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  1. Hi This is actually a reply to another SN member's review of his Luxman 509X Int Amp. After replying, I thought it would be nice to share it with other SN members. Just my thoughts on the three Luxman amps I have owned over the last few years. I have been lucky enough in the last few years to have own the 550AX Class A as my first Luxman Int Amp, then due to a house move, needed more power, I got the 590AXII Class A, now living most of my time in Thailand, I am enjoying the 509X Class AB. I have also listened to the 507uX Class AB extensively. My
  2. Up for sale is one of the best looking and best sounding integrated amps I have ever own. Honestly, if you have never owned an Esoteric before, this thing has to be seen in person to really appreciate its beauty and craftsmanship... Really puts a lot of other high-end manufacturers to shame. Can't find used price here in Australia as used Esoteric integrated is hard to come by. Current used Price in Europe is more than $4300 is https://www.choicehifi.com/product/esoteric-i-05-integrated-amplifier/ Here are some details: Bought from AV Gallery in 2017 It h
  3. I recently purchased this as a refurbished unit from Melbourne but is not being used and has had very little use by me so needs to go to another home. I see a similar unit is on e-bay for more than I'm asking so my price, which includes postage, should be attractive to anyone looking for a quality 30W amplifier. You can see more about this at https://www.hilberink.nl/codehans/luxman35.htm Specs: Power output: 33 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 15Hz to 60kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.03% Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 145mV
  4. Further information: This is a really beautiful and powerful tube amp that I purchased new from the distributor here in Victoria. I went for the top shelf tube upgrades to Gold Lions and Tung Sol KT150 I have toyed with Tube amps long enough amassing a small inventory of various models so I have to part with some of them as running out of space this is a really cracking amp particularly with the tubes it’s now running the tubes have probably done 60 hours maximum I have all the boxes and packaging so I can ship at buyers cost AP990c Aer
  5. Further information: Purchased from SNA classifieds a couple of years ago. Amazing amplifier. If you hold clarity and detail above all, Primare. For transparency, there are two small marks on the face plate (see last pic) Comes in original box and packaging with accessory box and contents as per pics. Pref to local buyer but will post at cost (yours, not mine) Stay safe Peace, Love and Harmonies for all
  6. Further information: Bought this locally from a fellow member last week. But decided to stick with my Audiolab which has in built DAC. This is an excellent amplifier otherwise. Plenty of power and drive my Focals with more ease I guess. Comes with remote, manual and power cable. Have original box and can ship at buyers risk and expense. Pick up is available. [SPECIFICATION] Description: Solid-state integrated amplifier with 6 line inputs. Maximum output power: 75Wpc into 8 ohms (18.75dBW). Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz, ±0.5dB. Input impedance:
  7. Further information: I’m selling an NAD D3020 that I, impulsively, bought recently. It’s a great little all-in-one integrated amp with all the digital inputs you need. Due to it’s diminutive size, it would be perfect for a small, secondary system in the office, spare room or kitchen. For the budget minded, matched with the right speakers, it’s more than capable of playing the role of primary system. It includes the following: The unit itself Remote control Aussie power cord Quick-start guide All original packing materials including the velvet bag
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy either the A12 or the CXA60 but having a hard time deciding. I realise the A12 is a bit of a jack of all trades with its added USB input and Phono Stage features over the CXA60 but I'd like some opinions from people who have owned either. I'm going to be pairing these with a pair of Usher X-718 speakers (blast from the past - I know). I realise the easiest way to get a feel for it is go into a store but that may not be a possibility as the CXA60 now has a successor. For some context, I listen to a lot of hip hop, dance, electronic and RnB genres and I'll also
  9. Further information: I've owned this amp for a few years and it has always brought a smile to my face. It looks stunning and sounds amazing. Crazy amount of power on tap (110w into 8 ohms / 130 into 6). Side panels are custom made with high gloss Jarrah varnish - they really add to the presentation of this amp. There is a bit of pitting on the top of the amp, but a light sand and re-spray will make it look great. No major marks on the faceplate other than a small visible scratch to the top left of the Function Selector knob. It is a hefty 18kgs
  10. Further information: Bought this amp earlier this year from a fellow member and it hasn't missed a beat. Plenty of power at 150wpc. I was told that the power caps have been upgraded to Elna audio grade ones by the previous owner. It comes with original remote, power lead and jumper cable. Pickup is preferred as its heavy about 15kg. I do have the box and can ship at buyer's risk and expense. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item
  11. Exposure 2010S2D. After hearing the 3010S2D, and having owned a 2010S and a 1010 I have maintained a passing interest in the Exposure line up of integrated amps. I have very fond memories of the 2010S, but those are fairly old memories now, and of an amp used in a different room with different speakers. So I don’t know for sure how well those memories will hold up. As with the 3010S2D this unit was supplied by Andrew from Audiofix. My memories of the 2010S are more about an amp with character than they are about technical capabilities or performan
  12. Further information: The CA CXA-80 is an accomplished amplifier with a build-in DAC. All at a fantastic price point. It has been described as having a weighty, muscular and solid presentation while also having excellent clarity and rich detail. All original accessories and packaging is included. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be ap
