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Found 16 results

  1. Item: Magneplanar MG20.7 Loudspeakers (Pair) Location: Melbourne Price: $13,500 $11,000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Bank transfer Only Extra Info: Purchased from Bill McLean in August 2015. The price includes: 1 pair sand filled Mye Stands. (Value $1000) 4 Synergistic Research speaker jumpers (Value $400). Do not use the metal clips which come with the speakers, the sound is crap with those. 1 pair Synergistic Research Red fuses. (value $200). 1 pair Telos fuses. (Value $380? I can't remember the exact price but it is top of the line Telos fuse and equivalent of SR Black fuse.) The fuses are essential to get best performance. Many have heard these speakers at my GTGs. You will not find a better speaker package at anywhere near this price. Too much is said about these speakers needing a large room to sound best. That could be said about many speakers. These speakers will sound good in medium to large rooms. Some rooms are better than others. A good medium room will be better than a bad large room. It's not about size, it's about set up. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Quad 12L Monitor Loudspeakers Location: Brisbane Price: $400 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: I have had these speakers since new and they have served me well. I went the DIY route a while back and no longer use them. Their condition is very good with just some hairline scratches on the tops. Includes the original brochure, owners manual, bi-wire connectors, white gloves and DIY speaker stands if required (650mm high). I don't have the cartons anymore so would not be willing to post. Photos:
  3. Item: Brodmann Acoustics F2 Loudspeakers (pair) Piano Black Location: Burwood VIC Price: $6,000 (RRP $10,995) Item Condition: Used. VG condition. With the original boxes and packaging. Reason for selling: Sale Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is a pair of the Festival series F2 loudspeaker from Brodmann. Finished in an 8 layer high gloss piano black finish, that has to be seen. With a front tweeter and 2 side firing mid/woofer drivers, arranged in a horn resonator arrangement. Its a 2 way with very natural and extended bass. Experience no compromise listening. Brodmann has created some of the most tonally accurate loudspeakers speakers available. All Brodmann loudspeakers are made by hand in Vienna Austria, the spiritual home of classical music. Every speaker system and every instrument produced (they also make pianos) is a direct reflection of passion for music. Brodmann takes great pride in applying new technologies and procedures to improve their products, which can be considered works of art. Using real timber veneers and multi coat piano finishing, no two are exactly alike. Optionally they can be ordered in any color you choose. Look at the finish and you will quickly realise that this loudspeaker is special, listen to it and you will fall in love. Specifications: Frequency Range: 36 - 25,000 Hz ±3 dB Acoustic Crossover: 130 Hz (4.5 dB/oct) Electronic Crossover: 2.15 kHz (6 dB/oct) Operational Output: 1.8 Watt for 91 dB/m Power Req: 20 - 160 Watt Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm Dimensions (H x W x D): 1112 x 216 x 275 mm Weight: 19 kg Pictures:
  4. Item: Wilson Benesch Vector Floor Standing Loudspeakers Location: Princes Hill, Victoria Price: $7,250, $7,500, *** Price reduction ***, Buyer pays shipping Item Condition: 9/10 (Only because they are not new) Reason for selling: Funding for change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am the first and only owner of these amazing speakers. I purchased them in February 2016. The colouring is carbon fibre and "Regal" silver. They are in excellent condition with no scratches etc and been kept in a smoke free environment. These floor standing speakers are extremely neutral, accurate, fast with amazing imaging ability. They are also very small standing around one metre tall so are at home in small rooms (mine is 4m x 4m) but can fill much bigger spaces. They are constructed entirely from carbon fibre, aluminium and steel which greatly reduces the need for internal bracing and therefore allows them to have an internal volume much larger than you might expect form such a small speaker - not quiet Doctor Who's Tardis but you get the idea - this allows them to produce high sound levels and deeper bass than you might expect from such a small loudspeaker. Their size and modern design got the thumbs-up from my wife. There are two ports one out back and one downward pointing underneath the box. I have the speakers about 30cm from the front wall and they have no problems. The Vector's starting retail price at Klapp if $19,295 which puts them around the same price league as the B&W 803, Sonus Faber Olympica III, Focal Sopra No2 & Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 II to name a few. The Vectors are the current model and the entry point floor