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Found 25 results

  1. I have a TASS High Resolution Surround Decoder, which is currently not in use. I have a pair of Ambience speakers with smaller Mission center speakers, a Dennon amp and CD player, and a Parasound Power Amp, plus a rarely used sub-woofer. I was thinking of reinstalling the TASS but have no idea how to wire it in (it was originally installed with rear speakers by Surya of Absolute High End. Can anyone help with (simple) instructions? P. S. I'm not in any way an expert with wiring. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding my amplifier. I had bought Emotiva TA-100 amp while visiting USA a couple of years ago (still under warranty). Recently I noticed that it is producing static noise. I unplugged everything except power and speaker cable and have replaced the power and speaker cables but I can still hear the noise if I am close enough to the speaker (Maybe 1 feet away) . Also tried to connect my speaker (Elac UB5 ) to my very old Denon amp which did not produce any noise. Contacted Emotiva and they are saying that its normal for some amps to have noise. I have sent them a recording of the noise and they are still not accepting that there is anything wrong with the amp. To me this much noise does not seem normal. Just wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience with Emotiva or any other amp. Would appreciate any advice that anyone can give me. Thanks
  3. Teac X-3 Needs a belt. Got all the screws off the front panel and the parts that come off. Even took the back off. The front panel is loose on top/bottom and both sides. Can get about 1/2 inch if pull lightly BUT seems like something in the middle by the heads is stopping it. A close look shows that it should lift right up from there. No need to take off the heads assembly. Tried looking for some screws from the back with no luck. Got a schematic and looked ... either I'm blind or somethings wrong. Can anyone tell me the exact procedure to get this panel off so I can put new belts on and see if anything else if needed. I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice for a good budget stereo amp and floorstanding speakers combination? I'm definitely want used equipment but that means I wont necessarily be able to try them in combination before I buy. Budget is ~2500 Room: 3.5m x 7m, wooden floors. Music: Classic rock, Metal, Reggae, Electronic. Source: Spotify (probably using Chromecast audio, unless someone recommends an amp with Spotify Connect?) Any advice or experience people have would be greatly appreciated! Cheers
  5. Bought a Sotm SMS 200 unit from a SNA member last week to replace my Sonos Connect. I can see why the Sonos is so successful as it is so easy to use, just plug, simple 1-2-3 setups and play. I cant say the same for SMS 200, I got nowhere further than seeing power up and ethernet light up. Tried to connect my PC to SMS 200, but all I got was error messages. Sotm instructions, Google and Youtube were my reference for help. Now, here I like to ask for help, possibly some pictures of your connection. Equipment : - Laptop (PC) - Sotm SMS 200 - Lan Cables CAT 5 - Modem router - TP-LINK Power Adapter Connection attempt 1 - connected pc to sotm with lan cable - tried the ip thing and //euhasu and eunhasu.local Connection attempt 2 - connected sotm to modem router with lan cable - pc connected to the same modem router with lan cable - tried the ip thing or 1 and //euhasu and eunhasu.local ##Goal is to use squeezelite to play tidal.## Thank you for reading !!