  13. Further information: Purchased as a floor model only a couple of months ago. In great condition. Remote included. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  14. I wasn't too sure I'd ever get around to doing this, putting up a few pics of my current listening room slash ex-home theatre, but now that I have some time on my hands I took a few pics that appear to be less blurry than usual so I figure I might as well put them up on show. It is not so much pictures of a system, more pictures of all sorts of gear in the same room that I watch TV and listen to music in. This is the inside of my cold room of audio, as seen from my listening position. The Halcro takes pride of place but it isn't in use ATM. The Exposure 2010S is sitting on top of a Krell
  15. Further information: This is classic, quality Japanese integrated amplifier, the AX1070 from Yamaha. Not what I'd call "vintage" but it is 25 years old. Rated at about 145W RMS / ch into 8 ohms at <0.01% THD. It is a sturdy powerhouse, and sounds great. Please google reviews of this amp - they're all good. This amp is offered for sale as one owner (me) since new, purchased in 1995. It has barely been used in the past twenty years. Most of its time has been spent in storage in its box at my home. But it has to go. Comes complet
  16. Further information: Well, what can I say.. Don't want to, but have to... Up for sale is my Prima-Luna Dialogue Premium Integrated. Not a scratch on it and sings beautifully. I bought it about a year ago from SNA and It's been looked after very well. But there comes a time when u have to be responsible for bigger and better things, so this one has to go (Luckily I kept my old one Prologue II so I'm not totally heart broken). Comes with full remote that can also be used as a lethal weapon. All original boxes Comes with 4 X KT88 Prima-Luna valves (Installed), 4 X 12A
  17. Further information: For sale here is the Kinki Studio EX-M1 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier. If you have not heard of this amplifier before it has been compared with some very top end Swiss gear in terms of performance. I bought it from dacman (who is the local agent for Kinki Studio in Australia) in April this year. My gear already consists of Octave tube monoblocks amp and pre as well as high end Aqua digital equipment, and since April I have been switching between this integrated and the tube monoblocks (I wanted the best of both setups). It never ceases to amaze me how close
  18. Devialet expert 200 master unit with remote. Fantastic all in one unit which has the performance to match its looks. Reasonable offers considered. 200w per channel. Range of analogue and digital inputs including RCA, Dig coax, optical, USB, AES, phono MM/MC, Wifi, Ethernet, Devialet Air Fully customisable via devialet webpage. All connections can be inputs or outputs. For example you can have bass management with high/low pass filters for subwoofer output via a nominated RCA. USB can be input as well as output - Eg you can dig
  19. A question for all you Sansui-philes out there. If I was to chase a Sansui integrated amp to add to my demo list which amps should I look out for? There is an AU-555A on ebay at the moment, is that a good example of the brand or a bad one?
  20. Further information: I am selling this amp for my brother - it is in excellent condition with very little use. Postage is available as my brother has the original boxes but local pick up is preferred. See 3rd picture for little mark which is hardly visible. Review from TNT There has always been an inherent rightness about the idea of an integrated amplifier. The efficiencies are impressive, the compromises mostly imagined. With the modern additions of display and a properly implemented remote control the integrated becomes all the more appealing. Now there are integrated
  21. Further information: Second owner. Comes with factory double box. No remote . I can obtain a remote control unit for $650 There is a slight dent on righthand side. https://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/spec-rsa-m3ex-integrated-amplifier#:~:text=I missed power%2C speed and,the midrange and thus voices. https://www.soundstageaustralia.com/index.php/reviews/83-spec-corporation-rsa-m3ex-integrated-amplifier http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue78/spec_realsound.htm https://rognlien.wordpress.com/2019/02/04/spec-me-up/ Photos: Adve
  22. Plessis Audio S1 integrated amp in excellent condition. Bought new from Len Wallis Audio in 2017. The S1 came about as a joint effort between Charl Du Plessis and his manufacturing partner in China. The design brief was to come up with an amplifier that delivered great sound quality at a really good price. I recommend this amp as an introduction to audiophile grade hi-fi and in my own blind listening tests with various speakers in a listening room easily goes toe to toe with amps well over twice its RRP. Paired with a streaming solution like Yamaha's MusicCast boxes, i
  23. Further information: Selling my MA252 which has only been used for a few months, and then, maybe only half a dozen short times. It's as new, with all packaging and accessories. Although highly regarded, it just doesn't match up with the JBL L100 in my 2nd system. So I'm going try a few other amps to see what gels. Current RRP is $7,995. I can ship this via Couriers Please at buyers cost. Photos:
  24. Further information: This is an award winning integrated amplifier from Denon with Australian power specifications. It is made in Japan. You can read the summary review: https://www.hifichoice.com/content/awards-2010-amplifiers-£1000 The Denon catalogue also featured it as an award winning amp from EISA 2010-2011. It works beautifully and even has MM/MC phone stage. It can drive my Audio Technica MC flagship OC model AT-OC9XSL cartridge (0.4mV) and sounds great via my Paradigm Studio 20 speakers. It can be used as integrated amp, power
  25. Problem ----------- I used to be a very happy owner of a Prima Luna Prologue II amp for which I managed to find the best damn tube combination (after months of rolling & rolling) which made the amp just sing every time I turned it on. However, despite its musicality and all the goodness it offered, I had one gripe with this amp. The lack of a remote. (I believe that this is simply human nature where we are never forever happy and at rest with certain things no matter how hard we try) This made me go for a Prima Luna Dialogue Premium Integrated. Now this amp is a beast
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