standing loudspeaker in the Wilson Benesch Geometry Series. The Vectors are pretty sensitive (89dB). I've driven them with a broad range of amplifier styles and power - Vitus RI-100, Karan KA-I180 & Devialet 120 - and in all cases they sounded great. Being a very accurate and revealing speaker they highlight the characteristics of the upstream components and source material rather than imparting their own character. In regards to their "sound" think more Magico and much less Harbeth. I have all the original boxes, manuals and packing material. For those of you unfamiliar with Wilson Benesch here is some info: https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/wilson-benesch-vector-loudspeakers/ http://wilson-benesch.com/vector-floor-standing-loudspeaker/ https://klappav.com.au/collections/wilson-benesch/products/vector-loudspeaker If you are seriously considering these fantastic loudspeakers I'm happy to provide auditions. Pictures:
  5. Item: ProAc Response2 Loudspeaker pair Location: Adelaide, 5038 Price: $1075 ono Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Moved to 3way floorstander Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: My apologies but the following is an excerpt from when I bought on here a year or so ago, hopefully OK [mention=222328]maxheadroom[/mention] Quote: "If you've heard ProAc speakers you'll know why they are legendary. They posses the most tactile and present midrange, and image like there's no tomorrow. Voices and instruments present as if they are in the room with you, and thats no mean feat considering what speakers I have on my main system. I actually compared to them to my SPendor A9 speakers and they are faster, and image as well, perhaps slightly better. But unfortunately, I've got too much gear and something has to go! These speakers deserve really good partnering equipment, the better the source, amplification and cables you attach to these babies, the better they sound. Previously I've had these speakers for a couple of years but hardly played them due to moving house and changing circumstances. I purchased these speakers of another Stereonet member - he builds his own speakers and refurbishes speakers like these ProAc's. The drivers look new! I'd be surprised if they've even been burned in so could be perfect for someone who wants new speakers of this calibre without paying new price. The cabinets have been repainted in a semi gloss black, they look classy and present as new, except for some marks on the bottom of the speakers from placing on speaker stands. He's done such a good job that the original stickers and badges are attached to the back of the speakers but he didnt paint over them at all. I don't know how he did it! The grills have new grill cloth on them and he sourced new badges." As mentioned I purchased these speakers of another Stereonet member in December 2016 who himself had also purchased from another member who builds his own speakers and refurbishes speakers like these ProAc's. The drivers look new! The cabinets have been repainted in a semi gloss black, they look classy and present as new, except for some marks on the bottom of the speakers from placing on speaker stands and a couple of "white flecks" one side of each cabinet. He's done such a good job that the original stickers and badges are attached to the back of the speakers but he didnt paint over them at all. The grills have new grill cloth on them and he sourced new badges. I am able to assist with interstate shipping at buyers expense and organisation. I have suitable cartons and packaging to facilitate the journey. I will post some photos once I am able to do so this afternoon. Photos promised although I am a terrible photographer Pictures:
  6. Item: Sonus Faber Cremona M Loudspeakers (Graphite) Location: Melbourne Price: Withdrawn Item Condition: Excellent, no marks or scratches. Reason for selling: Time to upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: An outstanding loudspeaker from Sonus Faber, many say one of the best speakers from the Serblin era. With good amplification these are musical yet resolving and project a very solid soundstage. Happy to audition - based in Melbourne (Ivanhoe). Pictures:
  7. Item: B and W nautilus 803 speakers and matching htm3 centre speaker. Location: Perth Price: $7000 Item Condition: floortstanders speakers 9.5 :10 so almost perfect cracked plastic front cover but never used and can.be fixed for 2 bucks using super glue.. Centre is perfect but dented tweeter foil. You can buy complete replacement part to make perfect but from band w for 200 bucks however for short time owned does not seem to affect sound of centre - amazing quality trio and also b an w sub can be sold with or without main speakers. Or included for full asking price as have 2 subs. Reason for selling: complete change of system. More details below speakers less than 12 months use. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal plus costs - shipping at your expense. Extra Info: These were my business partners and part of his main system. He very proudly bought in 2009 and set up room in new house and passed away very shortly afterwards these are very special to me and his wife sold to me after she opened the door to room 6 years later. they are pretty much unused and desperately trying to work into system. I have tried to include into my system but simply cannot fit 3 major sets of big speakers into my house and office so I am just sounding out the market. These are legendary and all details are online and have a cult following .https://www.audioasylum.com/reviews/Speakers/B-W/Nautilus-803/speakers/147788.html on average for sale about $4000 -4500 and $1000 -$1300 US dollars so with so very little use I would say the would be the lowest hour pair and centre in the world, unless a store still has a new set. They would be better than a demo pair if still on floor. Have covers and they are matching numbers Pictures:
  8. Item: Krix Esoterix 1 Mk2 - Rare! Location: Melbourne Price Drop: $1150 Item Condition: Excellent Condition only 2x minor scuffs as shown in picture on top right of each speaker Reason for selling: Moving House, Regrettable Sale Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pickup Only from Melbourne http://www.krix-usa.com/esoterix.php Pictures:
  9. Item: Fostex FE206E Full Range Loudspeakers Location: Launceston, Tasmania Price: 1500.00 ONO Item Condition: Excellent Condition Reason for selling: Excess to my needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: These Loudspeakers were manufactured by Andrew Tilsley from Sydney, they weight around 45kg each and are beautifully made. Would suit Tube low watt power amplifier, I have run these on my high power amplifiers and they sound great! However they are excess to my needs and need to find a new home. I can ship these anywhere in Australia at new owners expense or if you live in Tasmania you can pick them up locally. Pictures:
  10. VAF

    DC-X35 Thread

    This is the official VAF DC-X35 thread. The DC-X35 will be shown at the Australian Audio & AV Show in Sydney 19-21 October (Next Week), and you'll see an offer for the first 50 in a seperate VAF Show thread. We won't reveal all here just yet, but the new DC-X35 builds on the previous platform with smoother response again, better dynamics again, 10% deeper bass (as if its predecessor didn't go deep enough), and 10% higher bass power handling too Prices will start at $2,999 in Black European Oak. Other finishes will be available. A DC-X35cc centre speaker will also be available for $1,799. Every set will be individually serial numbered for each owner, and a gold plate on each speaker will identify these limited edition speakers. Questions welcome...
  11. Just wondering if anybody has a pair of Triangle loudspeakers they may be interested in selling? Am after Antal speakers. PM if you have anything else. Thanks
  12. What started as an invitation by the Sydney Audio Club has turned into a roadshow launch of our new VAF DC-X63 (see further bellow). I took the time myself to personally present, and I want to share my perspective that the Sydney Audio Club function last Sunday and was simply great. I am genuinely impressed with this club, and encourage anybody in Sydney interested in audio or music to join. The president (Tom) is a class act, and the committee are hands on genuine people. The culture in the club seemed spot-on. A lovely mix of presentations, gear, followed by real sharing and discovery of music by members. I'm bying a bunch of music that I didn't know existed, and some that I did know existed but didn't realise how great it was. Totally hassle free and very civilised/respectful. Regarding our VAF DC-X63 speakers, which were the focus of the event and presentation, members were proactive with feedback on our new speakers which was very welcome and appreciated. Thanks! - - and I'm pleased that so many of you understood what we are trying to achieved, and liked that as well as the speakers. Audio clubs like this one are the heart of this tiny Audio industry we all love, and anyone in Sydney who isn't already a member should become a member. It was good also to see the club supporting StereoNET with flyers for members to take. Along the way, VAF received a call from the Melbourne Audio Club asking if VAF were interested and able to present to their members Wednesday Feb 19th (next Wednesday) as they had a presenter cancel. We happily agreed, and look forward to meeting all the folks down there too, and reconnecting with some we already know. I hope others can attend too. We are tailing this off with a launch in Adelaide for our home town crowd on Wednesday 5th March. Thanks again to all involved and looking forward to meeting a few of you face to face. On we go. Philip Vafiadis Please note some teaser DC-X63 notes along with the Melbourne & Adelaide dates listed in the newsletter bellow. VAF news, and the launch of our new DC-X loudspeaker, the DC-X63. A huge step forward. Happy New Year