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Found 5 results

  1. Hey All I'm setting up a budget stereo system in my lounge room for just basic radio, digital music (aux Flac) and occasional vinyl listening. i have the opportunity to purchase a pair of Jensen AVX-18 speakers or a Dali 5a for the sub $200 mark. what do people recommend between the two? i have a heap of amps over the years of collecting that i can use to power them so that is not an issue. i'm not after perfection, but just a solid loud 2 speaker setup. Cheers
  2. Item: JENSEN SPX-15 & JENSEN QX65 CENTRE'S (ALSO HAVE A PAIR OF JENSEN FLOORSTANDING SPEAKERS, MODEL QX45) Location: GOLD COAST Price: $200 FOR BIG CENTRE, $120 FOR SMALLER ONE, & $330 FOR THE FLOORSTANDERS. Item Condition: GOOD Reason for selling: NOT NEEDED Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: MADE IN THE USA 4 sale is 2 Jensen centre speakers, made in the USA, both black in colour. The BIG mumma is a SPX-15, 170WRMS, 4 X 5" drivers & 1 25mm soft dome tweeter, magnetically shielded. These things are seriously good for there price point! I ran this for a brief while on a $25K system while i was waiting for my Paradigm CC690 to arrive. The 2nd one is a Jensen QX-65, 120WRMS, 2 X 5'' drivers & 1 25mm soft dome tweeter, magnetically shielded. I must say that for the money these things are pretty dam good! Great for a 2nd system or a fill in centre until you can afford a really expensive one. Pickup on the Gold Coast or i can assist with cheap freight. Thanks. ( I ALSO HAVE A PAIR OF NICE FLOORSTANDERS, JENSEN QX45, 4 X 5'' DRIVERS,1'' TWEETER, 180WRMS, BLACK ASH IN COLOUR, CAN SEND PICS IF NEEDED. THESE THINGS PUNCH WELL ABOVE THERE PRICE POINT). & SPX-15. Centre Channel. (Black, Beech & Cherry) In the evolution of Home Theatre sound, this is the BIG BANG. These stylish models will give you all the punch and power Hollywood can pump out, and right in the middle of it all, clean crisp dialogue. Our Dual midwoofer and Quad midwoofer model put hushed whispers and piercing screams front and centre. Both models have full magnetic shielding so you can place the speaker directly on top of your monitor, without any video distortion. Horror films anyone ? Our new Polycell Dome tweeter can take a Jennifer Love Hewitt scream clear up to 21,000 blazing hertz. Sleek designs, beautiful performance, but at times horrifying. Pictures:
  3. Item: Speakers Dali Concept Centre, B&W ASW500 Sub, Jensen AVX-6 Pair Location:Sydney Price: See Below Item Condition:See below Reason for selling:Building house Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Donation of $20 to forum For sale is the following home cinema speakers:Dali Concept Centre speaker:* Excellent working condition* 16x50x23 cm, 6.6kg* See attached photo for specs* Negotiable price $150B&W ASW500 Subwoofer* 10inch active subwoofer* 70W RMS* 35x38x41 cm (WxDxH)* Good working condition with small chip on one of the corners* $100Jensen AVX-6 Pair Bookshelf speakers* 120 W* 21x32x56 (WxDxH)* Very good working condition with a couple of small chips* $120 Pictures:
  4. Hi all, great site Was hoping to get some advice or suggestions because the issue I am having with my sub is driving me to distraction! Hardware: Black Jensen SPX-19 glass-topped sub woofer (about 13 years old) driven by Onkyo receiver. Connected from amp via stereo RCA composite cables. Switch set to 'Auto'. Phase switch set to 'Normal' and 'Video/Audio' set to 'Video. I usually have the front 'Volume' left dial set to about 11 o'clock and the 'Frequency' right dial set to about 9 o'clock. Great sub and wonderful depth. Problem: Sub used to automatically go into standby mode (when not enough level from amp or amp powered off) but now no longer does. Instead the blue LED indicators on the front of the sub blink on & off with the red LED and the sub itself 'rumbles' until eventually after a few minutes it goes into standby mode. Very frustrating! If I just turn off the sub by the power GPO it stops the rumbling and the flashing LEDS and the sub just powers 'off' but this is neither practical or ideal to do every time I've finished with it. Was hoping a power-cycle of the sub might fix it but it didn't. This is a new fault. Have enjoyed this sub for many years and never had an issue with it. I presume this is the Auto-switch (located at the back) which I'm guessing is either faulty or the cause of something else failing? I've tried changing RCA leads both at the sub end and at the receiver end but no change. I must admit i haven't tried a different amp but I am assuming this is a sub issue and not a receiver problem. Love to hear from anyone who might have some insight or knowledge of this sub or even of the issue itself. Am I right in assuming it could be the auto switch? If so is this serviceable or repairable? Let me know if more info is required to troubleshoot or if anyone has any suggestions or advice! Thanks in advance Robbo
  5. Hi all, in the process of down sizing my HT set up as I figured my room is just not big enough for these speakers I have a pair of Jensen ZR-41 (Graphide Black) for $400 and a ZR-61 (Graphide Black) for $300 buy both for $600... prices are negotiable Good sound, but the room is just not big enough for me to place the speakers correctly, and would just end up booming too much... so am downsizing to a set of bookshelf B&W 685 Located at Bentley thank you Pictures will be provided later... link for specs http://www.jensenspeakers.com.au/uploads/images/121/ZRBroch-web.pdf
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