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Found 7 results

  1. Another fantastic PSA product. Perfect condition! 3 months to run under warranty & I have original boxes. I've been an set guy for years ( and still love them) but these amps are something special. I originally bought them to power woofers in a 3 way system ( using tube amps for mid & top) but that never eventuated. I was very surprised when I put them in my current system. Power authority, control, very quiet, dynamic and to my amazment very good linear extension to the top end. My tube amps didn't go back into the system. These things are so efficient and don't even get warm. I like everything about them down to the speaker binding posts. Not only do they have a slip ring to prevent the nut from bitting on the spade terminal but notice how all the shafts extend right the way inside the case and are rock solidly mounted. See also my other gear 4 sale; Acrolink power cables, Acoustic Zen speaker & innterconnect cables, uLink, id100 apple dock, & in time Audion Black Shadow SET 845 monoblocks, Focal 15k 8711 woofers & possibly Stellar gain cell dac/ pre.
  2. Further information: 75W per channel. About 220-240hrs on current Mullard EL34 tubes. Amp was serviced locally by Hifi Exchange and tubes replaced. I have the old tubes that I can pass to buyer. Photos:
  3. I got original wooden crates , so its possible to ship interstates. However, given its weight ( net: 16kg each , gross: more than 20kg each), would highly prefer local pick up. Comes with 4 extra 6AS7G tubes A pair of rarely offered Audio Valve Baldur 70 "Baby Baldurs" monoblocks for sale. RRP was $12500.00 when purchased. The 300 big brother is currently $34000. They are both outstanding amplifiers. Typical review.....These 70W tubed monoblocks are very well made and pleasant to look at. The Baldurs possess all the strengths associated with tubes, but also have an extended, airy top end. Overall, the Baldur 70s are very musical sounding, and for USD $9000/pair provide good performance, especially for their power range..... Very good condition with a few minor marks. Operationally perfect. For further info and review see: http://www.audiovalv...ve baldur70.php During the CES show in Las Vegas 2003, the need for a smaller version of Baldur 200+ became apparent. Size and price were main cause for the search for an alternative consumers entrance into the ‘world of BALDURS’ ! Thus said and done, AudioValve can offer you, as shown in the accompanying illustrations, the final developments and esthetics of BALDUR 70 (“baby-baldurâ€). World premier performance was at the ‘High-End-Show’ in Frankfurt-Germany, Summer of 2003. Like in all AudioValve’s larger model power-amps, our proven fully automatic bias regulator –short ABR- at the powertubes, also appears here in the power stages of BALDUR 70. This is world wide unique and this feature is a ‘must’ for relevant tasks to stabilize the bias of the power valves and actually belongs standard into 21fst century tube-technology - at least with AudioValve ! - Safety, reliability and durability are synonym for our tubeamps for over a decade! Apart from the high reliability of the outputstage, the ‘baby-Baldur’ unites further interesting, typical AudioValve’s refinements on the part of the concept. As for the powertubes, BALDUR 70 utilizes only four 6AS7G’s / ch. where BALDUR 200-plus uses eight 6AS7G’s per channel. (And in doing so, it’s the only world-wide power stage, using 8 tubes coupling a clean 150Watts power-output to a dampingsfactor of 100!!) The baby-Baldur cannot compete completely with the extreme standard of Baldur 200, but gives a real run for its money, and makes a quiet worthy and certainly more inexpensive entrance possible to a true triode Poweramp. And with this masterpiece one immediately recognizes the incomparable quality of a correct trimmed set of 6AS7G’s !! (75W/ch) But what makes this outputstage something special? It is the sum of all consistently architected thoughts and accomplished development-steps. All electronics of the BALDUR 70 are on one enormous printed circuit board accommodated -a masterpiece of a special kind- evenly typically AudioValve, with the advantage that all the production models of whichever AudioValve model is exactly like its reference sample! In contrast to “hardwired†components , where the outcome varies with the construction technician…, as to often, unfortunately, the case is. With free wiring one amplifier is hardly like the other. But that is certainly not the only reason for