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Found 10 results

  1. Item: Quicksliver Audio M60 Monoblock Valve Amplifiers (x3) and Valver Tester Location: Byron Bay Price: $3,200 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Downsizing Home, Downsizing System Payment Method: Pickup or postage at purchasers cost - Paypal, or cash if pickup or delivery between Byron Bay & Brisbane Extra Info:I am reluctantly selling my 3 wonderful Quicksilver Audio monoblock tube amplifiers as we are downsizing our home and I have to downsize my audio visual system. These have been used for both music and the left, centre and right speakers in a surround sound system. Quicksilver amps are about as good as they get. Here is a link to their website in the US http://quicksilveraudio.com/ The sound is rich and vibrant and I will truly miss them. The amps come in their original boxes and with the original operating instructions. I really don't want to split these by selling a pair. It's hard to get 3 mono valve amps together so if you don't want the third get it as a spare or just in case you change your mind Also included are: a full set of valves for all 3 units 5 spare output valves and spares for the other valves spare fuses a custom made valve tester for checking and matching the valves BTW the Vandersteen 2CE Signature speakers are also available. Will advertise them soon. These amps are listed with eBay and the shipping calculator shows a starting price $32.15 for each unit (depending on purchasers location). Actual cost for the 3 amps, valve tester and spare valves will be charged to the purchaser. I am located in Byron Bay but travel to Brisbane every week so could deliver along this route I am happy to answer any questions about these awesome amps Pictures:
  2. Item: Cayin 9084D x 2 mono blocks Location:Hunter Valley (Have double boxes so courier possible at buyers cost) Price: $2750 Item Condition:Used Reason for selling:Not getting used... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:These are simply the best sounding amplifiers I've ever heard and there have been many! They have 28W of pure single ended magic and will keep you listening into the wee hours of the morning... This is my second pair and have had very little use, still have the plastic down the sides to protect the chrome! These were withdrawn from sale last time to accommodate a friends interest, but sadly he has not been able to raise funds, Pictures:
  3. Hi, I am slowly gathering bits and pieces for my Martin Logan HT build. I have a Sanders ESL to power the fronts, 2x Parasound Halo A23 to power the surrounds, but nothing yet to power the center speaker. The center speaker is a ML Stage X 70-22000Hz, max impedance drop to 4ohm. I am searching for another amp that matches the design quality as the Parasound and Sanders. Either a mono or stereo/mono with a reasonable price tag used or new. Still chasing and searching for another used A23 but wouldn't mind to hear other options.
  4. Item: 2 x VINCENT AUDIO SP-997 MONO BLOCK AMPLIFIERS, Silver in Colour Location: Ballarat, Victoria Price: $500 each unit (Price is negotiable. Will consider offers) Item Condition: In very good condition, one has a small dint on the top edge, and a red mark on the face - see photos. Reason for selling: Down sizing my home theatre Payment and delivery method: Negotiable, although together weight is 13kg, so delivery is likely to be expensive, happy for pick up. Extra Info: These have been used as monoblocks in combination with my Cambridge Audio Azur 840A. Have since needed to down grade, so have to give these up. The SP-997 Mini Mono Power Amplifier a logical consequence of the enormous success of our SP-996. Allot of time and effort has gone into the development of this unit, thus a natural partnership with the SAV-C1 decoder preamplifier from Vincent is assured. Whether you need Stereo or 7 channel this unit makes the perfect choice. In the SP-997 you have one integrated signal circuit, which after 30 minutes if no signal is being transmitted the unit completely switches off. In addition it comes with a 12V-Trigger, allowing you to switch numerous devices. Both functions are designed not to affect the audio signal. German design quality at it's best. You won't be disappointed with the audio these churn out. Specs as per the Vincent Audio website: System/Format: Mini Mono Integrated Amplifier Frequency Range: 20 Hz - 22 kHz +/- 0.5 dB Nominal Output Power: 2 x 200 Watts into 4 Ohm 2 x 150 Watts into 8 Ohm Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.1 % max. (1 kHz, 1 W) Input Sensitivity: 1.5 V Signal-to-Noise Ratio: > 95 dB Input Impedance: 47 kOhm Mains Power Input: 230 V / 50 Hz Dimensions (W x H x D): 160 x 268 x 225 mm Weight: 6.5 kg Colour/Finish: black / silver More details available here: http://www.apollohifi.com.au/vincent-audio-sp997-mini-mono-block-amp.html RRP For these is $999 each. Will not separate.
