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  1. Hi I am looking around for a good iem to pair with an Astell and Kern AK240 DAP I have been in to Minidisc in Chatswood and tried a few models but none of them really grabbed me. I listen to rock, hip hop, reggae, blues & Jazz and think I am looking for a model with strong, tight bass and sweet midrange. I’m just wondering if anyone has tried or owns the below and if they are any good? Denon iem So far I like but don’t love Sennheiser ie-80s and Fiio FA7 Quad driver iem I’m also thinking of trying out the Shure SE535 and possibly Fiio FH7 I’m hoping to be able to spend less than $600 so the Denons I linked to fit the bill. Other recommendations will be gratefully received. Thanks
  2. Item: JH Audio JH 11 Pro (Good condition, demo, RRP1499) Location: Merrylands Price: 500 Item Condition: good (8/10) Reason for selling: JH Audio's IEM nozzles are too big for me (Astell & Kern versions are better for me) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only. / Can post at buyer's own cost. Extra Info: Please feel free to demo it. I have the receipt from a store as well. I bought it 4 months ago. These are great IEMs, the only reason why I am selling it is as written above. I prefer not to send them but I can at your own cost. thank you. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: FiiO Fa7 Location: Adelaide Price: $200 Item Condition: 9/10 like new Reason for selling: no longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: missing mmcx cable, cat used it as a chew toy. Decided Instead of replacing the cable to sell instead and put the money towards my other hobbies. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Item: Sony IER-M7 IEM Location: Glen Waverley, Victoria Price: $450 + shipping $400 + shipping Item Condition: Like New Reason for selling: Prefer headphones over IEMs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great IEMs with a warm sounding signature. Bought them a few weeks ago but selling as I tend to use headphones more. Comes with box, accessories and case (as shown in the photos). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Item: Sony IER-Z1R Signature Series In-ear Headphones (Top of the Line) Location: North Sydney (Business Hours) or Picnic Point NSW (After Hours/Weekends) Price: $2000 + Postage Item Condition: Brand New Sealed in Box Reason for selling: Decided to try out customs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Photos:
  6. Item: 64Audio U12 IEM Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $1200 ONO Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Need funding for a guitar Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only Extra Info: I purchased this second hand off another user on here. The “O” on the logo of the right earphone is a little bit faded, other than that these IEMs are in stunning conditions. They come with original protective case as shown and typical accessories inside (no original cable or box, sorry). The cable is silver diy from the previous owner and supposedly worth around $200-$250. I also have a Noble K10U for sale so check them out! Photos:
  7. Item: Noble K10U iem, standard version Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $1050 -> $1000 Item Condition: Likenew Reason for selling: Needs funding for a guitar Payment Method Pickup - Cash Only Extra Info: Comes with original box and all accessories, this item has been sitting in its box for a good portion of the period i own it so minimal use and . I also have a 64audio U12 iem up for sale so check them out! Photos:
  8. I'd originally planned to add more images, but Snrub did such a good job with his pics that you'd be better off heading over to that review to see what they look like up close 😊 Similar to Snrub, Audiofly provided me a pair of their 2nd best in ear monitors for review after I responded to call out on their sponsor forum – the AUD$649 AF180 Mk2. I’ve been using them for the past month and will be handing them back at the Hifi Show in October. ***************************** Introduction Audiofly is a relatively young company and many of us would have been introduced to them at the ‘other’ hifi show here in Melbourne many year ago. I remember being impressed by how comfortable and decent the sound quality was for a new outfit. Not that they were blowing away the competition but I would have classed their products as ‘competitive’ for the value-conscious among us. Fast forward several years and their range now covers everything from the AUD$40 AF33C Mk2 to Bluetooth and true wireless options all the way up to the AUD$850 1120 Mk2 In Ear Monitors – 13 models in all! Unboxing The box is nice but unremarkable, matte black with a frequency response graph on the back. Open it up, however, and you’re greeted with a fantastic hard protective case and a range of accessories, including dome silicone, tri-flange silicone and Comply Premium earphone