  6. I am totally newbie into this turntable and LP, just got myself a very first turntable Denon DP 30L mk2, with D20E/II cartridge in good condition, but needs some good clean. any suggestions to upgrade this cartridge ? which one is the best option for a newbie like me? Any one has this Denon DP30L Mk2 turntable? And also where is place to but some second handed LP in Melbourne? Many thanks Jason
  7. I recently picked up a nice old pair of Martin Logan Aerius speakers (built May 93) which I’m looking to do a complete rebuild of when I find the courage to do so. I’m looking for some advice as to the best way of tackling the crossovers since the majority of the existing caps are 25 year old electrolytics. Martin Logan sent me the crossover schematic which I’ve included below. Reading this I’m looking at 2 of each of the following caps: For the top end: 10uF, 15uF & 22uF For the woofer: 80uF, 100uF, 470uF The inductors are air core so I’m not going to worry about those or the resistors. I don’t have a small fortune to invest in super high end caps so am considering some bypass options as well as some premium ELKO caps for the bottom end - I may need to combine a few to get the 470uF. I’ve looked into this a little and there is a lot of talk about using the Vishay MKP1837 0.01uF (readily available at Speakerbug) as a tiny bypass cap. At this stage, for the ESL panel capacitors, I’m *thinking* about using a combination of Jantzen Standard Z-caps and Premium Z-caps where my budget will allow and add a bypass to each using the Vishay. I haven’t had any experience with bypassing though so I’m unsure if this is the best approach or even a good one. The speakers which I’ve recapped have always just been like for like values. I would appreciate any suggestions & advice
  8. Howdy! Long, long time lurker, very infrequent poster. Last time I was on here was about 4-5 years ago when I was seeking advise on buying a system for myself - Redgum Sonofa' Gum, AudioGD DAC (2?) and Audi Monitor Silver speakers, and still very happy, but look forward to the day when I can afford to upgrade. I'm here this time to help two friends out with separate systems who are each part way there. They've found it a little overwhelming knowing where to start, so I suggested here. Person one Has: Warfdale CRS 3 speakers Needs: Amp and DAC Budget: Up to $500 for both. Secondhand a given. Note: Listens to music mostly via a digital source, often poor quality. Space is a bedroom. Listens to music loudly and a fairly bass driven. I was thinking something integrated amp wise to keep it simple, but she's not fussed, maybe an old NAD or Marantz. In terms of the DAC, I was hoping there would be something similar to the Audio GD that punches well above its weight and is affordable, ideally secondhand. Person two Has: Naim Audio Amp (details to come, its a little old, but sounded great last time I listened to it) Needs: Speakers, DAC and cables. Budget: Up to $1k for both. Secondhand a given. Note: Listens to a broad range of music from Jazz to dance music. Plays almost exclusively from digital sources. Thinking large bookshelf speakers? Based on their shoestring budgets I think it's fair to say they don't have the luxury of trying a bunch of gear out, so I was thinking of trying to find stuff that is tried and true as they are just starting up etc. Looking for help in any which way. We are based in Melbourne and I'm keeping a keen eye on the For Sale section. Thanks for reading.
  9. Hi there, I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place. I recently just purchased a set of Yamaha ns f150 speakers and a Yamaha yst-sw216 subwoofer. I'm trying to set these up without an amp or receiver, but instead just wiring the speakers to the sub, then the cables from sub to tv. Is this possible? Thank you to anyone who can help
  10. Hi there, I'm hoping I'm posting in the right place. I recently just purchased a set of Yamaha ns f150 speakers and a Yamaha yst-sw216 subwoofer. I'm trying to set these up without an amp or receiver, but instead just wiring the speakers to the sub, then the cables from sub to tv. Is this possible? Thank you to anyone who can help
  11. Hi All, I have a Mitsubishi HC6800 almost 6 years old. I had problems with poor picture and dust spots. Mitsubishi agreed to have it cleaned out for free and the guy who did it took it apart in a clean room and did a great job..... picture was restored. The problem had come back but worse and this time there are lines which I have tried to demonstrate in the attached pictures. Does anyone know what has caused this? Is it work sending it away to get cleaned out again, or do you think there is something more terminal going on? thankyou