  5. Hi SNA members! Please see our latest special offerings listed below. Enjoy! Bryston 7BSST 600watt mono amplifier black $12,800rrp a pair. Trade in price $8,500 a pair Bryston BP-26 pre-amplifier black $5,748rrp. Trade in price $3,900 Bryston BDA-1 DAC black ex demo $2,799rrp. $1,980 ex demo price Parasound JC1 400watt mono amplifier silver $15,990rrp a pair. $10,500 trade in a pair PS Audio NuWave DAC black $1,249rrp. trade in price $600 Rotel RA-1520 integrated amplifier black $1,199rrp ex demo price $820 Rotel RCD-06 CD player silver $640rrp. ex demo price $440 Unison Research P70 70watt push pull tube integrated amplifier $9,699rrp. ex demo price $5,820 Unison Research P40 40watt push pull tube integrated amplifier $6,399rrp. ex demo price $3,840 Unison Research Performance 40 watt class A tube integrated amplifier $16,000rrp. ex demo price $11,800 Unison Research Primo 80watt integrated amplifier black $2,799rrp. ex demo price $2,100 Unison Research Secondo 100watt integrated amplifier silver $4,000rrp. ex demo price $2,600 Audio Physic Yarra 2 centre speaker cherry $1,350rrp ex demo price $650 ME-555 3X100watt power amplifier, Great condition with manual no box Trade in price $1,400 (not high Cap) Audio Analogue Paganini silver CD player with box $3,099rrp ex demo price $1,850 Unison CDE CD player black with box $4,999rrp. ex demo price $2,500 Arcam CD-37 CD player silver with box $2,999rrp. ex demo price $1,950 Vienna Bach Grand loudspeakers with boxes $3,000rrp. trade in price $1,500 the pair Opera Quinta loudspeaker $7,299rrp a pair. Special $4,800 a pair Acoustic Energy AE1 MK3 reference bookshelf loudspeakers black $8,500rrp a pair with stands. Trade in price $3,500 a pair with stands Acoustic Energy Pro AE22 Active studio monitors $2,499rrp a pair. Consignment clearance price $999 a pair TAD Evolution One loudspeaker wood finish $34,000rrp. Ex Demo, call in for a demo and price Dan A Isoform Rack with 5 Isoform shelf (silver and burgundy coloured shelf versions available) $3,800rrp. Ex demo price $2,000 REL 528SE 12" active, 12" passive subwoofer gloss black $3,499rrp. Ex demo price $2,500 Sennheiser RS-220 wireless headphones. $699.95rrp. Special price $450 Please call us on 02 9899 9079 or castlehill@sydneyhifi.com.au with any sales inquires , we are happy to help!
