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Found 12 results

  1. The top-of-the-line Sony Z9D TV sets have been announced for the US and Europe. They consist of 65", 75" and 100" sizes. But word from Sony Australia is that only the 65" and 100" will be brought into Australia. SONY! Please say it isn't so! If anything, they should bring in just the 65" and 75" and forget the 100". Don't think they'll sell many of those. http://www.sony.com/electronics/televisions/xbr-z9d-series I had my eye on the 75" model. I hope Sony Australia changes their mind.
  2. I don't mean to rain on anyones parade, but you can setup the projector to make SDR video look just like the "great HDR image", and setup older JVC's to look the same as the new models as well, for both SDR and HDR. The new models are not brighter, don't go as black and everything in between is adjustable via the projectors internal adjustments and or external equipment. So if you know what you are doing you can have whatever "look" you like with any projector and make any good projector look like any other. The advantage for the the "new" models is more pleasing re mapping of HDR video for use with what is an SDR display device, a task previous models didn't do very well by default. They need a range of custom gamma maps that can be called up to best suite each individual movie title for best results and the new models still will. The new automated system will no doubt be an advance for the average consumer who doesn't want to play around with gamma maps or doesn't know how, but it will always be a compromise. If you want to have your SDR movies look like your HDR movies you will still need to implement custom gamma maps for SDR. JVC could have automated this just like the auto HDR mapping but chose not too, probably because it would show people that HDR on a projector is nothing more than tweaked SDR and thats not good for marketing.
  3. Item: SONY VPL-VW550es Location: VAF showroom Adelaide Price: $8999 (RRP $15,999) Item Condition: Ex demo floor model, excellent condition and includes a free globe Reason for selling: New models on display. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, VISA, AMEX, Bank Transfer - We can ship anywhere in Aus. Free shipping to Metro Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. Extra Info: 4K2K (4096x2160) ANAMORPHIC 3D CAPABLE, SXRD HOME THEATRE PROJECTOR -BLACK - 1800 LUMENS BRIGHTNESS - 300,000:1 CONTRAST. Hand assembled in Japan. 10bit HDR compliant. See it on line at https://vaf.com.au/collections/special-offers/products/sony-vplvw550es-true-4k-projector Pictures:
  4. I'm in the process of determining which 4K UHD player I will be getting and Panasonic's new DP-UB820 player with their HDR 10+ , sophisticated HDR re-mapping and HCX picture processor looks pretty good I must say. Of particular interest for a projector user is its ability to take HDR material and re-map it to the level of nits that will suit your projector. It will also be interesting to see how Oppo's own tone mapping compares to Panasonic's although it doesn't look like Oppo has HDR 10+ certification yet. No word yet on release date for the new player but most likely in the northern spring.
  5. Hi Folks Until this week, I have resisted the move to UHD. But as JB-HiFi were selling thie UA60KU6000W TV for $1398 & The Good Guys were selling the UBD8500 for $298. I could no longer resist the challenge. Then I had to find content which was both UHD & HDR. found some Samsung demos but not HDR found some LG demos with HDR ( but called Dolby vision) while trying these demos I found the back-lighting and brightness set too high for my liking. does anyone have preferred settings for this model ? I set back-lighting down to 10 and brightness down to 40 for comfort. I left contrast at 100 and color, hue and tint at 50.
