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Found 9 results

  1. A thread dedicated to speakers having a rated efficiency of 96db\watt\meter or more. Over the years I have built a number of speakers, mostly single driver, which have been high efficiency. We are all aware that low power valve and SS amps can struggle to produce good volume levels with speakers of efficiency lower then 90db. But team-up you flea power valve amp with a speaker featuring the Fostex FE206En and magic happens. Even SS amps in the 25W range can not always produce the dynamics which more powerful amps will produce into speakers with a more normal 87db rating. I have built four pairs of speakers three using the Fostex FE206En, the driver having a rating of 96db. From simple ported types to the super complex back loaded horn. See images. These have worked extremely well with 2 to 5W SE valve amps but some complain there is no weight behind the music. I think the counter argument to this is that these ultra light weight coned speakers produce better micro-dynamics, general dynamics and detail than there less efficient partners. Weight in notes can be enhanced with the use of active sub-woofers or assisted bass speakers and yet still retain the detail and dynamics of these special drivers. Over the last three or four months I have been using only my DIY 98db efficient 12" Beyma concentric speakers (retro-thermionic - VoXConcentriC). My 5.8W DIY SE 300B plays to ear-bleeding levels when hook-up to the Beymas. They are Tannoy style and with a 2" Titanium tweeter produce reasonable bass to 50hz and bright treble response to 20K+. To pickup a little more weight in the lower register I team them up with 12" active stereo sub-woofers. This way I get bas down to 31hz, crisp micro-dynamics, detail and what appears to be unlimited head room. I have really fallen in love with these speakers. Even my 3W DIY 6V6 SE amp plays to excessive levels with these speakers. Voice, brass, and acoustic instruments sound excellent and alive through these inexpensive speakers. I like these Beymas so much I have ordered the 15" version. Please post your experience, good or bad, with either commercially built or DIY high efficiency speakers. Any projects you may have in the future and would like to discuss here. Images are always good to. Even experiences at shows, demos etc.
  2. Hi guys - first post and hoping to draw some of the vast knowledge of this community! Over the last 2 weeks I have built a 15W OTL Valve amp and a 300B based preamp (Transcendant Sound kit products, Son of Beast and Masterpiece respectively for those interested). Pics below. They sound great on my Aaron ATS-5, but starts to struggle when really pushing, particularly on complex loud music. I am looking for some speaker recommendations that will suit this relatively low power amplifier - 96dB+ efficiency and relatively stable 8ohm impedance preferred. I listen to a wide variety of music, but a lot of it is hard rock with a lot of density etc. My room is quite large - about 6x6m. So far I have read a lot about Klipsch, with their horn loaded designs etc and listened to the RP260 and RP280 which I enjoyed. The heritage klipsch (La Scala/Forte) look great but out of my budget. I have also found Adelaide Speakers who have a specific Valve range for this particular purpose, however have not found and reviews or owners of this particular line (http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/valve.html). There is also a large school of thought advocating single driver, full range speakers due to the high efficiency and lack of crossover - if there are any shopfloor examples of this approach I would be interested to hear them. Let me know any thoughts or tips. Target price is the $2k mark, but I’m happy to spend less or stretch etc.
  3. I'm not sure if this is DIY section, computer section, or power / cables / electronics post, so I've plonked it here but it would fit elsewhere as well: I have been using older TP-Link AV200 "powerline" adapters for some years with great success to provide network access to a few locations where it was difficult or inconvenient to do it with wifi - although slow, they have been fast enough for the purpose at hand, and much more reliable than wifi. But the units have eventually failed after a few years, I think they run fairly hot despite their low power use, and perhaps in the garage on hot days they ran too hot which has accelerated their demise. So I purchased some newer TP-Link AV600 units to replace them - and they work great, even faster speed. BUT - I noticed a high pitched snarling, hissing sound in the left (but not so much right?) high frequency driver of my high efficiency, active crossover stereo system. The left tweeter is closest to the PC, although they are isolated from the playback system the cables do run close to the speaker wire. Unplugging the AV600 units and my system went back to its usual near silence. I haven't done any problem solving or tried re-arranging things yet, just interesting to report this - though not surprising that a networking system that works by injecting a signal into the mains electricity causes such audible issues. I did not have this issue with the older AV200 units. Or at least not audible to me.
