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Found 7 results

  1. I've just completed stuffing the PCB of this kit, so thought I would show some pics, for any interested parties. The link for the kit is here: AD24QS - Audio Analog to Digital Converter 24 Bit / 192 kHz There's a lot of pretty fine soldering involved ... so I was worried I might have some dry solder-joints! But, today, I actually listened to it! So my soldering seems to be OK! The kit cost me 168 euro, including shipping - which I thought was very reasonable. And Uwe is great to deal with. The PCB is about 90mm square and all components are provided. Uwe also solders 3 surface-mount chips onto the PCB for you - so all you have to do is solder the through-hole components. Pic #1 is when all the flat components had been installed. Pic #2 shows the top of the PCB when all the components I required for my build had been soldered in ... and pic #3 shows the underside of the PCB. The wires you can see in pics 2 & 3 are because I didn't use the supplied PCB-mount RCA connectors and the 12v power socket. This was for 2 reasons: 1. IMO, PCB-mount RCA sockets are not up to the quality of the case-mounted RCA sockets that I like to use, and 2. I bought a larger case than the one Uwe recommends, due to the fact that I am sharing the PS for this ADC with 2 other digital components - so I needed space at the back of the case for resistors and caps, to isolate the other 2 DC feeds. Pic #4 is a shot of the front panel - the blue switch on the right is the selector for 16 different frequency options. Regards, Andy
  2. OK I've wandered off the "Class D" reservation and started building this old, simple Class A design from a Chinese kit. I was going to post this in the "Cheap EBAY Class A" thread but my ebay order vanished, so I ended up getting the same kit from Alieexpress. Enclosure is re-purposed from a crappy old busted Korean amp I found in the skip. I just got one channel built and working, I have a big chunky Altronics Aussie made heat sink but I havent drilled it yet, so I'm using the heatsink from CrapAmp for test purposes - I had to pile some old PC heatsinks on top to stabilise the temp. The mutimeter is in temperature mode so it has stabilised @ 54 degrees.. and it's a HOT day today. Link to the original reference docco, hosted on Elliot Sound Products site: http://sound.au.com/tcaas/index-1.htm Another link: http://swansonc2012.blogspot.de/2012/05/jlh-class-amplifier-1969.html This amp fairly easy to power, as it uses a single ended 24DC power supply. In fact a lot of people report very good results using a SMPS, so I got the best specced 120W SMPS I could find at reasonable price, an Altronics unit. This has made the build massively easier than it would have been. I thought I'd try a Class A amp after borrowing a (very well made DIY) 5W SET amp and trying it on the HF section of my active speakers. Was pleasantly surprised as I didn’t expect much - but it's the only bit of gear I've swapped in that my wife has made a positive comment about the sound (and I matched EQ and levels exactly with miniDSP and measurement mic)... so seeing what I can do for a low cost solid state Class A amp to try. I've left the kit "stock" except for the coupling capacitors, replaced the 1uF "Spirit" brand caps with ERO MKT8122 2.2uF caps. I'll shorten the leads to the power transisters, ultimately I'll use one of these mounted across the front of the enclosure: http://www.altronics.com.au/index.asp?area=item&id=H0545 Hoping the total build cost to come under $200 - plus a lot of fun fiddling with it. I havent adjusted the voltage or resistors to bias it, although it appears to come with parts chosen for exactly 24VDC which is what I'm feeding it.
