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Found 26 results

  1. Item: High efficient, full range speaker, ideal for tube amps. Location: Brisbane Price: 2500, Pickup only, cash on pickup. Item Condition: Excellent (9 / 10) Reason for selling: I built a multipurpose, family friendly audio system for my main room and have not space for a specialized second system. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: If you are into SET Class A tube amps, or have a high quality, low powered solid circuit amp (like a Pass Labs First Watts amp) or simply are sensitive to timing misalignment of speakers with crossovers, this is one of the best speakers at this price point. This particular model is equipped with a 10 inch Neodymium driver from Audionirvana (discontinued due to its high price) that produces a rich aural image due to an extraordinarily timing qualities of a single point source on each channel. The result, for well recorded music, is incredible imaging and a breathtaking width of sound stage. The cabinet is hand made in a beautiful rosewood with satin and oil finish. Retail price is just over $4000 Cabinet: 975 (h) x 325(w) x 315 (d) Displacement: 70 litres Weight: 24 kg Driver: Magnet weight: 862g Efficiency (1W @ 1m) >99dB Freq Range: 37 - 20,000 Voice Coil: 35mm, Power (rms): 30W Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: DIY full range single driver speakers Location: Langwarrin 3910 Price: Price drop $520 (was $550) Item Condition: As new 10/10 Reason for selling: more speaker projects to come Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, can deliver if in 40k radius. Extra Info: Tall, slender and deep boxes with large port at the bottom. A single full range Mark Audio 12P in the boxes designed by Mark Audio. Well braced inside and dampened with bitumanised heavy Al foil and Dacron. No Xover, none needed. In my room they go down to 40hZ and treble is clean and extended. Metal grills held on magnetically. Quite sensitive at 92db work well with low power tube amps. See link for specs below. Not overly heavy. On carpet sliders. http://retro-thermionic.blogspot.com/2018/08/voxuno-12p-with-markaudio-drivers.html https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/approx-8-fullrange/markaudio-alpair-12p-8-paper-cone-full-range/ Photos: See below.
  3. Item: Markaudio Alpair 7.3 Wide Range Speakers (Pair) Location: Adelaide Price: $120 Item Condition: Excellent, near new condition Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: For sale is a pair of Markaudio Alpair 7.3 Wide Range Speakers in excellent, near new condition. Pickup from Kilburn during business hours, or can post at cost. Pictures:
  4. 007


    Item: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Vintage full range pair of the magic PM4A that weights whooping more than 10Kg/each. Including extra diaphragms and plugs as per photos, Pictures:
  5. Item: JBL D123 extended range speakers Location:Canberra Price: $200, from which $10 goes to stereonet Item Condition: 8/10- excellent apart for 2 tears Reason for selling: no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pickup from Sydney, lower north shore or Canberra of I can post. These vintage American speakers are highly efficient and work really well with valves They go from 30 to 1500 khz, so benefit from an added tweeter or super tweeter.Thats a tweeter in the metal dome- but not a “shouty” paper woozer as far as i can tell. They were originally produced in a medium sized cabinet, and work really well in big boxes, around 7 cuft. They also work really well in open baffles, and JBL recomended them as theur best in wall speaker read about them here: http://www.lansingheritage.org/html/jbl/specs/home-comp/d123.htm These sell for around $340 but one of these has a couple of fine tears, which would be pretty easy to fix if you are into that sort of thing Gere is a post below about how to fix this Pictures:
  6. Item: Wilson Benesch Vector Floor Standing Loudspeakers Location: Princes Hill, Victoria Price: $7,250, $7,500, *** Price reduction ***, Buyer pays shipping Item Condition: 9/10 (Only because they are not new) Reason for selling: Funding for change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am the first and only owner of these amazing speakers. I purchased them in February 2016. The colouring is carbon fibre and "Regal" silver. They are in excellent condition with no scratches etc and been kept in a smoke free environment. These floor standing speakers are extremely neutral, accurate, fast with amazing imaging ability. They are also very small standing around one metre tall so are at home in small rooms (mine is 4m x 4m) but can fill much bigger spaces. They are constructed entirely from carbon fibre, aluminium and steel which greatly reduces the need for internal bracing and therefore allows them to have an internal volume much larger than you might expect form such a small speaker - not quiet Doctor Who's Tardis but you get the idea - this allows them to produce high sound levels and deeper bass than you might expect from such a small loudspeaker. Their size and modern design got the thumbs-up from my wife. There are two ports one out back and one downward pointing underneath the box. I have the speakers about 30cm from the front wall and they have no problems. The Vector's starting retail price at Klapp if $19,295 which puts them around the same price league as the B&W 803, Sonus Faber Olympica III, Focal Sopra No2 & Monitor Audio Platinum PL300 II to name a few. The Vectors are the current model and the entry point floor standing loudspeaker in the Wilson Benesch Geometry Series. The Vectors are pretty sensitive (89dB). I've driven them with a broad range of amplifier styles and power - Vitus RI-100, Karan KA-I180 & Devialet 120 - and in all cases they sounded great. Being a very accurate and revealing speaker they highlight the characteristics of the upstream components and source material rather than imparting their own character. In regards to their "sound" think more Magico and much less Harbeth. I have all the original boxes, manuals and packing material. For those of you unfamiliar with Wilson Benesch here is some info: https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/wilson-benesch-vector-loudspeakers/ http://wilson-benesch.com/vector-floor-standing-loudspeaker/ https://klappav.com.au/collections/wilson-benesch/products/vector-loudspeaker If you are seriously considering these fantastic loudspeakers I'm happy to provide auditions. Pictures:
  7. Item: Mark Audio Alpair 10M 3rd generation full range driver, grey cone Location: Northcote VIC 3070 Price: $220 per pair or lot for $400- will sell in lots of two or four only, sorry. Can post. Item Condition: brand new - one pair broken in but never installed in a cabinet or played at full volume Reason for selling: project on hiatus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased from Madisound late last year. This Alpair 10 Gen.3 is the latest model in a development line designed to extend the performance of mid-sized Markaudio full-range emitters. This generation of Alpair 10 utilises a new ultra thin wall coil. Together with a new modification to its cone, this latest model delivers usable frequency range up to 25-kHz while retaining the “purist” single-cone design, This driver retains the Multi-form cone technology with a new more efficient profile giving improved high range performance. Additional features include an advanced Nomex super- light rear suspension (spider). The Alpair 10‘s frame is formed from a new mix of polymers, making it 5% stiffer than the old model. The Gen.3 version houses an “Arrestor” in its magnetic motor sub-assembly, helping to avoid damage from over-load situations. Alpair 10 Gen.3 T/S date LMS V4 Anechoic: Revc= 7.200 Ohm Fo= 38.266 Hz Sd= 8.825K mm2 Vas= 26.320 Ltr Cms= 2.380m M/N Mmd= 6.792 g Mms= 7.269 g BL= 5.772 TM Qms= 1.930 Qes= 0.378 Qts= 0.316 Levc= 71.379u H No= 0.378 % SPLo= 87.988 dB Xmax = 7.5mm (1 way with Arrestor) Power = 30 watts nom. Pictures:
  8. Item: Usher Mini Dancer 2 (Diamond tweeters) Location: Sunshine, Melbourne, VIC Price: 4,250 Item Condition: Very good (9/10) Reason for selling: Incoming baby boy (It will break my heart when he's learning to use crayons!) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Up for sale is a pair of Usher Mini Dancer 2 (DMD)s. Here's what you need to know: One owner (me), bought from brand new (I can verify this) They come with: original footers, speaker covers and all original packaging Only driven with high quality electronics (Sanders Magtech stereo amp) Never been smoked around These have usable bass down to 24HZ - exceptional for a two way. Plus it's front ported, meaning that it integrates a lot more easily into difficult / smaller rooms. Here's what the press have to say about them (Click title for full review): Hi-fi world "The Mini-Two gets a lot from its two-way drive unit arrangement. The bass/mids run high and the Diamond tweeter’s layered construction pushes resonance out to 19kHz; other Diamond tweeters resonate at 15kHz, giving artificially enhanced treble. The Usher tweeter avoids this effect. The Mini-Two has very wide bandwidth as a result and should deliver a smooth, clean and accurate sound in use" The Absolute Sound "The Mini Two DMD is a finely detailed, nuanced, full-range transducer that is relatively easy to drive and that sounds dynamically alive. These qualities make it ideal for those who know and love what ultra-premium loudspeakers can do, but who have decided (either as a matter of preference or necessity) to hold loudspeaker expenditures within the $5000/ pair price range. Within that range, the Usher distinguishes itself, not by achieving “perfection,” but by doing many more things right for the money than listeners might think possible" Home theatre hi-fi (Beryllium tweeter review) "It is probably abundantly clear from this review how impressed I was with the Usher Mini Two’s and BE-616. From their impeccable build quality to their unbelievable sound, these are the most impressive speakers I’ve had the pleasure of having in my home." The Absolute Sound (Beryllium tweeter review) "Consider this speaker if: you have admired the look and sound of premium priced speakers in the roughly $10k range, but simply could not afford them. In essence, the Mini Dancer Two cuts the cost of entry to that performance spectrum in half. The Mini Dancer Two preserves most of the strengths of the Be-718 (sonic transparency, neutral tonal balance, richness and purity of timbres, and an involving and expressive sound) while delivering noticeably deeper bass extension and even more expansive dynamics. In fact, in some respects it is nipping at the heels of Usher’s larger Dancer models, which is saying a mouthful." You're welcome to come to mine to audition them. I'm all digital, so bring over some reference tracks if you want to hear what they can do! NB. I'd MUCH rather you pick these up than use a courier; I originally bought an ex demo pair from a dealer that had to courier them, they got damaged in transit and would hate for that to happen to someone after purchase. I'm happy to help pack them up and can show you some handy tricks in that respect. Pictures: Below: An older photo from a previous house. Below: Lovely piano black finish. Whisky not included!
  9. Hi, I have started taking measurement to find out my room problems (other topic) but ended up with these graphs. REW, -20dBU 85dB SPL at listen position. Reading these graphs, my subwoofers (Paradigm UltraCube 12, -3dB 19Hz DIN) have a rather steeper fall off than my main speakers (Martin Logan Montis -3dB 29Hz). Cross over settings for the sub is 80Hz in PrePro and speaker setting is large which bypasses this setting for L and R Could this potential be due to the DSP that is used for the LF 10" driver? And what should I think about my subwoofers. There is plenty of gain left to pump them off, but that won't change the roll off. The other things is, when I set my speaker settings to small in the PrePro and start crossing over (L and) R to the subs (A+B) the LF output drops, compared to their individual measurements. Could this be due to timing or phase differences? My plan is to use the subwoofers only for LFE in Movies, and use the Martin Logan's as full range in Music