this one PCB; dynamic interrelations can settle in between elements in context of the total construction. Only the use of a well thought out and calculated printed circuit board, will stabilize these conditions. If using the power triode 6AS7G, first tried in 1982 in the original Baldur 100, there are a number of demands to meet before this tube will perform to its maximum ability. For one there has to be a stable electrical environment to sustain this highly demanding tube if you expect maximum musicality during its entire lifetime. The intricacies and traps with the 6AS7G are too many to perform this task without an automated bias circuit and simply cannot be done without AudioValve’s ABR! Besides that will ABR forces all tubes effectively in a “common modeâ€, fundamental for any multiple tube design. Traditionally this task is performed with a screwdriver, to adjust the biascurrent, but that is only momentarily, if at all. Even selected tubes cannot hold there promise in the long term, because tubes run their own life, and a matched pair or quad will be matched only for so long!! The ABR of the BALDUR 70 will regulate each of the two triodes in one glass bulb and so on with the other tubes. All together the 6AS7 G is still protected by reversible devices. Whenever you see this tube in use, accompanied with only half a dozen components around this tube,skepticism will be your best advisor. If you should have to change a powertube in the BALDUR 70, the respectively related ABR circuit will indicate so, and you exchange only that one to another, for ex. a new one. BALDUR 70 is more or less indestructible, even if you shortcircuit the output, or inadvertently, leave it running without load. That, by the way, applies to all our amps! BALDUR 70 reaches with a dampingfactor of 20 not the dream-value of its big brother, nevertheless in comparison with its competition it plays absolutely in the upper league; while generally dampingfactor of tubeamplifiers is not their strongest feature. In particular OTL designs with a damping factor of 1 or 2 will make you believe that they’re wonderfully musical. Well, maybe in exceptional cases, certainly not generally, simply because without control over the speaker from the amp, there is no such thing as musicality! The damping realized in BALDUR 70 means strong, clean, dry, thumpy and sharply outlined bass; accompanied of the soundstage and velvet high’s only known from real triodes. BALDUR 70 will not only drive ‘tube-friendly’ speakers, a wide range of dynamic speakers are well within the limits of its power; even magnetostatic speakers can easily be driven! Thereby, the BALDUR 70 will drive excellently a multiplicity of usual loudspeakers. Naturally BALDUR 70 has also a driver stage before output stage. AudioValve hasn’t let that pass unnoticed! It consists of four (!) double triodes/ch, responsible for tension-amplification and current-amplification, splitting of the complementary wave to feed the parallel-mirror-symmetrical coupling to powertubes. Filament voltage as well as plate voltage of the driver section are stabilized, and provide a solid, rock steady operation conditions. The r0emaining characteristics of BALDUR 70 resemble otherwise those of BALDUR 200-plus.
  4. Further information: Relist as I had to turn a couple of potential buyers away due to not being able to in-person audition. I don't have boxes for these so interstate postage is not possible. 75W per channel. About 220-240hrs on the Mullard EL34 tubes. Amp was serviced locally by Hifi Exchange and tubes replaced. I have the old tubes that I can pass to buyer.
  5. These were purchased from this SnA member here: 75W per channel with 4xEL34 tubes on each amp. Lightly used to power my left and right mains for HT duties. Happy to demo for serious buyers. Weight is 30kg each.
  6. cordlessmatt


  7. Item: Vincent Audio SP-T700 Monoblock Amps (silver) Location: Forestville NSW Price: $2,200 pair Item Condition: Very good. 2 years old Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: For sale are my pair of Vincent Audio SP-T700 Hybrid Monoblock amplifiers in silver. I am the original owner, and they are 2 years old. Selling due to a change of configuration. See https://www.vincent-tac.de/en/product-lines/tubeline/sp-t700.html for full details. See https://funaudio.com.au/brands/vincent/ for link to current importer. I have the original boxes in good condition, and I'm willing to ship at the buyer's expense. 16kg each in two cartons. Photos:
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