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Found 24 results

  1. This review is somewhat of a hybrid review, being the component in question started off as somewhat of a mongrel, as many Linn LP12s are- an original afromasia plinth with the classic fluting, made in 1975. When I first purchased it, I took it to Audio Genesis in Sydney, where they performed budget priced upgrades to a late pre-cirkus bearing and subchassis, along with a new armboard and cable for the Basik arm which graced it. For some years I used a high output excel MC cartridge, and then an AT OC-9, and all was well, as I enjoyed purchasing second hand vinyl in the 1990s at cheap prices. After moving down south to Melbourne, it continued to make good music, with a steady diet of music from the 2000s, and the riches of the as yet sleepy used market. After having kids and spending lots of the past 15 years riding bikes, in the past 3-4 years, I decided that it was time to give the old girl a bit of love. I had purchased a few cartridges over the years, which given it was running through an ME-15 pre with an MC board, were all moving coil. AT PT-33 was a well priced favourite, which was superseded by an AT OC-9/mk3, and the Basik gave way to a Jelco 750D, with it's ability to swap head shells. The first big structural modification that I did to the table was a about 2 years ago, when I bought both a cirkus bearing and kore subchassis. This clearly made a difference to the sound of the deck, and the subchassis was much easier to set up, largely due to the fact the the old subchassis was slightly bent! The turntable retained a lot of the Linn rhythmic sound that keeps you listening, though the bottom end was tighter. I found that at times the detail in the high percussion was good, though it seemed to come and go a little. I also bought a trampolin 2 base, which I thought was an improvement on running it without a base, as I had done. Given I had given myself a little bit of a buzz before with the valhalla and its greater than mains voltage, and my kids were getting tall enough to reach it on the wall shelf, this was more a safety upgrade rather than a sound upgrade, though it definitely improved the looks of the deck. Another amateur structural mod that I did was to fit corner braces to the original plinth, and re-glue the corners, which did seem to tighten up the sound. This brings me to the subject of the current review... 2019 was a year of reduced spending and hard work, and towards the end of it, as a Christmas present, my partner suggested that I should think about getting one of those plinths that I had talked about after I saw them at the Hifi show. I had seen this sign with a few examples in the VAF room, and discussed them with Simon from VAF, who said that he and another bloke, Ben, were starting a business around turntable setup, maintenance and upgrades, and the plinths were part of that. No they weren't yet for sale, as they were needed to show some shops. I put thoughts of immediate purchases out of my mind, and thought about other things. Now that the opportunity came to purchase one, got into contact with Ben, through the website www.hifiguru.com.au . I checked out a few of the models they had on offer on the still pretty rudiimentary website, and really had my heart set on a red gum plinth with a fantastic wavy grain. Ben got back to me via email, and we messaged about what was available, and agreed that I would get the Red gum, along with a new Linn top plate. The cost of the plinth was about $1500, which is a little more than a stock Linn plinth, but much cheaper than importing a Woodsong plinth or Booplinth, which were crazy prices. It may seem a bit silly paying this much for the wood surround of a record player, but I reasoned that when I play a record, I listen, let my thoughts wander, and spend quite a lot of time looking at the turntable itself, so getting one that is just beautiful was not so silly. It took the better part of a month to go from agreeing to purchase to getting the plinth itself, due to christmas and holidays, and during that time, I took advantage of a sale at Tivoli hifi to pick up a lingo 4 at a good price. It just seemed that if I was going to update the plinth, the motor had to be done too. Come the end of January, and it was all coming together. I met Ben to pick up the plinth, and despite his offer to build up the player as part of the purchase, I really wanted to do it myself. The plinth looked even better in the flesh than I remembered, and certainly than in photos. The top plate was well set and the bolts were vertical. It was time to build. I had borrowed a set up jig and some tools, which make the whole shebang much easier. First up was removing the subplatter, bearing and tonearm from the old table, which was no problem at all. Then was the process of fitting the Lingo 4 into the new plinth, along with the aforementioned