  10. Item: 2 RICHARD ALLEN 12" FULL RANGE SPEAKERS. NOT A PAIR THOUGH. One is 15ohm and one is 12ohm. Also a pair of Richard Allen 12" ceramic bass units Location: Canberra, can post anywhere Price: $100 for each driver. A pair of the full range drivers is worth $300 so as parts thats a steal, and $200 is a fair price for the bass units Item Condition:great- the 8ohm one has a few tiny spots of red paint Reason for selling:no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  11. I should be ashamed. I am guilty of gross audio negligence. I have a home theatre set up in the lounge. I have surround sound, custom built subwoofers, digital signal processing, DTS, room correction, the works. It takes me four remotes to drive it, but the enjoyment is worth it, so I manage. Not so my better half. I come home one Saturday afternoon, and there she is, happily clicking through yet another batch of cat videos freshly posted on Facebook, giggling away while surrounded by noise emitted by something resembling a pair of square Coke Zero cans. And not the big Australian mother of cans at 375 ml either, no Sir. This must be closer to the 330 ml European garden variety. Your honour, I submit to you exhibit A: I hang my head in shame. I repent and volunteer myself for community service, I shall try to make things right. But how? No token sale of indulgence would suffice. Salvation from this could not be simply bought, extended ordeal is called for. Therefore, it shall be DIY. At first, looking for inspiration, I did what everyone else does, and turned to the Oracle from Menlo Park for some advice, finding aplenty. How am I supposed to know which advice is worth follow? I considered building a closed box version of the 'Purismi'. Straightforward enough it seems, obtain a pair of Seas co-axial drivers, stick them into a pancake box against the wall like so: http://audiovideo.fi/opas/kaiutinrakennusohje-purismi-neljan-sahkoisen-osan-kaiutin-65-tuumaisella-koaksiaalilla I could fit he 2 x 20 L of internal volume in the space I have between the desktop and the bookshelf. However, 87 dB/W sensitivity and 80 W power handling (220 W short term) at less than a metre away for quiet to moderate listening levels is mighty excessive. That's gluttony staring right into your face. Think again. What about a small-ish full range driver in a closed box? A 3" or 4" driver, strategically positioned at natural boundary provided by table, bookshelf and back wall, for a meaningful extension at low frequencies: http://www.prosoundtraining.com/site/author/pat-brown/how-boundaries-affect-loudspeakers/ Turning to the oracle yet again, it soothingly tells me I again have plenty to choose from. I could try to get my sticky hands on some of the following: Vifa 9BG Vifa TC9FD18-08 or TG9FD10-04 Peerless PLS-75F25AL03-08 Dayton Audio CE 65W Dayton Audio ND90 or ND91 ScanSpeak 10F/4424G00 to name but a few. So this becomes a question of local supply and and refinement. I haven't heard any of these, not knowingly anyway, but usually the Scandinavian corner is a relatively safe place to start. Now, what to drive these with? Don't suppose a headphone amp would have enough oomph, not the reasonably priced anyway. Small amplifiers don't seem to be hard to come by, and I will likely only need a watt or two. At a metre away I would prefer them to be high quality watts though. I don't think I am ready for SET yet, but again, which one to choose? We have options including but not limited to Hypex DS 2.100, Dayton DTA100, DA30, DTA1, or DTA2. XTZ A-800 T-Amp (?) Ignoring the umpteen no-name ones on ebay, the NAD D 3020 power DAC could offer a single box solution, at a price point three times what I'm likely to spend on the rest... oh well, I suppose I could just get a pre-loved DacMagic and hook it to the idle Yamaha micro system amp, or to a 4040 Creek that's been on light duties for a while now. Whatever the combination, it would be nice if it could also handle plugging in a second computer and/or headphones. The re-configuration effort required to do so would have to be exactly zero. Zip. Nada. Anything else becomes too complicated. It would just have to automagically switch from one source to the next. This is so she can enjoy her cat videos and not be bothered with lowlier things such as switching things on or selecting sources. Any fiddling with plugging cables and we're back at the gross negligence where we started from. To conclude, your honour, I am willing to do my time, but I will need some guidance. Show me the way.
