-apheta-cartridge/ http://www.tonepublications.com/analogaholic/the-rega-p9 http://www.rega.co.uk/html/p9.htm and many more
  22. Have just finished building a 5v dc power supply for a music server project and thought I might share here. In anyone feels like building there own all the info is here for those who want to make an excellent upgrade to there raspberry pi, beaglebone, odroid (what I am using), or squeezebox etc. This supply can handle up to a 3A load depending on your heatsink choice and the regulators could be changed for different types if you want a higher current supplied. I must say this has made a very nice difference to the quality of sound over the standard switchmode supply. It has produced a sound that has greater clarity and less muddled than before. Hiigher frequencies are easier to listen to now and I can tell the difference between each strike of bells or cymbals (everyone is unique and different). The music also seems slightly more dynamic and realistic on the ears. I have attached the electrical schematic below. It basically just cascades 2 voltage regulators a 12vdc and a 5vdc. The 1st regulator produces 12vdc with fairly low noise level and the output from that feeds the 5v regulator that virtually eliminates any noise that was left, leaving a rock solid 5v supply rail. Regards Simon
  23. Hi, has any body compared how the teddy pardo sounds vs naim hicap for a nac82 or similar?
  24. Quote Item: Naim Flatcap power supply, for powering a Naim pre-amp or CD player. Supplied with original Naim SNAIC 5-pin DIN interconnect, manual, and original box and packaging. Location: Barwon Heads, Victoria Price: $400 Item Condition: Perfect working condition & unmarked. Reason for selling: Upgrading to bigger power supply. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: One original owner from new (me). Manufactured 2003. Serial # 193517. Australian stock. Price new: $1295 (Original receipt available). Used by me as an upgrade power supply for a Naim CD3.5 CD player. Pictures:
  25. Item: Perpetual Technologies P3A DAC + P1A Upsampler + Monolithic psu; Location: melbourne Price: retail $3800US, sell for $900 Postage: Buyer to pay Item Condition: perfect working order, cosmetic condition 8/10 Reason for selling: Have upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Modwright lvl2 modifications and also Imperical Audio Turbo mods. Psu modded with Jensen 4-pole cap + Bybee quantum purifiers. Includes Audio Magic Mistic Reference IS2 cable for between DAC and upsampler Pictures:
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