bits. All went fairly well, with no issues. Soon I had a table which was fully stocked with parts, just needing tuning. If any of you have set up the suspension of an LP12, it is not magic, but it does require a bit of futzing around after you have set the platter to level, at about the height of the plinth edge. After the requisite twisting of the spring grommets, and bouncing of the platter, I had achieved a good bounce with no side to side movement. After that I attached and dressed the tonearm cable, which took a little longer, with a bit more twisting and bouncing for good measure. It was ready for the base to be reinstalled (a tight fit) and to be placed on the wall shelf (essential for any turntable in a house with floorboards, in my opinion). The finished product looks fantastic- a definite step up from the old girl who has travelled so far with me. It sounds fantastic, retaining that rhythmic coherence that LP12's are famous for, but what the Plinth/Lingo 4 add is a little more air in the upper frequencies- cymbals sound a bit more like they should, with less tizz, and a bit more separation of instruments. The biggest change to my ears has been the increased definition of bass guitar, bass drum, and the bottom end in general. It comes across as stronger, but without the kind of amiable boominess that the older versions of the deck have had. I have found that the change has been for the better with all the styles of music that I play, from rock/pop/metal, to jazz and classical. Overall this renovation of my LP12 has been just what I wanted- bringing a bit more audiophile into the musical fun of the original, without losing any of it. For the moment I am just enjoying it, currently listening regularly, with no thoughts of what comes next. Justin
  2. Item: LInn Keel Subchassis for Sondek Location: Sydney 2197 Price: $3395.00...free postage Eastern States ONLY....donation to SNA if sells via classifieds Item Condition: 9/10...near mint Reason for selling: Culling the herd/speakers... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These don't come up very often and for good reason...takes the Sondek to a whole new level.. I bought this particular Keel in 2015 and then sent this down to Duc before His passing to have one of His Univector tonearms matched to the Linn arm geometry and measurements...as I have 2 off these and have not used this one in a while i have decided to cull some gear in favour of a speaker upgrade/purchase. Item is in near mint condition save the marks where the Cirkus bearing mounts and some oil residue as shown. Have all original packaging but no screws/washers for the Cirkus bearing...figured those interested in this will already have some and i cant find them .....I'll leave the top grommets in though as shown...As mentioned this is a Linn mount only so basically any Linn arm will fit though Ittok owners less than an LV111 will have to drill the Keel to fit the arm rest ( there is a cut out ) ... You have been made aware .... Not gonna wax lyrical how this will transform the Sondek as its all been said before. As mentioned free postage to Eastern States...advertised elsewhere...... and Thanks for looking.. Any questions dont hesitate to ask..Price is $2K off list... Cheers Tase. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: ERA 3033 Turntable Location: Chisholm NSW 2322 Price: 860 Item Condition: NOS Reason for selling: Less than a handful left. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: Will ship for $25-$40 depending on the area. Controls relubed, main bearing relubed, tonearm setdown lever adjusted for smooth, slow operation. ERA (Etudes et Recherches Acoustiques) were somewhat ahead of Thorens, AR and Linn for the time with their thicker steel deck, cast alloy sub-deck, 48-pole Premotec motor with ss pulley and just excellent all round engineering. The in-house tonearm (medium mass) bearings are top shelf. Basically you are getting a turntable exactly as it was sold out of the legendary Recorded Music Salon in Collins Street by Mr Pinczewski. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Hi all, I have an early LP12, which I have had for more than 20 years, though it was at least that old when I purchased it. Like many of its ilk, it has gone through changes over the years, initially, getting a late pre-cirkus bearing and subplatter along with new springs and grommets. It grumbled along for some time with a basik plus, having not had the coin to buy an ittok at the time. It has had a number of cartridge partners, spending most of its time with a couple of generations of AT-OC9's, though it has latterly found a VdH frog to pair with. The Basik plus left the building, replaced with a Jelco 750D, which was a clear improvement. Most recently, replaced the subchassis and bearing with a Kore and Cirkus, which has been a clear improvement, clearly tightening up the bass, and making balancing the