  12. Item: Rethm Maarga V2 single driver, full range speakers Location: Abbotsford Victoria Price: $2,950 Item Condition: Very good condition Reason for selling: Shifted to a smaller apartment Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, paypal Extra Info: complete with original boxes so shipping would be possible at the buyer's expense, but pick up would be preferred. I have really enjoyed these speakers, but need to change speakers as have moved to a smaller apartment. Go well with lower powered amplifiers and have a striking design that has been a real talking point for visitors. These also pair very well with the Leben CS 600 amplifier which I previously listed for expressions of interest, which any buyer of the speakers will get the option to buy at $2,800 (I decided that I needed to sell the speakers before the amp). Note that the speaker terminals are not well suited to use of spades; they are best used with banana plugs. Specs: Full range: Horn loaded labyrinth: 2.0m ( 6'-8"" ) length Full range driver: Custom designed 6 inch paper cone w/whizzer Foam surround Voice coil dia.: 25mm Sensitivity: 97 db/w/m at 1khz, or mean averaged from 200hz to 2khz Bass: Sealed Isobaric chamber: 14.75 lit. volume. Bass drivers: Custom designed; 2 units per enclosure 6.5 inch paper cone Coated fabric surround Voice coil dia: 25 mm Sensitivity ( of each driver ): 91 db/w/m Bass module amplification: one monobloc per enclosure FET amplifier Max. output: 110 wpc @ 4 ohms. System: Loudspeaker sensitivity: 99 db/w/m. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Frequency response: 26 Hz to 20 Khz. Minimum amplification power: 2 wpc Dimensions: H x D x W : 1035mm ( 3'- 5" ) x 500mm ( 1'-7 1/2" ) x 190mm ( 7.5" ) Pictures: Attached Images
  13. Item: Rethm Maarga V2 single driver, full range speakers Location: Abbotsford Victoria Price: $3,250 Item Condition: Very good condition Reason for selling: Shifted to a smaller apartment Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, paypal Extra Info: complete with original boxes so shipping would be possible at the buyer's expense, but pick up would be preferred. I have really enjoyed these speakers, but need to change speakers as have moved to a smaller apartment. Go well with lower powered amplifiers and have a striking design that has been a real talking point for visitors. These also pair very well with the Leben CS 600 amplifier which I previously listed for expressions of interest, which any buyer of the speakers will get the option to buy at $2,800 (I decided that I needed to sell the speakers before the amp). Specs: Full range: Horn loaded labyrinth: 2.0m ( 6'-8"" ) length Full range driver: Custom designed 6 inch paper cone w/whizzer Foam surround Voice coil dia.: 25mm Sensitivity: 97 db/w/m at 1khz, or mean averaged from 200hz to 2khz Bass: Sealed Isobaric chamber: 14.75 lit. volume. Bass drivers: Custom designed; 2 units per enclosure 6.5 inch paper cone Coated fabric surround Voice coil dia: 25 mm Sensitivity ( of each driver ): 91 db/w/m Bass module amplification: one monobloc per enclosure FET amplifier Max. output: 110 wpc @ 4 ohms. System: Loudspeaker sensitivity: 99 db/w/m. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Frequency response: 26 Hz to 20 Khz. Minimum amplification power: 2 wpc Dimensions: H x D x W : 1035mm ( 3'- 5" ) x 500mm ( 1'-7 1/2" ) x 190mm ( 7.5" ) Pictures: (picture orientation now corrected, thanks to aasza) Attached Images
  14. Item: B&W CM9 Location: Perth Price: $2,000 negotiable Item Condition: 8.5/10 Reason for selling: Upgraded to new D3s Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, COD Only Extra Info: First owner, bought brand new (not demo), pet & smoke free environment, hardly moved, good condition original boxes, accessories include rubber (never used) & spike feets (in use), manual, two piece sponge plugs for bass port (never used), excellent condition protection grilles. In full working order. Can ship interstate; buyer to arrange. Ship out when full payment received. Condition 8.5/10 - one side is in excellent condition; other side has a small dent on the corner (not very visible from seating position unless you strain to find it; see photo), and slight marks and tiny dent on the plinth. This good looking speaker is great for 2-channel and home theatre duties. Good mid-range and soundstage. $50 donation to stereonet if sold at full price. Pictures:
  15. Item: Visaton B200 full range Drivers, 8", 6 ohm Location: Box Hill South Price: $175 Item Condition:9/10, mint Reason for selling: More audio gear from the Estate of Krusty Payment Method: Cash, DD, Paypal (as friends or +3%) Pickup fine and happy to post at cost. Extra Info: This pair of B200s are in mint condition in their original boxes. They have been used before and have solder on the tag strips. At the bottom of the of the mouning holes, You can only just see where they have been screwed down. 40-18000Hz, 95dB, $250ea at Soundlabs More details here:-http://www.soundlabsgroup.com.au/p/V-1350-B200/ Pictures:
  16. Item: Pair of Audio Nirvana Super 8 Ferrite full range drivers in unfinished box Location: Melbourne Price: $120 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: See below Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, No posting Extra Info: These Audio Niranas were a pet project which I started but can't finish. The drivers was purchased from this gentleman: Since I already have a pair of old 8" enclosures I decided to do a pet project to see how it goes. The box was a 30L ported 8" box, made with 19mm ply. I have to make some (not so nicely) adjustments to fit the drivers. Then fill in some damping materials. I tried to paint it but not good. Then sanded it back and applied a layer of stain. Still the color does not saturate. Now I lost interest and wish someone else to continue this journey! The other reason for sale is these drivers are extremely sensitive. Now all my amps produce a hiss that can be heard 1m away. While in my old Acoustat I can hardly hear anything after 5cm. That said, these Audio Nirvanas indeed shine on details, imaging, coherence and transparency. Classical music become more exciting and vibrant. Vocals become so dynamic that almost feel like a horn.
