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Found 11 results

  1. Item: IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius Black Location: Melbourne Price: PRICE DROP $2000 ($2750 RRP) FREE DELIVERY Item Condition: New in box complete with IsoTek Premier cable Reason for selling: Got a great deal on a Sigmas Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Direct transfer Extra Info: This unit is brand new, never out the box, I opened the box to confirm the Premier cable was inside I was offered a IsoTek Sigmas as part of a package so I don't need this. One of the most cost-effective upgrades you can buy for any high-quality audio system, Aquarius is a multi-award-winning six-way mains conditioner that redefined the power cleaning market. Two high-current outlets are provided for amplifiers, subwoofers and so on, with four medium-current sockets for other components. Removes Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise. RFI reduction 60dB. Six unique conditioning stages ensure optimal isolation between all outlets, eliminating Differential Mode cross- contamination. KERP© (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path) ensures equal resistance and equal power delivery to all outlets. No outlet gets power before the next, a common problem with other power products which daisy chain outlets together. 67,500A of instantaneous protection, featuring IsoTek’s unique sequential protection system. Internal wiring; solid core silver plated OFC copper with FEP and virtual air dielectric technology. Two high-current outlets delivering 3,680W continuous power. Four medium-current outlets delivering 1,150W continuous power. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Rose Voix 4MT Line Conditioner / Line Protector Location: Manly or Sydney CBD Price: $120 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: no longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, direct bank deposit Extra Info: I bought this power conditioner from COEM Audio in Brisbane some time ago. It has 4 x universal points that accept all types of plugs (Australian, Euro (Schuko), UK, USA). It comes with clips to support Australian plugs. This board looks very similar to the better known Consonance PW1. I have no original box, so preference is given to a buyer who can pick up in Manly or Sydney CBD. I can post at buyer’s cost, but this guy is heavy.
  3. Item: Gigawatt PF-2 Mk2 Power Strip with LC1 Mk3 power cable AU version with AU plugs (current model) Location: Sydney Price: withdrawn - (my brother took it!!) Item Condition: like new - all original packing included Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup/ courier/post - Cash/EFT/ Paypal (+3.3% if done as invoice) / COD Extra Info: Well known for improving SQ and built like a tank (weight is 3kg) Review at http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/gigawatt4/1.html From manufacturer website: PF-2 MK2 is the improved version of the advanced filtering power strip designed to power and protect Hi-Fi audio and video systems. In the PF-2 MK2 better materials and components were used, and the modified construction of the device is based on solutions used in the EVO series of power conditioners. The strip is made using high quality components. The distortion is filtered in a RLC filtering block. It is built using metalized polyester capacitors with low inductance and an IP (Iron Powder) filtering core. All components of the filters are soldered to a massive, double sided PCB with large cross-section of the traces, with silver solder. In this strip we also resigned from using traditional protective elements, like wire or thermal fuses, which throttle the free flow of current to the protected circuits and by this have a negative influence on the sound. Protection against overvoltage and power surges is guaranteed by a multi-stage protection circuit, composed of plasma sparks and new generation of UltraMOV varistors. Those elements, working together with a well designed, modern power grid, warrant a complex protection against overcurrent and overvoltage. The PF-2 MK2 uses an innovative current distribution system, being a proprietary development of the company. It is based on massive power distribution bars of 2nd generation, made of polished, high purity, cathode copper slabs (Cu-ETP). This system distributes the current directly to each pair of output sockets, using crimped and screw-tightened connections and cabling made from silver plated OFC copper wires in FEP Teflon insulation with a cross-section of 4 QMM. The use of the star wiring topology and the high conductance and massive cross-section of about 30 QMM of each of the bars warrants an equal and stable power distribution regardless of the load on any of the strip’s outputs. The PF-2 MK2 power strip is equipped with six high quality power sockets GigaWatt G-040 Schuko, designed and manufactured by the company. The brass connectors of those sockets were silver plated at the factory, without the usage of intermediary metals, like copper or nickel, which could introduce unfavorable series resistance and voltage loss. The increased area of contact and the thick layer of silver guarantee sure contact with the plug