tips. I used the dome silicone exclusively as I’m not a fan of the sound of Comply tips and find multiple-flange buds uncomfortable for long term listening. There’s also an air plane adaptor, wax cleaner, 3.5mm to 6.3mm Adapter and cable clip. Most definitely a fully featured piece of kit, although that’s expected for the price! Aesthetic Once out of the box, they feel light but strong in hand. This is great for someone like me, who tends to listen to music for long periods during my work day. Having tried to love the Campfire Comets for the last six months, these came as a blessing. Where the heft of the stainless steel bodied Comets combined with their enormous nozzle left considerable weight painfully ‘hanging’ off the bottom half of my ear, I found myself forgetting the Audiofly’s were even there. The combination of lightness, over ear by design and a narrow nozzle meant even with my minuscule ear canals I could forget they were there and just enjoy the music. They don’t have a mic or in-line controls, however the connectors in these Mk 2 variants have been upgraded the to the universal MMCX standard. This means you can purchase any number of third party cables if you see fit, or even the new Mk2 Audiofly Bluetooth cable (AUD$99.99) for a little more convenience. Sound Note: I’ve created a Spotify playlist (bottom of review) with the music mentioned below as well as some other songs I enjoyed listening to for this review. Fair warning – I haven’t ever owned head gear in the same league as the Audiofly’s… · Audio Technica MSR7 (Headphones) – Accurate but not what I would call ‘musical’ · Audio Technica IM50 (IEM) – Great sounding but uncomfortable · B&O H3 (In Ear Headphone) – Received as a gift. Not a fan at all · Sony MDR-EX650AP (In Ear Headphone) – Great sounding, comfortable and affordable · Lypertek Tevi (True Wireless) – Excellent sound (has built in DSP) and comfortable During my time with the Audiofly’s, I listened to a range of music in quality varying from SoundCloud (64kbps) to Spotify (320kbps) to 96/24 from HD Tracks. This was mostly done via DragonFly Black with DragonTail on a Samsung S8. However, I also swapped in my brothers LG V30 with Quad HiFi DAC for some of the Hi-Res listening. As the lowest quality variant, SoundCloud sounded surprisingly good. Being close to neutral, my favourite lower-res electronic and hip-hop mixes sounded quite good. These won’t leave you hating your favourite tracks just because it isn’t mastered in a multi-million-dollar studio or in the highest quality format. One point for the ‘Music First Audiophiles’ among us! Moving up to Spotify, the real strengths of these earbuds start to become apparent. The muddled bass that creeps in as the volume goes up in cheaper buds was nowhere to be found. Turn the volume up…and up…and up…and no matter the complexity of the piece I was hearing everything – imaging was retained along with the full power of the music with no harshness or sibilance. The drums of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra’s rendition of Percussion Concerto: I. Con forza presented a wall of sound that left me emotionally exhausted – in a good way. Classical music took on a more ‘epic’ feel, with each instrument retaining its place in the broad orchestral image regardless of volume. Those drums were loud, deep and taut but the sound was never tiring or fatiguing. Soul music also left me tapping my toes. Donny Hathaway Live was a great end to end listen. The light chatter from the crowd (low and often heard as intrusive ‘noise’ on lesser setups) comes through softly but clearly, only adding to the live feel of the album. The soundstage presents each musician in their own space and isn’t smeared during more complex passages. The 96/24 download of Tool’s new Album, Fear Inoculum, is simply stunning. Skip straight to the second track, Pneuma, and each drum hit sits clearly alongside guitars and vocals – all clearly identifiable with each drum hit satisfyingly panning across the stage as required. The Hi-Res mix also sounded noticeably better than the Spotify mix, with the earbuds really taking advantage of the increased resolution (although knowing Tool, there’s every chance they mastered the Spotify mix to sound worse than CD or Hi-Res!). The last ounce of head crushing bass presented by a more V-shaped presentation is missing, but Audiofly is fairly clear these are about ‘a perfect balance between bass, mids and highs’. The 96/24 version of Sæglópur, from Sigur Rós, has always shown up the shortcomings of any gear. The first section is a light breathy mix of noise, vocals and triangle that loses much of its nuance behind a piano in the foreground – high levels of control and a balanced sound are needed for this. The second part is a ‘wall of sound’ that benefits from strong clear bass and smears the sound stage and buries the vocals on lesser systems. The Audiofly’s presented, as my brother put it, ‘the best