springs easier. The motor and power supply is a valhalla, and despite having considered change this, I have not as yet. This is on the cards at some time in the medium term. As a result of all this action, I have a trove of LP12 bits'n'pieces, and a turntable on a classic plinth, which I am considering replacing. The plinth itself is very early- it is afromasia with fluting on all four sides, and no corner bracing. The corners are all tight, and plinth is not warped, though it is a couple of mm out of square, which you notice when the armband is in place. On the other side of the plinth, the top plate sits evenly and tightly. I am considering doing one of a number of things, and would appreciate the advice of the forum. Ideally I would like to get a new plinth. I have seen booplinths and Harban plinths, and whilst they look (and possibly sound) amazing, I am not sure that I want to sink my cash into one at the cost of upgrading the motor in the medium term. Is anyone else aware of other reasonable options out there? I have seen a number on ebay, though new linn options from the UK seem limited by geographic sales limitations, second hand options come up from time to time, though provenance and quality is a concern, and there is a maker in Barcelona, called woodoo plinths, which looks reasonable, though reviews are lacking. The other option I am considering is bracing my own plinth, though this is not my first choice, as I would prefer to have the parts to put together a second LP12 to sell, going towards a power supply upgrade. Please help me to narrow down my choice! Cheers and thanks. Justin
  5. Item: EOI Linn Sondek LP12 Serial Number 1348 built in 1974. Turntable is signed by Linn Founder and Executive Chairman Sir Ivor Tiefenbrun alongside the serial number and also on the internal side of the plinth in two places. The turntable holds a SME 3009 tone-arm (Serial number 241344) and had the Valhalla powerboard fitted in 1982. Overall condition is very good and is complete including the smoke tint lid, further photos are available on request over the weekend to those with a serious interest. Specific photographs can also be arranged as required. Please note the turntable has been dismantled and packaged for transport. This LP12 is easily one of the oldest ever made available for sale in Australia, Ivor personally helped me verify the signatures and researched the serial numbers from the deck, tone-arm and powerboard. He is aware of the turntable's existence, his signatures that adorn it and the reason it is being put up for sale. Accompanying the turntable and included as part of the sale is Ivor's signed personal business card. Sub 2000 serial number LP12's are nigh on impossible to find, having one signed by the company founder even rarer. This is truly one for the collector and you know this, that said it will be sold with all proceeds going towards Cancer Research, there is no personal gain to myself. Please read the "Reason for Selling" to understand why. Expressions of interest are sought via PM by serious buyers only, just to be clear a $2000 offer will not be seeing this turntable in your possession and it will be advertised on other sites - although has been listed here first, again this turntable will be sold, if you want it get in touch. Here is a link to the photos..... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b8nhqbywws8nvk7/AABNaCw_HTYrxrDCmsANay33a?dl=0 Location: Perth, Western Australia Price: EOI $2500 Item Condition: Very good Overall Reason for selling: Again, all funds raised will be donated to Cancer Research via the Cancer Council of Australia - this is not for personal gain in any way. My brother and I lost our Mother aged 63 to Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2012, that was horrible....... but in 2014 his 3 year old son was diagnosed with Leukaemia and, well, it just couldn't get any worse. Thankfully It didn't, my nephew beat this god forsaken disease and has been in remission for the last couple of years. 40+ years ago (when this LP12 was built) Leukaemia was a death sentence and it has only been through research that kids now have a fighting chance, having hope is more important than anything else when you get that sort of news from a doctor. As a family our way of giving back is clear, as brothers we applied to be part of the Shitbox Rally for the 2019 run from Perth to Sydney. Fundraising is what it is all about and well we thought that rather than ask people for money we should sell items we owned but where not using. The absolute irony in all of this? I bought this turntable from an elderly customer of mine at Woof Dog Records, he approached me knowing I have a passion for analogue and I just had to have this special LP12, wasn't going to use it other than for display. After I paid him he told me the money was being used to fund his wife's medical treatment. The following week our application