  12. First post, apologies for the noob. Recently purchased a Rega Fono MM preamp second hand and have been loving it. Was advised that a lot of the hifi community chose to leave the Rega Fono (and pre-amps in general) powered on 24/7 as it allows for on the spot listening without warm up etc etc. and apparently this doesn't harm the pre-amp as the circuits don't heat up enough to cause any degeneration or damage or risk of over heating. Q: is this advisable for longevity of the product? How many of you do this? Is this generally a good/bad idea and why? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Everyone, Got the LG 55UH652T (Ultra HD TV) over the weekend and hooked it up on the wall. Setup was a breeze and the TV connected to the wifi instantly and the picture and sound are fantastic! For the last three days, while watching Youtube or Stan for a hour or so on the TV, the app stops responding and I get "you are not connected to the internet" error. I went to network settings to see the TV is still 'connected' to my wifi but the internet doesnt work for any app including Freeview. (I checked other devices like my ipad, iphone and the wifi is working fine). I click on it, it forgets my network. I click on it again and type the password and it connects instantly and the internet on starts working fine. The router is in the same room as the TV. Its approx. 4-5 meters away with no obstruction. I called LG support today from work and they asked me to 'reset the router'. I dont understand why I have to do that as the router is working fine! They also asked switch on the personal hotspot on the mobile phone and connect the TV to that to see if it gets disconnected (I am actually trying that now). This is crap as the TV is kind of using all my mobile data!! The support rep advised if the TV wifi doesn't disconnect then there is an issue with you internet network. If not then I can call them again to request for a technician to come in. I dont feel it is correct as i have never had issues with my Internet connection (i am with Telstra). The TV is 3 days old and I hate the fact that I have to go through this..... Any advice? Suggestions? Thanks
  14. Hi Guys, I have a problem with my stream magic v2 that I bought few months ago. I only noticed it recently when I switched the unit on in a moderately lit room. The LCD display has some level of light leak from left and right side of the screen. in other words the screen is not exactly black around the menu wordings. I do think this could be a problem but not having seen another unit I can't say for sure. It's not a major issue but just annoying to feel if it's a problem with the unit. Anyone having a similar unit ? noticed this before ? I will post a photo of the display tonight to better explain what I'm saying. The unit is still under warranty so was wondering if I should return it for a repair ? Thanks
  15. Hello DTV community, We've constantly had unreliable reception in Richmond NSW since DTV started despite the MySwitch page indicating we should have "good coverage". By and large, we live with the issue (until we can afford to get a reliable antenna professional to visit), however I was hoping for a bit of help and advice on the following issue: Most of the time Channel 9 has no signal- in these cases both Ten and Seven are clear. But on the occasions that Channel 9 does decide transmit properly either Ten or Seven will then drop out. Any ideas? And does this indicate what our general issue with reception might be? Cheers in advance (and a happy new year), Confused
  16. Hi, I am wanting to start setting up my own system and as this will be my first time doing so I have some questions. I have been really interested in high end audio for about six months and have been doing a fair amount of research (reading topics on this forum and articles as well as recommended components lists on sites such as stereophile and InnerFidelity), but as there are so many options it would be appreciated if people have suggestions.I have had first hand experience as to how amazing a very good system can sound with many thanks to John for that. I currently own the following components: Amp - Pioneer SA-708 Speakers - Yamaha NS-30X Headphones - Bose QC25 apple edition. CD player - Panasonic VCR/DVD player. Subwoofer - Yamaha YST-SW80 and a Jamo Sub300 i'm repairing. (will probably sell the Jamo) Cables - Belden 5000 series cable with bluejeancables locking banana terminals on one end. (I am considering replacing the terminal block in the pioneer to run bananas) For computers and related items: File Server running Freenas which I will be getting 3 WD red 2tb drives for. My main computer I built running Foobar2000 and spotify. Enough stuff lying around to build another computer if needed. Apple iPhone 5s. All of my music is either in CD or on my computer a flacs from ripping the CD's with eac or from iTunes. I plan on getting more music I like from HDtracks or similar sites in high quality formats. I am thinking about getting the following items, starting with a DAC. DAC - Schiit Bitfrost AK4490 Headphones - Sennheiser HD650 or HD600 Headphone amp - Bottle Head Crack or Schiit Valhalla 2. Speakers - Building Jim Holtz's "Finalists" from www,speakersdesignworks.com Room: it is currently set up in my bedroom but I may move the system into the lounge room. I will proved measurements in the morning. I