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Found 15 results

  1. Item: LiTe Dac AH non-oversampling Dac using 8 x Phillips TDA1543 chips Location: Sydney, Camperdown or city during business hours Price: $140 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need money to pay for new turntable Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I've had this for quite a few years hooked up to an airport express for airplay and it has been great. But it has been relegated to the cupboard since I bought a Mac Mini and Dac with USB interface. I've kept it on the off chance I would find another room for it but now I need the money to pay for my new turntable so it is with some sadness that I have to part with it. Note that it has both optical and coax inputs (switcheable) but no usb input. Also, I have not touched it but there are plenty of tweaks you can do that supposedly elevate its performance. I thought it was fine as stock - see this review: https://www.tnt-audio.com/sorgenti/lite_dac_e.html Pictures:
  2. Item: Wireworld Supernova 7 optical cable 1m Location: Melbourne (Dandy ranges) Price: $200 inc shipping Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used this with my PS Audio DSD and have now moved to USB. Add 2.7% if not using Paypal "send money to a friend". Pictures:
  3. Hi all, I recently acquired some new gear and need some help with connectivity. Below is all of the gear I am attempting to connect: Receiver – Denon AVR-2808 Speakers – Dynaudio Audience 72 (left/right) and Dynaudio Audience 42C (centre) TV – Samsung UA55NU7100W Entertainment – Apple TV 4th Generation (no optical, only HDMI) Turntable – Dual 1019 The turntable is straight forward; just an RCA connection to the PHONO audio input. I’m having issues however with the TV and Apple TV. My aim is to NOT NEED to turn the receiver on and use the Dynaudio speakers whenever I want to use the TV or Apple TV. For casual watching (e.g. the news) I would like to just use the TV speakers with the receiver powered OFF. However for more involved watching (e.g. movies) I would like the audio to play through the Dynaudio speakers once the receiver is powered ON. 1) If I connect the TV to the receiver using an optical TOSLINK cable, would the audio still play through the TV when the receiver is off? And then when I turn the receiver on it would play through the Dynaudio speakers? Or alternatively, can I use a HDMI cable and somewhere in the software tell the receiver to only take audio and not video? 2) I also have issues with the Apple TV. It is the 4th Generation meaning it has no optical connection, only a HDMI. What would happen if I simply connected the Apple TV to the TV via a HDMI cable? Would the audio follow the same path discussed in question 1? Thank you in advance! Mitch.
  4. Hi, Looking for some setup advice as I have got a few more SACDs that I care to try out a multi-channel experience (wanna see what I have been missing out by only using stereo setup for SACD). I am very reluctant to unplug my current analog cables which runs my stereo setup (from my SA8005 CD player to the Rega stereo amp), so I decided to plug in an optical Toslink to connect the CD player to my Denon av receiver to see if any sound will come out of the additional surround speakers I have setup in the receiver using spare bookshelf speakers around the house. Obviously no sound is coming out my speakers hence I'm here to ask for help. What I noticed is that there is only "red light" signal coming out the CD player at the optical outlet when the Optical mode is selected. But how can the SA8005 play any music in this mode? A CD/SACD can only be played in the Disc mode, however there is no "red light" in the optical outlet in Disc playing mode. I am confused what the optical out option from the SA8005 player is for? Since my simplistic view of how to set it up obviously is not working. Anyone used or using the Optical Out option from the Marantz SA8005 can school me on this?