to be part of the 2019 Shitbox rally was approved, I had completely forgotten about the rally application at that time. I instantly knew that the best thing to do with this rare Linn was to help us raise as much money as we possibly can. This deck is only being sold so other parents, other families, other people get the chance to hang onto hope when their world crashes down with a cancer diagnosis. Research is hope. I have listened to some amazing audio systems over the years, intricate in detail, depth of sound to die for and clarity equal in purity to the worlds best diamonds. None, not one of these, will ever reproduce the sound of (nor have the impact of) being faced with a father doubled over in distress, weeping without control in the hallway of a children's oncology ward. His wife and their young child who had just been given weeks to live just couldn't see this proud man literally fall to the ground in absolute distress. That sound will always stick with me, that sound defies description, that sound is the sound of no hope, that sound is the reason this turntable is for sale. This Linn Sondek LP12 is going to help give someone hope one day, if you buy this you are making a difference to someone you probably don't know, someone who may not even be conceived yet! If sold through this forum a donation will also be made to the site in recognition and I guess just to say thanks for it being here. Thank you for reading this. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, EFTPOS or Direct Debit. To be discussed. Extra Info: A Dropbox file link with extensive photographs will be established over the weekend and made available to interested parties. Pictures:
  6. Item: Linn Sondek LP12 with Naim Armageddon Power Supply Location: NSW, Sydney Price: $2350 ono Item Condition: The pics form part of the condition. I will add: The turntable performs effortlessly. It sounded wonderful when it had an arm mounted. The wood looks great. The cover has some small marks. No cracks in the cover. The power supply is perfect bar a small mark as seen in the pics.. Reason for selling: selling for a mate Payment Method: Cash Extra Info: Comes with the Boston Audio Graphite mat, a $300 cost. A spare Linn board. The Power supply cost $3000 new. It was converted by Harry of Audio Genesis fame. Come with original boxes for both turntable and power supply. Comes with original manual Pictures:
  7. Two days after my quivering finger hit the ‘pay now’ button my package arrives on my doorstep in Dunedin NZ from Edmund in Hong Kong... quicker than me posting a letter to a friend 200km away... I’ve been deliberating for months now but decided to go for his sub chassis and of course asking about the price on bearing and inner platter was a mistake 🤪 price of package was excellent. As you’ll note on the pics everything arrived safe and sound, well packaged and I have to say the quality of machining and finish is superb. my LP12 I’ve owned since the late ‘90s. #77762 retrofitted with the Pink Linnk PSU with top plate motor cutout at 7.00, Naim Aro Tonearm. Sounds great but pulling the pin on a Tiger Paw Skale and Tranquility some months ago caused me to ‘relapse’ after 20 years of ‘sobriety’... Setting aside time this weekend, with luck. Now I know this will update my table, albeit not with ‘canon’ kit. Trusting it will also be a worthwhile upgrade. Either way? Fun times ahead. Tiger Paw Stratos is definitely off the radar, but, his Javelin Tonearm? Hmmm.... awful addiction this 🙈 i know some of you guys are very familiar with Edmund’s gear so any tips or advice before I drag out my dust covered tool kit would certainly be appreciated.
  8. Item: Linn Sondek LP 12 turntable Location: Oakleigh Melbourne Price: $1400 Item Condition: Used, been in storage for ~8 years. I could not even tell you how it sounds because I lost interest in 2channel around that time. Oops. I just powered it up, the lights go and it runs... Reason for selling: Moving into motorhome, no room. Never used myself, bought on a whim. $995 Cirkus power supply upgrade purchased but never used. My foray into vinyl just never took flight lol Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only Extra Info: I recall I got a Linn guru to fettle it for me - he had recommended the Cirkus upgrade I had bought an earlier Linn and he found this better one for me. I think his name was Craig. Lost touch with him after anyway, better it sees some playtime with some other more worthy music lover Pictures:
  9. Well I have coveted one of these for some time and finally got my hands on one in a bundle of gear. Now I went out to look at all the gear and tried to power on the LP12 but no dice but I was never gong to leave it there. It is a Vahalla pre-cirkus stock LP12 with Ittok VII arm. Anyone in Perth can help with repairs? I'm already in the thing more than I would have liked but it was in such nice condition. Cheers.