would like the system to have a neutral or slightly warm sound, similar to what you would get from a very good neutral tube power amp. I would like it to have a very large and open sound stage and I prefer a slightly air open sound over a darker sound.The highs must not be peaky although let me know if something may be like that as I may hear things differently. I am a student so I cannot go over the budget as I need to save up for other things such as a car and therefor the system will be bought over time. I need something that is not tiring and a treat to listen to as this is what I will have until I go all out on upgrading later in my life. (think in about another 5 - 15 years before really upgrading). I don't like classical or jazz music. My favorite songs and artists include (my absolutes underlined): Billy Joel - Piano man, Leningrad, We didn't start the fire. Bryan Adams - summer of '69. Chris Jones - Long after you're gone. Coldplay - Clocks Carolina Lair - I'm not over. Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save tonight. Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream. Enrique - Don't turn off the lights, Hero. Greenday. Jimmy Barnes - Working class man. Midnight oil. Moog. Nicholas Gunn - Bamboo. The police - every breath you take. Toto - Rosanna. Queen - Bohemia Rhapsody. Robbie Williams - Angles. Red hot chilli's - Scar Tissue, Other side, Californiacation. Silverchair - Strait Lines. Tears for fears - shout, everybody wants to rule the world. Temper trap - Sweet disposition. Limp Bizkit - Behind blue eyes. Now for the questions: With a total system budget of about $1500 and absolute max of $2000 if there is a significant improvement for the higher total cost, what would you recommend on me getting. I am all for purchasing used items. I am also okay with building DIY speakers, amps, etc if they provide better value. What do you recommend for how much I should spend for each components? What will provide the most return for extra spent on it? ie. would it be better if I kept my amp and built new speakers and got a bitfrost with the most being spent on the speakers. What sort of a budget gives the best value for money? I want to get the best sound possible for the money. I plan on testing the amp and speakers with a very good dac to see if the are good or not and will let you guys know but if you know how the amp and speakers sound let me know if I should replace them. Do headphones or speakers provide the best value for money? If speakers can provide similar value for money as the HD650's I would be okay with leaving the headphones and headphone amp out out for higher quality speakers but they would need to be able to go very deep and sound as good a HD650's. Full range, 3 way speakers would be preferred. (When listening to Chris Jones's "Long after you're gone" they need to be able to produce the base notes well and reach down to at least the second lowest note with the lowest still being loud enough to be heard. I like the sound of the system I heard which included Sonus Faber speakers driven by an Audio research reference 150 and a PS Audio direct stream dac. It was very open and nice and pleasantly airy sounding. The sound stage was huge and I could place where the singer was and the detail was absolutely incredible while being natural sounding and not fatiguing in any way. The singers and acoustic guitars can alive and it had a nice very slight warm sound to it. The bass didn't over power the system while being controlled and going plenty deep enough. And very importantly the highs did not stick out and blended with the sound. Chris Jones's "Long after you're gone" was beyond words amazing. You could hear every little detail of the guitar, the bass instruments were played very well without over bearing the rest of the song and went very deep with the very bottom note only slightly quieter than the rest but it was hard to tell if it was recorded that way or not because it did it in such a natural way. Thanks, Ted.
  17. Hey guys, was just wondering how I would go about recording phono to tape, or anything to tape for that matter because it seems you can only just dub tape A to tape B. I'm having some trouble with this as the CA-400 doesn't have a dedicated Rec Out switch. Thanks for the help
  18. Hi all. I have just purchased myself some more Krix speakers to add to my set up. Neuphonix - mains Epicentrix - center 2x Acoustix - surrounds 2x KDX-M - surrounds I currently have a Denon X4000 receiver but fear it will not be enough for my new center and mains. Can i please get some recommendations on what to get to power these beauties? (center & mains) i will be scouring the classifieds for a bargain, as i have already blown my budget. So far i like the look of the Emotiva 3 channel, but dont like the idea of $300 shipping Yes i know i know, another newb wanting good stuff without paying good money post But i really am a newb and genuinely wish to know if i am barking up the right tree *Edit- Does anybody have any thoughts on "THIS ONE" for my set up?