  5. Item: Analysis Plus - Two (2) meter Toslink Optical Cable Location: Melbourne Price: $70 each with free interstate postage. Have 2 available. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: My current sources no longer use Toslink connections Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal Gift, Bank Transfer Extra info: Checkout my seller feedback here and buy with confidence: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/profile/147696-sean84/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback Pictures:
  6. Item: KEF Egg Active Wireless Digital Music System / Speakers Location: SAVI Systems Showroom, 1168 Albany Hwy, Bentley, W.A. Price: $695 Item Condition: Brand New - Mint in Box Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Paypal, Cash - Pickup in store, Visa, Mastercard with no fees or penalties Extra Info: As more people aim to keep their room looking neat, but the tunes flowing... KEF has an awesome answer. Enter the compact, active desktop type speaker system - the KEF Egg.The famous KEF egg shape has been implemented for this fresh take on what a compact speaker system can achieve.The EGG Wireless Digital Music System gives pure, clear KEF quality sound for your TV (via Optical) and laptop (via USB or Bluetooth) with wireless streaming for your mobile devices via Bluetooth (Apt-X). WIRELESS convenience as well as HIGH RESOLUTION SOUND For enjoying high resolution sound from virtually any source, the new active KEF EGG wireless digital music system gives music lovers a complete audio solution that combines the supremely accurate definition of KEF's latest Uni-Q® driver array with the ability to stream tracks wirelessly via Bluetooth aptX®. With an integrated amplifier and in-built DAC, it is possible to enjoy 96kHz/24-bit HiRes audio via the mini USB input from PC or Mac or via the optical digital input. In fact with the provided optical digital connection it is extremely easy to connect the sound output of any T.V. and enjoy all your favourite shows, music videos and movies through these little beauties. The KEF Egg system fulfils nearly every requirement for a flexible, compact, high resolution sound system - and looks stylish and classy while doing so. The Eggs are heavy little speakers, a fact owed to their stout, anti-resonant cabinets and premium components inside. Outside, each speaker sports a matte finish (available in white, blue and black) that looks classy and should stay that way since they buck fingerprints so well. Even the unusually heavy remote control exudes an air of class. Well balanced, articulate and easy on the ear, the KEF is a delightful performer. It tickles out plenty of top-end detail, while the solid mid-range and bass gel everything together. What’s is perhaps most impressive is how the UniQ drivers project music as a seamless, cohesive whole. It’s perfectly balanced, never allowing one frequency band to overpower another – every element is granted the space and time to make itself heard. That’s testament to the KEF’s impressive transparency. KEF says these new eggs are the most “sophisticated and acoustically accomplished version” of the speaker. The tweeter is internally vented to prevent potentially distorting high pressures from building up behind the dome. The tangerine-shaped waveguide position in front of the tweeter helps disperse the sound spherically for wider and more even dispersion. The ‘Z-flex’ cone surround around the mid/bass diaphragm limits secondary radiation. The midrange cone is made of aluminium to retain stiffness, and there’s also a damping ring to control resonances. The two KEF Eggs look identical at a glance, but this is actually a master-slave system. One does the heavy lifting and passes information to the other. All the processing takes place in the foot of the master unit, which features a mains input (external power brick, not figure-of-eight cable), mini USB input and an output for connecting to the slave unit, plus a subwoofer output for (optionally) adding lower frequencies later. Part of the excitement the Egg imparts is the unexpected scale of its soundstage and the brilliant effect of its stereo separation. It is excels in almost every aspect at which even the most advanced one-box speakers fail. And underscoring it all is KEF’s unmistakable, impeccable sound signature. Pictures:
  7. Item: Wireworld Supernova 7 Optical Digital Cable - 1m Location: Camberwell Vic Price: $180 (RRP $349) plus postage and 1.5% for Paypal, Item Condition: Excellent 8/10 - Cable excellent - no marks or scratches, box is not perfect. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Excellent Optical cable - well reviewed Pictures:
  8. Item: Belkin Optical / toslink 2meter cable Location: south east of melbourne or give you in CBD, glen waverley train line. Price: $20 (firm), bought $30 from JB HIFI Item Condition: good Reason for selling: no used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  9. Item: Various cables by Analysis Plus - Chord - Audioquest - SVS Location: Melbourne Price: See below for prices and photos. Happy to post interstate for postage costs. Item Condition: Excellent, all purchased new within the past 3 years Reason for selling: No longer used. Drastically downsized my system this past 18 months from 5.2.4 to 2-channel (as some lucky SNA'ers who bought my stuff know ). Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: See below for prices and photos. Analysis Plus Purple Plus Double Shielded USB Audio 2.0 Cable - 2.0meters = $140 SOLD Analysis Plus Oval One RCA Interconnects - 1.5meters = $120 (SOLD) Analysis Plus HDMI 1.4 24 AWG - 1.8meters = $80 SOLD Analysis Plus Black Digital Coax cables - 2.0meters = $80 SOLD - 1.5meters = $60 SOLD Analysis Plus SPDIF Toslink Optical - 1.0meters = $40 SOLD Chord Silver Plus 26 AWG USB Audio Cable - 1.5meters = $70 - SOLD SVS Soundpath Subwoofer Cable (2 are available) - 3.0meters = $50 SOLD - 3.0meters = $50 SOLD AudioQuest Pearl Cat7 Ethernet cables (2 are available) - 1.5meters = $25 SOLD - 1.5meters = $25 SOLD