  10. Item: LP12 Radikal power supply.... Location: Melbourne Price: $10k Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: funds required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought New from Tivoli Hi-Fi. Has all boxes and packaging. Includes: 2016 spec LP12 plinth and bearing with lid RRP $ 3495 Radikal power supply RRP $ 7495 Akito 3b tonearm RRP $ 3695 Kore sub-chassis RRP $1650 Prefer to sell as whole and would rather not seperate. Pictures:
  11. G’day all, I have a 1977/78 Linn Sondek LP12 and although I’m highly tempted, I don’t want to do any upgrades (again). Instead, I want to change to a simpler turntable which isn’t upgradable, to remove any ‘upgrade-itis’ and just be happy with what I have. Don’t get me wrong, I like the turntable and how it sounds, but I can’t help but be sucked into the plethora of (mostly expensive) upgrade options, and I envy all those people with their Klydes, Keels, Radikals and Ovakills! I’d like opinions as to whether or not I’ll get better performance for equal (or a bit more) money, by selling the Linn and buying something else - like a Funk Firm Vector V. I haven’t listened to one yet - I want to assess my options first and seek opinions, but it appeals to me because it’s potentially an endgame-component to begin with, which doesn’t tempt you down an upgrade path. It doesn’t have an external PSU (or require an upgrade to one), has a DC motor, and has a simple speed switch on the turntable itself. I am open to having the ability to upgrade the tonearm over time. An all-in-one unit without external components is a preference - I’m trying to trim down my ‘bits’. So my question is, what is my Linn worth and is there a turntable/arm that will better it for similar money? I don’t have the budget to go spending heaps more. Linn specs: Original Afromosia non-braced plinth, bearing, motor, spot welded sub-chassis, etc. Overhauled by Craig Salter ‘Promusica’ a few years ago and he installed the following: New Rega RB251, Michell Tecnoweight, Michell 3-point VTA adjuster. Mose Hercules PSU New armboard New belt, mat, springs, etc, along with service and rebuild. My meagre setup: Quasimodo Mini 20wpc (Richard McDonald) 'Mimic’ (Mark/Retro Thermionic) MM Battery Phono DCM Time Window speakers
  12. Item: LP12 Location: Lismore Price: $3.800 +postage+insurance Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Getting out of vinyl or getting deeper. Haven't decided. Payment Method: EFT Extra Info: LP12 is a Cirkus model, serial number is 93000+, it comes with a Trampoline2 base, a Denon 103R with about 500 hrs on it, Ittok LV11 arm, a Mober digital PSU which is a step up from(for instance) a Moses Hercules(actually they are not in the same ball park but they come from the same designer), also comes with a Corian sub chassis which is yet to be fitted and I supply this free of charge as it was supplied to me by a very good SNA friend and on that basis I can't morally take any money for it as that would be just plain wrong and against everything that SNA aspires to be(google the price for it or look here at $895+ USD http://greenstreetaudio.com/pages/subchassis-Linn.html). I'm quite happy to post this as I've posted a Lp12 before with no dramas whatsoever. It would be double boxed and it will be quite a big box as I will disassemble the TT, i.e. The arm will be removed and the arm will reside in it's own padded box with cart still attached. Platters removed and packed & padded and spindle hole plugged and taped to stop any oil leakage. Once all that is packed in one box I will use the second bigger box with a layer of bubble foam or foam in between the two. Insurance of course will be factored into any quote. It can go via Aus Post which I've had no hassles ever or it can go via Fastaway Couriers, your choice. * The TT will need to be fettled of course, either by you or preferably by a Linn technician. I say this for two reasons. 1. If I sent this complete with arm still attached you'd be mad to just pop the platters back on and plug it in as this is a suspension TT and it would need to be checked for correct tension ect. 2. You'd be absolutely mad not to immediately place in the Corian sub chassis and have the whole thing looked over by a good Linn Tech and we're extremely lucky here in that we know where all the good ones reside in each State. I'm going overseas next week for 6 weeks so you have plenty of time to think about this and research the extras if your at all interested. If you'd like to pick it up from the Sunny Far North Coast in the next week then it's yours and you can listen to it (and if arm twisted you could buy the phono