  4. Item: Siemens Klangfilm Vintage Alnico oval speaker drivers 26cm Location: Sydney Price: $125 PP Item Condition: Very good for age 1950s Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer These are the legendary Siemens Klangfilm high efficiency lightweight paper drivers and AlNiCo magnets from Germany. 26cm x 18cm Oval design very popular then. Remarkably good condition. Ideal for an open baffle project. Work beautifully.
  5. Item: Omega / Blumenstein Monitors Price Range: 400+ Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Got a 3 watt amp id like to give a crack. Looking at anything super high efficiency, probably 94db+. Omega super alnico's would be great but are rare used. Open to suggestions.
  6. Please share any design tips for a bespoke DIY high efficiency, audiophile tolerable stereo system, built to run off a minimalist solar powered battery array for a future holiday cabin fantasy. The power system will likely be low powered with just 12V 390Ah storage. Id like a system that has a maximum peak draw of 20A at 12V so 240W at most with about 50W average maximum. It would be fun to build a system that runs on just 20W if possible. There will be no 230VAC grid or generator backup, thus the emphasis on designing a high efficiency system from the ground up. Maybe that should read from the sun up. Is it possible to design gear that runs directly off battery 12VDC (max 13.3V on full charge) without needing an invertor? Will D-class power amps be important to minimise the peak power load and W-hr drain? What about the speakers. Will horns be mandatory for high efficiency?
  7. Hi all, so i was previously considering a small line array project, but decided that to do it properly it would require more investment than i am willing to spend, and risk of turning out poorly is too high with the equipment i have. The speakers will be primarily for HT, with about 20% music, mainly rock/metal/electronic and some 60's/70's rock at moderate volumes. So, I stumbled across this "econowave design", I'm sure many of you have heard of it, seems to fit my budget and skills, but the availability of the drivers in many of the projects without having to pay hefty postage is a bit of a drawback. Its basically a high efficiency 2 way design with pro mid/woofer and horn tweeter. I am looking at doing an 8" version rather than the 10 or 12's which seem to be what most are doing. I have found, The Loudspeaker Kit stocks Daytons, although some reviews have said the Dayton horns aren't that great. But i stumbled across a local store that sells Eminence, which i'm very familiar with in the live music world, and seem to be nothing but positive reviews about them. So i had in mind this: http://www.ceceres.com.au/loudspeakers/pro-audio-speakers/eminence-alpha-8a-8-speaker.html With this horn/waveguide: http://www.ceceres.com.au/loudspeakers/horn-flares/eminence-apt150s-horn-flare.html http://www.ceceres.com.au/loudspeakers/hf-drivers/eminence-asd1001-s-hf-driver.html Crossed at about 2500hz. Its never going to have a whole lot of power going into it, I listen at far less than reference volumes as i have young children and live in a group of units, but this wont always be the case. Also the wife thinks the tiny pioneer (bose-style cubes we have are enough, so it needs to fit in her budget too....... I would say never more than 50w/channel will go into them, probably much less with the efficiency of them. I'd be using these for the front and centre channels reinforced with a sub crossed at 80hz. I'm in Adelaide so the fact i can get the speakers locally and not have to pay postage is a big bonus for my tiny budget. I would like to know if anyone has any other suggestions, if these speakers would suit the purpose or work together well. Height is not much of an issue for the enclosures but 8" is about the widest speakers/waveguide that will fit into the room without being too obtrusive. Cheers.
  8. Item: Fostex FE206En based ported single driver speakers. Very high efficiency - 96db\1W\1M in black, heavy stippled finished with bass port. Built to exactly Fostex specifications. Solid brass binding posts and soft rubber feet. They go as low as 50Hz and are extremely detailed. An absolute must for any flea power valve amp or low power SS amp. Will also accommodate higher power amps. I have played a 0.5W valve amp through these speakers to good volume. With magnet metal grills. Location: Southern Vic. Price: $480 Item Condition: As new - excellent condition. Reason for selling: Not wanted - too many speakers. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Look excellent with an acoustic and light non-reflective surface. Pictures:
  9. Item: BOZAK B310 CONCERT GRAND SPEAKERS Location: PERTH Price: AUD 2500 Item Condition: GOOD Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: one pair of the legendary speakers from 1965. Originaly they used to live in a church in Texas. They are huge (150x92x50cm) and very heavy, around 90kg each and they are quite efficient with powerful bass. Good with valves and would suit a proper rock men shed. More HR pictures on request. Pick preferred, shipping them would be probably expensive again and quite painfull. Pictures:
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