  6. Item: Panasonic dmp-ub900 4K blu ray player Location:Bittern Price: $450 Item Condition:Almost brand new, less than 10 hours use Reason for selling: My tv is not good enough to display HDR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Panasonic looks awesome with its woodgrain look, almost new,original box and remote. Can post Pictures:
  7. Item: Sony Bravia 75" inch 4K HDR TV (x8500d) - 2016 model Location: Cleveland, QLD 4163 Price: $3500.00 Item Condition: excellent condition. Reason for selling: need to downsize Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%), Bank transfer Extra Info: Massive 75 inch Sony Bravia X8500D 4K HDR TV, 2016 year model sold in stored up until September 2017. Official product information page here: * http://www.sony.com.au/electronics/televisions/x8500d-series First and only owner - in excellent condition, suit new buyer, bought from JB Hifi Mt Gravatt in December 2016 and comes with an extended warranty for 5 years from purchase date. This model has the exact same panel as this year's 2017, 75 inch model - X8500E - which is currently in stores, so if you want to see what the amazing image quality is like, you can quickly have a look at JB Hifi, Harvey Norman etc straight away to see, or can arrange inspection for serious buyers to inspet. Outstanding image quality, however TV is currently too large for our space and will be replaced by a smaller panel. Original RRP $6995.00, grab a steal ! Pickup only, location Cleveland, QLD, 4163. Pictures:
  8. Hey guys, So I'm currently running JVC X7000 with an Integra DRX3 and can get my PlayStation Pro going with no dramas giving me a 4k signal. When I try connect the XBox One S I get audio but no picture. I've tried so many things to get it going but just no luck. Even tried the same HDMI from game port from Ps4 pro into the XBox and still doesn't work. Any suggestions?
  9. The first picture in this thread is a still captured by a mobile phone camera at an angle from the LG screen in the showroom. At the bottom left, the words "Conventional images simulated" appear. The next two pictures are crops from frames from a 4K video taken by the mobile phone camera, placed in front of the display. Please disregard reflections of other features in the showroom (such as the word Philips [backwards] on a white background). The questions I'm raising in this thread are to do with whether other forum members consider the simulated images fair and reasonable. I'll express my own opinions later. Note: Taking photographs of TV screens is fraught with complication in terms of getting good exposure, colour accuracy, and dynamic range. However I can say that the still and the two frames do broadly reflect the appearance of the screen in real life, to a first approximation. The pictures don't markedly amplify or mask the differences between the left and right and sides of the screen, as they appeared to the naked eye.
  10. Fortunately common sense has prevailed and the BBC and the Japanese public broadcaster NHK's research divisions have been able to bring the Dolby Vision and High Dynamic Range TV standards together in the International Telecommunications Union's BT.2100 : Image parameter values for high dynamic range television for use in production and international programme exchange. The Dolby vision was fundamentally designed for use in the cinema where viewing is in the dark and so added a lot of meta-data or control signals to the video. HDR was designed for the television market where there is ambient light in the viewing area. HDR does not use meta-data, HDR does require an increase in the maximum brightness of the screen to 2000 cd/m² so that the minimim brightness is about 0.1 cd/m² in the blackest part of the picture. This will allow a little light to be reflected from the screen. HDR is also much more compressable using h.265 or HEVC than Dolby Vision because Meta data is commands not image data. So for broadcast UHD, the UK already is using DVB-T2's higher data capacity so they will need to compress all signals using h.265 to give a similar number of programs/transmitter regardless of the definition. The BBC is demonstrating "UHD Trial of Planet Earth II in HDR" on line from now to early next year http://www.bbc.co.uk/rd/blog/2016-12-hdr-4k-uhd-iplayer-trial-planet-earth?utm_source=SMPTE%2FHPA+Email+Subscriber+List&utm_campaign=18c0585b10-Newswatch&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_08becf377a-18c0585b10-267574377&mc_cid=18c0585b10&mc_eid=e7bdc5fc1e I do not know if this test is being goblocked. Alanh
  11. I saw this being advertised for the XBox the other day and had to wonder if it isn't a complete load of marketing ****? HDR for my mind is more about the image source than the display technology. Its about recording the image at different exposure levels and stitching them together so that light and dark can co-exist better (more details in both). But computers don't concern themselves with any of that. A computer game decides what pixels should be what colours. You want a detailed white scarf around jet black armour, the computer can render both without any HDR issues. But am I wrong? What am I missing? Regards Peter Gillespie
  12. This is an Amazing Projector , i bought it after seeing a demo of it in my Man cave and fell in love , but iam going to try the Laser one soon or the JVC X7000 or X9000 So someone is going to get a good price , this comes with everything as is on the box , nothing has been touched or opened , comes with warranty which could be transferred i will upload pics of the box soon , The shop price ( or lowest i found ) is $4800 , but iam just asking for $4450 Thank you
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