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Found 18 results

  1. Item: Mac Mini Server 2010 Model Location: Perth Price: $400 including postage Item Condition: As new (given it's a 2010 unit!) with packaging Reason for selling: Upgraded so no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Mac Mini Server with the following specs: 2.66 Core 2 Duo 8GB Ram 1TB SSD - main drive 500GB spinner - media drive Unit is in excellent condition and comes with original packaging. Currently running Sierra, however can upgrade to the latest High Sierra if needed prior to pickup. Has been a great little media server - mostly using iTunes. Pictures: As below
  2. I bought an OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock to use with my 2017 MacBook Pro. The dock works in terms of powering the machine and my iPhone and iPad, however I cannot use it to play music through the headphone output or through a USB 3 port to my Dragonfly DAC. The Dock doesn't show up either in the audio MIDI setup or the 'sound' window in system preferences. After talking to Apple support over the phone for an hour they suggested that the fault lay with the OWC dock rather than an apple software or hardware issue. Has anybody else had experience with this issue and been able to shed some light on this problem?
  3. Afternoon everyone. I have a moderate stereo setup at my house which I've been enjoying for a number of years, which I run off of a windows based HTPC, which is now getting quite old and I'm noticing some issues. Now since I work in IT, I have a lot of equipment laying around, including a Mac Mini that I haven't used for quite some time. Decided to play with it, so I threw Kodi on it, installed Audirvana and a bit of music. I have the Lenehan PDX as a DAC and had to install the HiFace driver, but it worked pretty seamlessly after installation. Fired up some music and was immediately... disappointed. The music sounded muddled, which is not characteristic of my system. I tried a few different programs, including J-River which is what I've used on my PC, and I will admit that the difference is still fairly noticeable. To be sure, I plugged it back into my old HTPC and as best as I can tell, it simply sounds much better. Now, I understand that what I'm familiar with might sound better to me, but in this case I'm being as objective as I possibly can be. Does anyone have any advice as to why the Mac Mini might be so sub-par? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  4. Hi all I need to rip approx 900 CDs (all standard Redbook) on a Mac Mini Server running Yosemite OSX. I intend to rip to FLAC. Interested to hear from Mac users about what ripping and tagging software they use. I was leaning towards dbpoweramp but the artwork, metadata and accuracy-check app - PerfectTunes - is Windows only. Is this a deal-breaker? What are my other options? Opinions on XLD? Playback might deserve its own thread but if you want to share opinions there too I'm all ears. Keen to give iTunes a miss (because FLAC). Audirvana Plus? Sorry if these questions have been asked before - I did search the forum first, but please feel free to direct me to older topics. Cheers, Dylan/Art
  5. Item: HiRise for iMac (x2) Location: Perth Price: $65 each includes shipping nationwide (these sell for $95+ brand new) Item Condition: Very good to excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (buyer pays fees), Bank Deposit Extra Info: No longer needed. These units are supplied in original packaging and are both on excellent condition. There are some scuff marks on the inner shelf (cant be seen in normal use). One of the units has a scuff towards the rear right, but again, can only be seen in the right light and as its to the rear, would not be seen in use. From the website:- HiRise is an elegant iMac stand designed to elevate your iMac or Apple Display to your optimal viewing height for a more comfortable and ergonomic work station. HiRise has an internal metal support shelf that lets you adjust the height of your Mac in one of six internal positions and is over-engineered to securely support any iMac or Apple Display. HiRise also creates a hidden storage compartment that’s perfect for stashing hard drives and cables, or your wallet and keys. Save your back and ditch the stack of books under your iMac in favor of HiRise. Pictures:
  6. Mac mini late 2012 Great condition $950 Pretty much mint (its just been sitting there). Bought this from someone in 2014 when it was 6 months old. Has run flawlessly ever since, not a hiccup. In 2015 I put a Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD in it alongside the original 1TB spinner. Supports dual monitors. No box. Its just been wiped and has a fresh install of OSX Sierra. Fantastic computer for photo editing, music production or day to day use. Theres one without the SSD on eBay at the moment with a bid at $740 so ill ask for $950 and see how I go - its not a cheap drive. Otherwise on the bay it goes.
  7. Item: Mac Mini 2010, upgraded to 12GB RAM, 320GB HDD, internal Superdrive, Genuine Mac Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Location: Melbourne Price: $500ono + postage at buyer cost Item Condition: Very Good, 8/10+ and includes original packaging for Mac Mini, Keyboard and Mouse. Reason for selling: Upgraded to Mac Mini i7 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Originally purchased in Singapore for use in a small apartment, Initial light usage as a photo editing machine before being replaced by a Macbook Pro Retina and subsequently used as Plex Media Server. Recently replaced by more powerful Mac Mini to allow real-time transcoding of Live TV as part of the Media Server box. Has been upgraded to clean install of El Capitan recently. Note - As this was purchased in Singapore the original power cable is a UK plug. This is in the box but I can supply a non-Apple branded AUS power cable on request at no additional charge. I can also include a basic HDMI cable if required on request. Pictures: Can be supplied for interested buyers (it's boxed up at the moment and put away at the back of the storage cupboard)
  8. guys, an uncle of ours has given us a couple of old LPs that he would love to have in digital form…file or CD which is preferable to him. When I ran a pc I just ran from phono stage to analog inputs on my audigy drive bay I ran, of course don't have that on our macbook pro and wondering what is a good solution ? straight into the audio in via the headphone port or should I go usb ? what devices are around for that and what should I use for software ? any suggestions guys…if this is more appropriate in the turntable section can move there, but thought this is more computer based i.e. what input means, devices needed and software ?
