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Found 7 results

  1. Item: Krix Graphix Centre Speaker Price Range: $375 - $400 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Any finish, cabinet condition is not critical but drivers and internals must be excellent. Hi I'm looking for a Krix Graphix to sit between my Symphonix Speaker pair. I have a Krix Centrix which is great, but it is slightly too big to fit in my cabinet. So I would also consider a swap if anyone is interested 😀. Unless I can locate a Graphix ASAP (or sooner) the Centrix will go under the knife. I will plane off 4mm from each side of the cabinet to make it fit. Crazy? Maybe. help save the Centrix. Thanks 👍 OK the cabinet has now been trimmed - no casualties to report. It still works, and it fits!! Cheers to all my subscribers.
  2. Hi everyone, back again with another subwoofer review, a couple of months ago I decided to change out my Krix Seismix 3 MK7 with the model up, which is the Tektonix to see if there was any differences or improvements to see if it can be called an upgrade. So here's my review; Features: As far as I'm concerned its not typical for a manufacturer to use the same enclosure from one model to create a higher model, this is the case for the Tektonix where it uses the exact enclosure that the Seismix 3 MK7, as well as this the Tektonix uses what appears to be the same driver unit as the Seismix 3 MK7, so far then things don't look significantly different until we talk about the amplifier. The amplifier fitted to the Tektonix is the major difference on this unit, where the Seismix 3 MK7 uses a 350 watt rms amplifier, the Tektonix uses Krix's KDSA 450 watt rms amplifier which is also found on the bigger units such as; the Volcanix, Volcanix Slim and Cyclonix (powered). I really like that the Tektonix like the bigger units has the LCD display on the front which makes things a lot easier when it comes to making adjustments especially if you don't like to keep moving your sub to make those adjustments, speaking of adjustments the Tektonix has quite a fair amount of it including; level, crossover, auto sense or 12v trigger option, auto sense sensitivity, Q adjust, set-up lock to stop unwanted adjustment. On the back of the Tektonix amplifier we have; 12v trigger input, rca sub inputs L and R ( L is for Mono LFE connection in this case), High Level inputs and IEC power input with switch. Set-up: I have recently during my time with the Tektonix have made some changes to my home theatre system, so as far as sources go the AV receiver I'm using with my theatre system is my recenlty bought Yamaha RX-V2085 (RX-A2080 equivilent) with the Sony UBP-X700 4K blu-ray player and a Marantz CD5005 (which I recently for $50 and repaired). As for speakers, I'm using a pair of (also recently bought) Fyne Audio F302's as my fronts, Polk Signature S30 as my centre and 2 pairs of Polk signature S10's for surround and Dolby Atmos/DTS-X effects. I left the level on the Tektonix at '-20' with the crossover at 'LFE' and because I was using 12v trigger I set the option from 'auto sense' to '12v trigger', I left the 'Q' on default which is '0.9' and phase was set for my area as '180' and that was all that was done on the unit itself, on the AVR I had my front speakers and subwoofer level set at '-6' with the centre at '-4' and surround set at '-5' with the heights set at '-2', crossovers on the AVR were set to '80Hz' for the Front three speakers and for the other speakers were set at '90Hz'. The Tektonix was positioned between my front left and my centre speaker with a couple of inches away from my wall. Performance: I started my listening test with some music to see how musical the Tektonix, so I played Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" and noted straight away that this sub can easily do music, bass notes were flowing nicely with every beat sounding clear and tight with the right amount of punch that was not over exaggerated or boomy, I then played "Peaceful Easy Feeling" live by the Eagles and like playing Pink Floyd the Tektonix really did an amazing job of blending in with my front speakers and not standing out from them, but at the same time it gave the music that really nice realistic dimension to the sound, kick drums and bass guitar notes sounded seperated and very well defined, after the Eagles I played more wide range of music content and every time the Tektonix proved to be a great sub for music, staying tuneful and controlled even at high