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Found 15 results

  1. I bought a second hand Yamaha CD-N301 Natural sound CD player to replace my old faithful Yamaha carousel aka, anchor weight (which has just died) that I used upstairs. While most of today's purchases were analog in nature, this unit sounds pretty good for the money, so why not a digital thread along the lines of, dare I say, analogous to the ever popular What have you bought today? for people to post their digital purchases, such as CDs, FLAC, CD players etc? [or is that just rhetorical?]. While I have sort of checked to see if such a thread existed, I couldn't find on as such. I am sure admin etal. will correct/move/delete this if this is incorrect. PS the CD was in the tray when I connected it up to the system.
  2. Hi there everyone. I'm in the market for an integrated amp and turntable, anyone know of any hifi stores doing great Black Friday deals?
  3. Entry level Pro-ject TT. I'm grabbing one for an Xmas pressie and why not? 50% off at the checkout. $699 RRP take half of that way and I think it's free shipping as well. SAVE 50% on Walnut with coupon BF-DEBUT at checkout! Ends 2nd Dec! So the link is here>>> click So anybody else who finds an audio bargain over the next few days, feel free to post a link. I'll get this moderated so we don't fall into a slanging match about how good or bad the items/deals are. It's just a heads up for what's out there nothing else. This might be the only deal posted...who knows.
  4. Item: Huawei P9 Plus 64GB VIE-L29, Fully unlocked, Nano sim working better than ever on Telstra 4GX Location: Canberra, Australia Price: 550 ONO. Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: iMessage with family is getting tricky - I miss messages as they go to my Mac even after disabling my phone number and hours of troubleshooting with Applecare. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi everyone For sale is my Huawei P9 Plus. Standout features from my experience are: NATIVE 192/24 FLAC support that works across stock music app and others. DTS headphone preset is magnificent and has been permently on after a week of testing I just loved the extra tone without distortion ( tested on Logitech UE-900 IEMS) Supports all Micro SD cards too if you're a FLAC junkie like I am Android 7 - 100% stock firmware and never rooted/hacked. Supports Commonwealth Bank tap pay perfectly. You can fingerprint lock the app so tap your finger to get in, 4 digit pin then tap and pay. Most secure form of tap and pay IMO. 4GB RAM OLED Screen full HD and tuneable saturation AND tint across all degrees kelvin, perfect if you don't want extreme yellow tint but want to tune out the blue a little for everyday use. Offical Huawei flip case with closed controls for music, alarms, beautiful clock. Magnetic lock to save wear and tear on power button. Huawei themes also change flip case lock screen background to match. MicroSD support USB-C Stereo speakers in landscape that work well Headphone jack with DTS audio processing - I left it on and loved it Fast charging - the fastest I've ever had in a phone. Comes with genuine Huawei fast charger (9V), genuine USB-C to normal cable Longest battery life of any phone I've had in usage. I work shifts and can rely on it. Rear fingerprint reader is instant and conveniently placed Camera supports manual shutter speed- perfect if you take pictures of CRTs. Can lock to 1/50th for PAL or 1/60th for NTSC. A lot can be said for this camera. Reasons for sale: Condition: Looked after with pride. Screen protectors are impossible on this model to get perfect due to subtle curved edges so the flip case does it's job. Have had three on over the months of ownership but kept taking them off due to poor fit. Screen is great. Some wear marks? Complete with 100% retail packaging Note the charger was US style and I've carefully bent the pins into AU Will be restored to factory settings of course Listing solely on SNA first as everyone here over the years has been painless. Pictures: All of the photos of it on are from current tense, the photos of packaging were taken on day one but are as shown. I like to photograph what I do as my memory needs a few hints ;-)
  5. Hi SNA Legends, I'm new here and unsure of the category best to post this in. I've guessed for General HIFI because I want HIFI questions answered, but there is an inherit technology aspect written in as well. Problem Definition I'm struggling to get the most convenient, highest quality audio at the moment in my home from technology. In Short - LossLess Digital Audio and Apple Devices = Pain. My ideal digital audio setup would be CD quality files stored in Plex on the network, and played without loss across the network into my receiver with access to a decent client app on iPhone/ios/appleTV/mac. HIFI Streaming service such as Tidal is ok, as I can Airplay that across to the AppleTV from IOS which is in fact taking FLAC > ALAC > Digital Audio (HDMI) > Receiver, not passing a DAC until it hits my Yamaha Receiver and presumably only passing a DAC and creating artefacts inside my receiver. It seems Apple refuses to include FLAC still in IOS/AppleTV devices, and client apps like Plex must under license presumably use the apple codecs only when writing apps for these devices. Apple has their ALAC (Apple Loss Less Cocec) which they seem to not use commercially on iTunes (yuck anyway) and the only mention I've seen them use it is in their AirPlay which for the most part works quite nicely as mentioned above. So - what are you using out there to get FLAC files out of Plex/DLNA over the air with convenience without losing quality? I don't really want a new receiver. I've just seen the Chromecast Audio device, which looks to have optical out - is anyone using this with iOS Plex APP with FLAC files streaming to the ChromeCast and outputting digital audio via the Optical and confirming that there is no weak link in the chain going all the way to the receiver's digital input? The ChromeCast should be undoing the FLAC and outputting PCM via Optical yes? Cheers, Luke
  6. I currently use a Naim Unityserv in my main system and have ripped all of my CDs to WAV files. Now I'm starting to use a DAP for music on the go and want to convert these WAV files to FLAC for the smaller size and meta data. What's the easiest way of doing this?