from the VAF Research team! We've got plenty of exciting news to share with you: The launch of the eagerly awaited VAF DC-X63. DC-X63 Road Trip - hear them for yourself. Complete Systems - truly immersive Home Theatre can be smaller (and more affordable) than you think. New Products from Oppo, Luxman and NAD Recommend a friend and win $1,000 VAF voucher. Is the most technically sophisticated new loudspeaker under $3,000pr now Australian made? With 6 drivers precisely time aligned on 5 individually stepped baffles in a cabinet so intricate its manufacture requires robotic precision, the new VAF DC-X63 might be just that. With over 10,000 owners since it was originally released in 1995, our DC-X loudspeaker has developed a cult like following. This new DC-X63 builds on that incredible legacy. Beyond an evolutionary step, the new DC-X63 is a quantum leap in design and actually mimics the way sounds are produced in real life. Whether for music or movies we wanted the sound to be as true to life as possible. That’s very hard to do. It’s made even harder because the DC-X has always been excellent value. Making it affordable simply isn’t possible while using traditional manufacturing techniques to deliver the technical sophistication we aspire to. We had to rethink everything and create something totally anew. Born from this was the DC-X63. In the process we solved aesthetic as well as technical problems. A computer controls the machining of the profoundly complex enclosure. This houses and perfectly time aligns the 6 drivers delivering the most realistic 3D presentation of sounds of any DC-X model before it. The enclosure minimises stored energy in all its forms, so the amazingly realistic sound stage is also very pure. An Acoustic Skin elegantly covers all this complexity. This design allows each owner to personalise the look of their speakers to compliment their room, whatever their version of beautiful might be. This way every owner gets this amazing VAF sound with a look that they can choose for themselves. With a 10 year guarantee and 30 day safe’n’sound Web guarantee, the DC-X63 is better value than ever before from $2,999. We have a very limited initial production run and have already taken pre-orders from around the world. Get in quick to be the first to own a speaker that will continue a legacy and go down in history. Free Call 1800 818 882 Email vaf@vaf.com.au www.vaf.com.au Options & Pricing With the DC-X63 you have the option to personalise every aesthetic detail. Between the Acoustic Skin and the cap & base there are endless possibilities. Add a little more sophistication with the addition of solid timbre caps in Tasmanian Blackwood or Jarrah, or personalise your speakers to fit perfectly in your home by printing your design on the Acoustic Skin and adding a colour matched cap and base. Launch Offer - Free Personalisation Save $500 At VAF, we dedicate ourselves to achieving the highest quality of sound reproduction - but you choose the music. Now you can also choose the look. The Acoustic Skin of the DC-X63 is a blank canvas that can be printed with any design you choose. For our initial production run we are offering free personalisation. That's a saving of $500. We'll take a photo for our website to show just what can be achieved. This offer is limited to just 10 pairs. All we need is a good quality picture or something to colour match. To take advantage of this great offer email vaf@vaf.com.au or free call 1800 818 882 Here are some images we've already received and ideas we've had TOUR DATES Experience the DC-X63 "in the Skin" The DC-X63 will be on a limited tour around Australia so that you have the chance to listen for yourself. See below for tour dates. If you have an audio or special interests club and would like a chance to audition them with your group, please let us know. Sydney Sydney Audio Club Sunday 9th February 2 pm til 5 pm (Doors open at 1 pm) Creative Centre Dence Park 26 Stanley Rd Epping http://www.sydneyaudioclub.org.au/ Melbourne Melbourne Audio Club Wednesday 19th February 8 pm til late Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices, Maroondah Highway, Nunawading http://www.melbourneaudioclub.org.au/ Adelaide Vaf Research Wednesday 5th March 5 pm til 7 pm 52 North Terrace, Kent Town Drinks and Nibbles will be provided, so please RSVP here VAF's founder, Philip Vafiadis will be personally presenting at all functions. Guests are very welcome at both the Sydney and Melbourne clubs and they are especially keen to have any VAF fans in the area attend - previous generation DC-X owners in particular. Home Theatre - Immerse Yourself The right system for a luxury yacht could be the right Home Theatre system for your home. A couple of weeks ago we were installing a VAF system on a luxury yacht, where space is at an absolute premium. This allowed us to trial one of the new Slimline AV receivers on the market. We were very impressed. It is the amp we've been waiting for to properly compliment our tiny Signature i49s. Few