volumes without me having a second thought about the sound. As for movies I played a lot of movies such as; "Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker", "Aquaman", "Tron: Legacy" and "Avengers: Infinity War", to be honest I was really suprised because the Tektonix performed so well, it didn't just put out deep bass effects, on top of all that, every crash, thud, boom and crunch had great realism, dimension and dynamics to the sound and the Tektonix can go really loud if it has to, I have to say I am blown away to see a sub such as this do what it does especially given that it is not the size of some really big subs (svs) that I know of. The funny thing about the Tektonix is that even with all that power and performance in a smaller enclosure, I never once detected any port noise which is generally typical of many ported subs which shows that the engineering behind the Tektonix is fantastic. Comparison: Krix Tektonix price for comparison: (RRP $1745) Krix Seismix 3 Mk7 (RRP $1295): a lot of people that I know of have asked me if the Tektonix is any different from the Seismix 3 MK7 mainly because they both have the same cabinet and the short answer is yes there are some difference in terms of sound, firstly especially for movies where you get a lot of LFE, while the Seismix 3 MK7 has some good depth, the Tektonix takes it to another level where it sounds even deeper with a greater sense of scale, but at the same time it sounds a bit more realistic and dynamics are a bit better too, while for music while both subs sound quite close, the Tektonix adds a bit more definition and sounds a little bit wider in the frequency spectrum to me than the Seismix 3 MK7 especially when listening to content with pipe organs. The Seismix 3 MK7 is still an excellent subwoofer within it's price range especially when compared to many subs around the same price, but obviously because the Tektonix is above the Seismix 3 MK7 in terms of product and price range, there really should be some differences anyway or else in my personal opinion it's not worth the upgrade. Klipsch SPL-120 (RRP $1999) : I got the chance to hear this subwoofer and its an ok subwoofer, it goes loud and it goes quite deep, but its not very musical so I would not recommended it for many cases where you are listening to music with a sub, the Tektonix is very superior in every way compared to the SPL-120 for music and even for movies while the SPL-120 is very loud and dynamic, but it doesn't sound as cinematic as the Tektonix does. SVS PB-2000 (RRP $1750) : I do like svs subwoofers especially given the price to performance ratio, so how does the PB-2000 compare to the Tektonix, well the PB-2000 surely goes deeper than the Tektonix and because the PB-2000 has a bigger driver, it can also go louder and it sounds quite cinematic, however when it comes to realism I feel the Tektonix gives more of it and is more cinematic while at the same time keeping a big scale sound and when it comes to music, the PB-2000 is pretty good, but can sound a bit slow and slightly boomy with certain music content, whereas the Tektonix sounds quicker and more tuneful and of course if size matters the PB-2000 is way bigger than the Tektonix, the SB-2000 and even the Volcanix. Richter Thor 10.6 (RRP $1699): I have always had a liking towards Richter subwoofers, but the 10.6 definitely gives the Tektonix a run for its money and all I can say is that both subs do extremely well in both music and movies, in fact its a hard to pick one over the other for there performance, but if you do value features then they do differ in that area, the Thor 10.6 has dsp control for music, home theatre and merlin mode. whereas the Tektonix doesn't and all the controls on the Thor 10.6 are on the back of the unit, whereas the Tektonix has control on an LCD display on the front of the unit. The Richter Thor 10.6 unlike the Tektonix has an XLR balance input and XLR balance pass-through along with the usual RCA and high level inputs. Conclusion: Overall I have to say that I really like the Krix Tektonix, it does everything that a good subwoofer should do and given the size of this unit, it will fit in many places, while putting out excellent bass sound for movies, music and even gaming content, now of course I had the Seismix 3 MK7 prior to the Tektonix and would I say that this is an upgrade? It sure is, In fact I liked the Tektonix so much that I actually purchased a second unit because well, how can you go wrong with that.