  7. I'm trying to (legally) buy the digital download flac version of this album. I can't be arsed buying a CD then ripping it to my server. In fact, I rarely buy a CD if I can't get the flac version. I've found it on at least 6 digital stores on the interwebs, but none of them will allow me to buy it. Won't sell to Australia. I'm peeved. The one Australian store that I found with Pineapple Thief downloads didn't have 'Your Wilderness'. It's a conspiracy. So I humbly ask the Prog peeps here to point me in the direction of said legally purchasable download. If you know of one....
  8. *May* be better than that Aldi USB one LOL! http://rack.3.mshcdn.com/media/ZgkyMDE2LzAxLzA2Lzk4L1NvbnlFdmVudDUuZWI2YjguanBnCnAJdGh1bWIJMTIwMHg5NjAwPg/cc0c562c/cd5/Sony-Event-5.jpg http://mashable.com/2016/01/05/sony-ps-hx500-turntable/#ULAPzwFIFmqA
  9. Hi Im coming back from a 2 year love affair with Vinyl I have only played LPs until recently when I hooked up a second system to play CDS. Now I want to listen to my PC's hundreds of FLAC files. I had noticed my Squeezebox display getting dimmer and didnt do anything about it. I thought it would be ok once I checked it out. I also upgraded my PC and moved the files onto the new drive. Now it seems the display is dead although the unit seems alive. The red light from the digital Toslink lights up. Does anybody have information on how to fix it or know someone who can fix it if I send it to them? If it is unredeemable what should I use to play Flacs from my PC to my amplifier? Any advice is gratefully accepted. cheers damo
  10. Hi Looking for some recomendations for software that can be used to rip CDs to flac i use windows and am hoping there is something that is both easy and cheap or even better free Any recommendations ?
  11. Hi Some interesting info here, for some, about file conversions and what you end up with, but best to read for yourself as I have to get going or miss my bus .... JJ
  12. Item: 10 x High res audio discs (Plus free Blu ray discs) Location: Bolwarra, NSW Price: $200 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer have screen in my listening room Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These will play on any DVD player. Bought them at CES at the HiFi show, but require a screen to access the play menu. These are not DVD's, but High resolution audio discs, similar to SACD. Pictures:
  13. Over the course of the past few months, I've been upgrading my digital stream / playback system. It now consists of a Squeezebox Touch, running Touch Toolbox 3.0, Meicord USB cable, Teddy Pardo power supply, streaming through a TP Link wireless extender from a NAS drive. Connected USB to Burson Conductor DAC. My Alienware M17x is running the server with all of soundcheck's suggested tweaks. I've now got what I believe fantastic results that are night and day compared to a standard SB. All playback material is FLAC, mostly 192 or 96kHz, 24 bit. I've been mostly satisfied, until today, when I went back to some CD's on the Droplet, bypassing the Conductor DAC and feeding straight to a Moon pre. Clarity, smoother female vocals and a sound stage that is simply more multi-layered with depth, when compared to the same material via SBT. So ... am I finding a bottleneck in my system? Could it be the DAC? Could it be the limitations of the SBT? I'm a little disappointed to be honest. After all the progress I had made, to go back and hear the improvement from CD makes me wonder if it's worth it. That, and hearing Kill Bill's turntable, with a back to back with CD a few days ago could even turn me to the dark side!
  14. Hey guys, im just starting to play around with flac files and was wondering if my itunes library can be converted to flac files before ripping them to cd? As i said, i am new to this and i normally just rip cd's in standard mp format and am now looking to get the most out of my music files for playback. I do have a file convertor which i just downloaded from online, but is there somewhere in the itunes settings i can change the format or something? thanks Heath
  15. Greetings SNA, Have been lurking for a while, a privilege to join such a knowledgeable and friendly bunch of folk. My setup is Mac Mini with Audirvana Plus, all flac'd on an 18tb NAS, & optically dac'd through an M1. In the future am interested to upgrade the amazing sounding miniwat to something that will solicit comment from the neighbours.
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