of us have the opportunity for a dedicated Home Theatre room, but we still deserve the immersive cinema experience, to be able to relax at home with family and friends. Achieving this experience at home need not rob you of space and is far more affordable than you think. You need make no compromise, so there's no excuses left. Get a VAF Signature i49 5.1 home cinema package, complete with a Marantz N1504 slimline amplifier and the brilliant Oppo 103AU Blu-Ray player for just $4,199 - Save $1,348! The word of mouth of VAF enthusiasts sharing the joy of great sound with their friends and family has helped this Australian icon over many decades. If you know someone who would enjoy a system like this, please let them know. You could go into our February prize draw - see details further bellow. Marantz NR1504 AV Receiver There is a lot to cram into a Home Theatre receive. For a long time this meant they were big - usually 160mm high. Finally Marantz have introduced a model that delivers great sound in a package not much larger than a standard Blu-Ray player. The NR1504 is a 5.1 channel amp with networking, Airplay, Spotify and mobile phone control apps. The NR1604 jumps up to a 2 zone, 7.1 channel and includes 4k up-scaling. The VAF Signature i49 has to be heard to be believed. The clarity, range and detail should be impossible from a speaker so small. The secret lies in the proprietary coaxial, dual concentric driver that squeezes a 1" silk dome tweeter inside the 4" long throw woofer. This allows us to make a tiny speaker without compromising frequency range and delivers the ultimate time-alignment, as all frequencies originate from an identical point and time in space (just as sound does when created in nature). There are many micro speakers on the market, but we haven't found any that match the clarity and range of the Signature i49. It can be used without a subwoofer in intimate settings, or with a subwoofer delivering rich detail in low frequencies. Because the Signature i49 can reproduce deeper sounds than almost all other micro loudspeakers it can be crossed over with the subwoofer at lower frequencies. If a sub is required to reproduce higher frequencies it will reveal its location, rather than integrating seamlessly with the speakers and filling the room. Many similar systems crossover anywhere up to 300Hz (about the starting frequency for human voice). The Signature i49 is the perfect example of a speaker that is "heard, but not seen", fitting in with every lifestyle. New Product Releases At VAF, we make speakers and we want them to sound the best that they can for every owner. We invest a lot of our time listening to amplifiers, turntables, DACs, streaming devices, disc players and all sorts of equipment and cables. We do this so we can hand-on-heart recommend the best sounding equipment at each price point to accompany our speakers. Here are some new items that have caught our attention and that we think punch above their weight for performance and value. Oppo Release BDP105D VAF Research was one of the very first to recognise Oppo as being something special. They have gone from strength to strength and in February will release a new flagship, the Oppo 105D. This model has been upgraded with the new Darby video processing unit first seen in the 103D. Not only is the Oppo one of the best Blu-Ray players on the market (at any price), it's also an exceptional CD/SACD player. RRP $1699 - contact us if you'd like to know more. NAD D3020 DAC/Amp with Bluetooth This is an important new audio product that will entice a new generation of audio enthusiasts and change the way the current generation think. If you are looking for convenience of modern features, good performance and low price, well, nothing comes close. NAD have been setting the benchmark as a great entry into Hi-Fi for many years. NAD have really re-established that with the new D3020. A full compliment of digital inputs including Bluetooth connectivity, inbuilt DAC, Subwoofer output, 30 watts per channel...the list goes on. It's the perfect way to bring music to another room, especially if you yearn for more than a simple iPod dock. RRP $699 - or talk to us about speaker packages VAF says THANK YOU With a chance to win a $1,000 voucher Word of mouth is vitally important to us. We want to thank all those dedicated VAF fans who recommend systems to friends & family. Recommend a friend who makes a purchase in February and go in the draw to win a $1,000 voucher towards any new VAF loudspeakers or subwoofers. Winner will be advised by phone. Voucher valid on any new purchase of VAF loudspeakers or subwoofers placed by 31st May. Cannot be used against existing orders or in conjunction with other offers. A quick introduction: Patrick Canny - the newest addition of the VAF team. "What a ride. Since starting at VAF I've learned to see speakers in a whole new light. The depth of scientific knowledge on each and every component is profound. There is a purpose to everything - every angle, every