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Found 13 results

  1. Item: Sim2 NERO 3 DLP Projector Location: Burwood VIC Price: $11,995 Item Condition: NEW Shop display model in "as new" condition with less than 100hrs lamp use Reason for selling: We need to say goodbye to this special projector to make room for new models Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This SIM2 punches above its weight. This projector will give most 4K models a run for their money with its high-quality picture. The Nero 3 will enhance your home entertainment experience with images that are bright, sharp and beautifully realistic. It's made in Italy and as such has European tuning, ie natural yet vivid color, smooth movement and motion. You simply forget the technology and become engrossed in the picture quality and enjoy every moment that you are watching it. You are welcome to see it working. The unit is sold as new and with full 2 year warranty. This is a $20K projector and at $11,995 is a genuine bargain for the right buyer. LED is the source of illumination with 1-chip DLP image technology. This combination ensures that images are bright, sharp and very realistic. Full 1080p resolution that rivals cheaper 4K projectors images. With a specification list that reads: 1,400 lumens of light output (the equivalent of 2,000 lumens on lamp-based projectors), a 30,000:1 contrast ratio and a color gamut 135% that of the NTSC TV standard, this is an impressive projector. The typical application for the Nero 3 is medium/large home theatres and family rooms with moderate ambient light. INSTALLATION Lens Throw ratio NERO 3 1.51-2.88:1 (+/-5%) Lens shift V +/-60% / H +/-10% Digital keystone adjustment Vertical and Horizontal Picture size (inches diagonal) 65-200 Aspect ratio 4:3, 16:9 Anamorphic, LetterBox, panoramic, pixel to pixel + 3 custom-user adjustments Pictures:
  2. So iv been reading through some of the threads in this section, and almost didn't bother posting after seeing some of the amazing gear out there. but i thought i should at least post after searching for KEF in here without getting a single hit.... i might have something to add after all. so with apologies.... here it is.... I have: KEF XQ Five mains in graphite.
  3. Item: Samsung Series 7 55" TV Location: Melb Price: Withdrawn. Item Condition: Excellent Condition Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This is actually a really good TV, the older samsungs really ruled the TV world before OLED. TV in excellent condition no scratch or marks and comes with remote - no Box sorry! Pick up St Kilda Road Pictures:
  4. Review: BenQ GS1 Portable LED Projector by Kelly Ainslie | Sep 29, 2017 Why the BenQ GS1? Well, compared to what I was doing 2 years ago, the new BenQ GS1 is an amazing piece of kit, not just its size but how easily and how many different methods to watch content; from wireless streaming, direct HDMI and memory sticks and/or cards. Let me paint a mental picture; I started to take a data projector camping to have “movie nights under the stars” with our camping buddies, as this would be fun and good entertainment for the group while we camped in the middle of central Australia away from internet and mobile phones. This sounds simple enough, but when you break down what needed to happen, it actually wasn’t as easy as it seems. I needed to: 1. Power the 240VAC 200W projector for at least 2 hours; I have a 1600 watt inverter in my camper and 240 A/H of Lithium batteries, not everyone has this. 2. The old projector had speakers but not very loud so I need to make them louder, there wasn’t a headphone output jack and I typically use my Apple TV as a media player because I either use my iPad or laptop. So I turned to eBay and purchased $15 HDMI / audio splitter, it passed through the HDMI and had a 2.5mm stereo plug out, then I needed a few HDMI cables to patch in the HDMI audio splitter and a male to male 2.5mm stereo lead to take the audio to an external speaker. 3. Provide a movie source, as I said earlier I would typically use an Apple TV to display from my iPad or Laptop as both didn’t have HDMI out, I would setup a hotspot network on my phone and wirelessly stream* the media….. 