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  1. Just thought I'd put up a post to draw attention to Burson's new offering. https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/conductor-3/ Looks very nice, although I will admit to being a little confused about the power supply description.
  2. Item: Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ Location: Brisbane - Free express insured post AUS wide Price: $2699 offers considered Item Condition: Presents as new - 27/8/19 Reason for selling: NLR - upgraded (I hope!) to Auralic/Luxman combo Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: For Sale Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ $2699 ono “As new” Condition Bought AUS store 27/8/19 Designed in New York The only reasonably priced high end DAC with MQA hardware decoder needed to hear full original resolution of Tidal Masters Brooklyn DAC+ is primarily reference USB2 DAC, but also line and phono analog preamplifier and a reference headphone amplifier. It integrates digital and vinyl hi-res playback for reference listening on headphones and speakers. All integrated functions are of the premium grade. Both phono preamplifier as well as a headphone amplifier are of the highest quality, they challenge dedicated units costing thousands of $$. Brooklyn DAC+ was launched at RMAF 2017 in October 2017 and is now shipping. It replaces Brooklyn DAC which has now been discontinued. Brooklyn DAC+ features the following improvements as compared to Brooklyn DAC: - Sabre 9028 Pro chipset ( 9018 in older model) - Higher grade, more transparent and less noisy analog attenuator circuit. - Improved analog input performance - Improved Phono Stage transparency - Improved Headphone Amp sound (more detail, more definition) - Dual mono analog path SPECIFICATIONS : CONVERSION: up to 384k, 32bit PCM, native DSD up to DSD256, DXD, 130dB Dynamic Range MQA HI-RES DECODER: built in certified hardware MQA™ decoder DIGITAL INPUTS: USB2 Class2 (OSX, Linux driverless, all formats), AES/EBU (PCM up to 192k, up to DSD64 DOP), 2x S/PDIF (PCM up to 192k, up to DSD64 DOP), Toslink/ADAT 2x S/PDIF (PCM up to 192k, up to DSD64 DOP), SDIF3 DSD up to DSD256 CLOCK: “Mytek Femtoclock Generator™” 0.82ps internal jitter, Wordclock Input and Output (allows stacking multiple units for multichannel operation, includes mch DSD) ANALOG OUTPUTS: RCA, balanced XLR, simultaneous, 50 Ohm impedance HEADPHONE OUTPUTS: Reference High Current, High transient Headphone Amp, 500mA, 6 Watts, dual headphone jacks, designed to drive hard to drive headphones. BUILT-IN ATTENUATOR: Choice of 1dB step analog attenuator, separate for main out and head- phones, 1dB step digital 32 bit attenuator and purist relay bypass. BUILT-IN ANALOG PREAMP: Line level input or Phono M/M, M/C input, relay controlled. AUDIO INTERFACE FUNCTION: All digital inputs can be routed into computer via USB2. Allows connection of external digital sources such as CD Players and digitizing ADCs. REMOTE: Included, universal remote capable FIRMWARE: Upgradable via USB Control panel WORLDWIDE POWER SUPPLY OPTIONAL DC/BATTERY POWER INPUT: 12VDC DIMENSIONS: WxDxH=8.5x8.5x1.74”=216x216x44mm WEIGHT: 4lbs, 2kg WARRANTY: 2 years Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: Auralic Taurus Pre (Balanced Class A Preamplifier and Headphone Amplifier) Location: Coffs Harbour Price: Sold Item Condition: mint Reason for selling: need money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Very well reviewed Auralic Taurus Pre, fully balanced class A preamp and headphone amp , heaps of good review online, comes with all original accessories. Pictures:
  4. Item: Schiit Mjolnir 2 Headphone Amp Location: Forestville NSW Price: $850.00 + postage ($1649 RRP) Item Condition: Used but good appearance Reason for selling: Needed a smaller desktop amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: I’ve had this for about a year, this was bought from a fellow SNA member. Comes with original tubes and LISST solid state tube replacements. Will throw in a pair of tube socket savers, which raises the tubes and makes it easier for swapping out. Have original box so can ship (Melb to me was $23 Auspost). https://www.schiit.com/products/mjolnir-2 Pictures:
  5. Item: Headamp GS-X mk2 DACT headphone amp Location: Brisbane Price: $2400 Item Condition: Very very good. Has original packaging so can be shipped. Reason for selling: Bought from a fellow member a few weeks ago. I’ve been toying with idea of going solid state with my amps. Turns out I’m a tube man. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: It was always going to be tough to turn me away from tube amps and this almost did it. I bought this to try steer me away from the madness that is tubes. The detail in this amp is astounding. Right across the board, amazing performer. Was by far the best amp from my HE-500 and HD650. Unfortunately it was a little (very little) off the pace when it came to my main headphones, Utopias. I think this could be sorted by using a different DAC, but i’m already in trouble for buying this and a DAC would probably be the final straw,. If your into dynamic, clean and punchy solid state amps, this should be on your hit list. I got this for a good price so I’m happy to pass the savings on. Since owning it, I’ve gone over it, cleaned the DACT volume control and serviced the power umbilical cord, so now she is in A1 condition. Will be offered here exclusively for the first week to give SNA members first option. Pictures:
  6. Item: Burson Conductor V2+ Location: Brisbane Price: $999 plus postage Item Condition: good, apart from small scratch on the top Reason for selling: not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought recently from fellow SNA member. Ran only for a few hours. Wanted to check whether the DAC was an improvement over the one of my Bluesound vault. Couldn't hear a difference at the volume I usually listen to. Have original packing, postage no problem Pictures:
  7. Item: Trafomatic Audio Head One Headphone amplifier [High Gloss white finish] Location: Brisbane Price: $800 + shipping [RRP $1400] Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, or Paypal or bank transfer Extra Info: A headamp which is different because you can matching the different impedances of headphones. The Head One runs a pair of 6S45P triodes with 1.8dB of negative feedback on the outputs while one EZ80(81) becomes the indirectly heated rectifier. Two inputs switched via rear-mounted toggle and twinned pre-outs for biamping or subwoofing* turn this piece into a bona fide small preamp as well. The Head One is less than a year old & includes a spare new JJ Electronic EZ81 rectifier valve. Specifications: Experience Head One – Headphone Amplifier Reviews: 6moons Pictures:
  8. Item: Chord Mojo Dac Location: melbourne Price: $425 Item Condition: superb almost never used Reason for selling: not getting used Payment Method: Pick up Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with original box, almost never used Note1: this is the cheapest price I've seen one of these listed for (by some margin). Please don't haggle, price is firm Note 2: rather than upset anyone I'm stating upfront that I'll sell to whomever I choose to sell to. Even if you are first, it's my choice… just so no-one complains Pictures:
  9. I've already reviewed the Ragnarok in my "Addicts Guide" thread but it made such a positive impression on me that I thought it deserved a thread all of its own. I'll cut and paste the review and the contents of a few following posts to make this first post a summary of the Ragnarok experience and then I'll continue with my cable and preamp experimentation here. Schiit Ragnarok. I’ve wanted to try something by Schiit for a while now but...well… I didn’t really need another DAC or pre and I don’t own a decent set of headphones, so it didn’t happen. Until Schiit decided to manufacture an integrated amp (the loyalists seem to view it as a headphone amp that just happens to be so powerful it can run a pair of speakers, but to me it looks a lot like an integrated amp) now we were talking! The first thing I noticed was that the amp runs slightly hotter than your average pie warmer, not only should it not be placed in an enclosed cabinet I wouldn’t even place it under a shelf. However, if placed on a surface with plenty of space above and around it then it does seem to be pretty happy with running hot (in other words my custom cooling fan is not actually required). The second thing I noticed was that its gain settings are slightly lower than I am used to, 9 o’clock on the volume dial on most amps will require the Ragnarok to be turned to between 12 and 1 o’clock. It isn’t really a big thing, but it is something you will definitely notice. On the specs front we have 5 inputs, 2 balanced and 3 RCA and one of each for the preamp output stage. 