  6. Item: 3 x VINCENT AUDIO SP-997 MONO BLOCK AMPLIFIERS, Black in Colour Location: Dandenong North Price: $640 Each (Price is Negotiable. Will consider Offers) Item Condition: In Excellent Condition, Not a mark on them. As new. Reason for selling: Down sizing my theater Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: These have been my pride and joy for years. Originally bought them to upgrade my Onkyo (also for sale) front channels and center channel. Have since needed to down grade, so have to give these up. Huge power with tons of head room. Perfect for music and home theater. Can drive any loud speaker you throw at them. Have 12v remote switching inputs, balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs. A real power house of an amp. German design quality at it's best. You won't be disappointed with the audio these churn out. Originally purchased at Audio Trends for $1000 each. Specs as per the Vincent Audio website: Frequency: 20 Hz - 50 kHz + / - 0.5 dB Power RMS / 8 ohms: 150 watts RMS / 4 ohms: 250 watts Total harmonic distortion: <0.1% (1 kHz, 1 Watt) Input Sensitivity: 1.2 V Signal to Noise Ratio:> 95 dB Input Impedance: 47 kOhm Inputs: 1 x stereo RCA, 1 x Stereo XLR, 1 x 3.5mm jack (Power Control) Outputs: 2 x speaker terminals, 1 x 3.5mm jack (Power Control) Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz Color: black / silver Weight: 6.5 kg Dimensions (WxHxD): 160 x 268 x 225 mm For more details, visit their website. RRP For these is $999 each. Will separate 2 if I can get a buyer for the 3rd.
  7. Not mononucleosis, urrghhhh, but mono cartridge advice. What's a good mono cart recommendation? BACKGROUND: I have never ever bought a mono cart I have never ever heard a mono cart Not even exactly sure why a stereo cart isn't good enough for mono...! I don't have that many mono records I do have a spare arm (SME 3012R) I like the Denon103R stereo sound Budget must be sub NZ$500, which is probably about 2 Australian dollars...
  8. After hours of searching, I've finally decided to consult a forum. I have a computer, and a Yamaha keyboard, both with stereo outputs/headphone jacks. 1/8" and 1/4" respectively. I need to run them both to my mixer, which takes 1/4" L/R mono. I currently have one of these (http://www.rubbermonkey.com.au/Hosa-Tech/Hosa-CMP-159-Mini-to-1%604-Breakout-Cable-10ft) running from the computer, and just a single mono cable from the keyboard. The keyboard does use stereo sampling, so I'd much prefer another stereo splitter like I have from the computer. Can anyone recommend a better quality cable? The Hosa one does the job, but hisses quite a bit when I amp it up.
  9. Item: VINCENT SPT-100 HYBRID TUBE MONO AMPLIFIERS Location: MELBOURNE Price: $1500 ONO FOR THE PAIR Item Condition: EXCELLENT Reason for selling:NO LONGER REQUIRED Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: [attachment 2=2=48175:vincent (1024x768).jpg=(1024x768).jpg][attachment 1=1=48174:vincent (1024x768).jpg=(1024x768).jpg] Home Audio Equipment Review March 2006 Vincent SP-T100 Mono Amplifiers by John Crossett Review Summary Sound "These hybrid amps add a very slight golden glow to any music I played through them. Was that addition unkind to the music? Hardly. It was actually very pleasant. Was it, strictly speaking, completely accurate? I doubt it." "Their purity of tone is seductive, especially with vocals." "The SP-T100s aren't small-sounding amps, despite their modest size. They filled my listening room with a big, bold impression of whatever was fed to them." Features "The 100W SP-T100s run in pure class A with zero negative feedback" and "use vacuum tubes in the input stage and for voltage rectification, and solid-state devices in the output stage." Use "The amps run warm, much warmer than most solid-state amplifiers I’ve used." "It took the full 150 hours of break-in time that Vincent recommended before the SP-T100s settled in and began to strut their stuff." Value "'Hybrid,' 'monoblock' and '$2495' are not often used it the same sentence." I’ve long considered German engineering and build quality to be among the best in the world. From cars to electric shavers to audio equipment, the Teutonic ability to design and build products that work above and beyond the call and last for years has set a benchmark by which all industries are judged. I’ve never been able to afford most of the German audio gear that has caught my eye; being well built and affordable has never been foremost in the plan. Until now. Vincent, a division of Thorens and a relative newcomer to high-end audio, has