  10. Hey Guys, I have a Razer Leviathan and have it connected to my TV. Unfortunately it doesnt come with a remote and I want to control the volume. I understand that I would perhaps need a pre-amp stage to have a control interface where volume control can be done. Is there perhaps a cheap optical pre-amp that comes with a controller to control volume. Looking for a very simple device. Thanks, Shaun
  11. Have both facilities available for use. System is, PC, TT, (source) Mini DSP, (DAC, Xover and processor), amp array, PSE144 Synergy System. Would like to hear of experiences using both types of interconnect and what may be the best to connect the computer to the mini DSP 2 x 8. Old record player will connect to the line in on the DSP. But would be interested in experiences with Optical and SPDIF (Sony/Panasonic Digital Interface) If this topic has been done already, please direct me to where it is posted. Cheers for input !! Regards Matt
  12. I'm looking to run a toslink cable from my Macbook pro to my Rega DAC. I'm listening to 16Bit 44.1KHz ALAC files, ripped from my CD collection. I don't have any higher resolution stuff, and I'm not necessarily interested in obtaining it, as I've already amassed a reasonable amount of music at 16/41.1. Has anyone had experience listening different optical cables, and, can you recommend a good brand that would suit the setup. I'm looking at up to a $100 spend. I'm not after opinions on optical vs coax vs usb etc, as I intend to use optical for the time being. Thanks, Peter.
  13. Hi all, I have been using my Rega DAC with USB from my 2014 Macbook pro. As the USB only goes to 48Khz I ordered an optical cable, hooked this up and went to the "Audio devices" config to change the optical output to 192khz. The DAC light indicates 192 but sounds becomes completely distorted /choppy. Basically any setting above 48khz has this effect. Does anyone has any idea why this is not working? Thanks heaps, Mark
  14. Item: Various Cables - Power, Interconnects, Speaker, Digital, USB Location: Canberra Price: Priced Individually, see below. Item Condition: Various, see below. Reason for selling: No longer needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit _______________________________________________________ Item: QED Signature Audio S Interconnects (1M pair) -------------NOW SOLD Location: Canberra -------------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Price: $300 Price Drop $240 + Postage -------------------------------NOW SOLD Item Condition: Very Good ----------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Reason for selling: No longer needed, have moved to XLR. -----NOW SOLD Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit. ---------NOW SOLD Extra Info: To mind mind these are some of the best value cables around. They sit at a price point where you are getting 90% of the performance of the very top-tier cables without getting close to the top-tier prices. These are the top cable that QED produce and have a good balance of detail and tonal richness. They are also very well shielded so work well in electrically noisy environments. RRP in Australia is around $600, but you can get them for $500 if you shop around. Original packaging included. Review here: http://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/hi-fi-accessories/qed-signature-audio-s-606234/review _______________________________________________________ Item: QED Reference Audio Evolution Interconnects (1M pair) Location: Canberra Price: $110 Price Drop $90 + Postage Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No longer needed, have moved to XLR. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit. Extra Info: While not quite at the level of the above QED Signature cables, they offer the same sort of sound (in a slightly lesser degree) for a lesser amount of dosh. They don't quite have the tonal richness of the Signature cables but are still excellent at their price point. Shielding is again very good, though not quite to the level of the Signatures. RRP in Australia is $249. Original packaging included. Review here: http://www.techradar.com/au/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/hi-fi-accessories/qed-reference-audio-evolution-929601/review _______________________________________________________ Item: QED Signature Digital (1M) ---------------------------------------NOW SOLD Location: Canberra -------------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Price: $100 + Postage ----------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Item Condition: Very Good ---------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Reason for selling: No longer needed, have moved to AES. ---NOW SOLD Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit. -------NOW SOLD Extra Info: This is my pick of the under $500 digital cables. The cable that is closest to, sound-wise, is the Wireworld Starlight, but the QED offers more air and detail, as well as a more propulsive bass. This is QED's top digital cable, and while you can do better (Nordost Silver Shadow and above, Wireworld Silver Starlight and above in particular) you have to spend a great deal more to do it. RRP. was $199 (possibly $249) from memory. Original packaging included. _______________________________________________________ Item: Wyred 4 Sound P1 Ultra power cable (1m) --------------------NOW SOLD Location: Canberra ------------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Price: $80 + Postage -----------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Item Condition: Very Good ---------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Reason