4. Having some way of propping up the projector to keep it and everything else out of the dirt which was normally the box that I kept the projector in, balanced precariously on my small foot step from the back of the 4WD. Old Setup: So many cables! This all works to some degree of success but it was cumbersome to transport and needed a bit of time to setup and put away after the movie. So I hit the web to see what was out there in battery powered, LED, Wireless projectors and BAM! BenQ have made it, it was an OMG moment. I had to have it, it was early 2017 and I wasn’t available in Australia yet so I had to make do with the old setup for 6 more months. After being in regular contact with BenQ it finally hit the shelves in late July/August. My first impressions when I received the GS1 was that the packaging was basic but strong; a simple unbleached brown box with minimal packing and plastic (which I thought was really good as companies tend to over pack their products in so much plastic that is ultimately thrown into landfills) with the projector inside the padded black travel case and well protected. The overall build quality was great and felt strong and the included accessories were good too, it came with the padded bag, an IR remote, HDMI cable, silicone cover, slide on external battery, power pack/charger, small metal threaded insert (I’ll come back to this) and the instruction manual. The connection ports that could be seen were a Micro SD reader, HDMI, USB 2, USB 3 and from the manual says it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which I later found it supported DLNA, Miracast and Airplay* to some degree via apps as it is a full Android mobile operating system, WOW! Setup and configuring was simple, I just slide on the battery pack, slipped it in to the silicone boot and pressed the power button and it fired up to the setup screens that stepped me through the usual stuff like country, language, Wi-Fi network etc. Navigation was simple with the IR remote; it was like using an Apple TV with onscreen keyboard to click each letter at a time. Since it has Bluetooth I quickly found the BT setup menu and I connected a keyboard with track pad and from there it was a snap to navigate and enter info, search the web. The HDMI connection worked as expected and during my testing I trialled direct connecting from Surface Pro3, iPhone/iPad via apple HDMI adapter, Surface Pro via wireless HDMI adapter and my modified 12VDC powered Apple TV using an Ad-HOC Wi-Fi network and they all worked fine. I discovered the app store and downloaded VLC player and Kodi, with these apps I could attach a wireless HDD and my Surface Pro as a server and stream directly to the GS1, and it was awesome. I did find Kodi worked better than VLC player. Having access to apps I’m sure there are others for wireless media platforms* I also downloaded an MP4 movie to a micro SDHC card and USB stick both options work perfectly too. My preference was the Micro SD card as it didn’t stick out and potentially break off if knocked. The audio was ok, for the 2 x 2watt speakers in a small room, tent or caravan it would be fine, for open air it needed a bit more punch and the Bluetooth connectivity was just the trick, I paired it with my Bose mini soundLink and boom the movie came alive. I was keen to trial the tripod setup shown on the web and this wasn’t as good as all the other features so far. To mount the projector with the battery installed you need to use this threaded insert and slide it into a keyway slot on the bottom of the battery but it stayed proud of the battery so the projector wouldn’t sit properly on the QR plate and flopped around. Basically to get the projector to sit flat and firm I had to cut and drill a piece of plastic to make a spacer. This worked really well but makes me wonder if this was an after-thought! The projector is designed to be used with the battery but there is no permanent tripod screw, whereas the projector itself does have a permanent tripod screw. New BenQ setup: No cables! There were a few little things that I think need to be addressed for the second version and will most likely be a natural path, so I don’t want to discourage anyone thinking of this unit. Improvements: Micro SDXC support, at the time I tested the GS1 I used a 32gb Micro SDHC card which worked fine, I also tried a 128gb Micro SDXC card that I had permanently inserted in my SurfacePro3 which is where I store my movie content, the GS1 didn’t recognise it. Maybe next release version or firmware update? A battery switch physically to turn the power off to the GS1; if the GS1 projector and battery stayed connected together the unit could only be put into standby (not fully off) and in theory if you bumped the standby button on top on the unit would cause it to start-up, possibly in the travel case and run flat. A permanent and flush tripod screw mount built-in/moulded into the base of the battery. (This was my biggest and most annoying issue with the projector) Dual Bluetooth speaker support, this is not a problem but a wish list item. Presently you can only connect 1 pair of Bluetooth headphones. My thoughts are as a couple, the two of you may want to use the projector with headphones while camping or caravanning, because you don’t want to annoy the surrounding campers with explosions from the movie sound track. Sure you could use the wired headphone output through a splitter but then we are going back the bad old days. Another benefit of dual Bluetooth would be when having a large group movie night multiple BT speakers spread around the group would be awesome. Just an idea ;). In summary the projector is very awesome (accept for the battery tripod screw thing), it was simple to use with all of the modern connection methods one would want, plus it had the added advantage of apps because of the Android OS. I would totally recommend this product in its current version as it there isn’t anything that has these features, quality and convenience for the price. I would rate it at 4.5 thumbs up and/or 90%, this allows BenQ room to improve. *Airplay support by 3rd party Apps