demonstrated that topflight German build quality, wonderful sound, and affordability are not mutually exclusive assets. How did they accomplish this feat? By keeping design in-house but farming out the actual building -- under close supervision, of course -- to China. Sure, many out there think that anything built by the Chinese is of lesser quality, but they’re dead-bang wrong. All it’ll take is one look at the audio gear being manufactured there to see just how proficient the Chinese have become. Vincent certainly has, and its line of audio products demonstrates this. The SP-T100 hybrid mono amplifiers I received for review certainly opened my ears to the possibilities. Nuts & bolts The $2495 USD SP-T100 hybrid monoblocks -- "hybrid" because they use vacuum tubes in the input stage and for voltage rectification, and solid-state devices in the output stage -- are unobtrusive boxes that measure a svelte 8 1/4"W x 7 3/4"H x 15 3/4"D and weigh in at 33 pounds each. "Hybrid," "monoblock" and "$2495" are not often used it the same sentence. The amps' 1/4"-thick faceplate (available in champagne gold, silver or black) is blemished by three tiny push buttons -- the larger middle one for power, the two smaller ones on each side for speaker selection. To the inside of the two speaker-selection buttons are small LEDs that glow green when the amp is powered up. The only other feature on the front panel is a large, round, retro-cool window through which you can get a glimpse of one of the tubes glowing radiantly. It’s my educated guess that this is the 6Z4 voltage-rectification tube. The remaining three 6N6s are clearly seen in the rear of the amp when looking down through the perforated top plate. Should the glow of this window bother you, there is a dimmer switch on the back of the amp that allows you to turn it down gradually or completely off. Nice touch. The circle-type transformers have a capacity of 40,000uF to supply lots of current to your speakers, allowing the amps to handle low-impedance loads with ease. This makes the SP-T100s usable with most any speaker. They certainly drove my Magnepan MG1.6/QRs with no audible problems. Speaking of the rear panel, it’s as simply laid out as the front. Centered in the middle is the gold-plated input jack. Below it is the dimmer switch, and under that is the standard three-prong IEC receptacle (a power cord is supplied, of course). On either side are the two sets of five-way speaker terminals for speakers A or B. I assume these are for biwiring, but why they are switched is a mystery not covered in the manual. The 100W SP-T100s run in pure class A with zero negative feedback. The top panel is loaded with slots to keep the tubes ventilated, and the amps have heat sinks that run their length from top to bottom on each side of the chassis. The amps run warm, much warmer than most solid-state amplifiers I’ve used. Make sure you have plenty of space above and to the sides to allow the amps to dissipate their heat. I set the two monoblock amps on the Symposium Ultra Platform that usually holds my single Bryston amp. This setup still allowed the amps to sit about 4" apart, so I wasn’t worried about any interference or heat issues. For the fun of it, I used speaker connection A for the left channel and B for the right channel. Also for fun, I kept the tube window fully lit, as I found the glow soothingly "old school." Sonics How does one go about the task of describing the sound of a component that should have none? A product whose job, theoretically, is to simply take the incoming signal and make it louder? In audio, things aren’t quite that simple. Everything -- everything -- has its own sonic signature. Take the Vincent SP-T100 amplifiers as a "for instance." How much did they affect the sound of the music? These hybrid amps add a very slight golden glow to any music I played through them. Was that addition unkind to the music? Hardly. It was actually very pleasant. Was it, strictly speaking, completely accurate? I doubt it. So what does that tell us? When you’re piecing together your audio setup system, synergy is an all-important fact of life. Associated Equipment Loudspeakers – Magnepan MG1.6/QR. Power amplifier – Bryston 4B SST. Preamplifier – Audio Research SP16. Digital – Marantz 8260 CD/SACD player. Analog – VPI HW19 Mk IV turntable, Butternut Audio-modified Rega RB300 tonearm, Clearaudio Aurum Beta S cartridge. Interconnects – Alpha Core Goertz TQ2, DH Labs BL-1, Harmonic Technology Pro Silway Mk II. Speaker cables – Alpha Core Goertz MI2. Power cords – Harmonic Technology