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  1. My nearly-4-year 4-way speaker project has reached a plateau. A little Tassie GTG today made me reflect that it's all been worth (some of) the struggle. The design and build thread is: The most recent photo: But this is a hobby, and this is SNA. Things must proceed. The words "so, it's basically the same as last time" really touched a nerve today (just kidding, you-know-who 😉). This must never happen again! I've played a few low tones and walked around the space - 10 x 6 m, with 3.2 m concrete ceiling, and noticed nulls, halfway along room, at the sides. Not huge, but a bit of a sag around 50-55 Hz. It's a passive system. No DSP. The design aimed to maximize bass extension by doing what few seem to do: use a large vented box. These are 240 litres, with twin 102mm diameter vents. So the new intention is to build 2 subs (stereo of course) to augment the bass, and place them in the "null" areas. This can hopefully coincide with the same distance from the listening position, so there are no time-delay issues. The best option would seem to be in the joint of wall/ceiling, behind the listening position, a bit more than half-way back into the room. How to get them there was an unresolved discussion today. They will be around 320 litres internally, and likely approach 100 kg each; securing them is the easy part, getting them there is another thing. A "sub-crawl" would necessitate a reversal of gravity. I initially thought the best driver would be the same as my 15" SBA woofers, but I was recently tempted by some gorgeous Acoustic Elegance TD15H drivers, so decided to model them in WinISD. It was all settled for a couple of days, then I simmed the SBA's more recent "long-throw" version of my woofer. It's a bit confusing, as the TS parameters are very similar, including X-max. The 3 drivers in this graph are: SB42FHC75-6 black (mine) SB42FHCL75-6 red (new long-throw) Acoustic Elegance TD15H blue These all have LP (hi-cut) filters applied. The black one is the same as my 4-way woofer, cutting off at 100 Hz, as with its present passive 4th-order filter. The blue trace, the AE driver, was very appealing, but both are completely blitzed by the (red) FHCL, so I've ordered 2 of these. Also, the 3" voice coil and greater power handling* (*Edit: wrong - see later posts) appealed. The red and blue traces have a 60 Hz 2nd order filter applied. Of course, this can be adjusted in real life to match the 4-ways and the room. The box sizes are 300 to 320 litres, all vented. So I can't be saved from the spend, but maybe your comments can help me with the next stage - designing the boxes for the wall-ceiling corners? As a cube, internally they could be around 700mm each way, but I anticipate angled baffles, from 45 degrees to whatever into the room. Looks like they'll need to be about 1.6m "wide".
  2. Item: Silvertone Passive Pre Amp Location: Goulburn NSW 2580 Price: $50 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus To Requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Postage Extra. Unit is light so postage will be minimal although case is of steel construction. L=210mm D=180mm H=60mm Three inputs, stepped volume control. Pictures:
  3. Item: Bill Crampton/ Merlin Audio passive dual mono pre- balanced output option Item Condition: very good, just missing some little feet Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bill is well known on this site for his great work. This pre is dead quiet and ideal for using with a noisy (relatively) valve power amp. It even improved the clarity of a NAD amp. You can run 2 sets of power amps (One from a balanced output) In addition to 3 inputs at the back it has one at the front for attaching portable (or any) devices. The input and volume have separate click dials for each channel. It is something of a hair shirt experience, so fits well in aspects of the audiophile experience. I bought this from a Bill a few years ago, but I don't really need it. I will consider offers. I can possibly deliver it to Sydney, and can post it cheaply as its very light. Further info: Alps continuos pots Mono/Stereo switch balanced out out (just one, but you can get connectors for stereo) to enable connecting another amp. When I first listed it, one respondent thought it was a steal at $200, but I have dropped the price even further now Pictures:
  4. Item: ATC SCM11 Location: Melbourne Price:$900 cash on delivery to Melbourne Item Condition: excellent used condition Reason for selling: upgrading to SCM19 Payment Method: COD Only Extra Info: for music pleasure these are the choice model, as many reviews suggest, but I am upgrading up the line to towards the pro series. NO POSTAGE free personal delivery around Melbourne Pictures:
  5. Item: Promitheus Reference TVC Location: Tauranga, New Zealand Price: $360 AUD inc shipping and Paypal fee Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Paypal Extra Info: Comes with upgraded height adjustable spiked footers installed 22 steps on the volume control I'm not using a preamp any more as phono stage runs straight into my amp. Has a few marks, scuffs etc but functions perfectly. Pictures:
  6. Item: EVA 2 - LDR Passive Preamp Location: Castlemaine VIC (or pickup in Melb Wed 7th) Price: $250 (cost about $450 new). Item Condition: Excellent, a few faint scuffs/marks. Reason for selling: No longer needed - looking to buy an integrated amp. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT. Extra Info: Includes box, wallwart psu and apple remote. Plenty of info on the www. http://diyparadise.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=18&products_id=113 Pickup in Castlemaine VIC, or I'll be in Melbourne on Wed 7th. Happy to post. Pictures:
  7. Item: Passive pre amp / source selection / stepped attenuator Location: Northcote MELB Price: $80 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Clearing space, surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This came from eBay seller 'ericyam'. Point-to-point wired and uses a ladder-type attenuator with 1% matched resistors. Very nicely put together and works perfectly, just no longer have a use for it. Happy to send Oz wide at cost. Pictures:
  8. Item: Lightspeed Attenuator LDR Passive Volume ControllerLocation: RedfernPrice: SOLD elsewhereItem Condition: 9/10. Used but in excellent condition. No scratche marks or blemishes. Reason for selling: NRPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3%, COD OnlyExtra Info: A great little passive controller which has worked extremely well in my system. I didn't feel the need to upgrade until recently I received an offer I cannot refuse. So upgraded again! Bought in mid 2014 directly from George. I am the first owner. In March this year, the volume controller played up causing the volume fluctuates. Text edited. See explanation below by George. Post #2. The Lightspeed was sent to George this March to have a thorough inspection. He changed the LED controller. It has been working flawlessly and the dial is made sure to always sit at 12 o'clock when not in used. Comes with the original wall wart. Specs: Frequency response: 0hz – to almost Infinity. (Lightspeed) (interconnects are the determining factor here, length not more than 1m is recommended) Power Amp Input Impedance: Should be more than >33kohm which most are Source Output impedance: Should be less than <1kohm (1000ohms) which most are. ***Price is fixed *Will post at buyer's cost. *Pickup from Redfern address only. Pictures:
  9. Hi All! I've ordered some entry-level Schiit equipment recently, and since everyone talks about the higher-end stuff like the Bifrost, Valhalla, etc.. the entry level stuff has much less publicity. I thought I'd share my initial experiences with you. I have been working on setting up a stereo sound system using a DAC and a power amp, (no preamp). So I asked the folks in the preamp section of this forum whether a preamp was truly needed. To cut a long story short, it was recommended to me that unless I was absolutely sure what volume my DAC would play at... I could bypass the preamp, and just get some sort of dedicated volume control to avoid blowing things up. So I ordered the Schiit "Sys". I personally think it a little strange that the Sys is under the "Preamp" on the Schiit site. Yes, it's pre the amplification stage, but many people associate preamp with something a little more complex.. or at least has some amplification of it's own. (If you don't, then I'm clearly more odd than I am aware :-D ) Now there isn't a lot to say about such a simple device. It only contains passive electronics (no amplification, no power needed). It only selects between two stereo (RCA) inputs, and has a volume control. You might be wondering, "I can do that with a potentiometer, some soldering, some sockets, and a selector switch.... and you're probably right. But the Sys does it very nicely in performance and looks. No Jaycar plastic boxes that look like it was made by an eccentric soldering hermit, nor a 15 year old for a "Science project". Ok, so you're not going to get the bass/treble/equalized control of a more complex preamp, nor as many inputs/input plug options. It's simply not there. Strengths of the Sys: - A convenient way to get input selection, and volume control on a small desk or near your computer. It doesn't take anywhere near as much room on desk/shelf as a standard full-featured preamp. - This is a very simple way of setting up a separated system. Using interconnect cables, you can put the power amp wherever you'd like, or is conveniently located to power/speaker connections. - Doesn't "Colour"/modify/correct the signal in any way, so the original signal maintained. - Cheap! Stylish, and sounds great! Drawbacks of the Sys: - Obviously, lacks signal processing. - Only two inputs. - Only takes stereo RCA inputs (no optical/digital coax here) - No bass/treble or other adjustment for the sound. I really like Schiit's audio gear. I think for the money, I am hard pressed to find better. Their delivery from the US to Canberra was in only 3 business days. Everything works, and is described exactly as it is. I've also done an initial review on Schiit's entry-level DAC (The "Fulla") here: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/user/148381-harmo-hammer/ I hope this helps! Hamish.
