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Found 8 results

  1. Item: BenQ LK970 4K Laser Projector Location: Burwood VIC Price: $12,999 Reduced to $9,750 for quick sale Item Condition: NEW Shop display model in "as new" condition with only 21 hours of use (see photo) with box, manuals, remote and full warranty. Reason for selling: Demo Clearance Sale Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Extra Info: This BenQ model is extremely good value for money No other projector can deliver 5,000 lumens at this price point for home cinema. Suits bright rooms perhaps with windows or stray ambient light. Genuine 4K with 8.3 million distinct pixels Long Lasting, maintenance-free from 4K BlueCore Laser technology Up to 20,000 hours of perfect performance, no bulbs to replace LK970’s flexible installation features such as H/V lens shift, big zoom, 360° projection and portrait capability make it a versatile projector perfect for diverse rooms. With two advanced cooling systems to ensure optimal thermal conduction during operation. Circulatory liquid cooling system & heat pipe cooling system. Pictures:
  2. High definition vinyl anyone? https://hdvinyl.org/ seems interesting - I hope something eventuates in the near future. I wonder if being that accurate if different stylus profiles would have any impact on the playback sound. It would certainly take the pressure off keeping old machinery (I don’t mean turntables) running and improve the environmental footprint. It might even mean tt setup gets easier.
  3. Item: Sony VPL-FHZ55 laser projector Location: Sydney Northern Beaches Price: $3400 Item Condition: Perfect working order. Reason for selling: Change in creating a home theater room. Payment Method: Bank Transfer, cash on pickup, PayPal (+fees) Extra Info: For sale is a Sony VPL-FHZ55 projector capable of 1080p natively at 4000lm of brightness. This is an amazing projector which can do screen over 130 inch easily.- Native display of 1920 by 1200 pixels.- Current lens has zoom feature with throw ration between 1.39:1 to 2.23:1Has lens shift for horizontal and vertical so that your image is adjusted precisely to the screen you use.- Capable of screen sized from 40inch to 600 inch.- Contrast ratio of 8000:1 Currently has 218 hours of use on the clock. So it's really like new. Only 1% of the laser life used.This retails for $8000ausd.So grab yourself a great saving on a device that hardly has been used.Perfect for home theater.Included is:Sony VPL-FHZ55Remote controlPower CableCieling attachmentsPickup at Sydney Northern Beaches 2
  4. Hi all, You may be interested if you're in Sydney, next Thursday night, Wavetrain are hosting an event at their Sydney show room, demo'ing the Sony 4K laser VPL-VW500 projector. You can register for the event here https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/sony-4k-laser-vpl-vw500ees-sydney-launch-wavetrain-session-2-tickets-24548236436 Sony will be demo'ing HDR material amoung other things, which is very cool and I think would be awesome to check out. The room will also be running with the Trinnov processor. Drool.
  5. Hi All I recently had a CD player failure and it appeared to in the digital circuit somewhere (suspected that the laser had failed) as I was only using it as transport. I managed to source another identical unit that had been apparantly boxed since near new and was told it had very little use. After hooking up the new player and expecting it to sound identical I was noticing it seem to sound a bit "fresher" than my old unit. So my question, as in the title do lasers gradually degrade the music as they wear or was it likely something else? I don' think it was my imagination, or booze.....
  6. Hi Everyone, I have recently been getting some cracking noises through my CD player like the signal was breaking down or something?? I tried cleaning the laser and runners and now it won't open or read the TOC/play. It is a TASCAM player/recorder and has a CD ROM inside which has the button like on a computer, this is how I can open it to see that it will not play (the buttom in the CD player interface in what is not working). I didn't think I did anything that would have cause a problem however I must have, i did move the laser on the slider a lot by hand. My question is do some CD ROMS have a home position that they use as a start point? This is the only other potential issue I can think of unless the noise was being cause another component failing. Any sensible recommendation will be appreciated and other comments will be marked out of 10 Thanks Dan
  7. Hi all, I have an Audio Alchemy DDS Pro transport which has stopped reading disks. I'd like to keep it if possible because it has i2S output which works with my AA dac etc. I'll trawl the net for info but thought I'd quiz the estimable brains trust of SNA as well. When a disk is inserted the display lights up but there is no noise of a spinning disk or recognition of the cd. Gary Cawsey had a very brief look at it and guessed it might need a new laser or whole transport replaced but said to do proper analysis it takes time and might be too costly. I also goofed up and managed to dislodge the laser unit. So is there anyone who can offer their advise on how to get this old spinner working or recommendations of repairers or competent diy'ers? Cheers, L11 pic taken from google but same unit with separate PS
  8. I have 3 genuine Samsung laser cartridges for use with the CLP-350N colour laser printer for sale at $180 for the 3 including free postage within Australia. I think I spent close to $300 for them originally. My printer has developed a problem which I have been advised is not worth repairing so these extra cartridges are now surplus to my needs. They are the genuine item and are still unopened in their original boxes. The colours are: Cyan, Yellow and Magenta. Please PM if interested. Greg
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