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Found 2 results

  1. Item: Usher Mini Dancer 2 (Diamond tweeters) Location: Sunshine, Melbourne, VIC Price: 4,250 Item Condition: Very good (9/10) Reason for selling: Incoming baby boy (It will break my heart when he's learning to use crayons!) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Up for sale is a pair of Usher Mini Dancer 2 (DMD)s. Here's what you need to know: One owner (me), bought from brand new (I can verify this) They come with: original footers, speaker covers and all original packaging Only driven with high quality electronics (Sanders Magtech stereo amp) Never been smoked around These have usable bass down to 24HZ - exceptional for a two way. Plus it's front ported, meaning that it integrates a lot more easily into difficult / smaller rooms. Here's what the press have to say about them (Click title for full review): Hi-fi world "The Mini-Two gets a lot from its two-way drive unit arrangement. The bass/mids run high and the Diamond tweeter’s layered construction pushes resonance out to 19kHz; other Diamond tweeters resonate at 15kHz, giving artificially enhanced treble. The Usher tweeter avoids this effect. The Mini-Two has very wide bandwidth as a result and should deliver a smooth, clean and accurate sound in use" The Absolute Sound "The Mini Two DMD is a finely detailed, nuanced, full-range transducer that is relatively easy to drive and that sounds dynamically alive. These qualities make it ideal for those who know and love what ultra-premium loudspeakers can do, but who have decided (either as a matter of preference or necessity) to hold loudspeaker expenditures within the $5000/ pair price range. Within that range, the Usher distinguishes itself, not by achieving “perfection,” but by doing many more things right for the money than listeners might think possible" Home theatre hi-fi (Beryllium tweeter review) "It is probably abundantly clear from this review how impressed I was with the Usher Mini Two’s and BE-616. From their impeccable build quality to their unbelievable sound, these are the most impressive speakers I’ve had the pleasure of having in my home." The Absolute Sound (Beryllium tweeter review) "Consider this speaker if: you have admired the look and sound of premium priced speakers in the roughly $10k range, but simply could not afford them. In essence, the Mini Dancer Two cuts the cost of entry to that performance spectrum in half. The Mini Dancer Two preserves most of the strengths of the Be-718 (sonic transparency, neutral tonal balance, richness and purity of timbres, and an involving and expressive sound) while delivering noticeably deeper bass extension and even more expansive dynamics. In fact, in some respects it is nipping at the heels of Usher’s larger Dancer models, which is saying a mouthful." You're welcome to come to mine to audition them. I'm all digital, so bring over some reference tracks if you want to hear what they can do! NB. I'd MUCH rather you pick these up than use a courier; I originally bought an ex demo pair from a dealer that had to courier them, they got damaged in transit and would hate for that to happen to someone after purchase. I'm happy to help pack them up and can show you some handy tricks in that respect. Pictures: Below: An older photo from a previous house. Below: Lovely piano black finish. Whisky not included!
  2. I had some time to waste yesterday and happened to be near an audio shop (doesn't happen often) so I took up some of the staffs time and had a little fun while I was there. They had a variety of amps set up but the only two they were happy to let me play with (and the only two I was really interested in playing with anyway, since the others weren't integrateds) was an Audiolab 8200 integrated and a Cambridge 640A. The Cambridge seemed a bit hard, not the warm and pleasant sound I was expecting having heard the 840A V2. The Audiolab was nice and deep and mellow, a full and rich sound by comparison, really wanting to get my hands on one for my addicts guide thread now that I've heard one. The two focals they had on display, 714s and 716s sounded nice and open with a fair amount of 'air', they worked very nicely with the Audiolab but were a bit bright when teamed with the Cambridge. Not unlistenably bright but bright enough that 2 or 3 songs would have been my limit. The B&W 684s sounded ok with the Cambridge, not my kind of sound (too smooth and withdrawn) but not bad. Sounded very deep and mellow (and by that I mean overly deep and mellow!) when fed with the Audiolab. I can't recall the model of the PSB (probably an image T5 but the pics on the site don't seem to be the same as the one I listened to) but they sounded a bit strange, like the bass and treble had been surgically separated at birth, the vocals stayed in the domain of the speaker but the bass was pushed back about 3 feet to the rear. A very different sort of sound to anything I have heard in the past. A better match with the Cambridge as they sounded too soft with the Audiolab. The Energy stand mounts were probably the pick of the bunch but they were close to twice the price of any of the others, $3200 was the sticker price, and I can't seem to find the right model on their site, the salesman claimed it was a three way design but they don't seem to have a 3 way design in a bookshelf/standmount. Hmmmm. Just thought some people might be interested in a quick opinion of some of the "more affordable" but still by "audiophile approved" brand speakers available. Cheers, Cafad.
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