first part I’ve ever heard’. Every bit of soundscape was there and clearly presented behind the piano. My brother didn’t believe the second part was the best he’s heard in terms of bass, but it’s accuracy meant vocals came through clearly and the aural image was more emotional than expected. I personally felt it was the best I’ve heard given my preference for a more open and clean (rather than warm and bassy) sound. Another bonus for the streetwalkers among us is the very low levels of microphonics – that is, mechanical noise created when you bump or rub the cable. This might sound silly for those who haven’t experienced it, but it can be annoying when you’re walking down the street with the cable rubbing against your shirt. This doesn’t seem to be much of an issue for the Audiofly’s as mechanical noise is kept to a minimum. Conclusion I’ve really enjoyed borrowing these and they have me rethinking how much to spend on my next set of earbuds for daily use. Their fantastic sound quality and supreme comfort mean you’d be silly not to put them on the shortlist for your next purchase, regardless of price. Pros + Clean, neutral and balanced sound + Incredible imaging + Retains composure at all volumes + Easy to drive + Low levels of microphonics + Super comfortable + Universal MMCX connector Cons - No mic or in-line controls out of the box - Some may prefer a more V-shaped sound Specs · Driver type: Four balanced armature drivers with 3-way crossover · Driver arrangement: Dual bass, single mid, single high · Frequency range: 15Hz-25kHz · Crossover: Passive 3-way electronic crossover with Butterworth filter · Acoustic tuning: Physical 3-way frequency divider · Impedance: 16Ω · Sensitivity: 104dB at 1kHz · Cable length: 1.2m / 47” · Plug type: 3.5mm gold plated, right angle format Playlist
  9. Item: Hyla CE-5 Location: Sydney Price: 750 for the CE-5, 100 for the cable (10 will be donated to this site) Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: upgraded/trying new IEMs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: Time to say goodbye to my beloved CE-5. Has one of the best bass response. If you have never heard of them, check out the reviews. Apart from great sound quality, it also offers great comfort and isolation. Has some sign of usage but nothing obvious. Total usage time less than 500 hours. Has everything in original box. Comes with a OC Audio 4.4 balanced cable. 750 for the CE-5 and 100 more for the cable. Sydney CBD pick up only Photos:
  10. Item: Campfire Andromeda Location: Melbourne Price: $950 inc. postage Item Condition: Excellent - like new Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Paypal, PayID Extra Info: Purchased to use as a pair of travel IEM's. Unfortunately for me, I have small ears and I never found these to be that comfortable (For regular sized folks I think you'll be okay ). - I switched to Sony noise cancelling headphones instead. Used only a handful of times, original purchase date October 2018. This was a warranty replacement set for an original that had a faulty driver. Due to minimal use, this set will be basically new. No marks or scratches - just minus 1 set of small foam eartips. I will also include the remaining sets of Symbio MandarinEs (3 x small / 2 x med) that I purchased around the same time*. *There are actually 2 small baggies - not the single pictured below Photos:
  11. Item: Campfire Audio Solaris Location: Sydney Price: $1850 Item Condition: as new Reason for selling: Raising fund for new gears Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This pair of Solaris was bought in March 2019, it's in mint condition, all the original packaging and accessories are included. Listed price including PayPal and shipping fees Australia wide. eBay seller reference https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/myheadfi Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Item: AUDEZE LCD i4 IEM Location: Waterloo, Sydney Price: $2500 Item Condition: Like new, Hardly used Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with 2 x LCDi4 Cypher cables and a Pelican Hardcase. Bought from MINIDISC Chatswood last December https://www.minidisc.com.au/audeze-lcdi4-in-ear-headphones Auditioning is welcome. Pictures:
  13. Item: Audiofly AF180 Quad Driver in ear monitors Location: Lane Cove 2066 Price: $350 posted (RRP$649+$99 for the wireless setup) Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: thinking of trying something else Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal ( 3% fee on top, postage included. Extra Info: had these since June last year, additional wireless unit included rrp$99 so best of both worlds, wired or wireless. The wired cable hasn’t been used since day one, large comply ear tips are sealed and never been used. Comes with all the accessories seen in the pictures, as well as storage/ transportation case. Pictures:
  14. I Item: Audiofly AF180 Quad Driver in ear monitors Location: Lane Cove 2066 Price: $350 posted (RRP$649+$99 for the wireless setup) Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: thinking of trying something else Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal ( 3% fee on top Extra Info: had these since June last year, additional wireless unit included rrp$99 so best of both worlds, wired or wireless. The wired cable hasn’t been used since day one, large comply ear tips are sealed and never been used. Comes with all the accessories seen in the pictures, as well as storage/ transportation case. Pictures:
  15. Item: Inner Ear Monitor Location: Sydney Price: $2000 Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: Need the money Payment Method: Pickup or Mail ,Cash, Paypal,Bank deposit Extra Info: These were actually replaced by Audio64, because I used to sleep in them (I know stupid) and a faceplate came off. There are small marks on the edge of particularly one faceplate. It looks FAR worse in the photo, because iems are obviously tiny in real life! (They get picked up if you put them in your pocket - alloy). Hence the 8/10. I’ll provide receipt copy obviously. Original bought Aug 18, but replacement in December. (I’ve slept with AirPods since, you’ll glad to know). They sell for $3099 at present. Come with box, tips, spare MAM 15 (to adjust base primarily) and a $250 Moon Black Dragon cable (new). Sorry I sold the original, as I prefer the Black Dragon’s ergonomics. They sound perfect. Best iems I’ve ever had - and I’ve had many. My trading record can be found on Headfi.org. 100% positive. I’ll mail it anywhere in Australia. Pictures:
  16. Item: Chord Hugo 2 (black) and 64 Audio A12t custom IEMs Location: Sydney (2000) Price: $2,800 $2,700 $2,600 (Hugo 2), $1,600 $1,500 (A12t) Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: No longer need a high-end portable / transportable setup. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hugo 2 - SOLD This is an excellent portable / transportable DAC / amp that will also work very well in a desktop setup. It’s one of the best I’ve tried. See the very positive impressions here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/chord-electronics-hugo-2-the-official-thread.831345/. And, for example, the professional reviews here: https://www.whathifi.com/chord/hugo-2/review, https://www.themasterswitch.com/review-chord-hugo-2, https://darko.audio/2017/09/top-of-the-pops-chord-electronics-outstanding-hugo-2/. Purchased in October 2018 from Minidisc in Australia. Comes with box and original accessories. Perfect condition. Happy to ship. Shipping and any Paypal fees at the buyer’s expense. RRP is $3,700 AUD. https://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/hugo-2/ A12t This is one of the best IEMs I’ve tried. It’s very musical and engaging while still detailed, not fatiguing at all, and has excellent bass without sacrificing anything else. See positive impressions, for example, here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/crinacles-iem-ranking-list-275-entries-06-01-19-update.857498/. I demo’d the U12t against the U18t, Tia Trio and Campfire Andromeda and preferred the U12t. They are also flawlessly made – the nicest shells I’ve had in a custom IEM. Purchased in October 2018 from Acustoms in Australia. Comes with box and original accessories (including both m15 and m20 modules). 64 Audio in the US will reshell for $399: see https://www.64audio.com/faq. Please let me know if you need more details about this. Happy to ship. Shipping and any Paypal fees at the buyer’s expense. RRP is $1,999 USD. https://www.64audio.com/product/A12t-Custom-In-Ear-Monitor Pictures:
  17. Item: SHURE SE535 Red - Special Edition version (LTD) with a distinctly tuned frequency filter and a unique color scheme of red earphones paired with light gray 3.5 mm audio cable Location: Adelaide Price: $300 (reduced from $400) ono inc postage Aust wide, (best online pricing seems to be around $500 delivered) Item Condition: excellent, less than 50 hours of use. Reason for selling: surplus/no longer use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Impulse purchase for $550 is at the HIFI show in 2017 as an upgrade to the IE80s that I was using. They are a significant step up in quality to the IE80s and on par with the IE800s I have ended up with. Unfortunately I have found the cable over ear style annoying as I wear glasses and I can not seem to get them sit comfortably. My pain is your gain. Comes with original box and all accessories (see photos). Happy to audition if in Adelaide. Pictures:
  18. Item: ATH-E70 Location:Adelaide Price: $180 Item Condition:7/10 used but functionally perfect Reason for selling:upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal gift, COD Only Extra Info: comes with a pelican case and few spare tips Pictures:
  19. Item: Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-Ear Monitor Location: Adelaide Price: $220 Item Condition:7/10 Reason for selling:Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Gift, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with pelican case and a few extra tips can be posted nation wide for extra $10. Pictures:
  20. Item: Campfire Audio Dorado earphones Location: Perth Price: $700.00 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Finance upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, - Shipping available on request - Buyer to pay PayPal fees and shipping Extra Info: To finance an upgrade I'm selling my Campfire Audio Dorado Earphones. Bought from Addicted to Audio in Perth December last year ($1,499). Original box and tips provided included some extra spiral dots. Mint conditions. Thank you. Pictures:
  21. Item: Jerry Harvey Michelle IEM 3way 3Drivers Location: Cronulla, Sydney Price: 470 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Immaculate condition - used only a handful of times - comes with case, box and bits and pieces. Interstate postage can be arranged. Pictures:
  22. Item: Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro Universal Fit (Clear) Location: Melbourne Price: $1,600 $1400 Item Condition: Like new Reason for selling: Impulse buy Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal (buyer pays fees) Extra Info: Up for sale are a pair of Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro Universal Fit IEMs that I got from the last drop from Massdrop. Drop details can be found here. I'm selling because it was a bit of a impulse buy and my OCD prevents me from using these during my commute to work (too expensive and large to just throw around). Let me eat the import taxes and currency conversion fees for you. Aesthetically, they should be as close to perfect as I've used them only a couple of times. As such, they come with all the accessories that came with the drop: UE SuperBax cable with IPX connector. Its actually a really nice cable, super flexible and I couldn't detect any microphonics at all. Bluetooth cable with IPX connector 9 pairs of eatips - 3 pairs foam, 6 pairs silicon Cleaning tool Metal protective case + bag Pictures:
  23. Item: JH Audio JH13 Pro FreqPhase Custom IEM PRICE DROP Location: Glen Waverley, Victoria Price: (RRP: USD$1099) $595 $550 $495 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Replaced with Noble K10 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Cable Option - Norne ultra pure OCC silver plated copper 2 pin IEM cable for the JH13. 4 foot cable. Terminated to TRRS balanced. $150 Both CIEM and Cable together $575 I can only conclude from the fact that this is still available that you all don't understand what you are missing. I've tried a lot of IEMs and nothing even comes close to the comfort of a CIEM and the sound quality of THIS particular IEM. Probably THE best CIEM you can buy for this money. $50 for an ear impression (Melbourne Audiology Centre for Victorians) and approx USD$125 (from InEarz) to reshell to your ear shape. After that you will have the best possible CIEM that this much money can buy. Sounds very balanced with fantastic bass when the music calls for it. I recommended one to a very fussy friend and he absolutely loves them. In this review, every tester listed it as one of their favorites. https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/totl-madness-24-top-line-custom-ear-monitors-reviewed-hall-fame Will include a new black cable (not the one in the picture). Giving Aussies first dibs before I put this on HeadFi. Pictures:
  24. Item: 64Audio U18 Tzar IEM (Universal) Location: Newtown, Sydney Price: 3000 AUD (further price dropped) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: need some cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 64 Audio U18 Tzar is the best IEM in the world. It is perfect in every single way. It is normally 3999 AUD (RRP), and it is only sold in Minidisc, Chatswood in Australia, as Minidisc is the official dealer of 64 Audio (2 Aus warranty included). send a PM or reply, if you are interested in this IEM . I bought this 45 days ago, and it is in perfect condition (have not dropped it, no scratches on it, just nothing wrong). It includes, M15, M20 module, 64 Audio U18 Tzar IEM, personalized IEM case, IEM cleaner tool, a shirt clip, and a dehumidifier. Pictures:
  25. Item: Noble Katana IEM Location: Melbourne Price: 1500 plus shipping Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Top of the line universal IEM from Noble Audio . Amazing sound stage with sparkling treble and beautiful mids and bass. Comes with everything in original package New price is around $2,500 Very easy to drive,I 've been pairing with my Fiio X5 III Red edition and it sounds astonishing. Otherwise, they can easily be driven direct from your phone and produce sound very good. I myself prefer this baby than Noble Encore ,another flagship model of Noble Audio, which i also own. Pictures:
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