  19. Hi all, Not really sure where this should have gone....part WTB, part WTLoan, part Id just like more equipment!! Anyhoo, I have an issue with my stereo pre (a DIY LDR based number) and it has to go off for repair/modification overseas. This means I'll be pre-less for quite some time. So, what I'm looking for is either a cheap replacement or, perhaps, if any kind and generous (and Melbourne based would be good) SNAer has a loaner they might be able to extend to me for the duration that would be greatly appreciated. A minimum of 4 analog inputs would be good, a MC phono stage would be a bonus as a comparison but not necessarily required as I have a separate phono stage already. Budget for any suggestions of purchasing another pre would be in the $300 range as it should only be a temporary thing. Feel free to post any links of stuff you think might be suitable. What can you help me with? Thanks in anticipation, shaky
  20. Hi Guys … I have just purchased a Samsung Soundbar (HW-H551 for $229 from the Good Guys) and need some advice on how best to connect Foxtel, SD TV, Apple TV, use the Blu-Ray player I have and replace the home theatre speakers with the Samsung Soundbar. My set up is (including links to manuals for others that have been looking for them): - Panasonic 42" TV TH-P42G10A. Link to manual Refer p44-45 for connections diagram - Foxtel IQ2. Link to manual Page 80 for diagram - Apple TV2. Link to manual - Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player (part of the Home Theatre set: HT-BD1252W). Link to manual: Page 15 for diagram - Samsung Soundbar HW-H551. Link to manual. Page 14 for diagram. - Logitec Harmony One remote control. Link to manual I'm hoping to have all sound go through the Soundbar … grateful for any tips! Thanks in advance! Cheers, deers and happy-new-years from hurmeez and two bob
  21. Hello, So I am in the final stages of setting up my new home theater room. Thus far my product choices have been a set of Q acoustics Concept 20s to allow for hifi listening. For their price they could be beaten. I am matching these with both the Q acoustics 2010i and 2000c for rears and centre to match them sonically as was recommended in the forums and by the guys at the hifi store, all of which are powered by a Denon ARV-3312 which is more then enough to power the drivers. Now the final piece is the sub woofer. Is it best to go with the Q acoustics 2070 so that it all matches or shop around for something else? My budget is $700 however there is some room to move. Cheers
  22. Hello all, just wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on this issue. I have an older Samsung Plasma TV (PS-63P71FDX), and whenever I am running a device with its output set to 1080p, it shows this noise in the image on the panel. I've tested with a standalone blu-ray player, ps3, ps4 and a wdtv. Switching it back to 1080i solves the issue, but just wondering if anyone has any ideas what might be causing it? I've attached a video of the issue in action. I've also tried numerous different HDMI cables, connecting devices straight to the TV instead of through my receiver (Onkyo SR605) and still have the same issue. Cheers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH6W_XD5ZIQ
  23. So, sold my dynaudio contour 2's, so I could literally fund my entire new theatre setup. (Minus the screen) What Im currently searching for are my 2 fronts, I've boiled it down to Wharfedale 9.6's OR Dali Concept 8's...guys...which set?? Very hard to audition now as they're both discontinued and well, old. I see that the rrp of the concepts was about $2k, the wharfedales realistically around $1300, which seems the better speaker? These will be for movies, music is a very distant second in this setup. thanks J!
  24. Hey guys! I was in need of some help when it comes to choosing a set of speakers. As I have no clue when it comes to speakers (the reason why I want some). Anyway, I am in need of speakers in a 0-400$ price range. I had a look at some Mini-Hifi systems, and they interested me quite a bit, so could someone please explain what they are. But the main question is, what is the best sound system (0-$400) that has really good bass, but also the mids and the highs are still good? Thanks!
  25. I'm trying to play an MKV movie file off of an external hard drive. I've plugged it in the the front USB port, plugged the power cord in, the hard drive lights up and spins up fine but nothing happens on the Oppo. It's a USB 3.0, NTFS file system that works fine on my computer. I don't see any option on the Oppo's menu to play something off of external media. For all I know it could be detecting the hard drive fine but I just don't know how to access it. Any help would be appreciated.
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