  17. Item: Goodmans Axiom 80 Drivers Location: Gosford NSW Price: $5750.00 Neg (May take high end Audio items as partial trade-in) Item Condition: Great for age Reason for selling: Not using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal buyer pays fees., COD Only Extra Info: SNA Donation on sale. Famous drivers, and justifiably so. Full rage with a unique suspension system. Some say these can not be bettered, even today. Spent their entire life in the same system before my ownership. A ton of info online with options for cabinet and open baffle designs. 15Ohm and 6-12 watts will have them singing. These are untouched and I have not attempted cleaning them, nor would I advise it without prior experience. They play beautifully just as they are. Some interesting specs here: http://stereonomono.blogspot.com.au/search?q=Axiom+80 The solid machined brass stands/brackets are included with the sale. Pictures: I've edited these pictures left and right until I'm dizzy, but they still loaded sideways !
  18. Item: Voxitiv Zeth in Piano Black Location: Sydney Price: AUD$12000 neg Item Condition: Purchased New. Unpacked and 10 hours play only. Reason for selling: Totally unsuitable for room. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal if buyer covers fees, COD Only SNA Donation upon successful sale. Extra Info: These are an incredible example of the art of single driver speaker design. Plenty of discussion and reviews online. This is a new speaker with original packaging. Used for aprox. 10 hours. Unfortunately, it's totally unsuitable for the dedicated listening room, which is very small & narrow. The photo was taken in the lounge room, not the listening room. A demo is possible, but the speakers are not yet run in. The retail price is on these $16000.00 , plus freight, insurance and duty/GST. The owner is prepared to take a loss, which could well be your gain! USA street price is USD$9900.00 According to the press and many reviewers, Voxativ makes the simply the best full range drivers. The Zeth is a unique design, rear horn loaded, firing down into the plinth. Follow this link for details and specifications. http://www.voxativ.com/en/loudspeakers/zeth/ Pictures: These are web pictures, apart from the in-room shot, but are identical to the model for sale.
  19. Item: Leak Stereo 20 valve amp Location: Coburg Victoria Price: PRICE DROP $950 $899 $850 ono Donation to SNA on sale Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: not getting enough use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, DD, COD Extra Info: I would much prefer to sell this locally but if there's no local interest I'll post, buyer pays postage Purchased from John's HiFi Exchange I've had this for about 4-5 years. I bought it for it's sound quality rather than a collector piece so I can't tell you much about how stock standard it is but I was told it has had minor upgrades. I added the ugly feet and speaker terminals for practical reasons but these are easily removed. The speaker terminals are only screwed in so simple enough to change. There are some gum marks from Johns annoying stickers he puts on hs stock. A little turps will get this off. Cosmetically it's showing it's age a bit but performance wise this amp is a little gem. It competes with modern equipment effortlessly. This is a reecognised classic British valve amp. The bass is full but not tubby, the mid range is weighty with detail and presence. I actually preferred this to my Audio Note Conqueror which I sold a few years ago. The el84's are a mix of European origin and the 12ax7's are Mullards which have had around 40 hours use. Any questions please ask. I guess I should mention that the Mullards are original made in Britain Mullards. Not re-issues. ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use.