for selling: No longer needed, spare. ---------------------NOW SOLD Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit. -------NOW SOLD Extra Info: A good no-nonsense after market power cable with excellent build and good shielding. RRP in Australia is $140. Note that the plug is for the US so you will need either a power console that accepts US plugs, or an adaptor. I use three more of these in my system, but I don't need a fourth any longer. _______________________________________________________ Item: QED Qunex OT (1m) --------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Location: Canberra ----------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Price: $30 + Postage --------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Item Condition: Good ------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Reason for selling: Prefer a copper connection. ---------------NOW SOLD Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit. ----NOW SOLD Extra Info: I'm not a fan of optical digital, but if you are a "digital is digital" kind of person, or need extreme electrical isolation, or don't have an option about the connection you use, then this might work for you. Originally purchased for $129, I believe you can now get something similar new (from QED) for about $59. Original packaging included. _______________________________________________________ Item: Nordost Blue Heaven USB (3M) Location: Canberra Price: $260 Price Drop $230 + Postage Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Too long for my current system. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit. Extra Info: There is something of a debate about whether USB cables make a difference to the sound of a system or not. I've personally found that they do, but that the difference is smaller than the difference you get from changing other cables. In my system the Nordost gave more precise leading edges and a little extra air. Probably not worth it (In my system) for the $460 RRP I paid for this cable, but good value at the above price. I'm only moving this along because I need a different length now. Original packaging included. _______________________________________________________ Item: QED Qunex 1 Interconnects (1M Pair) -------------------NOW SOLD Location: Canberra -------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Price: $25 + Postage -----------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Item Condition: Good ---------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Reason for selling: No longer used. ---------------------------NOW SOLD Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit. -NOW SOLD Extra Info: For those who don't believe cables make a difference but want a well put together pair of cables that are not going to fail. This is QED's entry level cable (actually it's been replaced and is better than their current entry level cables). Was $69 when new. _______________________________________________________ Item: Van den Hul "The Source" interconnects (0.75M approx pair) -------NOW SOLD Location: Canberra -----------------------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Price: Make an offer ----------------------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Item Condition: A bit rough. ------------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Reason for selling: No longer used. --------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit. ------------------NOW SOLD Extra Info: I've had these for a long time, and they have been sitting in a box of spares for the last couple of years. I bought them second hand and haven't a clue what they are worth these days. Make me an offer (but don't rip me off please). EDIT: I just found a pair of these online. RRP was £110 when new, which is about $190 today and would have been more at the time. _______________________________________________________ Item: Van den Hul D352 Hybrid Speaker Cables (1M pair). ----NOW SOLD Location: Canberra ----------------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Price: $40.00 + Postage. ----------------------------------------------NOW SOLD Item Condition: Good (free dust included) ------------------------NOW SOLD Reason for selling: Too short for current system. ---------------NOW SOLD Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit. -----NOW SOLD Extra Info: These are an extremely musical set of cables. Enough detail, but also a wonderfully liquid midrange, and a bottom end that goes deep. I used these with a pair of mono-blocks, but they are too short for my current system. Would be good with mono-blocks, as patch leads from wall plates, or for a desktop system. Purchased for $60/m. I believe they are a silver/carbon hybrid.
  15. Hello SNA Members! Ok, getting down to last of my kit for sale. I've had this since 2002, and bought it from Carlton Audio Visual. I have the manual, but no receipt or box. I'm happy to pack it for the interstate buyers at extra cost, which you will see below. I also bear no responsibility if it gets damaged in freight. The unit has operated flawlessly, and strangely, when I bought it, it had a Euro plug in the box! I will supply the that cord with an adaptor, so you can plug it in straight away. It has an optical output too, so I guess it can operate as a transport for a DAC. I'm selling it due to all my CD's being transferred to my Mac these days, and I listen to vinyl mostly. I hate having things around which I don't use! Original remote included. * Item full name and model Denon DCD-435 * Location Kilsyth South * Item condition description Used, but great condition * Price and price conditions $100, non-negotiable pickup preferred. Freight Australia wide is $30 extra * Reason for selling Not being used * Payment Methods: Paypal, or cash on pickup
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