Pro AC-11, LAT AC-2. Accessories – Target TT3 equipment rack; Symposium Ultra Platform and Svelte Shelf platforms; Symposium Precision Couplers, Roller Block Series II, Roller Block Jr., and Fat Padz footers; Monster Cable HTS 1000 power center. It took the full 150 hours of break-in time that Vincent recommended before the SP-T100s settled in and began to strut their stuff. During break-in, the amps added too much of that glow to the music. It was almost a haze, and it was a distraction. But, upon hitting that magic 150-hour total, something seemed to right the ship. One minute the Vincent amps were pleasant and inoffensive, and the next they morphed into amplifiers that offered a multitude of pleasing attributes. Once the amps were fully broken in, my initial impression of them was that they offer a vivid, three-dimensional view of the music. Their purity of tone is seductive, especially with vocals. I love Alison Krauss’s voice. It has an ethereal quality that, if reproduced correctly, just floats in the space between my speakers. Her rendition of "When I Say Nothing At All" from Now That I’ve Found You [Rounder SACD 11661-0325-6] is a case in point. This is a love song, and when Krauss unleashes that marvelous voice to sing it, it should touch the heart. Nay, it should almost bring a tear of joy to the eye of those happily married (or committed) audiophiles out there. The Vincent amps handled this very, very well. They set Krauss a bit more forward than I’m used to, but, thanks to those input tubes and the amps' class-A output, they imbued her with an angelic vocal quality that, in all honesty, touched me. However, the SP-T100s do add a bit too much muscle to the human voice. This can make some female vocals sound a tad too heavy and add a touch of chestiness to most male singers. The latter was welcome in some cases, however. The SP-T100s aren't small-sounding amps, despite their modest size. They filled my listening room with a big, bold impression of whatever was fed to them. Playing big-band jazz is not something that can be skimped on sonically if you want to cover the full dynamic spectrum. The SP-T100s, playing the new stereo SACD Gil Evan’s + 10 [Prestige PRSA-7120-6], demonstrated this in spades. The entire front of my room was suddenly turned into the recording studio. All the musicians were there, properly sized and placed, and when they let loose, whoa baby, it was "pin me to my chair" time. What I'm describing wasn’t just loudness for the sake of loudness, but it was dynamic and detailed. From the breath of the trumpet player to the snap of the drum sticks hitting the snare, all the detail I could want was there and woven into the tapestry of the music. The Gil Evans album put another strong point of the Vincent amps into high relief -- their ability to separate instrumental lines. Each of the musicians Evans used was set in his own space. Each played his own instrument, with no blurring of the line between, say, the tenor sax and the trombone. I found that I could follow whichever musician I chose to for as long as I liked. Tonal balance was another positive attribute of these amplifiers. Each instrument was clearly rendered for what it was. They demonstrated that sense of bloom that tubes do so well. I was very impressed. Something that I’ve come to seek in top-quality audio components is the ability to differentiate recordings -- something the SP-T100s do particularly well. Each album I played, whether I was wearing my reviewer's hat or just listening for the pleasure of it, was its own animal. A good recording was reproduced as such, and a poor one was exposed. The acoustic space on a live recording such as 4 Generations of Miles [Chesky 243 SACD] was clearly different from that of a recorded-in-the-studio album such as Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue [Columbia 64955 SACD CS], which is exactly what should happen. If it doesn’t, if a piece of equipment makes everything sound similar, I’d question the product's resolving power, and my long-term satisfaction with it. The Vincent amps had no such problem. The competition Stacked up against my reference Bryston 4B SST, the Vincent amps came off very well. Both amps cost within a few hundred dollars of each other -- the 4B SST retails for $2995. The Bryston amp has triple the power of the SP-T100s, at 300Wpc, but the Vincent amps are hybrid monoblocks, and they cost $500 less to boot. The greatest sonic difference between the Vincent and Bryston amps? Classical music was a real joy reproduced via the Vincent amps. The