pins. The sockets were additionally subdued to cryogenic modification and a demagnetizing process. In order to effectively protect children, the G-040 sockets were equipped with integrated anti-surge shutters (increased protection against touching, conform with VDE 0620). The PF-2 MK2 is also available with outlets of type NEMA 5-20R, used in North America and some Asian countries, and with Australian outlets of type AS/NZS 3112. All internal elements of the power strip are closed in a double metal chassis. This enclosure is a perfectly tight shield against RFI and EMI noise. The strip is also equipped with a LED indicating proper operation of the device and a circuit indicating wrong polarization of the power line or wrongly connected grounding. The strip is also equipped with a high quality IEC socket, allowing their user to connect any power cable. The power strip is equipped with the power cable LC-1 MK3 with 1.5m length. Pictures:
  4. Item: iFI Micro iUSBPower Location: Sydney Price: $120 (Includes shipping in AUS) Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Bank Transfer or Paypal (as a gift or personal payment otherwise add 3% surcharge) Extra Info: Comes with original box and accessory Pictures: Attached Up for sale is an iFI Micro iUSBPower, that i purchased overseas a few years back. This is the USB2.0 version instead of the newer USB3 Note that the iFI low noise power supply is a UK Plug since there is no Australian low noise power supply at the time of purchase. You will need to use your own adapter for it. The USB socket grip is on looser side which is a common complaint of the early batch but still functions normally. Rubber feet at the bottom has also gone yellow which is a typical occurrence. Features: IsoPower separates USB Audio and USB Power outputs, an innovative system to eliminate signal contamination Includes Ultra Low-Noise power supply IsoEarth ground noise elimination system, 10x less ground noise Super Regulator purified power supply, cleanest power ever
  5. Item: Thoroughbred Power Interface (Model SPI240AUS) - Power Filter and Sequential Switch Location: Inner Sydney Price: $150 + shipping or PayPal fee (if required) - firm Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash - pickup preferred but could post at buyers expense. Extra Info: I bought this second hand from another SNAer about 5 months ago and at the time I was told the unit was 5 years old. This is a surge protector, power conditioner and sequential switch. It has 6 Au plugs. When switched on, it will sequentially activate each outlet to avoid pops/crackles on power amps. More info: http://www.thoroughbredaudio.com/SPI240AU6/index.html Priority to local buyers or to anyone interested in making a package deal with my Auralic Taurus Pre and Auralic Meraks Monoblocks . Pictures:
  6. Item: Ayre L-5xe Evolution Power Filter (US Plug) Location: Adelaide Price: Sold pending payment Item Condition: Mint condition in original box Reason for selling: Need the funds so my system needs to go! Payment Method: Local pickup or direct deposit for interstate buyers Extra Info: Current 240v model power filter from Ayre Acoustics to suit US plugs. Dissipates high frequency interference as harmless thermal energy, delivering pure AC power to your system. Backgrounds become deeper and richer, and the music’s ease and fluidity is revealed. Four independent US-style outlets provide bidirectional filtering to fully isolate your components. I am the only owner and it was purchased new from Ayre Acoustics. Comes with original Ayre box and packaging. ‘Without question, the L-5xe made the system more listenable, and with no trade-offs. I think that Ayre's L-5xe clearly brought the performance of my system up to the next level. I also think that the timbral balance in the "air" region is now right where it should be. Highly recommended.’ – Stereophile 2013 https://www.stereophile.com/content/fifth-element-81 Pictures:
  7. Item: UV / CPL FIlters 67mm and 72mm Location: Adelaide, SA Price: 72mm B+W XS-Pro Nano coated UV Filter - $50 (RRP $150)Price: 67mm HOYA HD CPL Filter (Circular Polarised) - $50 (RRP $179) Item Condition: Mint condition Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank transfer, COD OnlyExtra info: Premium filters for sale, sold all my DSLR gears so no longer required. In mint condition and come with original box and container. All filters are genuine, not fake. Can ship Australia wide for $5
  8. Item: SOtM iSO CAT6 Audio LAN Signal Filter Isolator Cat 6 Location: Melbourne Price: $300 total with FREE POSTAGE Australia wide Item Condition: Excellent. Purchased new on 10th Sep 2016. Reason for selling: I used this between a very noisy router and my NAS, when my NAS was my USB audio source and this LAN isolator worked fantastically. I've since gotten a microRendu as my USB audio source, which has inbuilt LAN isolation at it's ethernet input, so this is no longer required, otherwise I would have double isolation which isn't required. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: - I have the purchase receipt - Includes a short SOtM Cat 6 ethernet cable Pictures:
  9. Item: Regen USB Amber as new in box Location: Brisbane Price: $170 + postage at cost (prepaid 1kg satchel is $8.50) Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Selling for a mate - was using with a high quality DAC and thought there was not enough benefit to warrant keeping it. I tried it with my Auralic Mini and felt the same. Worked brilliantly with a crappy laptop though so will do wonders on a not so clean system (squeezebox, MAC etc). Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: In original box with USB Male to USB Female adaptor and short USB cable. Original power supply. Pictures: You know what these look like! Manufacturers site Stereophile Review Blurb: The USB REGEN takes the digital audio stream from your computer or other music streaming device, and generates a completely new USB data signal to feed to your DAC. It accomplishes this by combining a carefully chosen USB hub chip with an ultra low-noise regulator and low-jitter clock. Importantly, it does so with ideal impedance matching—right at the input of your DAC. If you are familiar with the variations in sound quality that come from different computer configurations, USB cables, and power supplies (no, "bits are bits" really does not apply when pursuing the audio summit), then you will immediately recognize the often dramatic effect that the REGEN can have on the the connection you feel with the music. Although the REGEN does not eliminate all sound quality differences between USB cables in a high-end system, it significantly reduces those differences. John Swenson has written about how the PHY chips and processors at the input of every USB DAC (even those with galvanic isolation) are sensitive to "packet noise modulation" and ground-plane noise—caused by poor signal integrityand impedance mis-matching. Every USB audio source (computer or streamer) and cable causes this, every DAC is affected by this—and the REGEN is the cure. The USB REGEN's secondary function is that it disconnects the computer's noisy 5 volt bus power coming down the USB cable, and provides clean 5VBUS on its output--for DACs that need it—via a second ultra low-noise regulator. From all the time we have spent listening to the REGEN in our systems we can say that it is exceeding our expectations. Often it sounds like you are listening to a different DAC! Of course the benefit will vary with each computer/DAC system, but we hear positive differences even with very modest systems. The improvement is different than with a power supply or computer optimizations—but perhaps larger. Regardless of whether you are feeding your USB DAC from a from a stock computer, a fully-optimized music server, or a streamer/renderer (Auralic Aries, Bryston, Moon Audio, SOtM sMS-100, etc.), the REGEN has the potential to carry your music system to a new level. I am also going to throw in a battery bank with the Regen. This is a 8 bank plastic battery enclosure with on/off switch and a 5.5mm power lead. It holds 8 AA cells and supplies DC to the Regen in place of the power supply that comes with it. If you use 8 rechargable Lithium Ion batteries then you get 12volts, which is perfect for the Regen. Amp's is fine too. I have been using it with some rechargable AA Lithium Ion cells that I got quite cheap on Ebay. You can also use Life-PO as well but they are more expensive and require a special charger though voltage will be higher which the Regen can accommodate. Life-PO retains it's voltage for longer than Lithium Ion. I have run the Regen off the Lithium Ion battery for several days and it has not needed to be charged which is convenient. So another cheapish option if you want to experiment with running the Regen or any other device with a 5.5mm DC power socket that will accept a range of volts. "Batteries not included". http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Battery-Holder-8-AA-Case-12V-Portable-DC-5-5mm-Power-Supply-For-Led-Strips-CCTV-/261559363182 Example of some batteries that will work in this application - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Energizer-Rechargeable-Batteries-AA-8-Pack-/222259046223?hash=item33bfabe74f:g:6NIAAOSwgHZYC6xk Mark
  10. DAC-lovers, anyone here interested in the forthcoming Schiit Yggdrasil? Did anyone experience it at the recent CanJam? Their 'bitperfect' filter design and attention to power supply have my attention. http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2014/10/schiit-exhibit-fulla-usb-and-yggdrasil-dacs-at-canjam-14/
  11. Item: Canon EF-S 15-85mm f3.5-5.6 USM IS Lens with Kenko/Hoya UV Filter Location: Melbourne, Victoria Item condition description: Very good condition. Price and price conditions: $395 Firm. Excluding Shipping and Paypal fees (if applicable). Reason for selling: Changed camera Payment Methods: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer, COD Only Extra Info: One of the best value zoom lens for Canon DSLR. Normally retailing for $800. Selling for better than HALF PRICE. These lenses usually go for over $500 even on the second hand and overseas market. You will not find it at this price very often if ever. It's not going to be around very long so if you are interested, let me know quickly. First come first serve. Pictures: Will take some when I get home.
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