  5. BenQ Launches GS1 Portable LED Projector A Must-Have Portable Entertainment For Both Indoor and Outdoor Environments -- BenQ's GS1 portable LED projector (shown with battery and protective rubber case) Sydney, Australia, 29th September 2017 – BenQ, the global provider of digital lifestyle innovations, announces a new outdoor entertainment solution that will transform camping at night into an experience that you’ll never forget. GS1 will soon become the outdoor camping gear you won’t leave home without! Andrew Lambkin, Business Development Manager of BenQ Australia commented, “ As camping and outdoor holidays continue to grow in popularity, families are searching for new activities that can help them spend quality time together. The GS1 is the ideal solution, delivering portable entertainment that’s suitable for all ages. We are delighted to launch this new outdoor projector, it’s small enough to fit into any space ensuring it will be part of your essential camping kit.” Rewrite the Rules Streaming online content like movies, music and videos in seconds has never been simpler. You can also use the “BenQ Video Tray” Android phone app and share content directly to your phone. GS1 is a plug and play, palm-sized portable LED projector with built-in USB readers. You will be the envy of other campers and with no cables you can just sit back, relax and enjoy some hassle-free and well-earned downtime. Stream audio to your Bluetooth speakers and listen to truly memorable audio that’s just like a night at the movies. GS1 has a detachable 3-hour battery enough to last the evening. When you need more battery life just swap it out with additional optional batteries and enjoy the rest of your evening – this cable-free solution is perfect for outdoor entertainment. BenQ's GS1 portable LED projector Impress Your Friends. Entertain in Seconds Wherever you set up camp, with a simple one touch power button, GS1 will power up in just 3 seconds– so you can expand your world and entertain friends in style! The hassle-free GS1 portable projector features an intuitive user interface with inputs that enable multimedia entertainment and online streaming. Auto keystone adjusts the image to suit the screen – whether it’s your tent, caravan or motor home. The first time you use it, GS1’s set-up wizard makes it simple for non-technical users to get started and it will save your settings automatically, so the next time you use it you are ready to go! Wherever you set up, the foot can be manually adjusted to suit the height of your temporary screen- the GS1 is ready to go wherever you are. Outdoor Camping Gear Designed to Cope with Every Day Family Life GS1 has a standard protective rubber case, perfect for families who need a little more protection. Even if it’s accidentally knocked onto the floor, the GS1 with its optional case is drop proof, which means it will even survive a fall of 60cm. What if a drink gets spilt? There’s no need to worry because GS1’s rubberized case is also IPX1 Splash Proof. Unlike other projectors, the GS1 emits low heat making it safe enough for inquisitive children to touch without hurting their hands. BenQ's GS1 - So small it fits into the palm of your hand So Small You’ll Never Leave Home Without It Packing for a camping holiday can be stressful when space is at a premium. GS1 comes with an attractive custom fitted bag designed to carry the projector, battery, protective rubber case, and all accessories. The GS1 (13.9cm x 14.6cm) is small enough to fit into any car trunk or caravan cupboard. Compact but powerful, the GS1 and battery weighs just 1kg and fits into the palm of your hand. With a short throw lens, GS1 can project a 60” image at just one meter, so you won’t upset your camping neighbours for taking up additional space. Enjoy a Movie Experience That’s Out of This World Even in low light, the GS1 will project against your tent, caravan or motorhome and delivers superb image quality every time. GS1 has several picture modes: Camping is the default which is brighter than Movie mode to take into account the light outdoors at night. In addition, there is Vivid mode so when you get home you can use this palm sized projector again and again and adjust the mode with one touch to suit you. BenQ’s GS1 portable projector is available now for RRP $999. Please visit BenQ’s website for more information.