orchestra seemingly had a little bit of extra space between musicians. The Bryston amp came across as a bit leaner, more detailed, and sharper in focus. The Vincent amps, thanks to those input tubes, add a slight bit o' warmth to the proceedings, and that fleshes out images better. Bass depth was close, but because there’s no substitute for horsepower, the double-the-power Bryston amp went a bit deeper and with more control. That additional power also translates into a better sense of dynamic ease; the 4B SST goes from soft to loud with less apparent effort than the SP-T100s. Top-end performance was equally tight. While the Bryston amp sounded subjectively more extended, the Vincent amps offered a richer and fuller -- though slightly more subdued -- sound. In my system, the Vincent amps seemed to impose themselves on the music just a tad more than the Bryston amp. Maybe that’s those input tubes talking, or maybe the Audio Research SP16 preamp, along with the SP-T100s puts too many tubes in front of the music. Either way, the Vincent amps had the more apparent sonic signature, and probably strayed further from absolute neutrality because of it. End results If you’re the type of listener who buys strictly by country of build, then companies such as Vincent will forever remain a closed book to you. And that’ll be too bad. In this global economy, everything you buy is made of parts from the world over -- no matter where they're all finally put together. So, expanding your options can mean many things. In the case of audio, it can add up to both excellent sound as well as large savings, especially when Asian manufacturing is part of the mix. In the specific case of the Vincent SP-T100 hybrid monoblock amplifiers, globalization can mean owning gear that you may have felt was far beyond your means -- both sonically and fiscally. The ability to think globally will net you long-term satisfaction with these amps. You’ll end up with a pair of amplifiers that will bring years of enjoyable listening, and, no matter where you live, that's quite a lot. ...John Crossett johnc@soundstage.com Vincent SP-T100 Mono Amplifiers Price: $2495 USD per pair. Warranty: Two years parts and labor. Sintron Vertriebs GmbH Electronic Import & Export Südring 14 D-76473 Iffezheim Germany Phone: (+49) 7229 18 29 98 Fax: (+49) 7229 18 29 99 E-mail: sintron.vertriebs@t-online.de Website: www.vincent-tac.de US distributor: Q-USA 462 N. Baldwin St, Madison, WI 53703 Phone: (608) 237-1726 Fax: (608) 237-1728 E-mail: info@q-usa.com Website: www.q-usa.com Current Issue Equipment Reviews All Contents Copyright © 2006 SoundStage! All Rights Reserved
  10. Item full name and model etc. Audio Research DS450M Mono Power Amplifier 450 Watts of BALLS! (single amp) * Location Sydney Australia * Item condition description: BRAND NEW! 5 month old! * Price and price conditions: $2,900 - plus shipping will ship all over Australia. - have boxes etc ($7,495 inc GST in Australia each new) * Reason for selling buying a house! Audio must go! this is enough to buy many bottles of champers (because I'll need it to get over the fact I sold my Hi-Fi system) - * Payment Methods: Cash, Paypal (3%), Direct Deposit, bank cheque * Extra Info: Well a man comes to a stage where he has to think about his options; partner or SUBWOOFER!... Partner won! So the subwoofer left quickly and now the power amp driving it I bought 5 months ago is feeling lonely. I can't bear to look at it any longer. This can be used as a sub power amp or for a center channel (or any other mono duties for that matter) - or talk to the new Audio Research Distributor 'Synergy Audio' and buy another DS450M and have a stereo pair! - the price I'm selling this at is cheaper than what he can buy it for anyway so you'll have a pretty cheap deal. I've got the boxes etc all brand new and I can ship this anywhere - This was bought from the old Aus distributor and if you have any issues call the new one haha or myself. Anyway - Please put me out of my misery and buy this power amp this amp will make anyone happy like my other half when I buy her a house... sigh! No bites on this little baby; so I'm prepared to throw in the deal my Harmonic Tech AC10 20 amp power cable with this amp. http://www.harmonict...ntasy-ac10.html This cable I used with the amp and would most likely be lonely if separated. The cable retails in Australia for $799! Yours Free with this baby * Pictures (Mac Mini on top of the power amp not included) I'm allowed to keep that! Attached Thumbnails
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