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Found 4 results

  1. Item: PS Audio Perfectwave Transport (110V) and Perfectwave Dac Mark 1 (240V) Location: Canberra, ACT Price: $1600 for the two combined, and if required postage and PayPal fees Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgraded last year to the Directstream DAC and player, so these aren't being used and I want to make room for new gear! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this Perfectwave DAC Mk1 (240V) new in 2011 and have been the sole owner. It's never missed a beat. While used cosmetically its in very good condition, with the removable plastic still in place covering the gloss black top plate, no visible marks on the casework, and the screen is clear and bright. Last year I got a really good combined deal on a new Directstream DAC and Player, so I went down that pathway instead of upgrading this one. Should you wish, PS Audio sell an upgrade kit to convert this sonically to a Directstream DAC for about $4000. I understand that the only differences then between an upgraded model and a brand new Directstream DAC is the IR port, which was also upgraded and becomes a round one not rectangular, and the absence of "Directstream" marking on the front casework. This DAC has the Bridge Mark 1 installed, but I've never used it, instead preferring a direct USB connection to a ROON Nucleus + for streaming. I purchased the Perfectwave Player used in 2012, using Audiogon, from the US, hence its a 110v model that requires a transformer, which is included. I've never had a problem with this arrangement, doesn't make any noise or cause any issue, but it may not suit everyone. When I received the player I soon found it would not read all discs (buyer beware!), and as a consequence I had a new DVD drive installed and its been super reliable ever since. Cosmetically the plastic cover was removed from the gloss black top plate, and there is some smudging of the gloss finish which I can't capture in photos. There are no scratches or marks to the casework. The "blue" colour of the power button is darker on the Transport, which can be seen in the photos. I assume this was just product variation. I've recently plugged this combo back into my system just to verify that everything works as it should. In comparison the newer Directstream Player and DAC are just more musically revealing and engaging, but of course they are also much more expensive. I'm very happy to demo to any locals who may be interested. The Remote control is of course included. I have the original double boxes for transportation. I would prefer local pickup, but not a problem to post. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: PS Audio PerfectWave DAC (upgraded to MK II) Location: Canberra region Price: $2,100 ono (i'll include shipping Aust wide) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: recently bought a new DAC, this is now surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer to pay fees), bank transfer Extra Info: I've had this since new circa 2012 and upgraded to MK II shortly afterwards. I recently had the pleasure to compare it with some current high end DAC's such as the Naim NDX 2, PS Audio Directstream, and Auralic Vega G2 on loan for home demo's. Whilst in the end I went for something new and different, it was in small degrees that the PWD II was bested as is the law of diminishing returns in this hobby of ours. At the end of the day the PWD is a really good DAC that is transparent, dynamic, musical and listening to music from it as the source is pretty bloody awesome. Other than being a really good DAC in its own right, the cool thing is that down the track you can upgrade to Directstream DAC, and also upgrade the Bridge to the mk II if you have Roon. Original double boxing and remote (mk II remote) included. I cant find OEM power cable so I'm including a 1.5m Grave Science power cable which is an upgrade in itself at no extra cost. From the Darko review of the MK II some years ago; https://darko.audio/2012/10/ps-audio-perfectwave-dac-mkii-review-part-2/ "Think of the MKI as a flat white or a cappuccino. Then picture a long black (Americano). That’s the MKII. It’s tastier and brings more zing. More kick too. Without the milk and froth, you’re closer to the bean, closer to the music. The MKI presentation is a shade more congealed that its successor. The NativeX-ing MKII is more proficient at clearing clean spaces between stage players without a thinning of acoustic mass. The PerfectWave MKII isn’t the best DAC in the world either. To say so is dumb hyperbole. Running up a Tom Evans amplifier and Avant Garde Trio hill against a dCS Puccini + uClock saw the dCS ascend with more graceful ease – the PS Audio unit was contrasted as a meal with beautifully presented tonal flavours but tainted by too much pepper and spice. There’s nothing out of the ordinary there. At AU$29k, one would expect the dCS to best the considerably cheaper PS Audio box. That the latter got so close with listener satisfaction and detail trawl is commendable." Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: PS Audio Perfect wave transport CD/DVD player as new Location: Perth Price: Withdrawn keeping Item Condition: Brand new-Mint less than 20 hours use- listening. Reason for selling: Selling entire system Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Shipping plus fees etc Extra Info: The Memory Player plays both standard and high resolution audio on CDs and DVDs sending perfect digital audio data from its solid state memory directly to your DAC and then onto your loudspeakers, eliminating jitter. All music extracted from your CD or DVD disc plays from the PWT’s internal solid state memory, not the disc itself. The performance is remarkable. ThePerfectWave CD/DVD Memory player is a ground-breaking product that removes all digital sound limitations retrieving everything from your CD collection without any jitter or sonic loss. The PWT plays both standard and high resolution audio and sends perfect digital audio data from its solid state memory directly to your DAC and then onto your loudspeakers. It works differently than other CD players by first extracting music from the CD, then storing to an internal memory and playing from the memory instead of the disc. Traditional CD mechanisms and computer hard drives are mechanical devices hopelessly trying to perform in a world of precise timing. These timing challenges can only be properly handled with non-mechanical means and that’s just what the memory player does: plays from the output of a solid state memory rather than the CD itself. The results are remarkable and deliver better performance on any system by unlocking all the musical magic stored in your CD’s and hidden from you until now. The chassis of the PWT is a metal sculpture that rivals the best ever built. A combination of aluminum and steel, the PWT weighs in at 20 pounds of elegance and beauty. The top cover is a hand painted, hand polished piano black cover that has been lavished over for hours. The PerfectWave series is assembled, programmed and tested at our production facility in Boulder Colorado. There is a measure of pride of workmanship that goes into every one of these PerfectWave products and it shows from the moment you open the unit up and plug it in. This is one gorgeous piece of equipment and just the beginning of the most beautiful natural sounding audio equipment you have ever had the privilege to own. Add a PerfectWave PowerBase and together we believe you’ve never heard anything quite like it in your system. Features Reads audio from CD and DVD Reads high resolution audio files Reads multiple formats Displays cover art Displays song titles and track time Editable library of artists and titles Bit perfect extraction No error correction Memory player 64mB of RAM Built in Digital Lens Asynchronous output clock Extremely low jitter Outputs SPDIF and AESEBU Outputs I2S through HDMI Sample rate output to 192kHz Bit depth to 32 bits Field upgradable Built on dedicated hardware 440,000 gate FPGA No computer motherboards or components Benefits No need for a computer in your system Take advantage of all the new hi res music Create your own disc compilations Easy access to all music by name Always perfect cover art No more disc errors Never listen to optical mechanism again Unprecedented performance Compatible with any DAC Perfect connection with PWD Future proof for all sample rates New formats added as developed Quiet, noise free operation Pictures:
  4. Item: PS Audio Perfectwave DAC MKII with PS Audio Perfectwave Bridge (Silver) Location: Sydney Price: $OLD Item Condition: As new, still has clear plastic protecting the black wood on top, back input plate has minor marks Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I have for sale my PS Audio Perfectwave DAC MKII & Bridge in silver. This unit was bought from another SNA member recently and is still in warranty until February 2015 (warranty is transferable). I bought this unit to try out the bridge and see whether it would be able to replace my logitech transporter. Using the Bridge as a network transport into its own DAC, the sound quality is brilliant. Using it as a transport feeding my AMR DP-777.... Err.. Nope it can't do that as it is a DAC. Simply put, I did not do my research: This is a high-end DAC and it does not have the ability to output digital signals to another DAC! Call it an Epic Fail on my part and that as I prefer the sound characteristic of my AMR slightly more in my set up, this has to go. It was very fun over this short period though. If you're wondering what's the next level after the raft of (very good) $2k DACs, then this is it. The sound quality is organic, highly resolving, extended, with superb tonality. It gets close to my Transporter/AMR/Supratek combination but I prefer the latter for Classical and in my room. It also surpasses my Audio-Gd Ref 7 (which I maintain is still the benchmark for DACs around the $2k price point, but which I need to put up for sale too.) Original SNA advert with pics here: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/56170-fs-ps-audio-perfectwave-dac-mkii-with-perfectwave-bridge-price-drop/ Advert (with links and pics) replicated below: The Perfectwave DAC is wonderfully musical and analog sounding. Don't take my word for it though, I've provided a few links to reviews below. A couple of noteworthy features: - 7 inputs: 24/192 asynch USB, toslink, coax, 2 x I2S, AES/EBU and Ethernet (via the PS Audio Bridge) - Single-ended RCA and Balanced XLR out - In-built digital preamp for volume control and balance control - Native X mode for jitter-reduction on all inputs - Colour touchscreen with album cover art - Can be used as a network DAC - Remote control. Has been well reviewed and is currently on the Computer Audiophile Suggested Hardware list, so please refer to: - Absolute Sound review (http://www.psaudio.c...12/08/91866.pdf) - http://hometheaterre...ac-with-bridge/ - http://www.computera...ac-mkii-review/ Still have the original double box so can ship, but prefer to sell locally. Feel free to ask any questions. Pictures:
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