stage....) But apart from that there is no rush. I think my price is pretty fair considering what's on offer here. Feel free to discuss this via PM and if you need any more pics ect. If you post "PM sent" then I'll hold you to it and expect payment within 2 days... -_- Pictures: I'll take better pics when time permits(if it permits!) but these stock photos will have to do for the moment. This is a quick picture, the Mober is under the Sensor2 phono stage and that is the control unit/psu your looking at. Below is the digital front end of the Mober. This pic is of the strobe counter that the Mober reads under the platter and that is how the fine adjustments are made on the controls. For instance, if you place a heavy 200grm record on and then the arm and you read the digital speed and these heavy vinyl do affect the speed you'll be surprised at the variations you get and also with old light weight vinyl. Your reading starts at 33.3 and then once the record is placed it'll go to 33.31 or something like that and then you place the arm on and it changes again. I've really enjoyed the control this brings. You adjust via those two knobs you can see on the right marked 33&45. The DC motor doesn't vibrate like an AC one. Plenty of info online about this fact too. Another nice touch is the dummy black switch which is sitting in the place of the red light switch of the Valhalla PSU or the nifty red&blue of the now superseded Moses Hercules which demoted(demoted? Try denoted you idiot...note to self) 33 or 45... now obsolete with this unit in your system. Corian sub chassis (with an armboard attached.)
  13. Item: Linn LP12 with Ittok LV11 in black with external Stamford Audio Mose Hercules power supply and new Ortofon blue cartridge ( not fitted in shots) Location: PERTH Price: $2800 or very near offer. Item Condition: Excellent, up to date, serviced with new ortofon blue cartridge with option to upgrade to brand new unopened Dynavaector 10x5 for extra $700. Reason for selling: Have upgraded and changing entire system and had 3 decks and who needs 3 decks, I am not Carl Cox after all. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only- can be packed well for shipping at buyers expense- Extra Info: Classic and almost perfect example of amazing constantly update-able turntable which has been around for 40 years, i can check serial number which will show age but plinth is newer style so guessing mid 90s. The ittok lv11 was the 3rd our of 4 arm in the range, wih the basic, akito ,ittok and ekos at the top of the range, today the Akito is $3195 on its own. http://revolutionturntable.com.au/shop/products/turntables/linn-akito-tonearm/. Extras that can update the board would include the trampolin base board and Kore the new updated sub chassis and arm board upgrade. that's the great thing with an LP12 you can keep upgrading as your budget allows and end up with a turntable worth 20k or more. Update the arm and the cart as you feel you want to or listen to one of the best overall record decks for the money of the last few decades. Having owned a mitchel gyrodek, a rega p9 and 2 lp12's the lp12 always has a very large soft spot in my hifi system. Just dont play" jump- jump up and get down" and get the kids dancing close by. it needs a solid base or isolation shelf in that case or otherwise it can sit proudly on top of any dedicated hifi unit or shelf. Linn LP12 Few products stand out in the High End Audio world like the legendary Sondek LP 12. Arriving in 1973 the LP 12 set the standard for Transcription Turntables. Established Linn Audio products as a High End Marque and elevated Ivor Tiefenbrun into the ranks of Hi Fi legends all with one Turntable. 1973 was a long time ago and Linn has not stood on its laurels, The LP 12 has undergone many upgrades, modifications and enhancements whilst remarkably looking like a “normal” turntable and still bearing a strong unshakable ancestry to the very first Sondek. Auditions in Perth welcome, comes from clean smoke free environment but was always my last turntable to go to as it has fully adjustable suspension and we have wooden floors and many kids so my day to day deck was a rega p9 which was just easier to use. However it nows sits on a dedicated turntable shelf and works much better. Thanks for looking Pictures:
  14. Item: Linn Lp12 Location: Perth price $3500 including unused brand new dynavector 10/5 high output Mc cart worth 800 dollars Item Condition: excellent - almost mint. Reason for selling: upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal plus charges COD Only Extra Info: has excellent ittok Lvll arm and external Moses power supply - lid and plinth all very good very tight deck and very very level. oiled and serviced and in superb working order. Prefer local pick up but shipping at your cost is possible have spare belt and generic lp12 brochure but has full set up instructions . Currently has grado or other g cartridge which I think is not upto the job on the arm so ordered dynavector 10/5 to fit which is an awesome high output moving coil cartridge and so brand new and not even mounted but decided to sell this and rega rp9 with 30 hour old ortofon jubilee but will list separately. Thanks for looking Pictures:
  15. I have a Linn LP12 which has developed significant hum, probably due to a cable fracture. It's a mid 1990s model with the Valhalla power supply and was serviced with the new bearings etc about 10 years ago But now needs a proper service likely with recabling of the tonearm (Rega RB300 arm). I cannot find anyone in Brisbane who has expertise in this particular area does anyone have any recommendations?
  16. Item: LINN LP12 turntable Location: Perth Price: 2500 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This does not have matching numbers. It is a pre circus, Valhalla with a basic plus arm, with a choice of either a Garrot P77 or Linn Klyde both with plenty of life left. This is my second LP12 and had a full disassemble clean and rebuild with new springs and rubber, new outer plater and clear Linn lid and hinges. Table sounds great and looks very nice. Pictures:
  17. Item: Linn LP12 AC Motor Location: Brisbane Price: $70.00 $50.00 + Postage Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I'm cleaning out my cupboards and selling off various spare parts I have accumulated over the years. Having upgraded my Linn with an Origin Live power supply and motor some time ago I no longer think I need this lying around. I'm happy to pack and post and estimate postage to be around $8 - $10. Pictures:
  18. Item: Linn Sondek LP12, Ittock LVII with K18 cartridge Location: Melbourne, Prahran area Price: $980 Item Condition: Good condition, but platter does not turn. After reading Linn forums I would say the power supply needs to be replaced. One hinge on lid has a tear, lid has normal scuff marks from cleaning and it may need a new belt. Reason for selling: Sold my LP collection and changed my audio visual system. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: This turntable has given me many years of listening pleasure but my listening habits have changed and I sold my LP collection. I purchased this brand new from The Sound Craftsman in 1983. Looking at my records The Sound Craftsman gave it a tune up in 1985 and new drive belt and armboard in 1990. I haven’t played it for a few years, but it was working perfectly last time I did. When I turned it on this time to check it the red LED power light came on but the platter didn’t turn. Reading the Linn forums it sounds like the power supply needs to be replaced. One hinge on the turntable lid has a tear in it (I’ve included a photo). The lid won’t stay up by itself, you have to hold it because of the torn hinge. The lid is easily removed for listening sessions and easily re-inserted in the hinges when finished. The belt probably needs to be replaced and I dare say it’s in need of a good service but you can see from the photos it is in overall good condition and has been cared for. I still have the original box it came in. Pictures:
  19. Item: Linn Sondek LP12, Stax UA-7 Tonearm, Fidelity Research FR1-Mk3Location: Woolloomooloo, N.S.W, 2011Price: $1250 (price drop from $1500)Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: No time for Vinyl right now. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD OnlyExtra Info:Pictures: For sale is a Linn Sondek LP12. This has just been serviced by Audio Connection (the local Linn distributors) and is in great working order. It is a rare "Export" version. The sale also includes: - Stax UA-7 tonearm. - A Fidelity Research FR1-Mk3, MC cartridge. - A Fidelity Research Headshell, and a Grace Headshell. - Linn Rubber mat. I think this was an upgrade from the typical felt. - Original owners manual. The recent service included a new belt, greasing of bearing, cartridge alignment, and tuning of spring suspension. I can't confirm the hours on the FR1-Mk3, but I can confirm that it still sounds great. It has the original smoky tinted lid with aluminum trim that was unique to the Export version. The lid has a few marks on it, but the rest of the turntable is in nice condition. It's currently fitted with a Grace headshell which I'll throw in, and I'll also throw in a Fidelity Research headshell. Regards, .
