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Found 2 results

  1. Just purchased the KEF Q100 in that awesome deal recently from Addicted to Audio. Also have a Paradigm Monitor 10 ref bookshelves. Also, I purchased a Yamaha 303 receiver. Need another amp under to drive Q100 (or interchange with Paradigms) Budget $200-$400 for used stereo amplifier have a DAC already, need no fancy features but 'a good sounding amp'. Please suggest me an awesome amp for the price range (happy to go slightly above if theres a compelling offering) Would prefer within Sydney as I dont have to wait to pick it up and can pick up on Friday or this Weekend (patience is not a virtue!) Thanks
  2. I purchased a Panasonic surround system some time ago, without the controller module ie: DVD player etc, and just ended up with the Subwoofer and 5.1 surround speakers. I need to identify the connections on the plug that goes to the subwoofer and main amp, which supplies output to the speakers, .... SO that the output connections of a surround soundcard can interface with the input plug on the Subwoofer/Amp .... (CN501) If someone with knowhow in this area can let me know what the connections are and mean and what to connect them to and what not to (or what is not necassary) that would be super gr8 !! The connector code on the schematic is: CN501, and I need to get the 5.1 speakers connected, as well as the blue led 'on' light and remote switch 'on' and a mute button. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. I have had this sitting around for about 2 years new and not connected. I need to connect it to my new PC. I have attached the schematic: Thanks....sch1_2.pdf
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