  6. Item: 65" KDL-65HX925 - MADE IN JAPAN (FULL HD) Location: EASTWOOD, NSW Price: WAS approx. $10,000 WHEN RELEASED IN LIMITED QTY'S. LOOKING FOR AROUND $1,200. Item Condition: ORIGINAL OWNER SINCE 2012 (ISH) Reason for selling: UPGRADING TO 4K Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: PREFERENCE FOR QUICKEST PICK UP. MAKE ME A REASONABLE OFFER. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST TV'S EVER MADE BY SONY WITH FULL BACKLIT LED'S NOT EDGE LED. SO CONTRAST IS PERFECTION! HESITANT SALE. Very slight scratches on screen towards right side. Very faint and not noticeable unless someone points it out. Not visible while watching a movie. Feel free to inspect. Pictures: CAN TEXT PICS.
  7. Selling my Samsung 40" Series 6 LED TV due to upgrade. Model UA40C6900. Has been working flawlessly over the years and it has seen very little usage as I don't watch much TV at all, only a bluray here and there. It has been professionally calibrated by Avical Australia (http://www.avical.com.au/) so you know you're getting the utmost best picture quality. This calibration cost $400 and trust me, it was worth every cent. Comes with remote, detailed calibration report and ultra-slim wall mount kit (similar to this: http://www.samsung.com/us/televisions-home-theater/television-home-theater-accessories/televisions/ultra-slim-wall-mount-wmn3000bx-za/). I think I have a spare HDMI cable floating around somewhere which I'll also include. Looking for $500 Pickup from 3072
  8. Hi guys and girls been a while between drinks. Looking to add some bling to the HT Room, as well as a few other upgrades / changes after 7 or so years of use. Still running all my original equipment only thing that has died was the trusty Beyonwiz, found another one for $50. Found these at Masters look to be quite good. Any thoughts or opinions? Cheers. https://www.masters.com.au/product/101586549/eglo-lighting-digital-rgb-led-strip-kit-5m.jsp I've also used these guys in the past (including their LED downlights for HT Room) http://search.golights.com.au/nav/led/led-strip-lights
  9. http://www.whathifi....s-release-dates http://www.panasonic...elevisions.aspx 2013 Panasonic VIERA Plasma TV line up There’s 16 new models for the Plasma TV line up, including a new flagship ZT60 series and including enhanced features to the Smart side of things. This line up will be available starting in February 2013. Also new, and supplied with the ST60 and above, is the Panasonic Touch Pen, which allows you to draw directly on to your plasma TV. ZT60 Series – flagship plasma TV TX-P65ZT60 UPDATE: 65in model shown at CES but not available in UK TX-P60ZT60 60in model ONLY Completely different panel to rest of Panasonic range Full HD 1080p Active 3D; Includes two pairs of Active Shutter 3D Eyewear Viera Connect, My Home Screen, Swipe and Share 2.0, Touch Pad Controller, Voice Interaction and Guidance Optional Touch Pen accessory HDMI x3, USB x3 ‘Beyond the Reference’ picture quality THX in both 2D and 3D modes (tentative) Built-in Wireless LAN and web browser, DLNA, Bluetooth Release date: May Panasonic VT60 Series TX-P50VT60 TX-P55VT60 TX-P65VT60 Full HD 1080p Active 3D; Includes two pairs of Active Shutter 3D Eyewear Built-in side speakers Built-in camera My Home Screen, Swipe and Share 2.0, Touch Pad Controller, Voice Interaction and Guidance Touch Pen supplied HDMI x3, USB x3 THX in both 2D and 3D modes Release date: April/May Price: TBC, similar to 2012 models Panasonic GT60 Series TX-P50GT60 TX-P42GT60 Full HD 3D neoPlasma TV with 3000 Hz FFD Hexa-processing Engine THX-certified 2D/3D display VIERA Connect, my Home Screen, Voice Interaction, Swipe and Share 2.0 USB HDD recording Voice and gesture controls Touch pen supplied Replaces GT50, award-winner 3000 Hz FFD Release date: April/May Price: TBC, similar to 2012 models Panasonic ST60 Series TX-P42ST60 TX-P50ST60 TX-P55ST60 TX-P65ST60 Full HD 1080p Active 3D Viera Connect, My Home Screen, Swipe and Share 2.0, Voice Guidance, web browser Touch Pen supplied HDMI x3, USB x2 Panasonic S60 Series TX-P42S60 TX-P50S60 TX-P55S60 TX-P60S60 TX-P65S60 Full HD 1080p Built-in Wireless LAN, DLNA, Viera Link Optional Touch Pen accessory Online movie/video streaming HDMI x2, USB x2 Panasonic X60 Series TX-P42X60 TX-P50X60 720p resolution HDMI x2, USB x1