  9. Hello all, I guess this has been asked before but i couldn't find anything about it... Does anyone knows how to stream from a Mac to an Oppo BDP-103D?...I see the Mac but i can't connect!... I want to use the better video processing capabilities of the Oppo and retired my old Apple TV (which only does 720p)... thanks in advanced cheers
  10. Hi its David's Geek here, in a month im leaving for Europe for a short trip and i need a lightweight computer to replace my 16gb ipad 2 wifi. What i really want is a cheap macbook air and i dont mind how old it is as long as it is a reliable machine. Depending on the age, size and quality i would be happy to pay up to $350 and to be honest i dont care much about the cosmetic condition. Im happy to trade my Ipad and some cash depending the computer.
  11. Hi all, I have been using my Rega DAC with USB from my 2014 Macbook pro. As the USB only goes to 48Khz I ordered an optical cable, hooked this up and went to the "Audio devices" config to change the optical output to 192khz. The DAC light indicates 192 but sounds becomes completely distorted /choppy. Basically any setting above 48khz has this effect. Does anyone has any idea why this is not working? Thanks heaps, Mark
  12. Relisting item from yesterday as sale fell through. Item: Mac mini music server 2.3 MHz I& 4Gb Ram 1 TB hard drive + Apple USB Superdrive + Apple wireless mouse and Audirvana PLUS audio software Location: Canberra, ACT Price: $800 (over $1,200 in April 2013) Reason for selling: Trying a different front end Payment method: Paypal, direct transfer, cash pickup Additional information: This gear as basically unused as I bought to use as a headless music server with an iPad and never got a DAC for it. Original packaging and as new condition. Current model and you are getting a significant discount compared to new. Buyer pays postage.
  13. Item: Mac mini music server 2.3 MHz I& 4Gb Ram 1 TB hard drive + Apple USB Superdrive + Apple wireless mouse and Audirvana PLUS audio software Location: Canberra, ACT Price: $800 (over $1,200 in April 2013) Reason for selling: Trying a different front end Payment method: Paypal, direct transfer, cash pickup Additional information: This gear as basically unused as I bought to use as a headless music server with an iPad and never got a DAC for it. Original packaging and as new condition. Current model and you are getting a significant discount compared to new.
  14. Item: Apple Mac mini "Core i5" 2.53 GHz (Mid-2011) A.1347 Location: VIC Price: $480 + shipping Item: Excellent (as new / barely used), reset to factory default & complete with original packaging. Reason for selling: surplus to need Payment Method: Paypal, Cash / Pickup, Australia Post COD or Bank Deposit Extra Info: Intro Date: July 20, 2011 Order No: MC816LL/A Model No: A1347 (EMC 2442) Subfamily: Mid-2011 Std RAM: 4 GB Std VRAM: 256 MB Std Storage: 500 GB (5400 RPM)
  15. Noticed that Jriver 19 for Mac now has an option to select integer mode. So far I haven't had a chance to review any affect on sound quality. Anyone else noticed features Good or Bad in Mavericks relating to audio?
  16. G'day I'm just come across this new article at Hifi zine It's about using a Mac to setup & run an active 2-way with a sub What we can do with a PC Mac in 2013 is quite impressive It aint no good to me coz I'm mot a MAc guy, so I use MiniDSP, but an impressive article all the same. http://www.hifizine.com/2013/06/pure-music-fabfilter-proq-active-speaker/ Graham
  17. help! OK just got brand new NFB 3.2 DAC and it won't work. Set it up with ITunes on my iMac outputting through the provided USB cable to the NFB 3.2 DAC. Used nasty RCAs from the NFB to my integrated amp. Moment of truth. For 7 seconds sweet nectar. What a sound. Then it goes wierd. The sound becomes wobbly, it disintegrates then after a few more seconds it fragments to just crackles. I can repeat this. I stop the player and start again and it will play OK for 5 seconds then go bad. Why? Is this jitter (I though jitter was something subtle, not devastating) I have tried an alternative USB - no help. Have not tried optical The output file type makes no difference - Apple lossless, mp4, other Went into 'Audio Devices' on the Mac and set format as 24 bit instead of 16 bit (can't controls the volumes) Changing 'Flavor' (filter?), 'ACSS/RCA' and 'Selector' on the DAC do not seem to mitigate issue Any ideas? Much appreciated.
  18. Hello members! Up for sale is my HRT Headstreamer. Barely had this for couple of months, I'm selling it because I don't need it anymore. I grabbed this as a temporary stopgap until my WA6 arrived, but I got all impatient and upgraded myself to a WA22 anyway:) so this is now surplus! $100 delivered in Australia, no reduction in price if you pick it up. Australia only. Don't have the original box, but have all the documentation, including the receipt. * Item - HRT Headstreamer * Location - Kilsyth South, Victoria * Item condition description - Lightly used, no marks or scratches! * Price and price conditions - $100 Freight included anywhere in Australia * Reason for selling - Surplus * Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash on pickup
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