  10. I’ve had a Peachtree MusicBox amp & speakers collecting dust and I’d like to use it my study to reap the benefits of a stand-alone amp and justify the impulse buy. Firstly, I had to ensure that it was a step up from my current active monitors (Aktimate Micros) so I picked out a few good songs by Lorde, Dido and Crowded House and tried a couple of different speaker combinations. These included B&W LM1s (normally my HT rears) and the bundled Peachtree MB3s. The source components being a Surface Pro 3 streaming 44.1khz FLAC files from my NAS and a Musical Fidelity VDAC II. Neither of these speakers impressed me in the slightest, so I’m looking for ideas on some suitable near-field speakers to pair up with the MusicBox. As they will be sitting on a desk, I’d really be looking for smaller boxes (likely 5 inch bass drivers) and given the limited power of the MusicBox (20 WRMS @ 8ohms), they will need to be fairly efficient with 4-8 ohm load acceptable. Being a second system, I'd like to keep the budget to around $500 which is fairly limiting, but willing to look at used items as well. Some speakers that come to mind: Peachtree D4 B&W 686 s2 KEF LS50 (over the budget but well regarded and used successfully in a near-field setup by others on this forum)
  11. I'm currently wondering if a high quality passive pre is what I am after for my next up/side/change-grade. I was thinking about picking up a Schiit SYS and maybe replacing the volume pot with a more upmarket one but I'm not sure if that would fill my needs. I assume there are other options out there but I don't know of any ATM. Does anyone have any comments or alternative suggestions?
  12. * Item Acurus DIA100 integrated amplifier * Location Sydney 2077 * Item condition description Very good condition with original manual * Price and price conditions $750 * Reason for selling Surplus * Payment Methods: Cash - Pickup, EFT * Extra Info: I have been advised if I sell ALL my "surplus" audio gear I am approved to purchase an Aurender streamer. So both my Acurus DIA100 and Marantz PM11S1 are for sale. I am happy to keep which ever amplifier does not sell. The Acurus DIA100 has been a perfect match for my ProAc speakers. It drives the ProAc Tablette Reference 8 and Response 3.5 with ease. The passive pre-amplifier stage definitely contributes to a beautifully smooth and clean sound. There is a surprising synergy between the Acurus and the ProAc speakers. I had never heard of the Acurus brand prior to a fellow SNAer referring them I will include an "audio bonus" for any local SNA buyer. HINT: It may have Marantz on it, and it may spin little discs...
  13. Hey guys Hope you can weigh in here. Just how much better is a pair of Linn Kaber going to sound Aktiv and tri-amped to 3x LK100s than it is passive with a non-Linn amp? which amp? you tell me but in the current real world it would be the Cyrus integrated listed below. I bought my already Aktiv Kabers thru ebay from Jim Yate Stereo in Adelaide a while back - I've never done anything with them. I estimate it would cost at least $2000 picking up the right pre and power combos secondhand from ebay sellers in the UK... Or just recently a set of passive crossovers have come up - still not cheap: I figure around $400 incl postage and professional installation... Thing is my current room set-up (around 5x7 m) is served pretty well by the PSB standmounts I already have - there is no room for a second system. So one option is to put curisty abbout hearing those guys at all (hence the crossover itch) and let them sit for some future day when I'm a homeowner! Or I could trade the PSBs AND the Aktivated Kabers and try something else, haha thanks, Dylan
  14. After suffering a shortage of optical inputs to my miniDSP and being worried the constant plugging and unplugging of optical cables may cause wear and tear on the sockets, I got a basic passive 4 way optical switch from Jaycar: http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=AC1597 so far it works.. the circular splayed out "inputs" are a bit awkward for arranging it, but I guess required for how a passive optical switch works? Haven’t done much serious listening, or any measurements, but sound seems unaffected. I like this K.I.S.S. passive approach. Time will tell how sturdy it is.
  15. Item: Speaker stands Location: Melbourne Price: $300 ono Item Condition: cosmetic 7/10 (see pic), functions like new. Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only - will not post Extra Info: These are truly unique. Open frame stands that suit bookshelf speakers. Have compared these to locally made heavy welded stands and the difference was stark. Speakers sounded much more open and life like. Design features six degrees of freedom. There is a VERY slight tilt to help with time-alignment (maybe 5 or so degrees). Can be oriented so speakers tilt up or down. Top plate is 17.5cm x 32.5cm. Height is 54 - 55cm. A small set of proac's, harbeth's, focal's, et. al. would be done justice with these stands. I would gladly hang on to these but my love for large vintage speakers means they will likely continue gathering dust. Paint is a touch blemished here and there and the nuts that keep the spikes fitted underneath have a bit of surface rust on them. Nothing that affects the function or that cant be cleaned up. These are truly unique and are the very best bookshelf stands I have ever come across. Visually very unobtrusive. Pictures: Item: Eva 2 LDR passive volume control inc. remote control Location: Melbourne Price: SOLD $200 plus postage ($10-$18) Item Condition: cosmetic 7/10 to be conservative (see pic), functions like new, remote like new still wrapped. Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Filled a temporary need and now no longer needed. More info: http://diyparadise.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=18 Pictures: http://diyparadise.com/shop/images/categories/Eva-Green-Photo-Shoots-019.jpg
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