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Found 11 results

  1. Hoping someone can help me here. I just sold a set of Krix Phoenix MK1s to my old man (I'm moving). Came back today to help him hook them up and upon testing Billy Joel over them, it was obvious the sound was completely vacant of any high frequency sound (sounded terrible and muddy). Definitely no sound coming from the tweeters on both speakers. Confirmed nothing wrong with the receiver after testing it with another pair of small bookshelf speakers (tweeters worked). I took the tweeter out and tested it's resistance. They both tested 6 ohms as labelled on the side of tweeter. So I
  2. Further information: For sale here is a very nice set of Krix Acoustix Mk1 stereo stand mount speakers with a perfectly matching Krix Graphix Mk1 centre channel speaker. All three speakers are finished in real wood Atlantic Jarrah veneer. Together these three speakers of course serve as a seamlessly matched speaker front end for a surround sound system. Of course , the Krix Acoustix speakers on their own also serve as a very nice pair of speakers for stereo music playback, and received a Highly Commended award by Sound+Image Magazine in 2011. This sale is
  3. Further information: I purchased these from another SNA member in June 2014. They are in good condition and sound quite nice but have been stored in their boxes in the cupboard since later that year. They have a small defect that the vinyl covering of the plinth at the very bottom of the speaker has lifted slightly. Originally I picked these up for my GF's unit (that GF is long gone and been upgraded ) I have just removed these from their boxes and fired them up and to be honest I was stunned at how good they sound (caveat being there are hook
  4. Hi there, I'm in the process of upgrading my sound system and am looking to get a better amplifiers. I currently own a NAD 7125 (https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/nad/7125.shtml) that drives my Krix Apex MK2 speakers. They sound good, but I feel like they could sound better. Would you have any thoughts on how to improve the sound of the Krix Apex and what amplifier would be a good match. - Ideally it would be a second hand amp around $1000. - Current amp is NAD 7125 https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/nad/7125.shtml) - My record player is a Yamaha Y
  5. Item: Krix Graphix mk1 centre speaker Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I am looking for a Krix Graphix mk1 centre speaker to match my pair of Krix Phoenix mk1s. Atlantic Jarrah finish preferred. Local or interstate seller is fine. Thanks!
  6. G'day Just wanted to grab some opinions from your good people, Im about to pull the trigger on either a pair of Orpheus Aurora 2s ($450) or Krix Lyrix ($650) I have a chance to go and listen to the Auroras however I am not sure I will be able to do so for the Lyrix. Either pair will be powered by a PS Audio Sprout100 and will be on Tidal, Turntable and TV duties, The room is 3.9 x 5.5 if that helps and I don't currently have a sub but will likely eventually pick one up. I understand this is very subjective however I am always a fan of
  7. Further information: Selling my amazing 8 month old Krix Tektonix 450 watt rms subwoofer, it's in As new condition, comes with the power cord, manuals and guides as well as the original packaging and grille. This was part of a set-up in my theatre room in which I had two Tektonix subs, however due to changes in the theatre room which I need more space, regretfully one has to go. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in th
  8. Item: Krix Graphix Centre Speaker Price Range: $375 - $400 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Any finish, cabinet condition is not critical but drivers and internals must be excellent. Hi I'm looking for a Krix Graphix to sit between my Symphonix Speaker pair. I have a Krix Centrix which is great, but it is slightly too big to fit in my cabinet. So I would also consider a swap if anyone is interested 😀. Unless I can locate a Graphix ASAP (or sooner) the Centrix will go under the knife. I will plane off 4mm from each side of the cabinet to make it
  9. Hi everyone, back again with another subwoofer review, a couple of months ago I decided to change out my Krix Seismix 3 MK7 with the model up, which is the Tektonix to see if there was any differences or improvements to see if it can be called an upgrade. So here's my review; Features: As far as I'm concerned its not typical for a manufacturer to use the same enclosure from one model to create a higher model, this is the case for the Tektonix where it uses the exact enclosure that the Seismix 3 MK7, as well as this the Tektonix uses what appears to be the same driver un
  10. Further information: These Aussie made Speakers will need no introduction. Lots of great reviews out there They are wonderful stand-mount or bookshelf speakers. Great detail and can go quite low. They are 6 months old and in perfect condition. Have transferable warranty Were bought from Living Sound Centre. I have the original box and all manuals. Price includes shipping Indulge in concert quality music or a stunning home theatre experience. Proud winners of the 2015 Sound+Image Loudspeaker of the
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