  3. Further information: These Aussie made Speakers will need no introduction. Lots of great reviews out there They are wonderful stand-mount or bookshelf speakers. Great detail and can go quite low. They are 6 months old and in perfect condition. Have transferable warranty Were bought from Living Sound Centre. I have the original box and all manuals. Price includes shipping Indulge in concert quality music or a stunning home theatre experience. Proud winners of the 2015 Sound+Image Loudspeaker of the Year in the $1000 – $4000 category, the Acoustix Mk2 delivers a seriously big sound for a bookshelf speaker. Mid-range and bass are delivered by dual 130mm high grade drivers with a doped curvilinear paper cone, high sensitivity voice coil and powerful magnet design, providing a powerful bass normally only found in larger floor standing speakers. Highs come from a 26mm ring radiator tweeter with central waveguide for improved intelligibility and transparency. Their big sound can be the basis of a high quality 2 channel stereo system or be used in multi-channel surround sound. Combine them with the matching Krix Graphix Mk2 centre speaker and you have the front stage of an acoustically intricate home theatre experience. Its dual front vent design allows you to mount them on stands, place them in bookshelves, on a TV cabinet, or incorporate them into custom joinery. Wherever you put them in your room, they will look and sound great! For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix. SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Range 45Hz-40kHz in room response Power Handling 20 – 160 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power Sensitivity 89dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre Impedance Nominally 6 Ohms (minimum 4.3 Ohms) Configuration D-Appolito, 2-way Enclosure Type Bass reflex, front vented Dimensions 450mm high x 180mm wide x 300mm deep Low Frequency Drivers Fibre reinforced moulded polymer baskets with 2 x nominal 130mm (5″) doped paper cones. 25mm (1″) voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former, with vented magnet assembly High Frequency Driver 26mm (1″) dual concentric diaphragm with wave guide centre plug for controlled directivity. Neodymium magnet Input Terminals Gold plated binding posts Weight 10kg each Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: Krix Lyrix in Jarrah Location: Melbourne Price: $500 Item Condition: Good for their age (kept out of direct sunlight) Reason for selling: Thinning the herd Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased new by me from CAV. Includes Owners Manual, Brochure, Period Review and Spikes Pick Up Only Photos:
  5. Item: KRIX Equinox book shelf speakers, Mk1 Location: Beaconsfield 3807 (VIC) Price: $300 - $350. Item Condition: Good. Few marks here and there conducive with age. Reason for selling: No longer required & need funds for theatre room. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Extra Info: I have 2 pairs of Krix Equinox bookshelf speakers for sale, one pair Jarrah and one pair Walnut. In great condition for their age. Tested on day of posting this ad and they sound beautiful. I am not the original owner of these, I purchased them both second hand but have now upgraded to larger speakers for my upcoming theatre build. All 4 speakers present as good condition with some slight marks here and there, as expected with their age. They come with the covers which are also in great condition, just slightly dusty and one has a mark (which can probably easily be removed). Both pairs are Mk1 Equinox, 6 Ohm nominal impedence. I am not sure of their sensitivity but it should be about 90db. I have a Krix Graphix centre speaker (not yet listed) available for sale as well, in Walnut. Buy all 5 and you are well on your way to an amazing sounding surround setup for a theatre or lounge room. These would make for a great 2 channel desktop setup as well. If they don't sell I will hold onto them and use them for this purpose. Prices for the pairs are as follows: Walnut - $350 pr. Jarrah - $300 pr. I do not have original boxes so pickup required, unless you are willing to organise pack and send to box and ship them for you. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Item: Krix Harmonix Mark 1 speaker pair Location: South Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne Price: $999 Item Condition: Used, about 6 years old. These are my main speakers. I listen to them everyday and love them for the sound and looks. I don't have the boxes. Reason for selling: Looking to raise funds towards upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Pickup-Bank transfer prior Extra Info: Note the subwoofer and the isolator feet (isoacoustics gaia iii) in the photos are not for sale. The subwoofer I am keeping and the isolator feet i can only offer for sale only once speakers are sold. Specifications: Frequency Range 30Hz - 20kHz in room response Power Handling Maximum 180 watts RMS amplifier power Sensitivity 90dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre Configuration 4 driver 3-way bi-wirable / bi-ampable Bass Drivers 2 x nominal 165mm (61/2”) laminated polypropylene cones. 33mm (11/4”) voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former, with ventilated spider and aluminium flux stabilization ring for low distortion Midrange Driver 1 x nominal 130mm (5”) coated paper cone. 26mm (1”) voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former, using copper shorting ring and oversized magnet for lower distortion Tweeter 28mm (1”) doped fabric dome. Ferro fluid cooled. Double magnet shielded Crossover Point 340Hz & 2.2kHz Impedance Nominally 4 ohms Enclosure Type Dual chambers - sealed midrange chamber, with bass reflex main chamber, front vented with internal / external flaring Dimensions 1060mm high x 220mm wide x 355mm deep Material 17mm MDF enclosure, heavily braced Finish Vinyl or lacquered timber veneer Volume 44 litres internal Weight 28kg each Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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