  10. Lighting up your turntable! How do you do yours? I love Clear Audio Turntables, especially the clear platter versions. I have the Clear Audio Emotion SE and recently saw a picture of a McIntosh MT5 turntable, glowing gama ray green and I loved it. So I decided to try something similar on mine. A trip to Bunnings got me a LED strip light and i fixed it in a rudimentary fashion on the back of the red base ( a combination of velcro and bluetack ) . The LED’s have their own power (plug) and two on/off switches, one that sits on the light strip. Although very basic (you can buy much more sophisticated kit now), it illuminates well and adds a certain ambience, especially with red vinyl. Any more pictures/ideas would be great to share. Cheers!
  11. Hi, I was looking at upgrading my old 32" Samsung LCD and was after some advice and this seems like an excellent place to get some. I narrowed it down to the LED range and most likely around the 40" – 42" size. I could push it to 55" but I tend to sit relatively close to the TV so that's probably too big for my lounge. I am however happy to hear advice in the 50"+ range too. The Sony W800A and Samsung F6400 seem good. JB have the F6700 which confused me a bit as it looks like the F7100 series which only come in 46" and above from what I saw on their site. So I assume it's the F6400 with a different case. The Sony apparently has really good input lag (or lack thereof). While I'd mainly be using it for gaming, I'm after something that also has great image quality, colors and good contrast. 3D and internet is really not important. What would you guys suggest? Any models you have that you've been happy with? Sony W800A Lowest input lag which is great for gaming. 2" bigger than the Samsung counterpart. Good color reproduction. Downside is that I noticed some flicker on some scenes that the Samsung didn't have. Samsung F6400/6700 These seem like the same panel to me but the 6700 is apparently a JB exclusive and looks like the 6400 internals on a 7100 case. Colors were nice. Higher input lag than Samsung. Panasonic ET60A Nice colors and decent TV but apparently has some contrast issues and input lag problems. Also came across this which I'm dubious of but found interesting:
  12. Hi All, Am looking for a new screen to replace the old (but very good) Hitachi 42" Plasma. It has a big red line running top to bottom down the right hand side! We have a Samsung 42" LCD in our bedroom and it is very good, and connected immediately to our Western Digital Wireless HDD, allowing us to playing movies directly from it. As I watch a lot of sport, I was simply going to look for a 55-60" LCD with 200Hz (as I can see a tail on the ball on the 100Hz LCD we have), and it was probably going to be a Samsung, as I have had only good experiences getting ours and a few for other family members. I have just read people's views on the Samsung PN64F8500, and am still struggling in my head that Plasma's are "old school". I guess they are not. As I narrow my search, I would interested in people's opinions on what is around now (in the sales) at the $2,000 to $3,500 range, at about the 60" size (4m+ viewing distance), and that would have wi-fi capability to connect onto the home network. Thanks in advance for your helpful advice, tips, and debate....once again! Nathan
  13. The new 75" Series 9 LED has been pushed to Samsung's AU domain. Wrapped in 7.9mm of rose gold, it should hit retailers in the next few weeks, for a suggested $9,499.
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