  3. Item: Canon EOS 1300D / EF-S 18-55 III Kit - Brand New Location: Sydney - Northern Beaches Price: $400 ------> Price dropped to $350 Item Condition: Brand New. Bought 28 April from Ted's Cameras in Sydney. Reason for selling: Not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Brand new kit bought today from Ted's Sydney store. This was purchased in order to qualify for another offer. Not needed as I have another body and will not used. I opened the box and took the pictures that you can see. The camera has not been removed from the box and all the accessories including lens are still sealed. As you can see from the receipt, price paid for this was $549 earlier today. The cheapest Canon authorised shop I could find was $534 (DCW - See here: http://www.digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au/prod13630.htm) or you can get a grey import, with no warranty or GST invoice for about $438 on ebay. With that in mind I believe $400 is more than a fair price given it is brand new and locally sourced. I would prefer local pickup but happy to pay postage if anyone interstate is interested. Shipping will be at the buyer's cost. Please PM me if you have any questions. Pictures:
  4. Item: Holton Precision Audio > 2 x HPA-NXV200L R4 amplifier module> 2 x HPA-PSU Two power supply boards Short Form >48 electrolytic caps (sealed, unused) to go on the supply rail (as per Anthony's spec) > 2 x HPA-Power One AC Mains Controller > 2x 400VA Toroidal power transformer with 2 x 45 secondary windings from Harbutech Electronics Location: Melbourne Price: ALL up it's worth $1610 brand new >>>>>>>>>>>>make me an offer for THE WHOLE LOT, over $900 considered Item Condition: Brand new, unused, still packed, not assembled. The Toroidal Transformers have been put in a chassis already Reason for selling: Don't have time to get into it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Don't be disappointed by my refusal if your offer is too low Contact me if you're solid about getting the items Pictures:
  5. Audyssey MultiEQ PRO – an end user perspective Introduction… My introduction to Audyssey came with a denon 4308 AV receiver I was using as a processor some years ago. While not totally convinced with the audyssey setup and EQ system in versions prior the multi EQ system that was introduced with this denon range really did impress ! to the point that some years later when looking to upgrade to a processor I soon worked out I wouldn’t buy one without audyssey. Well turned out I finally upgraded and this was going back to 2008 ! to the flagship denon AVP-A1HD av processor that also came with audyssey. While absolutely thrilled with audyssey in the denon processor, Denon was kind enough a couple of years back to provide an upgrade to Audyssey XT32 for this processor which was quite a step forward especially in the bass/sub management and literally was like a new lease of life for this processor. That wasn’t the end of things though as it turned out … Denon was also kind enough to enable MultiEQ PRO also for this processor which is where this tale begins… So what is Audyssey Multi EQ PRO ? Well for the un initiated… this tech has typically been available to professional installers. However audyssey has for a little while now made this available to … ANYONE ! woohoo ! . All it requires is to register as an installer, purchase an installers kit direct ( $730 including express freight) from audyssey and then a license for each device ($150ea) that require calibration. Sounds expensive, so what does that buy ? Well I must say audyssey themselves are very professional to deal with, you contact them, fill out a form to order the kit, pay for it and the kit arrived promptly double boxed. and inside the calibration kit which going through includes a plethora of goodies ! including a calibrated microphone, calibrated microphone pre amp, a handy boom mic stand, all the cables you need plus software and a guide to help you get going. And everything included here is of the highest quality, nothing cheap and nasty here. And what are the claimed benefits ? Can read a bit more here at the audyssey site, http://www.audyssey.com/technologies/multeq/multeq-pro Rather than the mass produced consumer grade little plastic microphone that’s provided by Denon and other OEMs, you get a professional grade individually calibrated microphone and pre amp, In the photo below you will see the little plastic denon supplied mic on the left here, and the calibrated audyssey pro mic in its case both the calibrated mic and pre amp are included to give a far more accurate result. Plus ability to take far more measurements (more on this later). Then there is the ability to see the results of measurements pre and post calibration and there is the facility to select target curves, tailor sound and EQ applied plus select or de select for mid range compensation. So how does all this pan out in practice ? So lets get setup…The first thing to do is register the kit (via kit/microphone serial no) and myself as an installer plus register my denon avp for pro calibration. All this is done on the audyssey installer website and was pleased to see my denon there in latest version as mine is upgraded to registering its MAC address and giving me a license number for it. Software provided as part of the kit is only windows compatible (boo hiss ! ) so I loaded this on my Sony Viao that runs windows 7 without issue. Apart from loading the Pro software it also loaded a step by step guide, which I noticed there was one specifically for my denon so I downloaded that as well. To hook up my sony laptop to my denon avp requires to use the supplied USB to RS232 cable, This needs a driver to be installed on the laptop which fortunately is supplied on a disc that comes with the cable. Lets get started…firing up the software I selected my denon processor as device to be calibrated, I entered in my license number and it recognised it as a registered device. the hook up is simple, as soon as hookup the usb cable to the laptop and the RS232 cable to my denon it goes straight into audyssey calibration mode and the audyssey logo pops straight up on my main display…gives some level of confidence we are on our way J Hookup is matter of following the step by step instructions, hooking up the high quality finished microphone cables from microphone to lovely metal bodies calibrated microphone pre amp and then setting up the microphone at the end of the boom mic stand in the main listening