  20. Hi guys and gals (any gals here?) I feel good enough about talking about my first DIY speaker project, which after lots of research, thinking and planning I decided to get a pair of Audio Nirvana Alnico 8" full range drivers, and build cabinets using bamboo plywood. I kind of got inspired by some bamboo Orca speakers and wanted to replicate it but with a full range speaker. I have taken photos using my phone, but in the end I would like to take some shots with a decent camera and put them up here. Here is the box I received from David Dicks on the right. Opening the box... Unboxed: Here's a sneak picture of the driver: I asked the CNC cutter to take a happy snap of the cutting while it was in progress, and he sent me this awesome picture: I got all the pieces home and stacked them up: Now begins the problem. The bamboo bowed inbetween getting to the CNC cutter and getting it cut. My best guess is that the blade that cut the bamboo got so hot in the process it popped the bamboo out when it cut the squares. Bamboo is very reslient and trying to bend it back into shape was not met with success. I called the importer, Leto bamboo, and they had some ideas which also didn't really work. Here are a few photos of my attempts to fix it: Trying to weigh it down: Trying to clamp it down: In the end I just got impatient and glued it together anyway. The school I do a bit of work for kindly let me use the woodworking area to do some things I don't have the tools for. Here is a shot of me drilling the driver screw holes: Once the drilling and had been done and the braces had been cut it was time to glue it together. I used Titebond III and clamped for a minimum of 24 hours for each part to be glued. Now time to glue the sides to the front! Was quite cautious about this step - don't want anything to go wrong! A shot of some of the bracing (not finished yet - need another piece to finish):
  21. I may be able to get hold of a pair of the above vintage full range speaker drivers but was wondering if anyone has had first hand experience with them? Just hunting around for the next DIY project and the high sensitivity full range bug is biting :-) Any other info such as specs and FR would be handy, there is a little info on the net but not a great deal. Thanks! SS
  22. Zu Audio speakers have often been of interest to me. I'm curious about the immersive open sound they reputedly have but wonder if it comes at the expense of other parts of the sound, mid range tone for example or just too in your face. Are there any SNA'ers who can tell me of their experience or interest in this brand? Any info is appreciated including where to demo in Melbourne? Thanks
  23. Full range Fostex FE166en drivers with Phase Plugs mounted in 18mm plywood BIB boxes. Jarra solid wood bases made from the old Dimmys in Footscray. Meranti wave guides The sides are gray, the fronts are a strange green. You might want to repaint them. 8 watts of tube power is more than enough for these efficient speakers. I've been happy with the BIBs for 6 years but have built smaller enclosures (MTLTs). I'll miss the BIB bass. Offers around $500. but what I really need want is a NOS DAC with USB. Currently connected and can demonstrate. Thanks, Mack Yarraville, Victoria
  24. Started a DIY build this week for the future son inlaw Open Baffle design Audio Nirvana 10" cast drivers ( purchased from an SNA member ) Have wanted to build some open baffel speakers for a while now but the final inspiration came from a recommendation to build an off centre driver placement design Started by going to my local board cutting business called Wood N You and having the 18mm MDF boards cut to the measurements, including the hole cutout on a CNC machine I decided to add a bit of bulk on the driver section by adding another 18mm MDF panel surrounding the driver & cut in an artistic way The round MDF sections left over from the hole cut outs were also utilised to make legs Legs are made by cutting two rounds in exact quarters - making 8 sections - 4 per speaker panel The build so far Panels cut, edges trimmed with an edge router, screw holes marked out and drilled, sprayed the screws black so they become invisible in the black surround of the cast frame of the driver Some progress photos in sequence . . . . Next progress update soon
  25. Dear Forum Members, Its nice to be here on this forum. I am an avid but technically challenged DIY-er from India. My interests and inspirations in DIY Audio are roughly indicated by the topic tags to this post. Looking forward eagerly to learning and sharing here. Warm Regards
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