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Found 6 results

  1. Item: various interconnects as listed below Location: Glen Waverley Vic. Price: as per list below Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Aurealis Audio R2 CUB 1.8M interconnects I believe these are silver plated copper with high quality KLE Innovations plugs. $120 plus $10 postage if required. Photos: JLTI interconnects 1m Silver plated copper platted wire by Joe Rasmussen. Amphenol plugs $70 each pair plus $10 postage (Retail $150) 2 pairs for sale Bill125812 custom Silver wire interconnects 1m with ultra high quality Kryo plugs 1 pr $100 plus $10 postage
  2. Item: One JLTI EL34 Integrated Amp Location: Sunny Nanango Price: $900 (plus postage) Item Condition: Excellent, looks almost new. Fully functional as well. Reason for selling: Tube amps have yet to convert me. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: One of Joe Rasmussen's modified Yaqin amps. Comes with original tubes, original bias screwdriver, original manual and the JLTI leaflet. I don't have the original box (thanks cyclone Debbie) so will have to use much packaging if it comes to prepping for long distance postage. For more info check out the link below. http://www.customanalogue.com/jlti_el34.htm Pictures:
  3. Joe Rasmussen, Custom Analogue Audio, JLTi 8pm Wednesday 17th May, visitors welcome. Willis Room, City of Whitehorse Offices Maroondah Highway (Whitehorse Road), Nunawading Melway Map 48 Ref G9 Contact: 9437 1249 This month the club is very privileged to have an audio enthusiast travel all the way from Sydney to present at the club. Joe Rasmussen is known among the DIY audio fraternity as the "Father of the Buffered Gainclone" His collaboration with the late Allen Wright, led him to develop several projects starting back in 1975 with a "hybrid tube amplifier" In 2001 their work saw them develop upgrade modules for the first generation Sony SACD players. Joe will be presenting at the club his latest upgrade projects. The JLTi Oppo level 4.2+ACB, is a highly modified Oppo-105D fitted with no less than eight modules. Each having a specific task - Master Clock - DAC Clock - Terra Firma power supply - all designed and developed by Joe at Custom Analogue Audio. "Ultimate Digital playback deserves Ultimate Stability! This is about the importance of clocking CD players and digital playback, a new standard of performance. How to make digital sound more like good vinyl". His collection of equipment that will fill the room with sound, will include two amplifiers, a prototype "Beyond Triode" amplifier - A New Type of Tube Amplifier, and a DIY 40 Watt "Transconductance Amplifier" This solid state unit will be brought along for a bit of fun. Designed to output 'current' it will be demonstrated with his Elsinore Mk6 speakers. Compatible with this amplifier they can be driven from any source impedance and hence does not rely on the 'damping factor' of the amplifier. The "Beyond Triode" amplifier encompasses thirty years of experience and developments rolled into one design. The prototype unit a Yaqin MC-100B, has been upgraded to give a great boost in the 'Permeability' of the output transformers, which then translates into an extreme level of resolution. To round off the equipment list for the night, two versions of the JLTi Phono Stage will be presented, a single box unit, and the new Deluxe Phono Stage. The Deluxe version is a two-box unit with a 'beefed up' design in the gain and buffer stages plus a massive separate power supply with extreme filtering that reduces power supply noise. What Joe Rasmussen has achieved by taking a good quality product, amp or CD player, and lifting its performance to more than just one level, but several, makes music sound just lovely - Just Listen To it. Nick Karayanis Program Co-ordinator Ken Tripp Wise and Wonderful Webmaster Melbourne Audio Club, Inc. http://www.melbourneaudioclub.org.au
  4. just saw this on FB... Joe talking about a new prototype amplifier he is working on..... Cut and pasted from Joe's post; In NZ we demonstrated what is a pre-prototype for an exciting new tube power amplifier with some very original circuitry - not a copy of the usual schematics littered about. It will use a special version of Triode, high frequency bias and a constant current differential cascode acting as combined voltage, phase splitter and driver into four KT120s output tubes, using large Lundahl transformers which are partially cathode coupled. Incredibly linear, amazing bandwidth, the widest dynamic range I believe will exceed any commercially made amplifier. Very stable output impedance that is NOT stabilised by the use of any feedback. As close as possible to 100 Watt Triode amplifier output and if achieved will sound more like 300-400 Watt. The input stage described above will be isolated with an 80H electronic choke. This means that it can act as a completely isolated loop. Price will not be cheap. A state-of-the-art amplifier like this could well be $30,000. A big project indeed. Right now Brian's Elsinore Mk6 speakers are with Terry Humphries at Audio Reference store. He heard about their successful demonstration at Auckland's Audio Club and the Secretary Dave has dropped them off there for Terry to listen to them while its owner Brian is on holidays starting today. I wonder what Terry will make of them? :-) So... interesting days ahead.
  5. Heya all. Anyone with a JLTI oppo had theirs modded to the 4.2 revision, and the 'analogue clock booster'? I'm currently on revision 4.1 - and whilst being very happy, would love to hear it compared to the new 4.2 ACB+ version. Joe's currently doing a roadshow in NZ, but if there is sufficient interest, I'm sure we can convince him to do likewise back over the ditch. Excerpt from website: "The acronym ACB stands for "Analog Clock Booster" and although it sounds like a novel idea, to use an analog amplifier to control the strength, power and level of a clock signal, the difference it can make is truly surprising. It has been proved pivotal in the development of our ultimate clocking technology. The clock inputs of both the Sabre DAC and the Oppo Master Clock benefits from clocks with tightly controlled source impedance to precisely maintain their level and timing. Clocks are non-switching devices which require non-switching loads and the degree of isolation needed for the best results can only be achieved by using sophisticated analog amplifiers which have complete control over the insertion points of the clock signals. A full implementation also needs a large and complex power supply which together with the amplifiers makes for an extensive upgrade. This is a new concept and a White Paper will be prepared to further explain how the technology works; why the clock inputs are so extremely sensitive to the source impedance of the clock. The conclusion seems clear, that we are more sensitive to jitter than ever, that nothing in nature approximates it and detracts from naturalness"
  6. Item: One JLTI EL34 Integrated amp. Location: Bowen Price: $1100 ono. Item Condition: Excellent, 40 to 50 hours on the tubes. Reason for selling: I just can't keep everything I want to keep so it is time to move a few amps on. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: This is the integrated version of Joe Rassmussens current JLTI power amp. Check out http://www.customanalogue.com/jlti_el34.htm for more details. This amp is rated at 25 watts. Pictures: The green and black thing that can be seen reflected in the finish of the amp in pretty much every pic is the gorilla pod that my camera was mounted on.
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