position.. and then the very last very important step of hooking up the output from the mic pre amp to the front input of the denon AVP, and we are ready to go… Calibration is really just matter of following the onscreen instructions on the audyssey software. The first measurement at the 1st position is to get the sub level correct. Which must be 75db +/- 3 db, which mine was. After which it runs through level checks. This position measurement is crucial speaker distances and levels are taken at this point and is fundamental to the end result. Next measurement points was either side of main listening position where a person would sit to the left and right of me. And then followed by 3 measurements about 1m in front of these positions. And last two measurments just behind the main listening position. I decided to stick with 8 measurements as audyssey indicates its very much a case of diminishing returns past this number of measurements. Once the measurements are done, I saved these and it then prompted for selection of eq curves. Various options are available, I went with the default, but de selected mid range compensation…this is unique option of the pro calibration. And something along with the curves can be selected/changed down the track if the need arises. Pre and post calibration response curves can then be seen, which makes for some very interesting information certainly from a measurements point of view impressed with the capability of audyssey pro, and very interesting to see the post calibration results. Also very interesting to see the measurements from distance and levels and suggested xovers which correspond to what I’d expect. While the system allows full ability to change any of this was and easy choice to go with what the system suggested. And then just the matter of saving the calibration and transferring the results to my denon AVP. And before long it fires into life with calibration settings applied ! So the most important part …how does it sound ? I will have to say on immediate switch on…even just on some TV going on, I am impressed. Its clear concise, controlled, detailed. And with some weight to the sound. As a note the system utilises audyssey dynamic eq by default. And like the end results also for TV am using Audyssey dynamic volume which is handy for incredible clarity at even very low volumes. Am talking -72db and vocals are still clearly intelligible which is really handy for having the TV on in the back ground at low volume and still able to listen in if takes interest. Switching to Mr and Mrs Smith.. on blu-ray, I still setup to use dynamic eq but disabled dynamic volume And the scene where they are dancing in the bar, the music they are dancing to just sounds gorgeous, grand and majestic in scale. The sound of thunder with deep bass just growls and yet isn’t over powering. Swapping to the scene where they are at the fete shooting gallery, you are literally jolted in surprise with the pellets wizzing past you in the room hitting the target up ahead. The atmosphere of the fete is room filling, you really feel like your there ! Swapping to the scene of Jolie and Brad having a shoot out at the house is just explosive in dynamics and eerie in the way details are portrayed as they are both creeping around the house. Interrupted abruptly with the gun shots, bone crunching blows and explosions as they go around destroying the house ! I was so enthralled with the sonic portrayal I kept watching snippets of the movie here and there and then dragged out a favourite of mine in Flags of our fathers on blu-ray which watched all the way through and cant wait to follow up with Letters from Iwo Jima which am looking to watch tonight ! In conclusion… Was it worth the expense and effort ? You bet ! I cant believe this is the av processor I bought 7 years ago and the step forward the system has gone in sound with this recent addition !. For anyone with a receiver or av processor with Audyssey pro capability I would highly recommend this as a step forward. It does cost a bit to purchase and there is some carefull steps to take to utilise but overall even going with its default selections it is definitely something well worth the end result gains delivered. About the reviewer, I am not a professional reviewer and my reviews are purely from the perspective of an end user. So no flowery and poetic prose. I will just tell it as I find it. I am a cinema buff and gain great enjoyment watching movies in the comfort of the home environment. My home theatre passion started all those years ago when I walked into a local specialist store and saw a demo of Top gun on VHS tape and I was instantly hooked ! About the system, My system is a combined 2ch and av/ht system, coming together to try achieve the best of both worlds in your typical lounge room but with speakers carefully setup and positioned and the room naturally treated with furnishings. For home theatre it encompasses, Cambridge 751 BD player Denon AVP-A1HD3D av processor Elektra TheatreHD 7 channel amplifier Musical Fidelity M8-500s power amplifier driving main speakers JVC X-35 projector and Pioneer KRP-500M plasma Screentechnics motorised premium electricinema screen Seating position and screen carefully selected to fully resolve 1080p high definition and full immersion to THX spec Focal Electra CC1000BE centre Focal Utopia Diva BE mains Focal SR1000BE side surrounds Subsonic XR1 rear surrounds Twin Velodyne DD15 subwoofers More info on the system here, http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/59834-where-the-divas-sing/
  6. hi just putting it out there, incase someone has a PRO kit they arent using ? below, some pics of what one looks like, I want one in good condition, and intact with all accesories etc, drop me a line if have one, and name your price doesnt matter where you are in the country, am happy to pay for shipping.
  7. Hi from Texas! my name is mike and don't call me Tex I am originally from Florida I had a TV stereo repair shop there for 25 years. yada yada yada ! I am here on your forum breaking it in you might say I recently picked up 2 120W mosfet mono power amps looks like a kit and in print says TUNG Yung I don't know if it is a Dick smith kit or what I hope some one can tell me, it was put together but it was missing the DC power supply if I knew the max DC voltage I could run this puppy and enjoy the mosfet sound it makes or a schematic would be fine too thanks mike
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