  20. I've been really enjoy the LP12 (ITTOK II Arm + Cirkus Kit + Lingo Power Supply + 2M Black) for the last 14 months. Been reading about LP12 upgrade option. I am thinking perhaps Tone arm cable (NORDOST "Frey" Tonearm Cable) and Trapolin first then the Linn KORE Sub Chassis next (Maybe next year.) I am just wondering can the LP12 expert here share their upgrade experience and with my upgrade approach is it the best way of doing it? Thanks in advance
  21. I purchased my LP12 as a teenager in 1974. I've had it upgraded a couple of times over the years with the last and largest being the Cirkus bearing a few years back. I picked it up yesterday after having the Radikal DC motor and Kore sub-chassis upgrades expertly installed by Andrew at HiFi Restorations. This has been far and away the most significant positive upgrade I've ever heard. The turntable has been completely transformed! Before playing anything I performed two simple tests. First to see how quickly the platter got up to speed and if a 'helping hand' was needed to get things moving. The new DC motor is far more torquey. The platter gets up to speed quickly and without any groans of protest. Second, I had to reduce the attenuation on my preamp way down before I could hear and buzz/hiss coming from the speaker with my ear up close. The turntable is now very much quieter. So what does the additional torque and lower noise floor bring to the table? (pun intended) A greater sense of realism. More 'you are there'. A far more spacious image with a broader and deeper soundstage. More drive. Incredibly better bass without any flabbiness. I'm so stoked I just had to log in and share the vibe Guess I need to listen to the Beatles Mono box set again. Bugger... Again - a shout out to Andrew who was a pleasure to deal with.
  22. Hi, Hoping members can assist with the very sensitive task of pointing me in the right direction for a MM cartridge for my Sondek LP12. The TT came with a Linn Troika MCLO cart (which is very nice), however my amp's phono stage is only MM compatible. Rather than adding yet another level of complexity to the sitsuation with having to decide on a SUT or dual MC/MM phono stage box, I've decided to just try & get the best value MM cart I can currently afford & keep things simple. So for the great price between $200 & ~500-odd dollars, what are my options here? Obviously if money was no object, I would probably go Ortofon Black or the like. After dishing out some signifcant cash over the past few months, I simply need something which will do the best job for that price point for my classic rock collection. Thanks in advance for your thoughts & comments.
  23. Anyone got a Lingo for sale? Let me know price and condition. Cheers, Eric.
  24. Item:Linn Sondek LP12 Location: Sydney Price:$800 Item Condition:Good check out the pics! Reason for selling:Old mate's last and most prized possession. This turntable circa 1980's is the last of the peices available from a pensioner friend of mine who's been buying hifi for far too long. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only - may be able to rig Credit Card through his local hifi store - sadly it means he only gets a store credit. I may be able to ship too but pickup would make it sooooo much easier. Just contact me for quotes - I could find a box etc Extra Info: As mentioned above - this is a friend of mine who i've known for many years. He's getting old and when I say old he needs to move on - he's a pensioner and needs the money to downsize. As mentioned in previous sales he's already sold his old monitors the Tannoy's etc but some things still remain - an old DSP, VCR, CD player etc. The LP12 is the last of the REALLY fine things he's owned and loved. This is in full working order SME headshell and Basik tonearm. It can be FULLY upgraded to current spec from Linn Distributor Advance Audio - I would recommend the new motor for example (nice upgrade). Otherwise the tonearm is awesome and it's been unchanged up to now. Pictures:
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