60wpc into 8 Ohms should drive 98% of speakers so no great concerns there (and I’ve found 3 separate cases on the web where testers have used the Ragnarok to power KEF LS50s, they require serious current, so this figure may well be on the low side of the actual number of watts on tap), nicely done Schiit. I also notice that Schiit do not list an input impedance for the Ragnarok, odd, but again, no big thing. I was using my Consonance cd120 as a source, feeding into the Ragnarok via Aurealis R1 interconnects and then into my Lenehan/ETI S2R speakers via Redgum speaker cables. Highs: Trumpets are nice and raspy without being hard or harsh, triangles and piano twinkle gloriously and delicately, cymbals and brushes are very crisp but not harsh. One of the best top ends I have yet heard on an integrated amp. 9.0 Mids: Clean, clear, uncluttered and beautiful to behold. Every instrument feels like it is happy to play its part and is given its own space to do so. Acoustic hang time feels very natural. It is just fun to listen to! 8.5 Bass: Very well behaved, articulate and defers to the mids and highs as required. Also clean and smooth with nice detail. 8.0 Vocals: Female: 9.0 The most natural and pleasantly real vocals I have heard from an integrated amp. Male: 9.0 Personally I’d rather be listening to the ladies than the guys but the Ragnarok makes not such distinctions. The vocals are given an ever so slight preference over the instruments, the vocals floated just slightly above the centre of my system and none of the instruments was allowed to get too close to them. The effect was very much like placing the singer out in front and then wrapping the band around them in a semi-circle. It was a very convincing effect. 2D Soundstaging: 9.0 The instrument separation also extends to stereo effects and placement within the soundstage. None of the instruments feel like they are locked into place it just feels like they are floating very still. Overall Performance Integration: Brilliant clarity and a good sense of rhythm combine with the soundstaging, the vocals, the imaging and the clear top end to present the impression that this amp not only knows how to spell words like “enunciationâ€, “iambic pentameter†and “spatial differentiation†it also understands what they mean and why they are important. This is one piece of audio componentry that has been put through a very prestigious finishing school. 9.0 Ability to Emote: Once you start to listen it’s got you, you can stop listening if you want to, but why would you do that? 8.0 (as a minimum, it rates higher once the ladies start to sing) Electric Guitar Test: 8.0 It’s good, don’t get me wrong it is very good, but it needs the soul of a rebel to do any better than this and it is too refined to be that rebellious. 80’s Rock Test: 8.0 Again, it’s very good but it’s calm and collected enough that it won’t go above an eight. The Ragnarok has impressed me greatly, it is a very detailed amp without a single trace of harshness to its sound. The vocals are clean, natural and a joy to listen to and instruments are very true to life without being fatiguing. Could I live with the Ragnarok long term? Hell yes! I've also been playing about with the Ragnarok as a preamp. I had a session with it feeding the ME580 last night and it was pretty good, more prominent bass (of course!) and a top end that didn't seem to lose anything at all but the vocals just didn't retain their magic and the more prominent bass got in the way (if only slightly) of the mid and upper treble. I swapped ICs between the Rag and the 580 from Aurealis to Furutech Alphas and got some more breath into the vocals and a little more mid range flesh but I didn't like the effect on the bass or the slight softening of the top end. All in all it was not a bad combo but not as well put together as the Ragnarok on its lonesome, the boys at Schiit did a very good job of matching the pre and power stages on this puppy. I've also got the Exposure Classic 28/Ragnarok to try. The Exposure/Schiit combo is very interesting, reminds me of a more refined Sansui 5900 in many ways. It's got that velvety exposure warmth and more breath to the vocals but the instrument separation just isn't there. It loses some detail and the delicate frequency balance is thrown out too, even so, it is quite more-ish! Sounds a little too much like vinyl to me, but I'm sure some would like it. One thing I have definitely noticed is that the volume dial position is only slightly above where I expect it to be when the Ragnarok is used as a preamp so it seems the power amp section of the Rag' has slightly lower gain than most. As I've said before it isn't really an issue but it is something that is easily noticed. I'm running the Ragnarok with my Halcro DM38 right now and the results are astounding, I'll get to the details later but for now let's just go with astounding. I've found this combo to be quite cable sensitive so it is taking some time to fine tune. I've yet to get to the Burson Timekeepers, but I will. Then I'll have to try some different sources too.