screw, every millilitre. While developing the DC-X63 the team here have explained the logic and science behind every piece and every decision. I have seen inside Pandora's box. It is made from mere physical matter. Wires, magnets, Kevlar, capacitors - hand wound inductors the size of my fist. There is no magic, there is no fairy dust. Yet none of this helps me explain what I'm hearing. It doesn't seem possible. The DC-X63 just disappears, replaced by a drum kit, a guitar, an orchestra. How can such a simple, clean façade contain such majesty and wonder, so much more than the sum of its parts? I look forward to meeting more of you, so if you're in the area, please drop in or feel free to pick up the phone." Copyright © 2014 VAF Research Pty Ltd, All rights reserved. We send news and special offers to our customers and to people who registered at www.vaf.com.au Our mailing address is: VAF Research Pty Ltd 52 North Terrace Kent Town, South Australia 5067 Australia
  13. Item: Mission 796SE + Matching 79AS Sub (Gloss Rosewood Cabinets) Location: Kingaroy Price: $3700 Posted Within Australia OPEN TO OFFERS! Item Condition: Immaculate 10/10 Near New Reason for Selling: Purchased for a Specific Room, Then had to move Surplus to Rooms/systems Payment Method: Pickup-Cash, Paypal (Add 3%), Bank Deposit Extra Info: Purchased for a living area, then was forced to move to a house with 1 less room to fill, ran for about 50 hours to begin running in, have been packed until this last weekend when I got the motivation to pull them back out. 10/10 Condition, all original packaging, 4 Years Warranty Remaining (2 on Sub amp, 4 on Sub Driver). Very musical little speaker, especially for small scale and acoustic works, driven with a nice tube amp this little speakers truly shine, and are perfect for even the smallest of rooms. Designed and Built in England by Mission. Will attach pictures of sub Tonight.
  14. Item: Vaf Signature i-93 loudspeakers Location: Norwood, SA Price: $4600 Item Condition: Used. Approx 3 years old, with balance of factory 10 year warranty Reason for selling: Moving to Loudon Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: see listing Pictures: see listing Hey Guys, I've just listed these on eBay, though will end the listing early if anyone on here wants to buy them. More than happy to audition if anyone is local. These are a stunning pair of speakers and they don't come up for sale often at all. I won't do a complete write up here, as it's all in the listing. When the auction closes, they'll belong to someone else. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/231140760825?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Cheers Al
  15. Hi all Call it upgradeitis, the nagging doubt there is always something better or a search for higher purpose but I can't help wondering if my floorstanding Krix Lyrix are the best match for my newly acquired Rega brio-r and Rega DAC. I LOVE my rega's and I used to LOVE and still do my Krix Lyrix speakers (purchased over 10 years ago - since superseeded my "Phoenix"). Should I just stop here I was fortunate in that I was forced to upgrade my previous amp (a Rotel) when it blew. However am I imagining it or do I hear the bass and mids being sucked through honey rather than being immediate and clear (I obviously can't speak audiophile) to do the rega's justice? Can the rega drive the Krix? Is there a loudspeaker that would bring me significant improvement in a similar price bracket (~$2k?) Can someone advise me on (a) whether it's all in my head and I should just be happy with what I have saving myself some hard earned cash or (B) is there floorstanding loudspeaker that would make me happier...? Audition music; Primal Scream - Screamadellica (anniversary edition) Radiohead - In Rainbows Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes Dynamo Productions - Get it Together My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
  16. Hello SNA members! Finally, after lengthy contemplation, decided to put these up for sale. Got the upgrade bug!! Damn expensive hobby this They are in immaculate condition, had them for about six months. So they are just run in now. Have the original box, instructions and receipt. They've always sat on top of some Atacama SL600 speaker stands on Atacama gel pads, so the underside of the speaker is as immaculate as the top and sides. They've been in my room in a pet and smoke free environment. My price is firm, so please no offers. I'm happy to deliver anywhere in Melbourne, for country Victoria and the rest of Australia, postage is at your cost, and your responsibility. Outside of Australia, sorry, I won't sell overseas. $25 dollar donation to SNA when I get payment for the speakers... Item: Monitor Audio RX2's Location: Melbourne Price: $795.00 Item Condition: Excellent, like new. Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Paypal Extra Info: n/a Pictures: I've attached one, if you want more, ask.
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