  10. Item: Burson Conductor SL DAC/Amp Location: NSW 2074 Price: 480 neg Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Another Burson Payment Method: Pickup strongly preferred, Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought off SNA, coming up to 2.5 years ago and used modestly since; This Burson Conductor SL with the 1793 DAC board has lived in my office since with I would estimate no more than 200-300 hours of use in total. Has the original packaging, Burson cables etc. No issues with the unit; 2 small scratches < 6mm on top and side panels (see photos), faceplate unmarked. This is a modestly heavy unit, would prefer pickup but open to shipping if required. Inspection welcomed. Original listing from SNA appended below ------------------- item: Burson Audio Conductor SL 1793 Dac / headamp Location: Sydney Price: $SOLD Condition: Like new Payment: Cash or direct deposit Reason for selling: Bought for the office and not used. Extra Info: Very good transparent head amp. Bought on a whim on 16.09.2014. Doubt it has 10 hrs use. Has C Media CM 6631A 24/192 usb receiver module. 2 wpc/ Perfect operational order. Sitting in the cupboard at home so anyone wants it please PM me. I'm not an audio shop so no demoing etc. http://www.bursonaudio.com/creations/conductor-sl/ Pictures: Pictures:
  11. Item: Sicphones Class A Headphone Amplifier Location: Sydney south west suburb Price: $300 + Delivery & Paypal Fee Item Condition: Excellent (one tiny nick) Reason for selling: Trying different amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, EFT Extra Info: Sicphones is a rare high end Class A headphone amplifier with a unique design and premium components by Colin Shaw in USA released in 2013. Big ALPS RK27 potentiometer Cardas RCA jacks and solder Nichicon Muse capacitors throughout Mills and PRP resistors Neutrik headphone jack Solid 2 ounce copper PC board External power supply (included) Thick laser cut steel chassis (heavy) Stunning aesthetics - in the dark, this softly lights up the ceiling and surface beneath with "Sic" as shown in photos Input voltage 120 - 240V AC. Power supply included. Design: A constant current sourced, Single Ended Class A. Low feedback. External power supply. Premium components. Lots of power - I never went over 50% Volume with a Sennheiser HD800 300+ Ohm headphone. Typically my volume was set at about 1/3 of max level! Overly sensitive headphones need not apply. Sound: A discrete transistor solid-state design that mimics valve (tube) amplifiers. It is easy on the ears - I use it with a Sennheiser HD800 (a bright & sharp trebled headphone). Bass is strong. Treble is mild. With some music, it enhances the emotional aspects. Overall, it sounds like a tube-solid state hybrid amp but doesn't require stuffing around with tubes. It does require a warm-up before listening however Notes: This thing gets hot running constant Class A. It seems to have been designed with large, bright-sounding headphones in mind. This thing was a labour of love sold by amp builder Colin Shaw in USA. Over 100 were made. From the thick all steel case, laser cut logos, unique lighting, premium components, this thing looks & feels high end. Available for a listen & pickup in Sydney, Australia. Donation to SNA if sold here. Pictures:
  12. Item: Chord Mojo Location: CLIFTON HILL 3068 Price: $600 (includes donation to SNA) plus shipping Item Condition: Good condition overall though some marks, see photos Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, Paypal (buyer pays fees) Extra Info: Purchased new from Carlton Audio Visual here in Melbourne - Sep 2016 Offered for sale is a Chord Electronics Mojo. These are fabulous and "the world’s most advanced portable digital to analogue converter DAC/Headphone amplifier." http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/product/mojo/ It really needs no introduction and provides the Chord sound, if you have not heard one I encourage you to find one to listen to though be prepared to purchase, music thorough these can be a revelation. This is offered for sale as I am not mobile as much as I was expecting and my Hugo is doing the job. There are some small marks when it was bumped against a wall when connecting to my main system, other than that there are no issues. It comes in its original box with unopened cable. Any questions welcome Cheers, Nick Pictures:
  13. Item: Cavalli Liquid Carbon Headphones Amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $825 Item Condition: Excellent, just received back from Cavalli after upgrading to new Version 2 internals (everything replaced) Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: Highly sought after and very rare here, great sounding amp, true balanced design. Lifetime warranty transferable to new owner. Pictures: Will upload tonight but this is a stock photo
  14. Item: HeadAmp GSX Mk2 Location: Kalgoorlie Price: 3000 Item Condition: Lightly Used Reason for selling: Upgrading System Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Only Extra Info: This amplifier purchased from Addicted to Audio last year July. Its in like new condition and works perfectly fine. Price included shipping within Australia region. Please let me know or contact 0449886191 for more info. Thx Pictures:
  15. Item: Aune X1 USB DAC / headphone amp Location: Northcote MEL Price: $50 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: No box, but would be happy to pack well and send Australia wide at cost. Perfect working and very good cosmetic condition, some small scratches on the end plates if you look carefully. Pictures:
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